Presentation of: Christmas seal 2018

Monday, October 29th

Before we welcomed November the Crown Princess has one event left to attend. On Monday she attended as patron of Christmas Seal Foundation the presentation of this year's Christmas seal. The Christmas Seal Foundation has presented a new seal every year since 1904. The money goes to the Christmas Seal Home, who help children to get track on a healthy lifestyle and create new friends.

Crown Princess Mary was in a splendid mood, such as all the participating children. They simply loved her. Crown Princess Mary was especially adored by a girl, who couldn't help herself from giving the Crown Princess a huge hug. Somehow that does not happen very often. I am sure I would not dare to do it myself.

The grand presentation took place at City Hall in Copenhagen. Crown Princess Mary was joined by the artist Peter Madsen on stage when she was to reveal the seals. Peter Madsen created this years beautiful Christmas Seals. I just love this tradition.

I was quite surprised to see what dress Mary was wearing at the presentation. We have not seen it for a very long time. Still I am sure you remember it very well. This red wonder is a creation from Hugo Boss - a BOSS collection if I am right. Last year she wore something a bit more dark in colour, here. Not as bright at this year. You almost get happy when looking at her red look.

What Mary did is so clever. She matched her red Hugo Boss dress with nude accessories. We have seen her wear this combo many times before. Like here in 2012. I even think it is the same nude snake skin belt she is wearing. As in 2012 Mary embraced the style of her red dress with a nude Naledi Copenhagen clutch and matching pumps. At the presentation at the City Hall in Copenhagen, she wore pointed Prada pumps as at the presentation of Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize 2018, here.

As jewellery she had chosen golden pieces. Her earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, bracelets from both Cartier and Ole Lynggaard. Those two golden rings on her right hand are brand new. They are also from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Amazing how good such simple design can look. What a treat. I am absolutely stunned by her outfit. Works perfectly well with the occasion.

Update: I mentioned a creation by Bøgelund-Jensen in my first edition of this post. Apparently, some has misinterpreted this. The two dresses are similar in style, but that's it. To be clear, Crown Princess Mary is not wearing a Bøgelund-Jensen dress.

Dress  Hugo Boss Denna Dress
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Hook & Eye Earrings
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bracelet
Bracelet  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bracelet
Pendant  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Sweet Drop Charm
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Curve Ring
Clutch  Naledi Copenhagen Allana Ostrich Bag
Shoes  Prada 

Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize 2018

Thursday, October 25th

The Crown Princess is indeed a busy lady these days. She both visited DR Girls Choir, here, presented this years Children's U-Country Calendar, here, and attended an evening event at Christiansborg Castle, here. She also spoke at a founds conference at PwC in Hellerup, here.

Thursday evening the Crown Princess arrived to the Art Hall Charlottenborg in Copenhagen to attend the presentation of Magazine du Nord Fashion Prize 2018. She was also present at the event last year, here. It was that event where she wore the same Britt Sisseck dress as her friend Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg. This year, such thing did not happen.

To win the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize, you have had to make at least one ready-to-wear kollektion - but not more than six.

As part of the evening the Crown Princess was to present the winner of the honorary award, DKK 500,000 and a fashion show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. What a prize to win. This years winner is designer Emilie Helmstedt. Congratulations to Emilie Helmstedt with the very fine acknowledgement.

During her visit she also had the change to meet and speak with the other nominees.

Mary was a bit more silent in colour than the winners collection. Emilie Helmstedt has a very playful and creative way of creating clothes. Mary, on the other hand, had chosen something a bit more simple. She wore a brand new bordeaux lace dress. Seems like it took me a bit more time to identify her bordeaux dress as first anticipated. Thanks to two of you the dress has now been found at DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. Quite a long time since we last saw Mary wear something from one of their collections. Kinda missed their designs. And this is one good looking dress.

As her new dress, she was wearing a brand new coat. I have come to love this piece very much. Looks great on its own, but also next to the lace dress. Am I right? With help from Else Marie I am now able to share with you its identify. Marys new coat has been found at Julie Fagerholt Heartmade. One pretty piece for this time a year.

She embraced the chic evening style by wearing golden bracelets from both Dulong Fine Jewelry, Cartier and a chain piece from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Gold and bordeaux are just a great match. Somehow I was sure she wore pendant earrings as well and she did. Mary wore a pair of reused earrings from Jewlcph.

