A New Headqurater for Royal Copenhagen

January, 15th
Photo @Agnés Colbert

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of Royal Copenhagen's new headquarter in Glostrup, Copenhagen. At the visit Crown Princess Mary also presented the H. H. Bruun Grant. 

Royal Copenhagen
The story of Royal Copenhagen goes all the way back to 1780 where they opened their first store in Copenhagen. The company is world famous for their hand painted porcelain which features all sorts of flowers and plants. Now they have stores and flagship stores all over the world from Denmark to Japan. Royal Copenhagen was acquired by Fiskars in 2013. Read more about Royal Copenhagen here. 

Today was her first public appearance since she returned from Myanmar on January 12th after a three days visit where she was accompanied by Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen. The visit to Myanmar was planned to focus on girls and women's right to health and reproductive rights in developing countries as Myanmar. Now she is back in Denmark again and ready to attend some of her "usual" duties such as her day in Glostrup. Along with more than 200 visitors Mary attended, as the guest of honor, the grand opening of Royal Copenhagen's new offices and competence center outside Copenhagen in Glostrup. Shortly after she arrived, she was given a guided tour around in the new facilities to see for herself the casting shop, the design studio and of course the painting studio. Royal Copenhagen is world famous for their hand painted porcelain especially the Flora Danica dinnerware. Take you change and read more here about the world-famous porcelain with the incredible flowers paintings! You can choose between more than 3,000 different motives and get whatever you wish on your tea cup or dinner plates. What I know of Frederik and Mary were given a complete Flora Danica dinnerware at their wedding in 2004 featuring their official initials. The couple does also own Royal Copenhagen's Blue Fluted Mega with the characteristic blue flowers designed in 2000 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen. In 2007 photographer Steen Brogaard took this photo of the Crown Prince couple a breakfast, in addition to an interview in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende, where you see the Blue Fluted Mega dinnerware on the table. This is by the way one of my favourite photo series every published of the couple. I think Prince Christian and lille Princess Isabella are so cute. We also get a sneak peak what's going on behind closed doors, which we did way more in the old days than we do know. About that time when these photos were taken we also had the documentary Kongehuset Indefra. Now we rarely get new official photos of them. Maybe we will in the future. Back to the opening. Mary was truly impressed by the craftsmanship that was going on in the painting studio.

During her visit, Mary also presented the H.H. Bruun Grant which was given to three artists, each of whom who have had and unforgettable impact on Royal Copenhagen. These three artists are Allan Otte, Louise Campbell (who created the Elements dinnerware) and Cathrine Raben Davidsen. All three were given DKK 125,000 and a handwritten document by Akira Oishi, artistic painter of Royal Copenhagen. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Surprised was the first word that crossed my mind when I saw some of the first published pictures from her day in Glostrup, attending the opening of Royal Copenhagen's new headquarter and of course handing over the H.H. Bruun Grant to the three skilled artists. I think it was the colour combo that surprised me the most, after all I actually like this match. Still, it's a little odd combination of colours. I think we need to begin with the new lace blouse. First of all I'm not even sure what that colour is called -purple, beige, pink? I'm not sure if we have seen it before, somehow I believe we have. But I do not recall when. Maybe she has a similar one. I kinda like that's going on around the neck; a high collar and some significant pleat-work. This you especially notice at the first photo where you all see the beautiful grey coat she wore at the arrival. That I simply love! Her coat perfectly matched her new suede grey pumps which has been identified as Rupert Sanderson by Kate and the expensive but stunning Quidam clutch. I have been looking for quite some time to identify this clutch but it was my dear friend Pernille who will have the honor of finding this one. The clutch is not new, it was seen the day she attended a Christmas service with Frederik in December. You'll have a better look at the clutch as well as her Shamballa Jewels bracelet on the photo below taken by Agnés Colbert.  Marianne Dulong is the designer of her Rose Quartz earrings which also have been worn before. They were a perfect match to the lace blouse and bracelet of course. I'm pretty sure these are the earrings worn on the day Frederik and Mary presented their twins to the rest of the world. A beautiful craftsmanship! Now we only have the dark blue pencil skirt left. Believe it or not, this skirt is so old, worn for the first time around 2006 on a visit in St. Petersburg. It's actually a part of a suit. After all I think her outfit work very well with the different materials and colours. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Delphis
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels  Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Green Closed-toe Slip-ons

Day 3: Visit to Myanmar

January, 12th

From January 10-12th Crown Princess Mary is visiting Myanmar. She is accompanied by Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen. The visit focuses on women and girls' rights in the third world which Crown Princess Mary has been very committed to focus on with her work as Crown Princess of Denmark. 


