The European Australian Business Council 2019

27 June

According to the official calendar this is the last event for Crown Princess Mary before going on vacation. Not that I know when or where the family are going on vacation, but no more official events for now.

Then, on Thursday noon the Crown Princess arrived to Børsen in Copenhagen to attend The European Australian Business Council. She was kindly welcomed with all it takes to welcome a Crown Princess - flowers, handshakes and lots of friendly smiles. The event was organized and hosted by Dansk Erhverv, a business organization in the field of employment counseling and political interest representation. It was all about stregenthing the relations between Australia and Denmark. Especially, since the marriage between Crown Prince Frederik and the, then Mary Donaldson, Denmark and Australia have built up a strong relationship. It continues. The European Australian Business Council has worked since 1999 to encourage a relationship between the two countries focusing on on trade and investment.

Crown Princess Mary also attended the following reception on behalf gathering at Børsen.

KongehusetDet Danske KongehusFrederik et MaryBilled Bladet

What a stunning showstopper. Mary looked wonderfully beautiful in her bright pink dress from No 21. The color and silhouette are simply outstanding. Makes her skin look vivid and figure look its best. Mary first wore this dress last year when celebrating her husband, Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday, here. It was when the couple and four children revealed a new portrait of themselves. Back then I also adored her pink dress.

This time she accessorized the outfit with expensive diamond earrings shaped as flowers. She has worn them on several different occasions, among others when visiting the Faroe Islands in 2018, here. Beautiful piece of work, as with the necklace. It was found at Tiffany & Co. It is part of their Paper Flower Collection, inspired by the flowers of nature. A third diamond pieces worn at The European Australian Business Council 2019, is her Dulong Fine Jewelry ring.

She also embraced the style by wearing an old pink Carlend Copenhagen clutch. This is made of crocodile. It also comes in pink python - I have one myself. A lovely bag. The nude pointed pumps are from Prada. Loved them since we first saw them in 2016. A really well-chosen outfit I think. For sure one I will remember.

Dress ● No 21, here
Earrings ● Purchased on Bruun Rasmussen Auction
Necklace ● Tiffany & Co., here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Clutch ● Carlend Copenhagen
Shoes ● Prada, here

Day 2. Official visit to Paris

24 June

The previous day, Crown Princess Mary arrived to Paris on an official visit announced not that long ago. Only little information have been published about the visit, but on the first day she opened an exhibition at Danmarkshuset. The exhibition was created by artist, Jesper Christensen who also made the new altarpiece in the Frederik's Church, here.

On Monday, she then payed a visit to the Museé Jacquemart-André in the French capital, where Crown Princess Mary saw the exhibition 'Hammershøi, the master of Danish painting'. The exhibition shows art-pieces by the Danish artist, Vilhelm Hammershøi. It is part of the Ministry of Culture's culture investment entitled 'Denmark-France 2018-2020'. The Crown Princess was in a splendid mood at the arrival. Parts of her visiting Museé Jacquemart-André, was also to give her a guided tour around the exhibition.

Later the Crown Princess was welcomed by First Lady Brigitte Macron, when arriving to Centre Pompidou - a house of culture and a famous construction named after a former French President, Georges Pompidou. The Danish Royal House shared that Crown Princess Mary and First Lady Brigitte Macron visited the exhibition 'Sonja Ferlov Mancoba' exhibited at Centre Pompidou.

On the second day, Crown Princess Mary also attended a healthcare conference in Danmarkshuset. Michael Starbæk Christensen, Danish Ambassador in France welcomed the Crown Princess when she arrived. She wasn't all alone attending the conference. More than a hundred representatives from both the Danish- and French healthcare system participated. The conference focuses on the transformation of the Danish healthcare system and how French healthcare system could learn from that. Especially digitalization was center of attention.

She ended her visit in Paris with a visit to the Palais de l'Élysée, which is the residence of the French Presidential Couple. The reason for her visit was that First Lady Brigitte Macron had invited her for lunch.

The Crown Princess was spotted, here, when still being in Paris. I am not exactly sure on what occasion it was taken, but my guess is before leaving Paris. 

