Christmas greeting from the Mary Foundation

21 December 2022

Crown Princess Mary shared a few thoughts about the Mary Foundation's work in 2022 a couple of days before Christmas.

She used the opportunity to encourage gatherings during Christmas. To share this time a year with others. Even though, we surround ourselves with family and friends, not all of us have this option.

"Therefore, we do not necessarily fight loneliness because we gather. We fight loneliness when we gather in safe and open communities that are based on the trust and care that we all need. Community is worth more than any Christmas present money can buy. And it is a gift we all have the opportunity to give. Thank you to all of you who face Christmas with openness towards the people around you." - Crown Princess Mary

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Crown Princess Mary, the Mary Foundation and me.

Crown Princess Mary wore her lovely green custom-made blouse from Mark Kenly Domino Tan and earrings purchased at Bruun Rasmussen a few years back. I bet the photo was taken, when the Crown Princess hosted a Christmas reception with the Mary Foundation for their partners on December 1st (here). Therefor, I believe she wore the matching trousers as well.


Blouse ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Earrings ● Purchased at Bruun Rasmussen, here

The perfect Christmas outfit

We are only a few days away from celebrating one of my favourite days of them all - Christmas Eve. Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas on December 24th or 25th, you need a wonderful outfit. Crown Princess Mary has been and still is my greatest sources of inspiration, when it comes to choosing an outfit for a special occasion. Therefor, I have found some outfits of hers that inspire my most this year.

Do you have a special outfit in mind for your special evening? If not. Perhaps this will inspire you to a look that will make you sparkle like a starry night.

I will also use this occasion to wish you all a splendid Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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The Royal Danish Music Conservatory's Children's Choirs Christmas concert

03 December 2022

Now and then, the Crown Prince Couple are accompanied by their children for official events. This is exactly what happened, when Crown Princess Mary attended the Royal Danish Music Conservatory's Children's Choirs Christmas Concert on December 3rd. She was accompanied by Prince Christian. 

The concert has become an annual event and Crown Princess Mary has attended this wonderful afternoon for many years. When the children were younger, the whole family joined her for the Christmas concert.

Crown Princess Mary is patron for the children's choir.

Prince Christian and his mother truly enjoyed the afternoon together with many of the well-known Christmas songs beautifully performed by the choir.

The concert took place at the Royal Music Conservatory's Concert Hall at Frederiksberg.

Kongehuset Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Frederik et Mary Royal Portraits Gallery

Prince Christian joined his mother at the Christmas concert 

From the Christmas concert taking place at the music conservatory's concert hall at Frederiksberg

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Coat ● Prada, here

Blouse ● Claes Iversen

Earrings ● Purchased at Bruun Rasmussen, here

Necklace ● Halberstadt, here

Clutch ● Carlend Copenhagen, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Launching "The Community Survey II"

02 December 2022

"The Community Survey II" is a report made in collaboration by the Mary Foundation, TrygFonden and The National Research and Analysis Center for Welfare. Actually, this survey is not the first. Back in 2016, the first report was launch. Later, in 2019 yet another survey was made and followed by the report "Behind the Community Survey". 

On December 2nd, the Crown Princess attended the launch of "The Community Survey II". In her speech, she summed up with few words the result of the survey. More and more people in our society struggle with psychological unhappiness, physical health problems and loneliness. Especially, loneliness amongst children and young people has been on the Mary Foundation's agenda for many years.

Part of launching the report was also to discuss these results and possible solutions on how to reduce the number of people not feeling well in our community.

Kongehuset UFO No More Frederik et Mary Billed Bladet

On her way to launching "The Community Survey" along with TrygFonden and the Mary Foundation

Crown Princess Mary also gave a speech at the launch

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Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Pendant ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Pendant ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Pendant ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Christmas reception with the Mary Foundation

01 December 2022

It has become a tradition for Crown Princess Mary to host a Christmas reception for the Mary Foundation's partners every year. A perfect way to say "thank you for a good year with important improvement". 

Both the Crown Princess and the Mary Foundation are both really good at appreciating their partners. I like that. The foundation does an important and impressive job every single year accompanied by their partners.

They enjoyed some warm glögg, æbleskiver and a chat at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg.

Kongehuset  UFO No More  Billed Bladet

Crown Princess Mary was accompanied by, among others, CEO of the Mary Foundation Helle Østergaard

Having a chat with some of the partners collaboration with the Mary Foundation

The reception took place at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg

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Blouse ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Trousers ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Earrings ● Purchased at Bruun Rasmussen, here

Christmas calendar 2022

For 7 years, the Danish royal house has shared a Christmas Calendar with all of us. This years is no exception. 

This years calendar is entitled "Christmas behind castle windows". For 24 days, the royal house will share a little inside in what is going on behind closed doors around Christmas in the castle.

Save this post for later and follow the Christmas calendar of the royal house. I will only share those videos connected to the Crown Prince family, but you find the entire calendar here.

01 December

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine creating the most beautiful Christmas decoration on December 1st

05 December

Crown Princess Mary having a moment with the families dogs Grace and Coco

10 December

Crown Princess Mary made a private visit to "Kræftværket" at Rigshospitalet, which has become an annual tradition around Christmas 

11 December

Crown Prince Frederik greeted all servering abroad with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

16 December

Prince Christian and Princess Isabella joined each other for a walk enjoying a Christmasdecorated Copenhagen

23 December

The Crown Prince family sent their Christmas gregards from Australia. They enjoy Christmas in Tasmania


Day 2. A trip to London

29 November 2022

Crown Princess Mary arrived in London the day before and was then warmly welcomed by Queen Camilla (here). Queen Rania of Jordan was also welcomed along with the Danish Crown Princess.