On her last day in Myanmar is was clear why it means so much to Mary to make a difference. The day before, she arrived to Sittwe and was confronted with what is the reality for thousands of people in Myanmar. A reality that is far from anything you can experience in Denmark. When Mary on January 12th visited the camp Say Tha Mar Gyi in Sittwe, she got the chance to meet some of the Muslims who have been displaced from their homes and now are forced to live in temporary camps  like the one Mary visited. In the state of Rakhine more than 115,000 people faces this situation. During her visit in camp Say Tha Mar Gyi she was warmly welcomed by Danish Refugee Aid (Dansk Flygtningehjælp) and some of the refugees who are staying in the camp. Many had come to greet the Crown Princess, with a smile she took the time to talk to as many as possible, hear their stories and give them a little comfort. For many it was a great experience to meet Mary, who had plenty of time to listen. Because of Mary's tranquil nature, no one had difficulties telling their otherwise difficult stories. Among others she met a 15-year old boy who had lots his mother and was terrible sad when he told Mary about it. He could not hold his tears back talking with her and Mary did everything she could to show her support and comfort. It was a clearly affected Crown Princess that visited the camp in Sittwe on her last day in Myanmar. After visiting camp Say Tha Mar Gyi, she visited another camp called Sat Roe Kya where displaced Buddhists are now forced to live. Here she got the opportunity to see how a scholarship can benefit and how much it can contribute to help families. She was surrounded by children all the time who did everything to get her attention among others when she handed over games and other toys in a kindergarten in the camp. The children immediately played with the games and enjoyed the time with their new toys and Crown Princess.

She wore black shades to protect her eyes from the strong sun as the long sleeved blue shirt and the beige trousers. A casual dressed Mary in new New Balance sneakers and messy hair.

Shirt: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt?
Sneakers: New Balance WR996CB Sneakers Beige-Gold
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet in Brown DKK 299,95

Day 2: Visit to Myanmar

January, 11th

Crown Princess Mary is visiting Myanmar from January 10-12th accompanied with the Danish  Minister of Development, Rasmus Helvig Petersen. The visit focuses on women and girls' rights in the third world which Crown Princess Mary has been very committed to fight for. 


Crown Princess Mary visiting the Buddhist temple Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

From early morning Mary was already on the move, she visited the marvelous and world famous Buddhist temple Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. Traveling to Myanmar without visiting the 2,500 year old temple in Yangon isn't complete. So of course Mary also plaid some time to go to the temple. Truly amazed like every other tourist Mary took his time to quality wander around on her own and admire the Golden Pagoda, bare feet as everyone else. The overwhelmingly and eye catching Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds plates of gold and on the top of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds. The temple is truly remarkable such as the almost magical atmosphere! I recommend you to read about it here, the history is fascination. Although Mary caused a stir, she did what she could not to disturb the many praying visitors who use the place as a shrine. Everywhere is gilded Buddha statues and visitors wearing the most beautiful flower wreathes. I'm almost hypnotized by looking at the published pictures from her visit with the temple in the background! Make a quick search and you will see the most fantastic picture. I found one to share with you, isn't I beautiful?! She rang one of the old large bells and placed flowers at a Buddha. She was accompanied by Rasmus Helveg Petersen during her tour at the Shwedagon Pagoda temple which whom she is traveling with on this trip.