I had mixed emotion about what she wore on the first day. The new pink floral dress was really girly, but beautiful. Her evening outfit was spot on. I was happy to see her second day look. Mary wore a brand new midi length dress featuring what's called a windowpane paid. Trying to identify where this new dress is from, I had Danish design in mind. I was right. From Heaven I learned that Mary's wonderful white dress is from Danish designer Morten Ussing. Possibly the first time we see her wear that designers creations. Do you like it? I do. Love the silhouette, wavy sleeves and v-shaped neckline.

She embraced the style with white pearl earrings that goes way back in time. Don't know exactly when she first wore them, but it has to be at least 10 years ago. Dulong Fine Jewelry created them, as four of her five worn bracelets. Love when she wears so many bracelets. Looks just great. I also see her golden Cartier bangle and a Dulong Fine Jewelry diamond ring. Seems like Mary loves to flash that stunning diamond ring lately. And it is indeed magnificent.

She also accessorized her outfit with a small blue belt, matching pointed pumps from Gianvito Rossi and a new clutch. Kate shared with me that is comes from 1602. Also a new designer for Mary to wear.

Dress ● Morten Ussing, here
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Necklace ● Orit Elhanati, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here (similar)
Bracelets  Cartier, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Clutch ● 1602, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

Day 1. Official visit to Paris

23 June

The previous day, Crown Princess Mary participated the Free of Bullying-Race - a project part of the Mary Foundation, here. A wonderful day. She kept the great spirit the following day when arriving to Paris.

During the day

Not much has been announced about this trip other than she was going to visit Paris; open an exhibition and inaugurate a new altarpiece in Frederik's Church in Paris. That is exactly what happened. Sunday noon she arrived to Danmarkshuset to open the exhibition Ombre Flore created by artist, Jesper Christensen. He was also the one to welcome the Crown Princess along with Torben Nielsen, Director of Danmarkshuset. The artist himself guided her around the exhibition. Few every gets that experience. To be guided around the exhibition by the artist him-/herself.

What a mood. Crown Princess Mary was one big smile at the opening and later when she attended the inauguration of the new altarpiece the Frederik's Church. The new altarpiece is made by Jesper Christensen. Apparently he was inspired by the Danish poet, B.S. Ingeman such as musician and artist, David Bowie. The royal house inform that the center piece represent the Garden of Getsemane in Jerusalem. Four years. That is how long it took Jesper Christensen to make this beautiful new altarpiece for the church in Paris.

Kongehuset ● KongehusetDet Danske Kongehus Billed Bladet ● Billed BladetFrederik et Mary

During her first appearance in France, Mary was dressed in a brand new dress. It almost looks like a peplum top, paired with a matching skirt. The dress is made by Danish designer Elsa Adams, here. On several occasions she has made dresses worn by Mary's daughters. It is indeed very girly cause of the color, print and that white lace detail. What was your first thought about her new creation?

She embraced the feminine style by wearing color-matching pumps. They are from Gianvito Rossi, worn on numerous different occasions. Among others on her trip to Ethiopia a couple of months ago, here. Back then she wore the pumps with a floral printed dress. Shows how one piece can be worn beautifully with different clothes. Even the earrings chosen matched in color. Mary has worn these earrings quite a few times now, but I still do not know a thing about them. But they are stunning.

The little clutch is also still a mystery to me. On a previous occasion I discussed with you when we first saw it, here. Both the rather large diamond ring and three of five bracelets are made by Dulong Fine Jewelry. All pieces are reused. Then she was wearing her golden Cartier bracelet, and a fifth one which I believe could be from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Dress  Elsa Adams
Bracelets  Cartier, here
Bracelets ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

Evening dinner

In the evening Crown Princess Mary was invited to dinner by the Danish ambassador in France, Michael Starbæk Christensen and his spouse, Giovanni de Carvalho. She was warmly welcomed at the arrival with handshakes, smiles and welcoming words. All three of them seemed delighted to met each other.

You see the three of them in the picture below - Michael Starbæk Christensen to the left, Crown Princess Mary in the middle and Giovanni de Carvalho to the right. I don't know much about what happened in the evening, but I guess they had a splendid dinner and a great talk.

Now we are talking. I absolutely love her outfit. The sophisticated combination of a white sleveless blouse and a red/white printed maxi skirt. Wauw. That is the only thing to say if you ask about my opinion. Actually we have seen this specific combination before. It was on a visit to Cap Town in South Africa back in 2014, here. Back then she attended a reception and wore this exact outfit. Well blouse and skirt. Also think I saw a white scarf.

