Handball match in Germany

● Denmark vs France ●

28 January 2024

... and then Queen Mary showed up at Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany for the final match between Denmark and France in men's Handball European Championship.

It is not the first time she and the family have attended important sports events. Like, when they watched the finale match between Denmark and Norway in 2019 (here) and the UEFA Euro 2020 in London (here).

Unfortunately, Denmark didn't win other than silver, but Queen Mary had the honor of handed over the silver medals.

Congratulations to both teams! 🎉

What other way to support the Danish team than wearing red and white like the Danish flag? That is exactly what Mary did. She had chosen a beloved red blazer from Alexander McQueen. Red is truly one of my personal favorite colors. It takes much for me to love the shade. This blazer has the perfect red shade. Not too light. Not too dark.

Her fine white The Fold London top was a wonderful and beautiful match with the blazer and black wide-legged pants. Black pants are often difficult to identify if they don't have specific details to look for.

Mary wore incredible jewellery. These custom-made Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings goes way back in time. They have to be her most worn and beloved earrings. The elegant white pearl ring is also a creation by Dulong Fine Jewelry.

If you look closer, you will see that Mary also wore a golden bangle. It features a diamond studded 'M'. I still need to identify here it is from. Halberstadt is the master behind her necklace.

Her glasses are from Gucci.


Blazer ● Alexander McQueen, here

Top ● The Fold London, here

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Earrings ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry


pants, belt, bracelet, shoes

Celebration service in Aarhus

21 January 2024

It was simply wonderful to see the entire family gathered in Aarhus, when attending a celebration service in Aarhus Cathedral on Sunday (here). This was King Frederik and Queen Mary's second appliance as King and Queen since the proclamation on January 14th.

Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte also attended the celebration service along with representatives from the official Denmark and from Aarhus city.

The church service was led by royal Confessor and Bishop of Aarhus Diocese, Henrik Wigh-Poulsen.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Finally, something purple! I had high hopes that she would had been wearing either blue or purple for the proclamation. I didn't get that. But now I did. Mary looked absolutely stunning and elegant when attending the celebration service in Aarhus. The reused bespoke Søren Le Schmidt dress is incredible. The details are outstanding. She first wore it at the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla of Great Britain in 2023 (here).

Mary embraced the style with a purple felt hat from Jane Taylor. Also worn before (here, here). Somehow, I'd wished that she would have chosen another color than navy blue for the purple outfit. Still, I am intrigued by the match. Shawl, gloves, Quidam clutch and Jimmy Choo pointed pumps.

Her beautiful diamond earrings were once purchased at a Bruun Rasmussen auction. Maybe you recognize that fine brooch. It was a wedding gift from Prince Henrik. It belonged to his late mother.

Halberstadt and Julie Sandlau created her amazing necklaces. The symbolism is spot on for this event.


Dress ● Bespoke by Søren Le Schmidt, here

Hat ● Jane Taylor, here

Earrings ● Purchased at a Bruun Rasmussen Auction, here

Brooch ● Inherited from Prince Henrik

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Necklace ● Julie Sandlauhere

Clutch ● Quidam, here

Shoes ● Jimmy Choo, here


shawl, gloves

New official photos of King Frederik X and Queen Mary

19 January 2024

The Government's celebrations of the proclamation

15 January 2024

Usually, Queen Margrethe arrives last. That changed on January 14th with the proclamation from one generation to another.

On January 15th, the Danish Government celebrated the proclamation with a gathering in morning at Christiansborg (here).

Princess Benedikte, Prince Joachim and Crown Prince Christian also attended the event. This was King Frederik and Queen Mary's first official event after the proclamation.

The royal family attended a following reception in the Langstings Hall.

Embed from Getty Images

For the proclamation I wished for something blue or purple. I truly hoped for something colorful. Instead, Mary had chosen a brand new white dress designed by Søren Le Schmidt and tailored by Birgit Hallstein. On her first job as "Queen of Denmark" Mary reused a navy blue cashmere set. A jacket and a skirt, which were designed by Danish designer Ole Yde and later tailored by Birgit Hallstein. She first wore the set in 2022 (here).

This time, she embraced the color of the set with same-color gloves, a custom-made Susanne Juul felt hat and leather pumps from Gianvito Rossi. At first, I was also misled by the designer of her clutch. It is in fact an old one from 1602 - NOT Carlend Copenhagen as other claimed.

As jewellery, Mary had chosen her beloved Connaught Sapphire brooch. It was given to her by Queen Margrethe, when she gave birth to Crown Prince Christian in 2005. It belonged to Queen Ingrid. The flower-shaped diamond earrings from purchased at an Bruun Rasmussen auction. Her necklaces are from Halberstadt and Julie Sandlau.

What do we think of her first official outfit with her new title?


Set ● Designed by Ole Yde and tailored by Birgit Hallstein, here, here, here

Hat ● Custom-made by milliner Susanne Juul

Earrings ● Purchased at an Bruun Rasmussen auction, here

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Necklace ● Julie Sandlauhere

Brooch ● The Connaught Sapphire brooch, here

Clutch ● 1602, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here



Proclamation of King Frederik X.