Beautiful isn't the word to use when describing Mary's outfit. Despite we have already seen it when she attended a group photo with the employees of the hotel she's staying at in Yangon. The magical atmosphere and Mary in her casual outfit was a stunning combination. What's not to love? I have no doubt that her maxi skirt is from Hugo Boss (collection 2011) despite the fact that I have never actually found the skirt as a model only dresses with the exact same print. Still there is no doubt in my mind. The white Style Butler blouse makes a match with the skirt. It features some lovely lace details at front and looks very comfortable to wear. That every woman can learn from Mary; it's how to pack a suitcase. Everything in her suitcase it's possible to mix and match in several different outfits, everything from clothing's to accessories. I'm sure she has help to pack the right items before an official trip but still I like how she manage to combine all of her things. For instance she was wearing her expensive Jewlscph earrings and the Ivory Bogota bracelet at yesterday's visit as she did when she arrived to Myanmar the day before yesterday. The necklace is an old favourite designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, daughter of goldsmith Ole Lynggaard. What's special about this necklace and the small silver penguins is the fact that some of the money from the sale goes to support people with clean water in the third world. From Ole Lynggaard she wore diamond rings and the little black tassel pendant. Her makeup and hairstyle were as casual as the rest of her look. 

Blouse: Style Butler Suzanna Blouse $65
Skirt: BOSS Hugo Boss Printed Maxi Skirt
Earrings: Jewlscph Flower Glam DKK 23,299
Necklace: Charlotte Lynggaard My Friend
Tassel pendant: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Design Pendant in Silk €60.00
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands w. Diamonds
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Switte 

Along with the Danish delegation and Rasmus Helveg Petersen, she arrive later in the afternoon to Switte. Only a very few pictures have been published or they are just incredible hard to find. There is also a lack of informations. It was obvious that the area she has arrived to lives spartan. Facing the reality Mary was moved by what she saw. Now it seems wrong talking about what she was wearing because it's really not that important how expensive her new dress is or which pair of shoes she was wearing. That is why I have decided not to write more about clothes and fashion in this post. Now it's up to you what you pay attention to. You see what I know about her outfits down below. The trip is all about how Mary try to improve the living condition in the third world and I love her for that. She is committed in a way we only see at only a handful of people does. What's good about Mary is that she follows her heart in her work to improve the world we live in.

Dres: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Printed Silk Dress (pre-spring 2014) DKK 3999
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Delphis 
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Leather Pumps

Day 1: Visit to Myanmar

January, 10th

From the 10-12th of January, Crown Princess Mary is visiting Myanmar to focus on women, their rights and in general focus on the discussion on these topics which still is cause for many correspondences. Crown Princess Mary is traveling with Minister of Development, Rasmus Helvig Petersen.


Arrival and welcoming by Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon's GM and management in Yangon

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth , Crown Princess of Denmark welcomed by Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon 's GM and management
Opslået af Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon på 10. januar 2014

Only ten days after the three new year receptions Mary is already on her first official visit in Myanmar to focus on women, their rights and in general focus on the discussion to improve women and girls' living standards. It is planned for her to stay in Myanmar from January 10th-12th accompanied by the Danish Minister of Development, Rasmus Helvig Petersen. She arrived in the morning and was checking in at the Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon where she was warmly welcomed with flowers given by the staff and management. They all seemed so happy to see her and the fact that a Crown Princess would stay at their hotel because of her visit to the country. The photo above is from her arrival to the hotel taken from their Facebook page. Minister of Development was also staying at the hotel welcomed just as Mary was. Another photo was taken by her and the staff which clearly shows how proud they all were to meet the Crown Princess. She was smily and friendly as always, ready to participate in the next few days events. Only a few hours later she was already attending the first event in Yangon.

Taking group photo _ Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth , Crown Princess of Denmark and Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon's GM & Management
Opslået af Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon på 10. januar 2014

From Denmark to Myanmar is a long way to travel. Normal people travel dressed sloppy and a little too casual but Mary is not like anyone else because she was indeed casual dressed but the difference is huge from what I would travel in. When I see Mary in this outfit I get so inspired to try something like similar when I will be traveling the next time. She was polished in her classy outfit wearing all reused clothes and accessories. What characterize this look is the fact that every single item are parts of the perfect basic wardrobe -a blazer, nude pumps and a leather bag. The lovely navy blue blazer and printed blouse are both from Zara and both seen before. Most of you may remember that she wore this combo at the arrival to London when Mary along with Frederik, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella attended the Olympic Games in 2012. Mary and the children arrived to London by the ship Dannebrog where they also stayed during the trip. The black trousers makes the outfits a bit more professional though her arrival to Myanmar was more or less unofficial. What you do not see is the stunning earrings from Jewlscph; earrings shaped like flowers. Really pretty. A little sparkling accessories is always good. Mary added her grey Prada bag and beige patent pumps which gave her a classic and feminine expression. The wavy hair looked elegant and casual at the same time. A dazzling outfit I'd love to try myself as soon as possible!