Mary matched her outfit with nude Prada pumps and some pretty amazing soft curls.

Coat  Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Raki Coat
Dress  DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Day Oussada
Earrings  Jewlscph Marilyn
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bracelet
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bracelet
Pendant  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Sweet Drop Charm
Shoes  Prada

Conference at PwC

Thursday, October 25th

Before attending the big presentation of a fashion award later in the evening, the Crown Princess arrived to Hellerup. She was about to attend a conference for foundations at PwC - one of the world's largest audit- and consulting companies. The Crown Princess participated as Chairwoman of the Mary Foundation. The embedded post was posted by the Mary Foundation on occasion of Crown Princess Mary's participation in the conference.

The conference aimed to focus on a funds role in the community. How and why fund's are important. Ideas and experiences were shared by leading heads of foundations - among others, the Mary Foundation. The Crown Princess once entered the stage and spoke about the Mary Foundations goals, values and foundation to work. In her speech she also encouraged all the other attendances to create dialogue, world together and collaborate with others.

According to PwC, the funds conference was directed to CEO, CFO, boards members and other leaders of foundation's in Denmark.

Attending the big conference in Hellerup Mary was dressed in some lovely colours. At the arrival she showed us her grey wool coat from JOSEPH. For years she has shown us how to wear a grey coat like this with elegance. I still love the way she wears it over her shoulders. Looks great, right? Maybe not the best idea at the moment, because it was a very windy day. But as usual, Mary made it work.

At the conference hall we got a look at what else she had chosen to wear. All bordeaux. A wonderful colour to wear this time a year. The blouse is a Jesper Høvring design, worn at a couple of occasions before this one. The skirt I think we have seen before, but at the moment I can't recall when. Do you remember when this skirt was else worn? Great to see to different pieces, match this perfectly in colour.

Mary then embraced the style by wearing reused suede pumps from Prada. The pumps features both a black and bordeaux colour. At first I was not fan about this combo, but after all it looks good. As jewellery she matched her outfit with golden bracelets from both Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. I was not sure about her ring. Now I realized that she is in fact wearing three rings - two from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and one from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

Carlend Copenhagen is the designer of her black croco clutch. I haven't got a number on how many times we have seen this clutch, but I found a few examples, here, here, here, here.

Coat  JOSEPH Double Cashmere Oslo Coat
Blouse  Jesper Høvring
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bracelet
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry Pacific Ring
Clutch  Carlend Copenhagen Original Vanessa Croco

Evening event at Christiansborg Castle

Wednesday, October 24th

It was a big night last on Wednesday when the Queen hosted an evening event at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. The event was held for the Danish Government, Parliament and Danish members of The European Parliament - among others.

Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte jointed Queen Margrethe at Christiansborg Castle. All five members of the royal family were in a great spirit at the arrival, such as during the evening. Especially the Crown Princess and Queen Margrethe seemed to really enjoy themselves.

The evening event takes place once within each parliamentary term (which means, within a periode of four years). It is about that time now. All attending guests were invited to dinner and a little bit of fun - the royal way. A Danish comedian entertained and Sopran Signe Sneh Durholm shared her musical world with the guests. Wonderful how it is possible to make it a great night with two such different artists. Is that possible where you live?

An hour before midnight the Queen entered the dance floor for everybody. Of course les lanciers was chosen - it is the Queen's favourite dance. And where else to dance les lanciers then in the rooms of the Banquet Hall?

Many videos and lots of photos have been shared on both social media accounts and at the royal family's website. Gives the impression that many closely followed the evening from near and far. It also shows us what a great evening it was.

Finally an event that takes a real evening gown. I had not idea what to expect from any of them. I was a little surprised to learn that both Princess Marie, Princess Benedikte and Mary wore similar midnight blue gowns. But all three of them looks stunning in each their dress. Personally I love the gown Princess Benedikte wore. Very suitable for her age, figure and event. Queen Margrethe amazed both guests and followers around the world with her magnificent colourful gown. Getting 70 seems no age, taking the Queen as rolemodel. I will leave the rest of the commenting to you.

Luckily Mary showed up in a reused Jesper Høvring (collection: Fall 2014) gown. Luckily, because I haven't been that easy with finding things lately. So a reused dress makes it much easier for me. It is the second time she wears it like this. First it was worn at the BAMBI Charity Award in 2014, here. Two years later she dazzled wearing the dress as a skirt at New Years eve, here. I kinda missed it with the matching blouse. Now it is back.