The reason for her visit was a reception hosted by Queen Camilla on occasion of UN's campaign "16 Days of Activism". A campaign which purpose is to create awareness about violence against girls and women - and to combat this violence. Crown Princess Mary has for many now herself worked to help girls and women all over the world.

Queen Rania of Jordan, Queen Mathilda of Belgium and the Countess of Wessex also participated the reception at Buckingham Palace.

Kongehuset Det Danske Kongehus ● Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Frederik et Mary UFO No More  Getty Images  PPE Agency

Queen Camilla photographed with (among others) Crown Princess Mary, Queen Rania of Jordan, Queen Mathilda of Belgium and the Countess of Wessex

Queen Camilla spoke at the reception at Buckingham Palace

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Trousers ● JOSEPH, here

Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here

Necklace ● Halberstadt, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Day 1. A trip to London

28 November 2022

Crown Princess Mary had been invited to London by Queen Camilla, who was to host a reception in connection with UN's campaign "16 Days of Activism" at Buckingham Palace the following day.

When arriving in the afternoon to London, the Danish Crown Princess was warmly welcomed by the Queen at Clarence House.

Queen Camilla also welcomed Queen Rania of Jordan along with Crown Princess Mary.

"16 Days of Activism" is a UN campaign to combat violence against girls and women. For many years, the Crown Princess herself has worked hard to improve girls and women's health, rights and living conditions. "16 Days of Activism" is an annual international event from November 25th to December 10th.

Kongehuset Kongehuset Billed Bladet Billed Bladet  UFO No More

Queen Camilla welcoming Queen Rania of Jordan and Crown Princess Mary at Clarence House

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Blouse ● Red Valentino, here

Skirt ● Dolce & Gabbana, here

Earrings ● Purchased at Bruun Rasmussen, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Repremiere of "The Nutcracker"

26 November 2022

Once again, Queen Margrethe shares her creative talent with all os us. She has worked as scenographer os the repremiere of "The Nutcracker". She also designed costumes for the play.

The Queen was accompanied by Queen Sonja of Norway at the premiere, which took place in Tivoli's Concert Hall. Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine also joined the premiere of this very special Christmas ballet.

All of them were smiles and happy faces at the arrival. Queen Margrethe was truly a star on a clear sky at night. It is know that the Queen is a fan of ballet. Imagine getting the chance to work with such talented ballet dancers if it is a passion of yours. 

The Crown Prince family also looked very proud of their mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. I am thrilled to see the four of them together. I imagine them having a wonderful and magical evening.

"The Nutcracker" has it's premiere for the fifth time in Tivoli.

Kongehuset ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Frederik et Mary

Queen Margrethe and Queen Sonja arriving in Tivoli

The Crown Prince Couple were accompanied by Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine at the repremiere in Tivoli


Blouse ● Prada, here

Trousers ● JOSEPH, here

Clutch ● Custom-made by Queen Margrethe, here

Shoes ● Dolce & Gabbana, here

Weekly meeting with the Mary Foundation

24 November 2022

Weekly, Crown Princess Mary meet with the Mary Foundation's CEO Helle Østergaard and, for this meeting, also communications manager Bodil Liv Holm. This weekly meetings are to discuss this and that related to the foundations past, present and future projects.

For this weeks meeting, the three of them had a long to-do-list. They were discussing next years plans.

The Mary Foundation can look forward to launching new projects, share new knowledge and participate in a number of events - both in Denmark and abroad. 

"2023 are going to be a good year" - The Mary Foundation



Glasses ● Gucci, here

Hair-tie ● Kknekki, here

Verdenstimen Live 2022

23 November 2022

Verdenstimen is an annual event. It aims to teach children and young people about the UN's World Goals for sustainable development. This is done by incorporating the World Goals in the children's teaching at school.

The event is arranged by Verdens Bedste Nyheder and is part of the global campaign "The World's Largest Lessen". 

This year, Crown Princess Mary attended Verdenstimen along with students from Utterslev School, Tinderhøj School, Sankt Annæ Gymnasium's Preschool and Lergravsparken's School. All of them enjoyed a day with roleplay, songs for the climate and the spread of knowledge of the world goals in primary schools and youth education in Denmark.

Crown Princess Mary was not all by herself. She was accompanied by Child and Youth mayor of the Municipality of Copenhagen Jacob Næsager and Director at Verdens Beste Nyheder Thomas Ravn-Pedersen.

Kongehuset UFO No More Frederik et Mary Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Billed Bladet

Crown Princess Mary participated several activities as part of Verdenstimen Live 2022

From the arrival 

I really love a good old suit. Both wearing them myself, but also when Mary wears them. Looks so good on her. Especially, this green suit from Massimo Dutti is one of my absolute favourites. The colour is simply amazing. Perfect next to her fair skin and beautiful dark brown hair. For Verdenstimen Live, Mary had chosen to match the green suit with a light grey turtleneck. It could be new, but I am not quite sure.

Green and grey are indeed a wonderful colourmatch. Perfect this time a year. One reason, why I fell in love with Mary's style is because she master the science of matching colours. Just as she did at the Verdenstimen Live event. Clothes and accessories melted together.

She embraced the style with custom-made green earrings created by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. She has worn them before. Like, when she attended the inauguration of Campus Horsens in September 2021 (here). I feel Mary could be wearing an emerald green ring as well.

The stunning light grey suede ankle boots are from Gianvito Rossi. What an outfit!


Blazer ● Massimo Dutti, here

Trousers ● Massimo Dutti, here

Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (custom-made)

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here