14 January 2024

When Queen Margrethe announced her abdication at her New Year's Eve speech on 31st December 2023, the world gasped. No one had ever thought this would happened. The Queen always stated that she would stay on the throne till the day she died. In her speech, she argued that a previous operation made her think. Think about the future. That was when she decided to hand over the throne to her oldest son Crown Prince Frederik.

The proclamation would take place on January 14th 2024. That is today! Never had I thought in a million years, I would live to see the Crown Prince Couple become King and Queen. But I did.

In my previous entry, I posted about today's program (here). From the carriage ride to the change of royal flags to the private and the official proclamation.

It was a magical moment, when Frederik stepped out on the balcony at Christiansborg. Now as King Frederik X. of Denmark. The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the proclamation (here).

The new King also gave a short speech (here). He honored his mother's work throughout 52 years as Queen and mother. Humble, he proclaimed his responsibility with respect, pride and joy.

It was a remarkable moment to watch the two of them on the balcony. The Queen was so proud of her husband and the King cried of the overwhelmingly amount of support he was given by the Danes.

Watch more photos here

Photographer Dennis Stenild captured a last moment with Crown Prince Frederik shortly before the proclamation took place

Embed from Getty Images

King Frederik X. and Queen Mary of Denmark

"A big moment - seen from behind"

Seriously, what to expect for a day like this. What did you have in mind for her outfit? I was sure we would see her in a brand new dress, but somehow I thought she'd be wearing something blue or purple. But no. Our new Queen, wore a new white bespoke crepe-dress designed by Søren Le Schmidt and tailored by Birgit Hallstein - who also made her wedding gown in 2004. Two memorable white dresses.

Mary chose to wear parts of Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure. A wonderful gesture both to Queen Ingrid but also her husband who had a very close relationship to his grandmother. She wore: the hairpins, earrings and the outstanding brooch. Such as the custom-made ruby ring by Dulong Fine Jewelry.

We also get a glimpse of her beloved necklaces from Halberstadt and Julie Sandlau.

Her elegant nude patent leather pumps are reused ones from Prada.


Dress ● Designed by Søren Le Schmidt and tailored by Birgit Hallstein, here & here (NEW!)

Hairpins ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Earrings ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Necklace ● Julie Sandlauhere

Brooch ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Shoes ● Prada, here



Program for King Frederik's proclamation

Embed from Getty Images

January 14th

1:35 PM

The Crown Prince Couple and Prince Christian drives from Frederik VIII's Palace to Christiansborg.

1:37 PM

The Queen takes the ride from Christian IX's Palace to Christiansborg in the golden carriage. She will be escorted by the Guardhussar Regiment's Horse Squadron,

2:00 PM

Queen Margrethe. Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian participates in a meeting with the Council of State along with the Government and the Cabinet Secretary.

2:15 PM

Queen Margrethe drives to Christian IX's Palace.

2:30 PM

The Royal Couple hosts a reception for specially invited guests at Christiansborg Castle.

3:00 PM

King Frederik X. shows on the balcony at Christiansborg and the Danish Prime Minister proclaims the change of throne.

3:10 PM

The proclamation is saluted with 3 x 27 shots from Battery Sixtus on Holmen. Meanwhile, the royal flag is lowered at Christian IX's Palace and raised at Frederik VIII's Palace.

3:30 PM

After the proclamation, the Royal Couple rides in carriage escorted from Christiansborg to Frederik VIII's Palace.

5:00 PM

The royal banners will be transferred from Christian IX's Palace to Frederik VIII's Palace.

January 15th

10:00 AM

The royal family participates in the Danish Parliament's celebration of the change of throne. Afterwards, the royal family will attend a reception in the Landstingsalen in Folketinget at Christiansborg.

January 21st

2:00 PM

The royal family will attend a church service in Aarhus Cathedral. The service is led by the royal confessor and bishop of Aarhus Diocese, Henrik Wigh-Poulsen.

New Year's Eve Reception

- Christiansborg

04 January 2024

This will be Queen Margrethe's very last New Year's Eve reception as ruling Queen of Denmark. More than 1,000 guests were invited to take part of her reception which took place at Christiansborg. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also participated the reception (here).

Every year, Queen Margrethe host the prestiges New Year's Eve Banquet (here), then followed by three New Year's Eve receptions. Two of them were held on January 3rd (here).

At this very last reception, 150 representatives from national organizations and protections participated and the rest were officers from the Armed Forces and the National Emergency Management Agency as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank.

Not sure, I like her overall outfit but I adore several details about this look. Not just as a combo. Somehow, I think Mary's outfit is a bit messy. She has worn the stunning dusty pink Rachel Gilbert skirt and bespoke brown velvet Jesper Høvring jacket before in 2018 (here). Impressive design!

This time, Mary embraced the look with an ancient choker. She first wore it in 2004 for a gala dinner on occasion of an official state visit from Romina (here). Around 2003 it was for sale at Bruun Rasmussen. Maybe a gift from Crown Prince Frederik to his fiancĂ©? Likely.

