Meeting with Skolestyrken

29th April

In late 2020, a new project was launched. It is called Skolestyrken and is a program to help combat bullying and dissatisfaction in schools. 

Skolestyken is all about unification - unify all parts of the school system both in and around the schools. The project try to create a more safe community. It also includes how to prevent and deal with bullying. Skolestyrken is invented by Save the Child, Børns Vilkår and the Mary Foundation.

Yesterday, the three organisations met at Skelgårdschool in Tårnby, who have been implementing the program at the school. 11 other schools are also working the program and ten more are headed there later this year.

Vice Principal of Skelgårdschool Henrik Bunde and teacher Kristian Bruun Nielsen shared experiences with the three organisations behind Skolestyrken. From Børns Vilkår participated CEO Rasmus Kjeldahl  and Sanne Lind, and Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen as General Secretary from Save the Child along with Naja Kinch Sohn. Helle Østergaard, the Mary Foundation's CEO, also participated the meeting. 

The Mary Foundation shared a little glimpse from the meeting on their social media account.

Mary is really one of the most well-dressed women I know. She has never worn anything inappropriate or wrong for the occasion. She is always perfectly dressed for whatever event she is attending. Meeting with Save the Child and Børns Vilkår at Skelgårdschool in Tårnby, Mary was (once again) beautifully dressed in old goodies.

She embraced the style by wearing a reused white blouse with embroidered blue and purple flowers. We have seen this blouse before in 2018, when she attended the opening of the exhibition "Transformation" (here). It was never identified, but many (including myself) believed that it was from Prada. For now, I still like to think that this stunning blouse is from Prada. Mary matched it with simple black trousers and what looks like black pumps.

I really like how simple this outfit is. Not too laud at all. Even the accessories are reduced to a minimum. All I see is her dusty pink earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and a golden bangle from the very same designer. Guess, she could also be wearing her Cartier bracelet. That would be a lovely match. 


Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Virtual family meeting

26th April

We rarely see the Scandinavian royal families gathered. It mostly happens at big celebrations and official state visits. This time, the Danish Crown Prince couple participated a virtual family meeting with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel from Haga Slott in Sweden and from Skaugum in Norway Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit attended the gathering.

They spend some time talking about their families and how they are during at this point. The three couples also shared insight in their work with for instance patronages.

Like everyone else, they all look forward to meet again - hopefully soon.

This outfit really made my day. Mary looks absolutely outstanding. Yes, it is a rather simple outfit but it is really well put together. I just wish we were able to see a bit more of what she wore. What we do see is a reused blue and white pinstriped button-down blouse. It features the most incredible details. Like the little collar of ruffles. Heaven made me aware that Mary's lovely light bue blouse is from BA&SH. Looks like she was wearing either black trousers or a black skirt.

Something that also caught my eyes (and yours), is her brand new earrings. From Kate I learned that these new earrings are from the Danish jewellery designer, Louise Grønlykke. Look at those colors. Splendid. They match the blue blouse perfectly.

Her hairstyle and makeup made a wonderful final touch with the rest of her outfit.


Blouse ● BA&SH, here

Earrings ● Louise Grønlykke, here

The Mary Foundation's annual report

26th April

In many ways, it has been a turbulent year. The worldwide pandemic has effected a lot of people in more than one way. The Mary Foundation and their founder, Crown Princess Mary, has indeed tried to make a positive difference anyway - especially, for young people in Denmark.

Every year, the foundation share an annual report on the past year. The last time they share one, the pandemic had just begun and we still did not know what major consequences it would have on us. Now we do. Especially our social life has been affected by the distance we needed to take from each other to minimize the spreading of a pandemic we had never heard of before.

Yes, we have adjusted your lives to live with what it has caused and it will take time to restore this.

The Mary Foundation shares what they they have worked with the past year, when it comes to bullying and wellbeing, social isolation and domestic violence. Words are also given on what the foundation will focus on the following year.

In December 2020, Mary and the foundation share a Christmas greeting (here). At the time, a new photo was also published of her. Once again, we are spoiled with one of Stine Heilmann's beautiful photos of the Crown Princess. Her photos have been revealed one by one the last year and it seems like there are more to come.

