The Crown Princess Mary obsession #6

I thrilled to tell that we still got a few of these posts left. It has been a true pleasure to get to know some of you and I hope many more will join us -it is not too late at all. My followers have always been important to and and you still are. To be able to share your stories are a great chance for all of us. I know my followers really enjoyed all of them so far and I am sure you will enjoy this one as much. This time I have been in touch with Chris. Take good care of her. She's just wonderful.

Chris, please tell us a little about yourself and how your fascination of the royals?

"I was born in 1954 with a special form of asthma. In that time the medication was not like it is today. I could no always play and run with my friends, I sat at home and cutting photo's from the magazines and newspaper photos of the royal family. As a child I loved the glamour and the glitter and the fairy tails. I pasted the photo's in a scrapbook and that's how it all began." She tells that even though the medication got better over the years, she kept her childhood interest in cutting- and pasting such as her new interest in the royal history: "... I also started to interest me in the history of these royals family's." 
'Like a dream' -tin Chris' own words

What about the interest in Crown Princess Mary, how did that start?

"There were always new princess' so I could go on collecting but in 2004 Crown Princess Mary came into my life..." Chris have a very special memory with Mary, when she still wasn't married to Prince Frederik yet:"... I never forget the day her hat blow away, she wasn't married yet - she was so beautiful, so natural and elegant. Now, years later she still is." Crown Princess Mary is also a great inspiration for Chris, especially when she is out shopping: "I don't have skirts or dresses like Mary's but when I'm going to shop I will always think - What would Mary wear?" I don't think Mary and her style will ever go out of date: I am only 20 and her style is as great an inspiration to me as many of you in all ages. 
That day when her hat flew off

How do you 'take care' of this obsession, by that I mean how has this become an "obsession/hobby" to you?

"Today I don't use notebook's anymore. I've scanned a lot of it and not I download most of it and I will keep on doing this..." The next thing Chris tells is something I can relate to. In my first obsession post #1, I told you my own personal story. I talked about all my folders, books, magazines etc. and what a nightmare it can sometimes be, keeping everything on track. Chris knows what I am talking about:"... I have maps with Mary's shoes, a map with her dresses etc. - to be honest I also have maps about the other royals as well."

The AICHA clutch from Carlend Copenhagen is Chris' favourite!

Chris had a really good friend who purchased several things to her when visiting Denmark. One day she discovered Style of Mary. "Years ago I had a friend and she was so in love with a Danish man and 2 or 3 times a year she went to Denmark to see him and then I gave her some money to buy me magazines and newspapers. I did not understand a single word but I had all the photo's of Mary and her events." That's a thing I have heard so many times. I know Danish is hard and difficult to learn, but really I think you should try. It is a pretty hard language to learn, but nothing is impossible. With the development of the internet, luckily most blogs etc. are in English.

You mentioned my blog; what does Style of Mary mean to you?

Style of Mary have brought me so much joy, which I hope is the case for all of you as well. Chris have I known for quite some time. The truth is, when you enter the world of royalty you become a part of a wonderful community and quickly you get to know so many kind and wonderful people. I never imagined that I would know so many amazing people from all around the world. "I don't know exactly when I discovered this blog 'Style of Mary'... I was so happy because of all the information's and all the links. In Belgium there is not so much info about Crown Princess Mary and her family, so I was very happy when I found Styleofmary. She was and still is my favourite princess." As most of us think. "... I love the way Mary is dresses, it is possible for us to get dressed the same stylish way. I have the same feeling with the Duchess of Cambridge."
Chris love the Lotus earrings made by Marianne Dulong

Some call it crazy; does your loved once say the same about you?

"Martin (Chris' husband) and I have been together for the last 30 year. When we got to know each other I had stacks of scrapbooks and books everywhere! At first he though it was a bit strange hobby to have but he let me continue with my beloved hobby, without any comments - he had to ha ha! 
Do you have anything you wish to do with your Mary-obsession/hobby?

"I really want to go for a visit to Copenhagen next year with the hope to get the chance to see Mary myself!" 

Inauguration with the Danish Swimming Federation

Monday, June 22nd

Crown Princess Mary attended, as patron of the Danish Swimming Federation, the inauguration of a new lifeguard tower at Tversted beach. 1

It was a smily Crown Princess who arrived to Tversted beach in the North of Jutland with her new lady-in-waiting, Christine Pii Hansen. Have to say she looks like a really sweet person. I look forward to see Christine next to Mary in the future. Don't you? The Crown Princess gave all her time talking to as many of the attendance as possible. A few of them even got the chance to get a picture with her. Wish is was the one. This is really why I love her so much. She often only have one hour to so and then she still takes time to talk to and meet people. To swim is a wonderful thing, in the big blue ocean. It's a thing we all need to know how to do and that's why it's important we have some to take care of us if anything should happen when we're out for a swim. A few months ago Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the new project Everyone Should Learn to Swim in Kildeskovhallen also in collaboration with the Danish Swimming Federation, here. Therefor we need lifeguards close to us when we are on the beach. The importance of the lifeguards is also the reason why the Crown Princess attended the inauguration of a new lifeguard tower at Tversted beach. With a bucket of sea water in her hands, the new lifeguard are now open. The water replaced champagne which usual are use when something like a boat is inaugurated by the royals.

