Virtual meeting with 'Generation Equality Forum'

29th March

The Crown Princess had a very important meeting on Monday with the Generation Equality Forum, which is Mexico's virtual panel debate to open the summit "Women's Transformative Leadership for Gender Equality".

The summit gathers people from all over the world. This online convention takes place in Mexico City from March 29-31st and has been organized by UN Women in collaboration with Mexico and France. The event marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration - a global plan of action for more gender equality across the globe. It all ends with a summit in June in Paris.

Crown Princess Mary joined the event from her office at Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg in Copenhagen. She participated as Honorary Advocate for "Leaders for Generation Equality", which is all about female leadership.

Crown Princess Mary gave a speech and shared her words on worldwide female leadership. In her speech she made it clear that it is important to make good first moves early on. This to secure more diversity among leaders such as more women getting acces to jobs as a leader. Listen to a few minutes of her speech  down below or at the Danish Royal Houses social media accounts.

Kongehuset Instagram Billed-Bladet

About now, we have seen many videos and pictures from when Mary is attending meetings from her home office. I still love it. I do miss her out in public, but this will still do for some time (for me). She has already shown us plenty of outfits that looks as perfect as when she is on an official job somewhere across the country.

When speaking at the Generation Equality Forum, Mary has chosen a magnificent outfit. She matched a light grey silk blouse from Hugo Boss with simple black trousers. I cannot tell much about the trousers, but the blouse has already been worn before. One time in 2018, when she visited Finland (here) and later meeting with UN Women in 2019 (here). Do you remember it? I love when she wears her clothes more than on. This is a brilliant example.

Other than this, she kept her outfit really plain. I see two diamond rings - one from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and another one that seems to have switched place with her wedding band. Two really amazing pieces of designs.


Blouse ● Hugo Boss, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Meeting with Maternity Foundation and WWF

23rd March

Quite awhile ago, Crown Princess Mary become part of the Maternity Foundation. She become patron of the foundation. As patron, she has attended several different meetings, conferences, etc. But, she has also contributed to the foundation's new book "It must not cost life to give life". The Crown Princess wrote the preface.

The book was realized in the Autumn last year on occasion of the foundations 15th anniversary. Until now, the Crown Princess has not been able to have a copy of the book due to the circumstances of the pandemic.

Crown Princess Mary happily welcomed Henriette Svare Nielsen and Anna Frellsen, who handed over the book to the Crown Princess. They work to reduce death among mothers and new borns in third world countries. The core of the Maternity Foundation.

Later that day, Crown Princess Mary also met with the Secretary-General Bo Øksnebjerg from the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature - which the Crown Princess is now President of. Bo Øksnebjerg informed the Crown Princess on the foundations work to preserve and restore nature and wildlife through, among other things, campaigns and partnerships with many different companies. Both national and international.

At both meetings, Mary wore the same lovely outfit: a white wool-blend blouse and a pleated black skirt. She has already worn the CO blouse on quite a few occasions. Among others, when she was on a business promotion trip in Paris last year (here). Mary was also wearing it when she attended Rødding Højskole's 175th anniversary in November 2019 (here). Meeting with the Maternity Foundation and later Bo Øksnebjerg, she has chosen to wear this lovely blouse with an old pleated skirt. It has still not been identified.

Mary accessorized her stunning look with black glasses from Tom Ford and black ankle boots from Gianvito Rossi. I kinda like the idea of wearing a midi skirt with visible boots. Would you ever wear this combo? She also embraced the outfit with white pearl earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and a few bracelets from the same talented designer. I also see her golden Cartier bangle.

I really like how this outfit. I am not sure it would fit me personally very well, but Mary made it work with perfection. Sometimes black and white are not easy colors to combine, but this way it differently does.


Blouse ● CO, here

Glasses ● Tom Ford, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Meeting with DRC Danish Red Cross

22nd March

For many years the Crown Princess has been committed to the work of DRC Danish Red Cross. At once she was even named patron of the organization. With this important title, she has traveled the world. Met people; heard stories, learned and tried to improve living conditions for people in third world countries.

On Monday, she met with Chairman of DRC Danish Red Cross Agi Csonka and Secretary-General Charlotte Slente. The meeting took place at Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg.

Agi Csonka and Charlotte Slente informed the Crown Princess on which conditions people are on the run around the world the last year. Especially, the pandemic have had a huge impact of people's living conditions, their way to get healthcare and violations of simple human rights. Age and Charlotte also talked about Danish Red Crosses priorities to help refugees in more than 40 countries to a better life.