Before I go on, I think it's worth mentioning what she was wearing on the group photo taken with the staff of Hotel Royal Lake Yangon because I think this would do great as a vacation outfit. I like the way she wear maxi skirts. I often need some inspiration how to wear these because you need to find something that balance top and bottom. Of course this all depend of your personal style, you hight, shape etc. But Mary's outfits is a really beautiful example. She wore her grey printed Hugo Boss (collection 2011) maxi skirt featuring a quite significant print which I think would do as a blouse as well. I assume she's might wore it ballet flats. Well, back to her clothes. She matched the maxi skirt with a white lace Style Butler blouse. Simplicity is sometimes the best. By the way I adore her hair, so lovely. Around the neck she wore a necklace from Danish jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard who is the daughter of Ole lynggaard. Her designs are incredible, truly admired by me. The design of Mary's necklace which features penguins, is created in collaboration with the Children's Foundation (Børnefonden) and 10% of the price from each sold jewellery goes to renovation and creation of wells in Togo. 

Earrings: Jewlscph Flower Glam DKK 23,299
Blazer: Zara Blue Jacket with Metallic Buttons
Bag: Prada Grey Tote Handbag
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps $175 (pre-owned)

Blouse: Style Butler Suzanna Blouse $65
Skirt: Hugo Boss Orange Printed Maxi Skirt
Necklace: Charlotte Lynggaard My Friend

Crown Princess Mary visiting the UNFPA's Youth Development Centre in Yangon

Only a few hours after Mary arrived to Myanmar she was already on the road. The first stop was at the UNFPA's Youth Development Centre in Yangon. She was warmly welcomed at the arrival by the volunteers and the centers residents. During her visit, where she was accompanied by Danish Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen, she had the chance to meet and talk with some of the volunteers working for UNFPA who is working to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe and that young people do not get HIV/AIDS. Some of these subjects was also discussed and Mary involved herself in the talk with no problem talking about what other might think as an embarrassing topic. She was also introduced to their working methods and tools which include dance and songs. Some of songs and dances were preformed in honor of the Crown Princesses visit. It was a truly committed Mary who visited the Youth Development Centre. I think it was a true experience for her to meet and talk to the young people staying at the centre. It gives her experience for her future work and of course personally. In addition, I believe that it is important for the young people that Crown Princess listening to them although she comes from afar. I think she listens to those she meet with great interest which makes us love her even more. She takes the time to listen and it shows. After her visit at the Youth Development Centre, she visited the Marie Stopes International Clinic in Thingangyun in Yangon. The Marie Stopes International Clinic is a global organization working with family planning, infant care, HIV testing and treatment. Everything what this visit in Myanmar is about: improving health care offers.

I really praised her outfit at the arrival to Myanmar and what she changed to surprised my -in a good way. The floral printed trousers is differently the first to notice. Am I right? One can not fail to notice them because it is quite unusual to see Mary wear such pair of trousers. Its colours and print just makes me happy and with the white lace blouse she looks both casual and chick. Makes me think of  summer, sun and a trip to the beach. I had two brands in mind about who have designed her new floral trousers -Topshop or Zara. Because they look like a high street item. They have now been identified by my most beloved reader Pernille who found them at... Zara (Autumn 2012). So I was actually right with what I had in mind. And of course, thanks to Pernille because of her incredible help! I like the fact that she wore a white blouse with the floral printed trousers, it provides a good balance. Still I do not know where the blouse is from. Rabens Saloner was my first guess but it's not. Do you have an idea who could be the designer? So far I think it's the first time she has worn it. The blouse features a lace design at front in the neckline, maybe will help you find it. Something we have seen Mary wear before is the brown pumps which makes a great match to the trousers and belt in the same lovely brown colour. It has been told that he pumps should be Christian Louboutin but I doubt that. I haven't identified yet but I think Ralph Lauren could be a possibility because they have shoes featuring that kind of sole. I do not know anything for sure. You are more than welcome to help me in my search. I just manage to find a picture where we see the earrings she was wearing at the visit  a UNFPA and later at the Marie Stopes International Clinic. What I see is a pair of Marianne Dulong earrings that features a black sea pearl instead of the white pearl. These have also been seen before and is by the way the biggest trend right now. 