She embraced the evening style by wearing her wedding tiara featuring diamonds, a matching bracelet and a huge aquamarine blue ring. I am sure you noticed the earrings as well. Do you remember them? They were first worn in 2017 at the birthday celebration of King Harald and Queen Sonja, here. The earrings were found sold on a Bruun Rasmussen auction, here (page 254-255). Matching the rest of her outfit, Mary wore a blue satin clutch from Prada and Gianvito Rossi pumps. Also take a note of her incredible hairstyle.

Gown  Jesper Høvring Midnight Blue Sequin Dress
Earrings  Bruun Rasmussen
Clutch  Prada Blue Satin Clutch
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Pretty Satin Pumps

The launch of 'Børnenes U-Landskalender'

Wednesday, October 24th

The Crown Princes arrived to Utterslev School in Copenhagen to attend the launch of 'Børnenes U-Landskalender' (the Children's U-Country Calendar). The Christmas calendar was first launched in 1962 as collaboration between Danida, DR and an every year changing humanitarian organization - Danish Refugee Council is that organisation this year. As patron of Danish Refugee Council the Crown Princess attended the launch. The calendar gathered money that this year go to help Syrian refugee children.

Crown Princess Mary was in a splendid mood when arriving to Utterslev School. Here she was warmly welcomed with flowers, smiles and handshakes. Danish Minister of Development Collaborations, Ulla Tørnæs and Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, Christian Friis Bach also attended the event. All three of them seemed to very much enjoy themselves along all the second and third grade pupils at Utterslev School.

It much have been a special feeling to get this close to the Crown Princess. She was the one handing over calendars to the pupils as part of the launch.

I have found my favourite outfit of 2018. Mary has worn this Prada jacket multiple times - with trousers, a matching dress, etc. In 2011 she wore it at the opening of the International Youth Conference, here. The dress was also worn a year later when attending The World's Refugees, here. Then again in 2017, here, and even when pregnant with the twins, here. Ever since she wore this coat with trousers and yellow pumps, I have come to love it even more. The combination of fabric and colours are simply outstanding.

At the launch of 'Børnenes U-Landskalender' she embraced the style by wearing skinny trousers and those incredible yellow suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Don'y know what it is about this outfit, but I really adore it. Wish I had a similar coat myself. I don't.

Other than the yellow pumps, only a few other accessory caught my eye. The earrings features round diamonds and center is a yellow stone. I often wondered if Hartmann's made these. Mary matched her golden Cartier bangle with a golden one from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Seems to be a favourite of hers lately. Keep it simple and amaze the world like Mary just did.

Coat  Prada Tweed Virgin Wool Coat
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bracelet
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Yellow Gianvito Pumps

Choir rehearsal with DR Pigekoret

Monday, October 22nd

All unofficially the Crown Princess stopped by DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen to meet DR Pigekoret (DR Girls Choir). It is the very first time the Crown Princess get the change to meet the choir as newly announced patron of the girls choir.

During the visit she had the opportunity to say hi and get to know the girls a little bit better. Chief Conductor, Philip Faber and Artistic Director, Anne Karine Prip both participated in the gathering. Chief Conductor, Philip Faber and members of the choir gladly told Crown Princess Mary all about the community and their common passion for music. Such as the importance of being good rolemodels and taking care of values.

The Crown Princess also enjoyed a few songs while the girls choir practiced.

Never thought I would get into the style of vests. But now I am. Just look at that incredible black knitted vest Mary is wearing during her visit at the girls choir. I am a fan already. Love how it features a high neckline and sharp-cut "sleeves". She had chosen to embrace the style by wearing her new vest with a white button-down shirt. Who does not love a white button-down? Think it looks great how we do not actually see the collar. Never really thought of that as an option. I am going to try that myself. Other than this, Mary wore a pair of new trousers as well. Three new pieces. We rarely get that lucky. Somehow her new look reminded me of Ralph Lauren, but Heaven and Sarah managed to identify her trousers as Stella McCartney.

In a way I have come to love this outfit pretty much. Goes perfectly well for this time a year in Denmark.

She accessorized her outfit with a few outstanding pieces of jewellery. From what I see, must of the jewellery are golden. Great next to the colours of the trousers. I see golden loop earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, such as a bracelet, and her golden Cartier bangle. Other than this I see her incredible black Valentino's.