Meeting with DRC Danish Red Cross on Monday, Mary pulled of the most incredible outfit we have seen for quite some time. Well, that is my opinion. She matched a soft blue button-down with high waisted grey trousers. Somehow I feel that we have seen these trousers before, but a the moment I cannot recall when or where. Do you? If not, I cannot wait to see how she is going to style them again with other pieces of clothes. How you you style such a pair of trousers?

She accessorized the look with golden jewellery. I recognize her earrings as Dulong Fine Jewelry. Big size earrings. Some we have not seen for a very long time. I have to wear large earrings soon. Usually I think of nighttime outfits, but Mary shows how to wear them on weekdays as well. We was also wearing quite a few golden bracelets that are both from Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. She is wearing another golden bracelets as well. I remember she's wearing it at the 150th anniversary of the Royal Danish Yacht Club in 2016, here. I was never able to identify it. Mary also wore her beloved golden watch from Cartier.

The black pointed suede pumps are reused from Gianvito Rossi. A pair of black pumps are really essential for a good basic wardrobe. Do you have essentials in your wardrobe you cannot live without? For me it is a plain pencil skirt, a long vest and some jewellery. Mary's latest essential is her Gucci glasses. Classy.


Glasses ● Gucci, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Watch ● Cartier, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Opening of Fair Festival 2021

19th March

Fair Festival 2021 is Denmark's biggest digital festival for sustainable products and Crown Princess Mary attended the grand opening at the city hall in Aarhus.

The association Fair Festival and Globe Go Green collaborated to arrange Fair Festival back in 2019 to spread the knowledge about sustainable consumption, sustainability in general and the climate changes we face today. They repeated the success this year with this digital gathering. The festival was organized around two of UN's world goals - number 12 and 17. World goal 12 is all about responsible consumption and production and the 17th goal is partnership for action.

Crown Princess Mary seemed excited at the arrival. All smiles and warm eyes. She was about to give a speech at the opening of the Fair Festival 2021. In her speech, she made it clear that need to become more innovative and visionary in our way of thinking, our approach, collaborations and our solutions. Fair Festival is exactly that - a way for us to see the future and what we are already good at. Read her entire speech here.

The festival had others keynote speakers too. Among others, Kristine Overgaard Nielsen - the CEO of Globe Go Green and founder of the Association Fair Festival.

Kongehuset ● Billed-BladetBilled-BladetBilled-Bladet Billed-Bladet  European Royalties ● Frederik et Mary

Mary is truly committed to sustainability and what comes with it. We have already achieved so much, but we are not there yet. Speaking at the opening of a festival dedicated to sustainability and sustainable solutions, Mary wisely chose a reused outfit. Old goodies from head to toe.

The lovely black coat with the outstanding beadings, is a creation made by YDE Copenhagen. A really beautiful coat. Don't you think? Once again, she matched it with her crispy white blouse from Britt Sisseck. She matched this combo with simple fitted black trousers. The same as when she attending Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2017 (here) and when she presented the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize in 2019 (here). How would you style such a coat?

Mary embraced her outfit with magnificent diamond earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. They are from their Winter Frost collection. Guess she was also wearing a (green?) ring, but I am not quite sure. The black croco clutch is one of her favorites from Carlend Copenhagen. I have one myself in pink snakeskin and it is a lovely clutch to carry your most important belongings. To me it looks like her shoes are from Valentino. Studded leather pumps - in green.


Coat ● YDE Copenhagen, here

Blouse  Britt Sisseck, here

Earrings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere

Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Clutch  Carlend Copenhagen

Shoes ● Valentino

Meeting with the Minister of Development

18th March

Even thought we do not see that much of her at public events, the Crown Princess is still very much active and on Thursday she met with a Danish politician.

Crown Princess Mary met with Flemming Møller Mortensen, Minister of Development. He presented to her future priorities for the ministry of development in Denmark. The royal court also reported that the two of them discussed the status quo on girls and women's rights on a global perspective.

On numerous occasion, the Crown Princess has talked about how specifically this area of attention, has suffered due to the worldspred pandemic. For instance, closing down schools has caused way more unsecure abortions, child marriages and an increased number of domestic violence.

The meeting took place at Amalienborg palace in Copenhagen.

Meeting with Flemming Møller Mortensen, Mary wore a simple and chic outfit. We have seen this combination before both when she participated the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver 2019 (here) and again on UN's International Girl's Day 2019 (here). On the last event, she even wore the same belt. The lovely bright red blouse is an Erdem design. The trousers are still unknown to me. Same goes with the beautiful belt.