Mary also accessorized her elegant look with a Rebekka Notkin bangle and a diamond ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

As in 2018 when she wore the jacket and skirt, she also styled her outfit this year with her beloved soft pink satin Bottega Veneta clutch.

I was surprise when I realized that Mary was in fact wearing leopard pointed pumps from Gianvito Rossi! Wonderful match with the brown velvet jacket, but somehow I'm not crazy about the skirt/pumps combination. What do you think?

LOVE her hairdo!


Jacket ● Bespoke by Jesper Høvring

Skirt ● Rachel Gilbert, here

Necklace ● Purchased at an Bruun Rasmussen auction

Bracelet ● Rebekka Notkin, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Clutch ● Bottega Veneta, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


earrings, bracelet

New Year's Eve reception

- at Amalienborg and Christiansborg

03 January 2024

It is also a tradition for the Queen to host three separately New Year's Eve receptions. The first two takes place on January 3rd. One for Supreme Court judges, the Royal Life Guards and the Officer Corps of the Guard Hussar Regiment at Christian VII's Palace at Amalienborg and the second one is for diplomatic corps at Christiansborg.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary participated both receptions.

Tomorrow, Queen Margrethe will host her very last New Year's Eve reception as ruling Queen of Denmark. Next year, King Frederik will host the reception along with his wife - Queen Mary.

Mary wore a beloved bespoke Henrik Hviid evening gown. She has been wearing this exact gown for quite a few years now for this special event. Maybe she embraced her mother-in-laws dress code - wear the same gown as last year. Queen Margrethe has often been seen wearing the same outfit year after year for these New Year's Eve receptions. It is a very simple dress, but the details are exquisite!

A closer look revealed that she has chosen diamond earrings purchased at a Bruun Rasmussen auction. Adore the flower-shape. So elegant and romantic. The ruby brooch is perfect with the navy blue gown and sam-color nail polish.

We also get a glimpse of her Halberstadt necklace and a golden bracelet. It could be Cartier. Her ring is also very exciting. She wore it first for some years ago, but I was never able to identify it or find out where it is from. It's still a mystery.

As other accessories, Mary wore her reused Quidam clutch and suede blue Pura Lopez pumps. Also take a look at those stunning hair combs. One of them has been identified as Ellen Hunter.


Gown ● Bespoke by Henrik Hviid

Hair comb ● Ellen Hunter, here (NEW!)

Earrings ● Purchased at a Bruun Rasmussen auction, here

Brooch ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Clutch ● Quidam, here

Shoes ● Pura Lopez


ring, bracelet, hair clips

New Year's Eve Banquet 2024

01 January 2024

The New Year's Even Banquet is the most prestiges gala dinner taking place each year. This is when Queen Margrethe and the royal family welcome a new year with all it takes. Gowns, their finest jewellery, an overwhelming dinner. 

The banquet is followed by two New Year's receptions on January 3rd and 4th.

Princess Benedikte arrived first then followed by Prince Joachim and Princess Marie. Then Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived in pouring rain and wind. Last but not least, the Queen. The evenings hostess. This will be her last as reigning Queen.

The Danish Government, Charman of Folketinget and representatives from the public and court were invited to take part in the dinner.

Embed from Getty Images

The Crown Prince Couple arriving to Amalienborg to attend the New Year's Even Banquet - the last time as Crown Prince and Crown Princess

If I had to choose one dress that stands as a symbol of Mary, then I would by no doubts, be her bespoke burgundy velvet gown created by Danish tailor Birgit Hallstein. Mary first wore it when pregnant with Princess Isabella in 2007. In 2012, the gown was altered to what we see today. Somehow, it has become a tradition for her to wear the gown at the New Year's Eve Banquet.

She embraced the style by wearing her beloved Ruby Parure inherited from Queen Ingrid - the belated great-grandmother of Crown Prince Frederik. She both wore the tiara, earrings, brooch and hairpins. These hairpins were created when the parure were altered around 2012. A ring was also attended to the parure.

Her silver clutch is a reuse from J. Furmani and the elegant black satin pointed pumps are old goodies from Gianvito Rossi. I always loved the shape of Rossi's shoes. Impressive craftsmanship!


Gown ● Bespoke Birgit Hallstein, here

Tiara ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Hairpieces ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Earrings ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Brooch ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Clutch ● J. Furmani, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

1972 - 2024

Queen Margrethe's annual New Years Eve speech have gathered people for 52 years. It is a tradition for most Danish families to gathered around the television and listen to the Queen sum up the past year. It is always a guess what topics will be included in her speech. Bets are made. Her speech is indeed an important part of our New Years Eve traditions in Denmark. 

On December 31st 2023, Queen Margrethe gave her very last New Years Eve speech. She announced her abdication as Queen of Denmark after 52 years. She will pass on the throne to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary on January 14th 2024. The same day she inherited the Danish throne after her father in 1972.

Her abdication then means that we will soon have a new King, Queen and Crown Prince! What a year to come.