Mary embraced a stunning outfit when being photographed. The magnificent dress is a custom-creation by the talented Danish designer, Søren Le Schmidt. He is also the master of her orange evening gown worn at the presentation of The Crown Prince Couple's Prize in 2020 (here).

The flower shaped diamond earrings is from a Bruun Rasmussen auction and the golden diamond ring are created by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. You may also see that she was wearing a couple of bracelets. These are from Dulong Fine Jewelry.


Dress ● Søren Le Schmidt, here

Earrings ● Sold at Bruun Rasmussen auction

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Opening of "The Day of Research 2021"

23rd April

On Friday, Crown Princess Mary visited Naturcenter Amager in Kastrup to attend the official opening of Day of Research 2021. The event is a national science festival that takes place every year. Its purpose is to create a space for scientists and citizens. Day of Research focuses on how research and innovation can help solve different challenges in society. 

This year "Climate on the menu" was launched as a new program for schools. The program focuses on, among other things, food waste, biogas and climate-friendly food.

Crown Princess Mary was welcomed by Minister of Education and Research Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen. In all three categories as mentioned above, the Crown Princess presented winners and handed over diplomas.  The School at Islands Brygge worn the prize for climate-friendly food. Bavnehøj School won food waste and The Classenske Scholarship School won another food waste challenge.

KongehusetBilled Bladet Billed Bladet  Billed Bladet

Another grey suit! And this one is a wool-blended suit. Two of my favorite things! With a little help from Billed Bladet her suit has been identified as REMAIN Birger Christensen and it seems like I was able to help them a bit too (here). At first I thought it looked a bit clumsy with the boots and rather long blazer. But then I realized that she was also wearing a brown leather belt and that seems to change my mind - completely. That really made the different to me. Then it looked put together and well-balanced. 

It also looks like Mary was wearing a brand new blouse from Reiss. It features some very beautiful details with the pleatings and turtleneck. That powder pink blouse and grey tweed suits made an outstanding match. Don't you think?

As mentioned, she accessorized her outfits with new brown boots. To me it looks just like Gianvito Rossi. (here). They have the same characteristic chunky heel, color and toe. With the brown belt this was a wonderful combination.

I also see yellow diamond earrings, a golden ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and one of her Kknekki hairbands. When would you wear this outfit? 


Blazer ● REMAIN Birger Christensen, here

Blouse ● Reiss, here

Trousers ● REMAIN Birger Christensen, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Hairband ● Kknekki, here

What makes a good community?

23rd April

Not that long ago, we got a sneak peak of a workout filmed to the upcoming Free of Bullying Children's Race (here). Both Crown Princess Mary, as founder of the Mary Foundation, and Johanne Smith Nielsen, as General Secretary of Save the Children, participated the warm-up. 

The two of them "met" again in this little video posted on the Mary Foundation's social media. What makes a good children's community? This question was given to both Johanne Smith Nielsen, the Crown Princess and several others who participate the Free of Bullying program. One word to make their answer. 

Crown Princess Mary wrote: "tryghed" = security. She argued that children need security in life to develop. Others wrote respect, courage, care and trust. 

Once again we get a glimpse of how it looks, when Mary is behind her desk in her home office at Frederik VIII's Palace. I love these moments. Especially, these relaxed moments. The atmosphere was indeed relaxed and comfortable.

Participating the little challenge, Mary was wearing one of her old Britt Sisseck blouses. A thin black blouse featuring small dots. She uses it as a belt, but in fact it works as a scarf. My guess is that she matched it with simple black trousers and perhaps black pointed pumps.

She embraced the style with a golden Cartier bracelet and probably more, but we cannot see them. Again, Mary was wearing her beloved brown Gucci glasses. They seems to be a favorite at the moment. I spotted her little leaf-printed Tapet Café clutch on her desk right next to her. Maybe a sleeve to her tablet?


Blouse ● Britt Sisseck, here

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Clutch ● Tapet Café, here

World Book Day 2021

23rd April

The Mary Foundation has development many different projects and made collaborations with many companies since they were established in 2007. One of these projects are LæseLeg - an initiative made in collaboration with the Egmont Foundation. LæseLeg is created to encourage dialogue and strengthen children's abilities to enter relationships from an early age.