Mary accessorized her look with large (and reused) Amrita Singh earrings. She first wore them in 2009 when attending DANSK Fashion Award at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, here. This is, till now, the first and last time we have seen her wear these earrings. I kinda missed them. I own them myself and they are as lovely in real life as they look on pictures. Again she wore three golden bracelets (and a diamond ring) from Dulong Fine Jewelry. A fourth one is from Cartier and the fifth I strongly believe is made by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The clutch is the same as earlier. Ralph Lauren (collection: SS11) designed her chic heeled sandals.

Skirt ● Giambattista Valli, here
Earrings ● Amrita Singh, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelets  Cartier, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Shoes ● Ralph Lauren

Free of Bullying Race 2019

22 June

A couple of days before the race took place in Fælledparken, the Mary Foundation posted a few pictures of Crown Princess Mary getting ready to participate, here. The Free of Bullying-race has been an annual event for years. It is part of one of the Mary Foundation's projects again bullying. The event gathered hundreds of people every year.

For many years, the Crown Princess has participated warm up and greeting the children when hit the finish line with cheerful words and a medalion for having finished the run. 2019 was a bit different because Crown Princess Mary actually participated four races of 1 km. each. It was a wonderful sight. All the time she was surrounded by children, who all wanted her attention. And they got it. She dances, smiled, laughed, held hands. Everthing the photographers are dreaming of at such an event.

The weather was perfect. Everyone were in a great mood. I think we can conclude that this years Free of Bullying-race was a success.

Getting ready to run four different races, Mary had chosen a practical running outfit. Usually we see her in tights while running. As we did when she participated Royal Run on June 10th, here. But this time she had chosen another pair of black Nike trousers - in a more loose fit. Everyone participating Free of Bullying-race were given their very own t-shirt. A bright blue shirt featuring the Mary Foundation's logo for the project: the purple teddybear. When arriving to Fælledparken in Copenhagen she also wore an old FALKE jacket worn at, among others, Royal Run last year, here.

Even when out for a run Mary is wearing accessories. First thing noticed is the grey Under Armour cap. Seems like she loves wearing this cap when exercising. Don't think I'd like it myself, but she makes it looks chic in a casual way. Practical and fashionable. The little emerald beaded necklace is from Nadia Shelbaya. What I do know is that the two golden bracelets worn at the race, are from Dulong Fine Jewelry and Cartier. A closer look revealed to me that her black sunglasses are a Ray Ban design. The colorful sneakers have been found at Asics on a previous event.

Hat  Under Armour, here
Jacket ● FALKE
Trousers ● Nike
Sunglasses  Ray Ban, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelets  Cartier, here
Bracelets ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Shoes  Asics, here

Briefing about the heart

20 June

On Thursday, Crown Princess Mary payed a visit to the Heart Association's head office in Copenhagen. For many years the Crown Princess has been patron for the Heart Association and on June 20th, she was given a briefing about what developments there have been on the area. The Heart Association and the Children's Heart Association also talked with her about their current work.

The royal house also mentions that Crown Princess Mary was introduced to a project called 'Noget på hjertet' (in English it'll be translated to something like 'Something on my mind'). It is a book that gives children and families tools on how to use words to talk about challenges. Other projects were also introduced to her, as for instance emergency preparedness.

Visiting the Heart Associations head office in Copenhagen, Mary was beautifully dressed in a very old printed Prada skirt. I have not thought about this skirt for years, but that's what makes her style so unique. Even though the skirt goes back to 2004, she made it look super classy and modern. Mary styled her old pieces with what I believe is a brand new white shirt. I can't tell for sure if we have seen it before, or if it is actually new. She has so many white shirts similar to this, but I can't seem to find this one anywhere in my archive. Let me know if I am wrong.

Unfortunately, we did not get to see what shoes she had chosen. My guess would be something like light colored pumps. Maybe blue to match the rest of her outfit? The jewellery did. She wore a pair of golden earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry featuring diamonds. They also created the colorful bracelets, the stunning diamond ring and one of the two golden bracelets. The other one, the bangle, is her amazing bracelet from Cartier. The story goes that it was given to her by Crown Prince Frederik as a wedding anniversary gift. I kinda like the thought. Her stunning emerald beads necklace is from Nadia Shelbaya.