Trousers ● Stella McCartney Chopped Trousers
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Earrings
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bracelet
Bracelet ● Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes ● Valentino

Day 2. P4G Summit - 'P4G Award Ceremony'

Saturday, October 20th

Friday evening the Queen hosted a banquet at Christiansborg Castle on occasion of the P4G Summit taking place in Copenhagen from October 19-20th, here. Representatives from 47 different countries were invited to the evening event. Also the Crown Prince Couple attended as members of the royal family.

The P4G Summit aim to fulfill the United Nation's World Goals and the climate objectives of the Paris Agreement. The following day on October 20th the Crown Prince Couple first participated in a lunch head of the P4G Award Ceremony. Crown Princess Mary entered the stage and gave her speech. Her words were well chosen (as always) with a remarkable purpose. She then presented the winners of the P4G Partnership Award entitled 'P4G State of the Art'.

Both the Crown Prince and Crown Princess was in a splendid mood with a big smile of their faces. The couple chatted now and then with the other participants. The winners were also greeted by the Crown Prince Couple with the prestiges award.

Attending the lunch and P4G Award Ceremony on occasion of the P4G Summit, Mary was dressed chic in a brand new outfit. Heaven managed to identify both her new black blazer and white decorated skirt as Alexander McQueen. Great eyes of hers. I would never in a million years been able to identify that blazer. These basic piece always trouble me quite a lot. She matched her two new pieces with an old one: the blouse. It. has been worn on several occasions, herehere, here. The blouse was never identified. Not sure I prefer her wearing a black blazer like everybody else and it looks a bit too long.

Mary embraced the style by wearing a few reused accessories. The black pointed leather pumps are from Gianvito Rossi last seen at the opening of the Danish Parliament, here. We also got a glimpse of her exclusive leather clutch from Quidam, such as a pair of unidentified floral earrings. These features a rather large pearl. Both shoes, earrings and clutch have been worn before. The same goes with the three diamond rings. Two of them are created by Danish jewellery brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. A wonderful combination of rings. The middle ring's identity has never been confirmed. I even tend to called her hairstyle an accessory - so classy and feminin.

Blazer  Alexander McQueen Wool Blazer
Skirt  Alexander McQueen Contrast-Trim A-Lin Skirt
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Rings
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Black Pointed Pump 105

Day 1. P4G Summit - banquet at Christiansborg Castle

Friday, October 19th

To celebrate the very first P4G Summit taking place in Copenhagen from October 19-20th Queen Margrete hosted a banquet at Christiansborg Castle last night. The P4G Summit aim to fulfill the United Nation's World Goal and Climate Objectives of the Paris Agreement. This is why representatives from 47 countries around the globe were gathered in Copenhagen last night, when Queen Margrete hosted the banquet.

The Crown Prince couple also attended the dinner along with among others the Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, CEO of DI Karsten Dybvad, Danish politician Morten Østergaard and Ulla Tørnæs and Vietnam's Prime Minister H.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, etc.

Queen Margrethe welcomed everybody with a remarkable speech. Seems like it was a wonderful evening and great way to end the summit's first day.

On October 20th the Crown Prince Couple will also attend the P4G Award Ceremony taking place in DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen. Crown Princess Mary will even present the 'P4G Partnership Award' and give a speech on the same occasion.

Attending the banquet at Christiansborg Castle Mary dazzled in a bright red dress. I really had a hard time trying to identify who made this new piece. Somehow I was sure Mary was wearing a two-piece and she is. Heaven managed to get a confirmation from Claes Iversen, here. Oh.. notice the fact that both neckline and hemline of her new piece are embroidered with matching pearls. Wonderful detail. And that puffy sleves. I am kinda crazy about this look - especially the colour.

Mary embraced the chic and polished evening outfit by wearing a pair of burgundy suede pumps from one of her favourite shoe designers: Gianvito Rossi. We have had the pleasure to see these pumps at several occasions, here, here, here. Any favourite outfit? I really like the pumps worn with this new red piece. She also wore her bright red clutch from Sergio Rossi.

I tend to say "of course" she matched her look with berry red lips. Has her haircolour changed? Think it looks like her colour is way more black than I remembered. Am I the only one with this thought?

She also amazed the guests with a few diamond jewellery. The lack of pictures makes it hard for me to tell anything for sure. So I will leave it up to you, till I find anything to support my suggestions.