I guess that is also why the Crown Princess made a little statement on behalf of the World Book Day. World Book Day is now an official book day with help from UNESCO.

Books develop our children's vocabulary and encourages their imagination. It gives them a better way of expressing themselves and by that a strength to enter relationships. Now and in the future. Wise words from our Crown Princess.

Last year, Mary and Frederik were photographed by photographer Stine Heilmann. Now and then we get to see another photo. On occasion of the World Book Day, another photo was published of Mary. A really lovely moment was captured.

She was wearing her Carolina Herrera dress and golden jewellery from Rebekka Notkin and Cartier. Two amazing and outstanding pieces of jewellery. Especially, the Cartier bangle seems to be one of her most beloved pieces. We also get a small glimpse of her golden diamond ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I wish she would wear this outfit for a more official event one day. That would be wonderful.


Dress ● Carolina Herrera, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Bracelet ● Rebekka Notkin, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Launching "State of World Population report 2021"

22nd April

Happy. One big smile. Great mood. That is the perfect combination to make it a wonderful day and Crown Princess Mary was indeed in a smily mood, when she arrived to Gerlev Idrætshøjskole in Slagelse. She was about the attend the launch of The State of World Population report 2021. 

The state report an annual report made by UNPFA, which Crown Princess Mary is patron of - for almost eleven years now. The report includes both world populations developments and trends.

At the arrival, she was kindly welcomed by Flemming Møller Mortensen. He is the Minister of Development Corporation and Minister of Nordic Collaboration. He welcomed her with a kind and friendly smile.

This year, the State of World Population report focuses on owning your own body. More specifically the event was entitled "My Body is My Own". We have the right to decide over one's own body. In a speech, Crown Princess Mary made it clear that this is a very important topic to give attention. You find her speech here.

Kongehuset Getty Images  Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Billed Bladet  Billed Bladet SN UFO No More Frederik et Mary

I was thrilled to se that Mary had chosen a grey pants suits for the launch of The State of World Population report at Gerlev Idrætshøjskole in Slagelse. I always loved a good old suit and Mary makes it look splendid and marvelous every single time. This included. A really lovely and well-tailored suits from Alexander McQueen. I learned about it at UFO No More. Mary matched her new grey suits with a simple white blouse. At the moment, I cannot tell if we have seen it before or if this is also brand new.

She also accessorized her look with the most incredible jewelleries. First thing I noticed was the golden ankle bracelet. Did you see that too? A closer look makes me believe that it is from Dulong Fine Jewelry - and of course new. We have never seen her wear any kind of ankle bracelets because and especially not at an official event. Do you like it as much as I do?

Mary embraced the outfit with yellow diamond earrings as well as her golden Cartier bangle and another one from Dulong Fine Jewelry. I am sure you also noticed that lovely grey necklace. To me it looks like her old necklace as worn in, among others, 2010 (here). I still need to confirmed it, but I strongly believe that her necklace is from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

The black handbag is an old goodie from Bottega Veneta and the grey suede pumps are from Gianvito Rossi. I kinda like how she matched her shoes with the color of her outfit. Grey can be a difficult color to wear, but Mary rocked it. Grey suit. New grey scarf. Grey pumps. A really beautiful outfit completed with her Kartó face mask.


Blazer ● Alexander McQueen, here

Trousers ● Alexander McQueen, here

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Face mask  Kartó, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ankle bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bag ● Bottega Veneta, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Meeting with Mødrehjælpen

20th April

Even though the Crown Prince family has moved to Fredensborg, Crown Princess Mary was back at Amalienborg to meet with Director Ninna Thomsen and Deputy Director Trine Schaldemose from Mødrehjælpen. Helle Østergaard, Director of the Mary Foundation also attended the meeting.

Ninna Thomsen and Trine Schaldemose spend some time telling the Crown Princess about the work Mødrehjælpen has achieved the last couple of years. Due to the pandemic, Mødrehjælpen was in need to rethink their help and counseling because the world crises has made the situation more vulnerable for many families than usually. Is has created more and other challenges for these families.

The Crown Princess was also informed about Mødrehjælpens new strategy for the next five years. All to help families, who struggle with everyday life.

Crown Princess Mary is patron of Mødrehjælpen.