Skirt ● Prada
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet  Cartier, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

New buildings and TrygFonden's Family House

17 June

Inauguration at Skejby Hospital

About half a year ago in November, the Crown Princess was going to inaugurate new buildings at Skejby Hospital. Later that same day she was about to inaugurate a new TrygFonden Family House. But shortly before she should have arrived, she canceled because her flight was canceled.

Crown Princess Mary keeps her words. So on Monday, she arrived to Skejby Hospitel to see the new buildings. They include playsgrunds, courtyards, places for different activities and facilities for psychiatry. There are rooms for more than 250 patients.

The Crown Princess was warmly welcomed at her arrival. She was one big smile and a happy spirit. During the visit at the new buildings at Skejby, she met both patients and workers. With great patience and commitment Crown Princess Mary sat down on a chair and listned. She was also given a guided tour around the facilities. Often she's described warmhearted and must important, she is in the moment. Even though the Crown Princess often speaks with people who have a hard time in life, she manages to get them to talk; to tell their story to her. That's my guess why she's admired wordwide.

TrygFonden's Family House

Later in the afternoon, Crown Princess Mary then payed a visit to TrygFonden's new Family House in Hammel. Back in November last year, she was suppose to have inaugurated the new facility, but it was canceled at the last minute. Instead the Crown Princess showed up on Monday, June 17th.

Her smile was sincere, as was her commitment when visiting seven-year-old Albert and his family. They stayed in one of TrygFonden's Family Houses because little Albert gone through a course of treatment at Hammel Neuro Center. It was a wonderful sight to follow her meeting with the family. Coffee and lemonade were served, and experiences were shared.

When visiting the Family House, Crown Princess Mary was also given a tour to see the buildings, and she met with both staff and volunteers. The royal house also shared that the Crown Princess met the therapy group Gaia, and with Luna Smile. She's the hospital clown, who makes life a bit easier and more funny for admitted children at the hospital.

Both when visiting the psychiatry's new buildings at Skejby Hospital and visiting the Family House in Hammel Mary was beautifully dresses. She had chosen a brand new silky blouse identified by Heaven as Hugo Boss. I imagine it worn with a pair of simple trousers or maybe a pencil skirt. Very suitable for the occasions. To make things a bit more fresh and summery Mary embraced the style with her floral printed midi skirt from Andiata. I can't help myself from getting in a great mood whenever she's wearing that lovely skirt. Looks stunning on her. The little belt (which is a perfect detail to show her smal waistline) is very likely from Céline.

Mary also embraced the style with quiet a lot of jewellery. The beautiful pink drop earrings goes way back in time and are from Dulong Fine Jewelry. They are called 'Delphis'. She wore a large number of bracelets: a golden one from Cartier, two others from Dulong Fine Jewelry (possibly three) and one I believe is from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here. She topped off this incredible look with soft curly hair and light colored Gianvito Rossi pumps. Actually, Mary did bring with her a bag. 

Her lovely leather handbag from Prada. I also noticed that she wore a diamond ring made by Dulong Fine Jewelry instead of her wedding/engangment ring. Did you notice that to? The other simple golden ring is also from Dulong Fine Jewelry, which makes me wonder if the white pearl ring is also their design. And then let me know what you liked most about this outfit.

Blouse ● Hugo Boss, here
Skirt ● Andiata, here
Belt ● Céline
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet  Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bag ● Prada, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

800 years with Danneborg

15 June

Legend says that a red and white flag fell down from the sky 800 years ago. That was the red and white Danish national flag. To celebrate that Dannebrog came to be with us 800 year ago Queen Margrethe went to Estonia, here, where to flag supposedly fell from the sky during a battle. It then became symbol of Danish victory. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also attended an event, a church service in Vor Frue Church in Copenhagen, on occasion of the celebration, here.

On Saturday Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited the old Danish town Vordingborg to celebrate Danneborg's 800th anniversary. At the arrival they were warmly welcomed by Mikael Smed, Mayor of Vordingborg. It was really all about Dannebrog. Crown Prince Frederik even revealed what is believed to be the original design of Dannebrog. This "new" flag was created in collaboration of archaeologists from the Danish City Center and Estonia's historic museum in Tallinn. It has great resemblance to the flag we know today.