Dress  Claes Iversen
Clutch  Sergio Rossi
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Red Burgundy Suede Court Pumps

Mixed news from this week

-Family time in Tivoli-
Let us begin on Saturday October 6th. The Crown Princess was accompanied by all four children when attending the family Musical "The Magical Mask", here. The musical is performed in Glassalen in Tivoli, Copenhagen. Time for a family moment, here. Guess the Crown Prince did not attend with his family because at the time he was on duty in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Crown Princess embraced a chic style by wearing a Valentino skirt, here, a dusty pink Prada jacket and a tote bag from Tod's, here.

● ● ● ● ●

-Business meeting-
On October 9th the Crown Princess participated a meeting as Chairwoman of the Mary Foundation, at Amalienborg Castle along with creative CEO of MOTOR agency, Carsten Michelsen to create a design ready for Christimas. Also CEO of the Mary Foundation, Helle Østergaard attended the meeting. The Mary Foundation shared this post on Facebook on occasion of the meeting, including a little something on greeting those you care for - not only for Christimas. All relaxed the Crown Princess was dressed in a dusty pink turtleneck found by Heaven at ZARA, here.

● ● ● ● ●

-Invictus Games Sydney 2018-
On October 11 the Crown Prince family showed their support and raised the flag for Invictus Games Sydney 2018. The event is a so-called multisport event taking place in Sydney from 20-27th of October. People from all over the world are gathered in Australia to to compete for the many medals. Participants are sick, injured and injured veterans. Crown Princess Frederik are going to Sydney to support the Danish participating when fighting for medals in both swimming, sailing, volleyball games, etc.

● ● ● ● ●

For months Queen Margrethe has worked on a brand new exhibition called "Eventyrdronningen" (The Fairy Tale Queen). It is exhibited at Amalienborg Museum in Copenhagen. Much has already been shared from the process of making the exhibition and from its official opening as well. Now it was time for the Crown Prince family to visit the exhibition. They enjoy a little quality time on Friday 12th of October.

100th anniversary of Iceland's sovereignty

Wednesday, October 10th

In the morning Crown Princess attended the presentation of FSR, Denmark's best CSR 2018 taking place at Børsen in Copenhagen, here. Around dinner time she was accompanied by her husband when attending the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Iceland's sovereignty. The celebration took place at the Opera in Copenhagen - opposite of Amalienborg Castle. Also Princess Benedikte, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Queen Margrethe guested the celebration performance.

The evening was organized by the Danish Parliament and Danish Government. When arriving the Danish royal family was welcomed by, among others, Prime Minster, Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Islands President, Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson. All six royal members were in a splendid and smily  mood during the evening.

KongehusetLe style de MaryFrederik et MaryPPE Agency

Gala performances takes the perfect outfit. Both in color, length and how to accessorize it. It is clear that all royal women were inspired by the monochrome look. Queen Margrethe embraced pink and lilic; Princess Marie dazzled in an emerald green color and Princess Benedikte stunned in silver.

Mary had chosen to wear a brand new, bright blue dress. It features what looks like a laser cut print. Personally I am not crazy about the combination of length, silhouette and color. But I will leave the  rest of the commenting to you. Took awhile to figure out where this new piece comes from. Heaven is the one who told me about it. Mary's new blue dress is from Cult Gaia. A designers we haven't seen Mary wear before - at least from what I know.

She embraced the style by wearing bright purple suede pumps, which I have not been able to identify yet. I have Gianvito Rossi or maybe Prada as possible designers in mind. Did anything cross your mind? Mary also wore beautiful pendant earrings, a purple stone ring, her golden Cartier bangle. Matching the dress she was also wearing an old bright blue Prada clutch.

I am amazed by her makeup and hairstyle. Simple and at the same time elegant and super classy.

Dress  Cult Gaia Willow V-Neck Floral Eyelet Dress
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Clutch  Prada Cornflower Blue Clutch

FSR: Denmark's best CSR 2018

Wednesday, October 10th

Only a couple of days ago the Crown Princess attended the presentation Hjerteforeningens research grants at Hotel d'Angleterre, here. The same day she visited Rigshospitalet as patron of Hjerneforeningen.

On Wednesday she attended yet another presentation: the presentation of Denmark's best CSR report at FSR. As previous years the award ceremony took place at Børsen in Copenhagen. This year the event aimed to focus on Danish companies corporate responsibility. Both A. P. Møller Mærsk (shipping), Ørsted (power company) and Carlsberg Group (brewery). Congratulations to all of them with this prestiges prize. What an honor it is to have the opportunity to reward these companies, who work with taken a responsibility.