The past year, we have seen so many different meeting-outfits. Like when she welcomed a new board member of the Mary Foundation in September 2020 (here) or in November 2020, when she participated a virtual meeting on well-being (here).

Meeting with Director Ninna Thomsen and Deputy Director Trine Schaldemose from Mødrehjælpen, Mary has chosen to wear one of her old goodies from Michael Kors. The exact same dress from when she participated a management meeting with the Mary Foundation's management in August last year (here). Have you missed the dress? I have. We do not see anything else in the photo, like accessories and so. My guess would be that she would wear black pumps for this dress and maybe a belt.

Do you like wearing printed dress?


Dress ● Michael Kors, here

Queen Margrethes 81st birthday

16th April

Yesterday, Queen Margrethe celebrated her 81st birthday. Impressive age, right? It was all very relaxed. She was celebrated at Fredensborg by Danes who wanted to congratulate her (from a distance). She happily greeted everyday from the stairs in from of the castle.

The Royal Life Guards Music Corps also surprised her at Fredensborg with a collection of national songs. Her family was also there to celebrate her. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived by lunch time along with their children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet

Billed Bladet captured the arrival. Unfortunately, we only get a really really tiny glimpse of Mary. Almost nothing. You have to look closely to see her in the pictures and video. What I see, is a woman dressed in some kind of pink trousers and a white coat. I cannot tell much about this other than the trousers looks new to me. She has several white coats and this could be one of them - or, of course, a new one. Hopefully, Mary will show up at a more public event dressed like this.

But imagine the combo: pink and white. I want that too. Would you wear this color-combo?

Getting ready to the children's race 2021

08th April

For years, the Mary Foundation has engaged in activities trying to combat, among others thing, social isolation, gender-based violence and bullying. They reach for to help others. An annual event organized by the foundation, is the Free of Bullying Children's Race. They often takes place somewhere in Copenhagen and in another Danish city.

A few days ago, the Mary Foundation shared a little something prior to the race. Both Crown Princess Mary and the General Secretary of Save the Children Johanne Smith Nielsen participated the training warm-up, such as their mascot - the purple teddybear. The race is all about creating healthy children's communities and to pay tribute to tolerance, courage, respect and care.

Both Johanne Smith Nielsen and Mary were perfectly dressed for the occasion wearing the blue Free of Bullying t-shirt. Mary matched hers with a black turtleneck and sporty trousers. Impressive how amazing she always make any outfit look. Even in sportswear, she looks splendid. Wish I would look like this. What do you wear when working out?

Her great sneakers are from NIKE. Do you remember when she wore them with her Mark Kenly Domino Tan dress on a business promotion visit in Italy in 2018 (here)? Or when she attended the 80th anniversary of the Christmas Seal Home in Hobro a year later (here)? Love when she wears feminine outfits and sneakers.

She topped of her outfit with shades and a ponytail. Who wants to work this outfit too? I do. 


Shoes ● NIKE, here

Happy Easter from the royal family

31st March

Think we have all been looking forward to celebrate Easter. With or without the traditions we are use to. Apparently, the Crown Prince family are having a great time at Marselisborg castle in Aarhus along with Queen Margrethe.

The Queen and the Crown Prince Couple shared a few pictures from their time at Marselisborg painting Easter eggs. Both Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine joined the afternoon event.

How are you spending your Easter?

I guess Mary was the photographer of one of the pictures, but we also get to see her - and her outfit. Her looks have been so simple and super chic the last couple of months. I like when she has this minimalistic style with only several colors and matches different materials.

That is exactly what she did celebrating Easter in Aarhus. Mary matched a light brown cable-knitted sweater with checked grey trousers from Sandro. The outside picture showed that she had chosen to be accompanied by her old Burberry coat as well.

Mary accessorized her outfit with golden diamond earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe and a couple of other jewellery from Cartier. More specific, her love bracelet bangle and golden Cartier watch. I also see a Kknekki hairband.

Many of you also already mentioned her boots. They are new and with help from Heaven, they have been identified as Valentino. I had that designer in mind myself. Mostly because of the rivets. Heaven found the exact model. Would you wear such boots? I would.


Coat ● Burberry, here

Trousers ● Sandro, here

Hairband ● Kknekki, here

Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here 

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Watch ● Cartier, here

Shoes ● Valentino, here