While the Crown Prince visited Gåsetårnet (last part of what is left of Vordingborg Castle), his wife was accompanied by Nanna Holm, Museum Inspector from Museum Southeast Denmark. Nanna Holm showed Crown Princess Mary the old stronghold and gave her a quick history lesson about the castle.

Embed from Getty Images

What more appropriate than for her to wear red on a day like this? I had no idea what to expect from her. Mary often surprise us with what she is wearing. Well, Mary showed up in her bright red dress bespoke by Birgit Hallstein. She first wore it when the French Presidential Couple visited Denmark in August 2018, here. Back then you loved her dress and thought it suited her really well. It still does. Lovely color. Lovely silhouette. Incredibly feminine and chic.

That wonderful hairpiece is created by Jane Taylor. Mary first wore this beautiful creation at the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock in 2011, here. A year later, she become godmother of a new little Swedish princess. That was Princess Estelle. Mary was wearing the hairpiece once again, here. In 2016 she and Crown Prince Frederik suddenly showed up at the Royal Ascot in London, here. Once again wearing the Jane Taylor creation.

She also accessorized her outfit with stunning diamond earrings shaped as flowers. It turned out that the earrings were purchased on a Bruun Rasmussen Auction. A diamond ring matched with great perfection. The three golden bracelets are all from Danish Dulong Fine Jewelry. Nothing new about the clutch as well. It goes back to around 2009, but has never been identified.

Her new red pumps, is a story on its own. As everybody noticed; they look like the Danish flag. I haven't quite decided yet whether I like them or think it is a bit too much. I never been good at "souvenir-look a-likes". But tell what's on your mind in terms of these brand new red showstoppers. I am now able to confirm that her pumps are from Gianvito Rossi.


Dress ● Bespoke by Birgit Hallstein
Hat ● Jane Taylor
Earrings ● Purchased at an Bruun Rasmussen Auction, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

Royal Run 2019

10 June

Royal Run was invented on occasion of Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday last year. It was a huge success. Thousands of Danes participated running in five different cities across the country. This year the Danes were one more time invited to run in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Rønne (on Bornholm). More than 80,000 participated. It was all broadcasted live on Danish televison.

At the first event in 2018 Crown Princess had some problems with his back. Nevertheless, he participated a 10 km. run in Copenhagen. This year he was also troubled with his back due to a herniated disc. For that reason he was not able to participated. Instead he arrived to Aarhus with Dannebrog. Here the Crown Prince walked the famous One Mile. Later, he took his bike and followed the race in Copenhagen.

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Aarhus along with her husband in the morning. She then drove to Aalborg where she participated the 5 km race. She made it in about 26 minutes. The Crown Princess later participated in another race with the Christmas Seal Foundation and project Lykkeliga. It was a wonderful sight. She ran back several times support and motive the participating children to complete the race.

In the afternoon both Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were headed back to Copenhagen. The Crown Prince arrived first. In Copenhagen the four royal children also participated in the family race. A proud father welcomed his children at the finish line right next to Amalienborg Castle. On several occasions the Crown Prince couple were seen along with their children, cheering for all the participants in Copenhagen. It was clear that all of them really enjoyed the day.

During the day, the Crown Prince family shared some moments on Instagram. First a photo of the Crown Prince Couple on board Dannebrog, here. Then Crown Princess Mary shared her excitement on her way to Aalborg, here. Prince Christian later posted a photo of himself and his sibiling's ready to participate the family race in Copenhagen, here. A proud father also shared a few moments with his children, here, here. Later Crown Prince Frederik posted a few photos from his bikeride, here. After a long day it was time to say thank you for another Royal Run, here.

Kongehuset ● Kongehuset ● Kongehuset ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet Billed Bladet  Frederik et Mary ● Frederik et Mary ● Frederik et MaryPPE Agency

Of course, Mary was dressed in a sporty outfit. She participated two races on occasion of Royal Run 2019. The white t-shirt and navy blue jacket are both pieces made for all the participants to wear. So did Mary and the rest of her family. The blue running tights has been seen before and a visible logo shows that they are from Nike. When Mary participated the 5 km race in Aalborg she also wore a light grey Under Armour cap. Seems like that is her style, because when seeing her out for a run she is typically wearing a cap. The same did Princess Josephine as the only one of her sibling's. Maybe she inherited her mothers love for caps while running? It even matched in color.