Crown Princess Mary was in a great sprit when arriving to Børsen. She attended the event as guest of honor for the fifth time. After a few speeches, she also entered the stage and helped handing over prizes to the before mentioned winners.

Not much has hit the internet from the presentation of Denmark's best CSR companies 2018 taking place at Børsen. Usually we get at least some more pictures and articles. But not this time. Luckily we have enough pictures to get an idea about what Mary wore during the event.

She showed up wearing a brand new printed dress. Looks all comfortable to wear. It does in fact feature a lovely print and some grayish and bordeaux colors. Heaven was able to identify Mary's new printed dress as Michael Kors. So not Isabel Marant as I first claimed. Great dress, right? She matched her outfit with a laser cut leather belt. Somehow I think we have seen this belt before. At the moment I am not able to prove it. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me. Mary also accessorized the look with some jewellery. Among other things a golden Orit Elhanati necklace and a bracelet from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

Mary also embraced the style by wearing a pair of suede purple pumps. They are from Gianvito Rossi. She first wore them attending 'DANSK Design Talent - The Magasin Prize 2016', here. Heaven made me aware of this. Then we have that wonderful purple Hugo Boss clutch. I absolutely love that both clutch and pumps match this well.

Dress  Michael Kors Tulip Chiffon Shirtdress
Necklace  Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch  Hugo Boss
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi 105 Suede Pumps

The presentation of Hjerteforeningens research grants

Monday, October 8th

Monday, the Crown Princess was back at work. She began a new week by attending visiting Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Following she attended the presentation Hjerteforeningens research grants taking place at Hotel d'Angleterre.

When visiting Rigshospitalet the Crown Princess was guest of honor at the cardiovascular clinic. Among other things, she watched heart scan. Also she listened to a short presentation about congenital heart disease. It is my impression that the Crown Princess found the visit outmost interesting and informative.

Once again she participated in handing over Hjerteforeningens research grants at Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen. Usually it is a wonderful sight to follow. The children attending just loves being around the Crown Princess and vice versa. Everybody was in a great spirit. The same happened, when she handed over the two research grants to Lars Søndergaard and Christian Torp-Pedersen. Congratulations to two of them with the prestiges honor of receiving these research grants.

When both visiting Rigshospitalet and presenting Hjerteforeningens research grants, Mary was beautifully dressed. She looked chic wearing a brand new dark red blouse and grey trousers. What a combination of colors. Heaven shared her findings on the blouse with me. It is identified as a Hugo Boss creation. Stunning. Many different designers crossed my mind when trying to find her new trousers. I found nothing. But Heaven did. She managed to identify her trousers as well. They are from Céline.

Mary then belted her new trousers with a belt seen a couple of times before. A rather untraditional belt. Despite the significant closure I have not yet been able to find its creator. She also matched her wonderful autumn outfit with what looks like black pointed pumps and her Quidam clutch made of the finest, quality leather. My guess would be that she is wearing her Gianvito Rossi pumps.

Beautifully Mary embraced this outfit by wearing outstanding jewellery. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen made her diamond earrings and a couple of her diamond rings. Stunning pieces. I have always been almost hypnotized by Lynggaard Copenhagen's jewellery.

Not long ago she added a new piece to her jewellery box: a diamond floral necklace. Eventually it was found by one of my readers at Tiffany. This is the fourth time Mary wears her magnificent necklace, here, here, hereLet me know what you think about her outfit from Monday.

Earrings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings
Necklace  Tiffany Pavé Diamond Flower Pendant
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Rings
Clutch  Quidam

Opening of the Danish Parliament 2018

Tuesday, October 2nd

It is that time a year: the annual opening of the Danish Parliament. Every year, the first Tuesday in October, members of the Parliament (officially) come back from vacation. It is also time to inaugurate a new year for Folketinget. All that is celebrated with a grand opening at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. Half of the castle act like home for the Danish Parliament and the other half is room for gala dinners, state visits, etc. As a tradition the Danish royal family was also invited to attend the opening.

First Princess Benedikte arrived to Christiansborg, shortly followed by Prince Joachim and Princess Marie. Then the Crown Prince couple arrived and last Queen Margrethe was welcomed. All four women were welcomed with beautiful bouquet of flowers. The family greeted with kisses and smiles.