Trousers: Zara Floral Print Trousers £40.00
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Catena Earrings DKK 3,400
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299
Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Ralph Lauren ?

Crown Princess Mary and Rasmus Helvig Petersen at a reception

In the evening Mary and Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen attended a reception for Danes and employes of Danish companies in Myanmar as well as NGOs and other partners in Yangon. Even though the two Danes were closely followed by the press at the reception there was also time when they were on their own. Private photos were taken and Mary seems to enjoying everyones company. Very few information's have been published from their evening else than Mary had time to meet and smalltalk with among others representatives from Danish companies in Myanmar. I would really prefer to talk about the evenings outfit because what a way to end her first day in Yangon?! She was wearing a brand new silk dress from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt (Pre-fall 2013) that features the most incredible print. Kinda exotic print which she perfectly complete with her exotic leather sandals from Ralph Lauren. I think the colours of the new dress gives her a certain glove and matched her dark brown hair beautifully. I would love to wear a dress like this! She is so appropriate dressed and still super stylish. To match the black belt on the dress she wore a leather bracelet, also new, from Naledi Copenhagen that looks fantastic and gives the outfits a edgy vibe. Mary also accessorized her reception-outfit with Jewlscph earrings, her Ivory Bogota bracelet and dazzling rings from the Danish jewellery designer Ole Lynggaard. Her hairstyle and makeup was a little more dramatic than she is use to. But I love it! I think this has been a great first day and I really look forward to follow her the next few days. Hope you have turned in on the blog to keep update with me on her stay. 

Dress: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt Printed Silk Dress DKK 1750
Earrings: Jewlscph Flower Glam DKK 23,299
Bracelet: Naledi Copenhagen
Bracelet:  Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet DKK 299
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Love Bands w. Diamonds
Shoes: Ralph Lauren Beige Exotic Leather Heels (on sale) €250

Day 3: New Year Reception at Christiansborg Palace

January, 7th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
To attend the last new year reception for the Officers from Defense and Emergency Management at Christiansborg Palace Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrived as a tradition in the golden coach. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary did also participate in the dinner.


The last new year reception this year ended, in my opinion, like an explosion when we talk about clothes! I was sure it was not going to be any better but it did. We leave this for a minute or so and I will assure you we will return talking about her absolutely stunning outfit at todays dinner outfit. It has become a tradition for the Queen and Prince to go for a ride through Copenhagen from Amalienborg Castle to Christiansborg Palace in a golden coach followed by the  Gardehusarregimentet on their white horses all dressed in a perfect uniform. I have never experienced it myself but I know many Danes love to follow the coach to get a glimpse of the royals. A beautiful and historic sight. I wonder whether or not I should write a post about the gold coach? It would be relevant and I think you could use a little royal history again. Arriving as the last ones, Margrethe and Henrik greets the guards well-dressed in their red and blue uniform wearing the characteristic hat made of black bearskin. You know it's all about traditions and that's what it is -the Queen greets the guards and do an inspection. Both Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik and Frederik and Mary were all in an excellent mood at today's new year reception. Once again the royals greeted all the attendance before the dinner really started. By the way this is the last of three new year receptions.