I also spotted that Mary wore a few jewellery. A golden necklace featuring green beads from Nadia Shelbaya and two golden bracelets from Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. I wonder how that is at all comfortable. We also got see her in two different pairs of sneakers. One pair from Asics and another pair from Nike. Both seen before.

Cap  Under Armour, here
Jacket  Royal Run, here
Blouse  Royal Run, here
Tights  Nike, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelet  Cartier, here
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Shoes  Asics, here
Shoes  Nike, here

Prince Joachim's 50th birthday

07 June

Last year, Crown Prince Frederik celebrated his 50th birthday. This year his younger brother Prince Joachim celebrates his. On that occasion new photos have been published, he has been interviewed in several papers and guests from near and far were invited to celebrate him on June 7th.

Queen Margrethe hosted the celebration dinner taking place at Amalienborg Castle on Friday. Both friends and family were invited to attend the dinner. Among others, Prince Nikolaos and his wife Princess Tatiana showed up, such as Princess Alexandra and Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille. Also Countess Alexandra attended to celebrate Prince Joachim.

From closer family did the Crown Prince Couple attend accompanied by all four children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. All of them were in a great mood, just as the birthday-boy himself. He arrived with wife Princess Marie and his four children - Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena.

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Prince Frederik looked handsome in a classy suit and butterfly. Both his boys perfectly matched their father in similar suits. Princess Isabella looked wonderful in a power pink laser cut dress from Ganni (similar to this, here). She also wore a really beautiful brooch. It turns out to be one first worn by her great-grandmother, Queen Alexandrine, here. Princess Josephine's blue lace dress made by Elsa Adams (here), really made her a true princess.

Meanwhile, Mary showed up in a reused Jesper Høvring creation. This beautiful floor-length was first worn at Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's big wedding in 2010, here. Back then it looked a bit different. Already a year later she had it altered into the gown we see today. I absolutely loved the dress in 2010, but the changing didn't make it worse. Since Mary last wore the gown in 2011 in Australia, here, I have wished to see her wear this stunning creation again.

She embraced the style by wearing incredible Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen earrings. All diamonds and stones in shades of green. That rather large golden bracelet on her right wrist is an old Børge Niels Knudsen piece. She first wore the bracelet when attending the Designers' Nest Show & Award in 02015, here. The little box clutch is from Judith Leiber and the golden pumps are Manolo Blahnik. A magnificent evening outfit.

Gown ● Jesper Høvring
Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bracelet ● Børge Niels Knudsen, here
Clutch ● Judith Leiber
Shoes ● Manolo Blahnik, here

Women Deliver 2019

This year the international conference Women Deliver takes place in Vancouver, Canada from June 3-5th. It was announced a month ago who would host the next conference. Like previous years, the Crown Princess is attending the conference which is world-leading on equality, girls and women's health, rights and well-being. This years conference focus on "Power. Progress. Change".

During the three days conference, more than 8,500 people are attending from over 150 different countries. Both experts, NGO's, politicians, organizations, etc. are gathered in Vancouver to discuss and share ideas about new strategies on how to make the world a better place for girls and women. Crown Princess Mary is one of them.

The Crown Princess acted patron for the event five years ago in 2016 when Copenhagen hosted the conference. Also in 2009 (Washington) and 2012 (Kuala Lumpur) was the Crown Princess invited to attend Women Deliver. She is also influencer for the Deliver for Good campagne launched three years ago.

03 June

On Monday it all started. Crown Princess Mary had arrived to Vancouver, Canada to attend this years Women Deliver Conference 2019. During the day she participated in a number of different events. From front raw the Crown Princess listened, questioned and was overall committed.

Among others, she attended the panel debate #ThePowerOfUs from which the pictures below were taken, here. Among the participants was 18 year old Natasha. She gave a strong impression on the Crown Princess. The young woman made it clear that young people do play an important role in creating a world with equal rights and possibilities for everbody. Listning to 18 year old Natasha made on impression on Crown Princess Mary, who mentioned the young woman in a quote on the royal family's social media platforms, here.

The Crown Princess also stated that it is really exciting to be in Vancouver to attend Women Deliver. She is impressed that more than 8,500 people are participating and that the atmosphere is all about energy and optimism.