She has worn the belt many times, but still I am not sure where to find it. Any ideas? I really like this look. It shows how perfectly a printed blouse goes with simple black trousers. Being fashionable does not have to be complicated.

I was a little troubled with identifying her shoes. With a closer look and some help from a good friend of mine, we agreed that Mary was wearing her old Jimmy Choo pumps featuring a chunky heel. What shoes would you wear for this outfit?


Blouse ● Erdem, here

Shoes ● Jimmy Choo, here

Status que on bullying and communities

10th March

Since Crown Princess Mary established the Mary Foundation in 2007, she and her team have work hard to combat (among others) bullying amongst children; domestic violence and fight against solitude. They have indeed come far, but taboos like these are not easy to break down.

In a new interview, the Crown Princess stated that we have have already achieved so much but there are still things that need to be handled and improved to stop bullying, change the attitude on gender-based violence and combat solitude.

It is clear that me that this is, by no doubt, a project close to her heart. It is important for her to make better communities for children. This is all because by being in good and healthy communities from a young age, it gives children the very best conditions to evolve, learn new things, get a stronger selfworth. She also send her thanks to all those people (teachers, etc.) that work with children very day. They are a big part in bringing down bullying and encourage to more healthy communities.

Watch the interview posted on the Mary Foundations Facebook pace. It is truly worth it. The interview is in Danish.

No interview without a lovely outfit. We get a few glimpses of what she was wearing during the new interview. About now we know that her wonderful purple blouse with the sweet hemline-details, are from Ted Baker. When she first we it, I was completely lost on where to find the blouse. Time went by and still nothing. After a while, her blouse was then identified as Ted Baker. Apparently, the only piece of clothes in her wardrobe from that specific designer. She matched the stunning blouse with simple slim trousers and black heeled boots.

Her boots could be from Gianvito Rossi, but it is hard to tell for sure. I am sure, when I say that her powder pink earrings are a design by Dulong Fine Jewelry. They are some of her oldest earrings from that creator. If you look closely, you will also see a diamond ring on her right hand. That is her golden Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen ring. Usually, Mary wears it with other rings but lately she likes to wear it by itself. What is your favorite ring?


Blouse ● Ted Baker, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

The International Women's Day 2021

8th March

For many years, the Crown Princess has fought to make the world a better place. Especially, for girls and women. It has become her lifeswork to fight for gender equality, human rights and people's well-being. To give girls and women the some opportunities like the opposite gender.

On Monday, she participated a virtual meeting entitled "Gender Diversity's Roundtable 2021" along with UN Women and Boston Consulting Group, here. She was also part of the virtual meeting with UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) - the High-Level Commission for ICPD25.

Truly a day dedicated to the female gender because it was also the International Women's Day. On that occasion the Crown Princess also shared a few words and photos. Among others, a post on social media of  a conversation between her youngest daughter (Princess Josephine) and herself. Apparently, Princess Josephine asked her mother about the International Women's Day. Crown Princess Mary told her daughter that this day is that specific day where she needs to believe and trust that she can become and do anything she has ever dreamt of without no one stopping her "just" because she is a girl.

In the evening, she also shared her commitment at the online event KVINFO. Crown Princess Mary was just one of many women and men sharing a few words on occasion of the big day. Among other things, she made it clear that we need to change the culture on how we perceive gender. It is not only women's matter; it is for everyone to participate this cultural change. Listen to everything she said at the event down below.

Billed-BladetBilled-Bladet ● Billed-Bladet ● Frederik et Mary ● Frederik et Mary ● Royal Fashion Blog

First, Mary was accompanied by her daughter on a photo taken by photographer Franne Voigt last summer, here. Along with the photo, she shared a conversation between Princess Josephine and herself that morning about the International Women's Day 2021.

Later that night, she participated KVINFO and gave an online speech. I guess it was recorded at Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg. Mary perfectly matched her colorful painting behind her. Imagine such painting's on your walls. Wauw. She wore a reuse powder pink (or lilic) bottom-down blouse. It features white hemlines. Cleaver detail. So far, I have not been able to identify where it is from. Any ideas? She matched this beautiful blouse with simple black trousers. Wish we had seem just a little bit more of her outfit.

She accessorized the look with golden bracelets from Dulong Fine Jewelry and Cartier, such as her engagement and wedding ring. If you look closer you will se that Mary was also wearing diamonds studs with white and yellow diamonds. Incredible piece of work.


Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet  Cartier, here

Roundtable meeting with ICDP+26

4th March

Crown Princess Mary is back at work. Not from behind her computer, but in person. That is something we have waited for in a very long time. To see her back at work is, finally, a good status quo. Denmark is slowly reopening again and the pandemic is slowly getting under control.

The roundtable meeting she was participating on Thursday was also all about making a status and a follow up on a previous summit - the Nairobi Summit in 2019. The meeting took place at Christiansborg. Several participants participated the meeting virtually, but the Crown Princess was there along with (among others) Karen Ellemann, chairman of the Network of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRSR network).

She arrived in a great mood. Her spirit was clearly ready to work. Karen Ellemann welcomed her. In 2020, Crown Princess Mary was part of the new ICPD25 High Task Commission. The purpose of this independent commission is to follow up on the global commitments made at the Nairobi Summit. This is why Crown Princess Mary had such an important role at the meeting.

Mainly, the roundtable meeting took place to refresh everything discussed at the Nairobi Summit two years ago. More specifically, how we can achieve the goal of women and girls' right to decide over their own bodies. Both UNFPA, the SRSR Network, UN Women and many more participated the meeting along with the Crown Princess. They all have their interest in achieving a better world for women and girls.

KongehusetBilled-Bladet Frederik et Mary ● Royal Fashion Blog  UFO No More

Did you notice that glimpse in her eye? That really made my day. She even made me smile with her smile. I truly missed these events of her participating in person. I think she has too. Her outfit was just as magnificent as her smile. I would wear this in an instant if I had the change. Love everything about it. The color combination; her blowout; the glasses, etc.

Many of you have already asked about the red coat. Yes, it was once longer and the "belt" changed a bit. Mary first started wearing this lovely coat in around 2008. Think she wore it for the first time at the Royal Life Guard's 350th anniversary in June 2008, here. She has worn it quite a few time since then. Among others, when Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited Copenhagen in 2011, here. Last year, it was redesigned. Once again, she embraced the style by wearing a black knitted blouse and tailored trousers. I have not been able to identify the blouse yet. Any ideas?

To complete the looks, Mary had chosen simple but gorgeous accessories. Like the little red Hugo Boss handbag. I adore these vintage inspired handbag. They are not the most practical, but they can carry your most essential belongings. As jewellery, she wore yellow and white diamond studs and her golden Dulong Fine Jewelry bracelet. There are also another (silver?) bracelets, but that I do not recognize at the moment. But I do remember her rose gold Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen diamond ring.

Her glasses were a big mystery to me for months, but with the help from one of my beloved and dedicated readers her glasses were found at Gucci. They features this incredible tortoise-like colors and Gucci's golden logo. They match her hair and fair skin perfect. Just look at that hair. It is outstanding.


Glasses ● Guccis, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Bag ● Hugo Boss, here

The new defibrillator

1st March

The Crown Princess was not far from home, when she welcomed a new defibrillator at the entrance to Amaliehaven right next to Amalienborg. This new defibrillator was given to the Crown Princess back in 2019. A gift from the Heart Association, for which Crown Princess Mary is also the patron.

In 2019, the Heart Association gathered money for more defibrillators. The collected money was enough for 400 new defibrillators across the country. One of them is now placed at Amaliehaven in Copenhagen close to Frederik VIII's palace, where the Crown Prince family lives.

Crown Princess Mary wished to locate the new defibrillator somewhere in Copenhagen, where many people often gathers. That is by Amaliehaven was chosen. CEO of the Heart Association Anne Kaltoft handed over the new lifesaving instrument. I guess, the Crown Princess had her thing to say, when the place was chosen and she seemed happy about this location.

The Heart Association shared a little video on their Instagram of the Crown Princess on that behalf (here).

Even though sun and warmer weather has arrived to Denmark, we still need cosy outerwear. Mary's look is exactly what I mean. A longer wool-blend coat, gloves and a higher neckline. I would wear this in an instant. Love the combination of the navy blue Fonnesbech coat and the visible details of the her Ted Baker jumper. She first wore this magnificent coat at Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2016, here and at the latest at the Children's Day 2020, here.

The Ted Baker knitted jumper was a hard one to find. She wore it raptly in 2019, but it took quite awhile to identify it. Now we know who designed it and the characteristic ruffled details around the neckline and hemline, identify it right away. My guess is that Mary was wearing black trousers for this look and maybe some suede pointed boots. That would look great.

She simply embraced the style with darker blue leather gloves and a relaxed blowout. Her smile is indeed the best accessory. These pictures really made my day. The outfit is lovely and the occasion is thoughtful and important. Win-win.


Coat ● Fonnesbech

Blouse ● Ted Baker, here