To keep warn during the coach ride, the Queen was dressed in a long brown fur coat and warn boots. Not something we use to see Margrethe in but it's january and riding an old coach might not be a warm experience. It is also known that Margrethe has some health issues these days which is the reason for her to wear a little more practical clothes and no high heeled shoes. What I love about her is the fact that she actually attend the dinner and not just stay home despite her health issues. Nothing more could be expected of a Queen in her age. Another tradition this time a year is of course that the Crown Prince couple attends the dinners. I was simply blown away by Mary's third-day-dinner-outfit!  As the last two dinners, she was dressed in reused clothes. First we had the burgundy Birgit Hallstein velvet gown, than a midnight blue Henrik Hviid creation and today a reused floor length skirt worn the first time back in November 13th 2008 at Prince Charles' 60th birthday and with the help from  Tesouras & Tiaras’ Facebook member, Angela, I'm also able to share a link with you from 2008. These pictures aren't easy to find. Maybe you'd recognized it? At the time she wore it with a beautiful lace blouse and 20s hairstyle. At today's dinner I think we saw a very elegant, mature and sophisticated version of this specific skirt. I have never been able to find out where it's from or who designed it. Do you know anything about it? She matched the stunning skirt featuring a few white stripes with her BOSS Hugo Boss peplum. Because of the black background we really got a chance to see the Elephant of Orders with the blue ribbon and the Order Star. Mary added white gloves, a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet from Marianne Dulong to match the white stripes in the skirt. Even more sophisticated was the hairstyle! You see it on the last photo taken by wonderful Agnés. Thanks for sharing your photos with me. We also see she's caring one of her Naledi Copenhagen clutches and Prada pumps in black satin. Oh.. and did you noticed the red nail polish. My favourite colour of them all. Once again I wish you all a happy new year!

Blouse: BOSS Hugo Boss Ipeplana Peplum Top
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Ostric Black Clutch
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Catena Bracelet DKK 30,800

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Day 2: New Year Reception at Christansborg Palace

January, 6th
Photo @Agnés Colbert

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted their second New Years reception for the Supreme Court judges, the Royal Guard and the regiments Officer Corps. The dinner took place at Christian VII's Palace like the first new year reception on January 1st. Later in the evening they hosted another reception for the Diplomatic Corps at Christiansborg, the Danish parliament.


I always wondered why it is only the first new year reception people like and think is the most amazing because those we see in the day after is just as fantastic! I have never heard anyone as enthusiastic about these other reception as me. I am just as excited. Colourful dresses, guests from all over the world dressed in the most fantastic clothes and of course Frederik and Mary will be there. A dinner just get even better when they attend. Today Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted their second New Years reception for the Supreme Court judges, the Royal Guard and the regiments Officer Corps. 124 guests were invited to a dinner at Christian VII's Palace. Later in the evening they hosted another reception for the Diplomatic Corps at Christiansborg. As the tradition says all guests greets the attended royal family before entering the dining room to find their seats. This took around 45 minutes which was a little too much for our 70 year old Queen Margrethe who was given a chair which was way more comfortable for her. The same happened last year and her husband, Prince Henrik, chose to support his wife and got a chair as well. Today's New Year's reception has moved into Christiansborg, where foreign leaders had the opportunity to get a royal handshake and wish the royal family a happy new year and vice versa. That is plenty of handshakes for one single person but it's something all royal's are use to. 

Standing next to her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law, Mary only wear a very few orders actually she was only wearing the Order of the Elephant along with the Order Star on the left side of her chest. Like her mother-in-law she was dressed wonderfully in a dark navy blue colour. You now; royals have blue blood which makes it more symbolic for them to wear this specific colour. Blue symbolize royalty. The two royal women were both accompanied with two rather handsome men wearing their formal uniform. The best of the best. I think it’s the third or fourth time we see her in this midnight blue evening gown but I still think she looks more gorgeous then ever! At the new year reception in 2006, only two month after she gave birth to her first child Prince Christian, she shone in this exact same dress which I might have forgot to mention i created by the Danish Designer Henrik Hviid. He is also the designer of several other evening gowns. The high collar makes your eyes admire her beautiful hairstyle and makeup. Because of the plain coloured gown I had time to explore all the magnificent accessories from jewellery to makeup. I really like the way she was able to keep it simple and still look this pretty. I'm not sure how she do it but she's quite good at it. Like a true Queen she was wearing white pearl earrings and a matching ring on her finger, both created by Marianne Dulong. When you are looking at her pearl ring, take a notice of nail polish! This is more of an sensation; we almost never see her wear nail polish and this red/corral one looks dazzling. In a similar colour as her dress, she wore her Blue Connaught Sapphire Brooch. I always love to find out about the history of these inherited jewelleries. Quite a while ago I wrote a post about this brooch which has a story you need to know. Read my post called The Blue Sapphire Brooch and soon you will know all about this little piece of eye candy. Because it's a really long time since we have seen it I was happy to see it again. First I was sure her blue clutch was from either Naledi Copenhagen or Carlend Copenhagen because of the style now I know for sure it's a third Danish brand called Quidam who is the designer. The last time we saw it was on their last visit to Australia. Quidam's bags and clutches are quite expensive but look amazing. When she took the snow-white glove I noticed her wearing the golden Shamballa Jewels bracelet as well. Mary completed her outfit with the black satin pumps from Prada