Day one of the conference Mary wore two different outfits. The first I am aware of is her wearing black suit - fitted black trousers and a matching blazer. I cannot tell for sure if she has worn it before, because the lack of pictures. She probably did wear the suit on a previous occasion. The bright red blouse with the lovely print is one from Erdem. It has been seen before when participating a workshop on social norms with the Mary Foundation and other collaborators in March, here. It then looks like she embraced the style by wearing her reused Prada handbag and simple black pumps from Jimmy Choo. I imagine they are quite comfortable to wear all day because of the chunky heel. It is not the first time she took advantage of a large heeled pump. Mary actually wore this combo of shoes and bag when visiting Sorglinjen on May 29th, here.

Later, when she attended the opening of the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, she had changed her outfit. Now Mary was wearing a reused pleated midi skirt from Designers Remix. This skirts was first worn three years ago when she attended the UNGA in New York, here. At that time she matched the skirt with a simple black blouse, and this time in Vancouvers she had chosen a plain white pleated blouse from to match the skirt. Lovely and minimalistic. As earlier in the morning, she was still wearing a black blazer. I also noticed diamond earrings. Guess that she could also be wearing fine bracelets to match the rest of the outfit.

Bag  Prada, here
Shoes  Jimmy Choo, here

Blazer ● Helmut Lang, here
Skirt ● Designers Remix, here

04 June

It had been a busy first day in Vancouver. The Crown Princess had been participating several events and panel debates. On the second day Crown Princess Mary, among others, participated EdTech Talk - The future of health worker training. Here she was given the change to know more about how hard a challenge it can be to safe a newborn baby's life. She even tried first-aid herself on a baby doll called NeoNatalie, here. EdTech is all about future learning. Who technology will be able to help to, among others, train and educate midwives in low and middle income countries the lifesaving treatment of mothers and newborns. The Crown Princess also gave a speech as part of the event , which was organized by Maternity Foundation, ICM (the global midwives organization), Laerdal Global Health and Microsoft.

I never participated a conference myself, but I imagine it takes a quite comfortable outfit because you are wearing it all day. Mary looked really comfortable in what she was wearing during the second day of the Women Deliver 2019 conference. She had chosen to wear a reused blue blouse from Victoria Beckham with what looks like a brand new black lace skirt. A good friend of mine suggested that her new skirt could be from Dolce & Gabbana, here. It is very likely because they often make similar skirts and dresses like the one Mary is wearing at the conference. Let me know what you think or if you have heard anything interesting I need to know about. She accessorized the outfit with earrings and a ring both from Pomellato, and three bracelets from Dulong Fine Jewelry. The fourth one looks a lot like her Cartier bangle. We also got a glimpse of her Prada handbag. I am not quite sure about the navy blue suede pumps. Are these old or new?

Blouse ● Victoria Beckham, here
Earrings ● Pomellato
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Ring ● Pomellato, here
Bag ● Prada, here

05 June

Two long days had passed and the Crown Princess was only able to stay in Vancouver, Canada for one more day. June 5th is a special day celebrated in Denmark. It is our Constitution Day. This day the Danes celebrated the Danish democracy. On that occasion Crown Princess Mary attended a morning event with other Danes now living in the Vancouver-area. Seems like everyone were having a great time chatting and having a cup of coffee.

With only very few pictures from the morning event it is a bit difficult to tell exactly what Mary was wearing at the event. Nevertheless I immediately recognized her printed dress. It is from Diane von Furstenberg. She first wore this dress back in 2018 during an official visit to Seattle in May, here. The navy blue coat is not new, though I first thought it was. Actually it goes back to around 2017 when she wore it at an event on occasion of the Mary Foundations 10th anniversary, here. The lovely blue coat is from Harris Wharf London. Think she is wearing matching blue pumps as well. We get a glimpse of white pearl earrings, which I believe is from Dulong Fine Jewelry and her Nadia Shelbaya necklace.

It has been three wonderful day, and I strongly believe the Crown Princess found this a very interesting and educational visit.