Everybody raises for the Queen when she finds her seat on the balcony next to her oldest son. Surrounded by her two sons, both daughters-in-law and her sister the Queen watched the opening of the Parliament 2018.

Annual events are always something I look forward to. Makes a great possibility to compare outfits. I can't help myself from comparing Mary's outfit from yesterday with previous looks. Honestly I had expected something completely else. More like the outfit worn by her sister-in-law. Knee-length coat, pointed pumps and some kind of fancy hat. That is not what we got.

Instead Mary was wearing a brand new tweed skirt, black double breasted jacket and matching accessories. What caught my eyes first is by no doubt her new skirt. I was not the only one (hysterically) trying to identify the designer. I had different brands in mind. Non of them matched. Late last night I learned from Heaven that Le style de Mary, here, had managed to find what everybody else was looking for. Mary's new skirt is from Oscar de la Renta. Do you like it?

As mentioned, she matched the skirt with a before unseen double breasted jacket. A reader shared its identity with my - it is from Andiata (collection: AW18) She embraced the style by wearing a couple of black accessories. First we have a velvet hat made by milliner Susanne Juul (it has been confirmed by the designer herself), an expensive leather clutch from Quidam and classy black heels from Gianvito Rossi. Somehow I do not recall if we have seen these pumps before or if they could be new. She has so many pairs of black pumps that I have a hard time recalling all of them.

She also accessorized her look with ruby earrings, diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and a golden Dulong Fine Jewelry bracelet. Such as the beautiful diamond necklace from Tiffany. What a treat.

Jacket  Andiata Magdi 2
Skirt  Oscar de la Renta Fluted Tweed Skirt
Hat  Susanne Juul Velvet Hat
Earrings  The Ruby Parure
Necklace  Tiffany Pavé Diamond Flower Pendant
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Black Pointed Pump 105

'InnoTalk' in Skuespilhuset

Monday, October 1st

On Monday the Crown Princess arrived to Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen to attend the Innovationsfondens 'InnoTalk' event. She was in a really great mood. When arriving the Crown Princess was warmly welcomed by Danish Minister of Education and Research, Tommy Ahlers - among others. So what is 'InnoTalk'? It is an event organized by Innovationsfonden focusing on the distribution of gender in the Danish labor market. All this including how it can strengthen both research, business and (of course) innovation.

The above mentioned was also the main focus of other key note speakers, who entered the stage Monday noon in Skuespilhuset. The exact same stage on which the Crown Princess gave her speech end of the meeting. She, among other things, summarized what she had heard during the day from all the other important speakers. According to Crown Princess Mary talking about gender is not just about equality and justice - it is a way to create a more sustainable development.

After a couple of hours with ideas on innovative solutions, sharing of experience and ideas it was time to leave. The Crown Princess arrived in a good mood and smiled as goodbye.

Days are cloudy, windy and rainy in Denmark at the moment. Fall has arrived and so has longer coats and darker colours. Attending the event in Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen Mary was dressed in the most incredible fall outfit. She matched great colours and different fabrics. At the arrival she wore one of her wool coat from Max Mara. It was first seen when she attended a dinner visiting Strasbourg in France earlier this year, here. Do you remember it? I clearly do. Love a first sight. She then embraced the style by wearing a reused floral printed blouse from Isabel Marant. Mary showed us this blouse visiting Hedegårdens School in Roskilde on occasion of an event focusing on child marriage, here. At that time she wore the black blouse with matching trousers. This time she was wearing a reused asymmetric black skirt.

Personally I think it is way more interesting talking about accessories that beautifully complete her look. Let's start with jewellery. Mary wore old pendant earrings and a matching golden ring from Georg Jensen. These pieces goes way back in time. At this moment I can not find pictures of when she has worn them before. But I will show you, when I find some. She also embraced the style with her golden Orit Elhanati necklace, a black Bottega Veneta bag and brand new pumps. I learned about her new pumps from Heaven, who identified them as Hugo Boss.

Love how her makeup look all natural and polished. Works just great that she matched colours - hair, makeup, accessories and clothes.

Coat  Max Mara
Blouse  Isabel Marant Sloan Leaf-Print Silk Blouse
Earrings  Georg Jensen Savannah Earrings
Necklace  Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Ring  Georg Jensen Savannah Ring
Bag  Bottega Veneta Campana Hobo Bag