Gown: Henrik Hviid
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Brooch: Blue Connaught Sapphire Brooch
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Clutch: Quidam Blue Alligator Clutch

Day 1: New Year Reception at Amalienborg

January, 1st
Photo @Agnès Colbert
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted the first new year reception at Amalienborg castle. Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie all attended in the celebration. 


The biggest and most amazing evenings of them all. New Years Eve! Which means lots of new year receptions, evening gowns and sparkling old jewelleries. This is the one day a year we get a glimpse of the old royal house that we hear about in the books. That one night when everything is back to what it was. The royal family is really all about history and traditions, like January 1st. This is their way of celebration the new year such as Denmark. It's that day a year when the most prestigious dresses are worn and when the royal women wear their best jewelleries. Like the many photographers and journalists, lots of Danes showed up to get a glimpse of the attended once. One of them was Agnés Colbert how was able to get some really fantastic photos, I now have the opportunity to share with you! On the 1st of January it's tradition that the royal family host a dinner for the Danish Government, representatives of the official Denmark and the court in Christian 7's mansion in Copenhagen. They all arrive in a planned order: all the guests by rank, then Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and than as the last ones Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik -the hosts. They always arrive last. Like the guests, the royal family does also arrive by rank, who is next to the throne after the present Queen and Prince. Of course we all know that. Before the guests are allow to find their seats in the big decorated hall, each one of them greets the royal family one by one. All of them have found their seats and dinner is ready to begin which was a four-course menu accompanied by wines from the prince's castle in Cayx, France.

Photos @Agnés Colbert

The magic is all about excitement. Like children on Christmas Eve I feel excited at this first new year reception. I'm cleaned to the screen to watch every single detail of Mary's outfit. How is her hair, what dress is she wearing, does it look different that previously, what about her accessories etc. All this because I admire her. My first conclusion is we have differently seen her burgundy velvet gown before. It's a creation by Birtgit Hallstein. One of the most talented tailors I think we have in Denmark. The gown give her the fashion-status of a Queen. Stunning! While she was pregnant with Princess Isabella she wore this dress twice: New Years Eve and at King Harald of Norway's 70th birthday party in 2007. With the extra fabric Birgit was able to drastically alter it from a maternity gown to this fashionable evening gown. The last time we saw her wear it was in 2012 at new years eve. If you take a close look you will see the changes: the sleeves are smaller, the neckline isn't that low anymore, it's more figure hugging and now it has a 'belt' of the same fabric. 2014 should be the year where to see one more change or addition - a burgundy velvet necklace. I'm sure there is a specific word to describe this kind of necklace but I can't remember right now. Even better she wore the Ruby parure brooch on the necklace, which I think was sawn onto the fabric. Something very common in the old days for the women to sew jewelleries onto their dresses because they were so heavy. Very clever. From the Ruby parure she also wore the magnificent tiara, earrings and ring. Since Mary wore the Ruby parure the first time in 2004 is has changed and items have been added. This was all done by Marianne Dulong and her talented team. And by idea from the Crown Princess a ring was added featuring a large red ruby. The author Nina Hald has written a book about the Ruby parure and its changes called Eventyrlige Rubiner (Adventurous Rubies). It all started in 2010 with a meeting between Mary and Marianne Dulong's team. Read more about it here. As the tradition says, she wore the Order of the Elephant on a gold chain instead of a blue ribbon. The gold chain is worn a special occasions like this. On the left side of the chest is the Star of the Order, a silver star with a gold and red enamel circle in the middle featuring a cross surrounded by pearls and a laurel wreath in silver. The gown also features a quite long train. She accessorized this first outfit of 2014 with her Judith Leiber clutch and golden pointed pumps from Manolo Blahnik. With this I with you a happy new year!!!

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Gown: Birgit Hallstein
Jewellery: The Ruby Parure
Clutch: Judith Leiber
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Bb Metallic Leather Pumps DKK 4.085