Coat ● Harris Wharf London, here & here (navy)
Dress ● Diane von Furstenberg, here
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here

50th anniversary of Roskilde Agricultural Fair

31 May

It was a very special day, when the Crown Princess arrived to attend the 50th anniversary of Roskilde Agricultural Fair. For the last fifty the fair has been the largest of its kind with almost 100,000 visitors  every year. Roskilde Agricultural Fair gathers all the best of Danish agriculture. Both produceres and consumers enjoy the fair with it that comes with the annual even.

This year Crown Princess Mary also attended on occasion of its 50th anniversary. She was warmly welcomed and at the arrival the Crown Princess was in a splendid mood. One big smile. Before given a guided tour around the fair, she watched the opening speech held by among others Chairman of Agriculture & Food, Martin Merrild and Joy Mogensen, Mayor in Roskilde.

Following she wandered around the fair; meeting participants and their animal. The Crown Princess also payed a visit to the pantry - a place where meals were served made from products from Danish agriculture. Crown Princess Mary herself cooked and served her very own burger.

Right now the weather is all about making sure you wear a little bit of everything. One day it is rainy. The next it's all sun and warm degrees. Mary wore a lovely combination of both silhouette, fabric and colors when attending the agricultural fair in Roskilde. First thing that catch ones eyes has to be that beige trenchcoat. Burberry's significant printed fabric shows now and then, which indicates where to find it. So far I have not been able to find the exact same model. Let me know if you have what I am looking for.

Underneath a pair of green corduroy trousers shows. Personally I think we have seen her wear them once before. I am thinking about the trousers she wore during the Hubertus Hunt in Dyrehaven last year, here. To me these two pair of trousers look much the same. What do you think? The blouse looks new, but I cannot tell for sure because I haven't managed to find a picture that gives a clear view.

Accessorizing this great outfit, Mary embraced the style by wearing a brand new printed scarf. I'd really like to find it but at the moment I have tried everything to find it. I haven't so far. A scarf is just a great detail to ones outfit. They come in all kinds of shapes, colors and fabrics. We got a few glimpse of her wearing light brown leather boots. I have not identify them yet, but it is the first time she wears them in public. 

The three bracelets are Dulong Fine Jewelry and the two diamond rings looks like Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The fourth bracelet is a Cartier golden bangle. She was also wearing two golden rings. They are also designed by Dulong Fine Jewelry. The beautiful green emerald beads necklace are from Nadia Shelbaya.

Coat ● Burberry
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Rings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Rings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Visiting Sorglinjen

29 May

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Mary visited Sorglinjen. They advise people who have lost a related beloved family member. Around a hundred volunteers pick up calls every day to help people who  need someone to talk to about feelings, grief, ways to deal with their loss.

Sorglinjen is a project part of the organization Children, Youth & Grief and is by initiative of The National Grief Center. Crown Princess Mary visited Sorglinjen as patron of Children, Youth & Grief.

She was warmly welcomed at the arrival. The Crown Princess met some of the volunteers who told her about some experiences of theirs and how they use their own loss to help others. The Crown Princess even picked up a few calls herself. With great humility the she listened to everything she was told. Many years ago she lost her own mother. On several occasions she has talked about how it sometimes made her feel lonely. The family also recently lost a dear and beloved family member - Prince Henrik. Hopefully, they all have someone to talk to about the loss but that is not the case for everybody. Luckily we have people as those at Sorglinjen who take time to listen.

During the visit at Sorglinjen, Mary had chosen to wear a color combination of blue and black. You never go wrong with that combo. At the arrival she wore one of her old bright blue coats from Prada. She has a similar style coat (and designer) in creamy white as well. The blue one hasn't been worn that much. Only three time - four when including May 29th. First time it was worn, was in 2012 when the family attended a ballet in Tivoli, here. Then again a year later, here. Actually Mary wore the coat twice in 2013, here. Since then I don't think we have seen it.

The printed Proenza Shoulders blouse is also a reused piece. It goes back to 2017. Mary has worn it on several occasions. Last, when visiting Sorglinjen. She matched the blue blouse with black fitted trousers. The pumps with the chunky heels are from Jimmy Choo. I also catched a glimpse of her old nude Prada handbag. Getting to identify the jewellery was a bit more difficult. Looks like reused diamond earrings and a few rings that could be from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here. The two bracelets are from Dulong Fine Jewelry. All reuse.

Coat  Prada
Blouse  Proenza Schouler, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bag  Prada, here
Shoes  Jimmy Choo, here