Lately, I think her style has change a bit. Nothing bad about that, I still like what she's wearing. Am I the only one who have had this thought? Think about the white and golden look from the Reumert Award 2015 yesterday, here -her looks are more modern with less accessories. She wore a pair plain black trousers. I have a similar model and wear them all the time. They match everything and it's great for both your everyday outfit and evening. She embrace the casual style by wearing a brand new blouse featuring printed strawberries. After a long time Kate managed to find her new blouse at Paul & Joe. The navy blue down jacket is a reuse and is still without identification. She has a similar one from Moncler, but I am not quite sure it is the same. Her powder pink earrings is from Marianne Dulong. When it became a bit colder, she grabbed a wonderful light brown poncho. We saw her in it when she and the family visited Greenland 2014, here. Finally, I am able to share the designer with you which is JOSEPH. I was a bit surprised when I saw her new shoes, not sure I like them very much. The width of the white sole is a totally no-go for me. Sorry. Reminds me too much of 80s platform shoes. They are differently new and has been identified as By Malene Birger.

Blouse: Paul & Joe Blue Straberry Silk Blouse
Poncho: JOSEPH Chashmere Luxe Cape in Grey Chine
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: By Malene Birger Cinca Sneakers

The Reumert Award 2015

Sunday, June 21st

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the annual Reumert Award 2015 show in Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen.

It was a bit of an... unusual show this year. It has become a tradition for me to watch the broadcast of the Reumert Award. Something I have been doing for quite some years and I really enjoy it -or I use to. This year's show was... a bit laud, chaotic and... different. This might be the best way for me to describe how last night's show was. I use to like to watch the broadcast because it is a great way to see and hear all about past year in the world of art, good for those of us who do not have the chance to attend live theaters. It is a fantastic world to see, hear and feel. But the way it was presented last night, then I'm a little embarrassed on behalf of the performing art and artist in Denmark. My personal opinion is that you have, as hosts, the duty to make a decent show/performance. The felling I had last night was non of this, yes the couple behaved decent and laughed when something seemed to be fun. It was kinda embarrassing, but remember this is just my opinion. Nevertheless, the Crown Prince couple seemed to enjoy themselves. 26 awards were also handed over, here, to singers, artists etc. during the evening. Congratulations to all of them.

This morning I helped a few of my colleagues at Royalista trying to identify what Mary was wearing at the Reumert Award show. What a great way to start a day. After everything said above, I have to express how amazed I am about everything Mary was wearing. Her white dreamy dress reminds me a lot of what she wore when attending the Eurovision Song Contest last year, here. Do you see the similarities? It may be because of the kimono. One of the best designers when it comes to kimono's is Rabens Saloner (Spring/Summer S13), who also created this long embroidered piece. It was identified by Kate with information from Rabens Saloner's Facebook page, here. The white maxi dress is still a mystery to me. I like it a lot actually, but where it's from I can't tell. Not even the design gives a clue who the designer is. So, if you have any ideas I would love to hear from you. Another brand new piece is the golden glitter pumps, which I managed to find at Gianvito Rossi. Not a surprise at all, am I right? It seems to be her favourite shoe designer these days. She embrace the style with other golden accessories like Queen Earrings, an Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen ring and her magnificent Judith Leiber clutch. I am still wondering where her new golden bracelet is from. Any ideas? Love how the outfit is simply white and golden, and the fact that her makeup is all dramatic. A stunning match in my opinion. 

Kimono: Rabens Saloner Long Embroidered Kimono  
Earrings: Queen Earrings
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Ring
Clutch: Judith Leiber 
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Gianvito Pumps

Opening of a reading campaign & opening of an exhibition at Brandts

Friday, June 19th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the Danish children's libraries common reading campaign the Summer Book at Odense Library, Odense. Followed by at visit at the exhibition Danish Fashion Now at Brandst museum in Odense. 1 1

What a busy Crown Princess we have right now, am I right? We are so lucky to get to see her so often these days and it is just great. Today, she visited Odense to attend the opening of the reading campaign the Summer Book taking place at Odense library. The campaign is made i collaboration of the children's libraries in Denmark and is all about sharing the fun of reading books. For those kids who visited Odense library today, is became a very special experience when the Crown Princess of Denmark walked through the door. With great interest she quickly found herself a seat next to the kids and started talking about their favourite books, what they were reading and if they like reading at all. It was with great excitement the kids told Mary all about their favourite cartoon figures and most beloved books. 

Followed by her visit at Odense library, the Crown Princess attended the opening of Danish Fashion Now at Brandts Museum also in Odense. Maybe you remember the name of the exhibition from one of my previous posts, here? What's a little more special about this exhibition is the fact that 10 of Mary's dresses are exhibited along with plenty of other Danish designer pieces, here. Then today, the Crown Princess got the chance herself to watch her own dresses on exhibited. She was given a guided tour around the exhibition, where she was told about all the different designers etc. 

I am really glad to see her wear some colours again. When spring arrive it is time for bright and light colours, especially pastel colours, which we often get to see her wear during summer time. Unfortunately, the weather in Denmark right now is nothing to celebrate. Really, it's rainy all the time. I think most Danish woman would do everything to wear floral dresses, sandals and sleeveless tops. We have to deal with rubber boots, rain coats and scarves. The weather is by no doubt the reason way Mary wore what she did at the opening -long sleeves and rather plain colours. I only say that because at this time a year she use to wear eye-catching clothes featuring bright colours and prints that I really miss right now. I still admire her having bare legs on a day like this. Today's outfit is one to take notice of if you like the work-wear-style. Personally, this is the style I like -a blouse, pencil skirt and a blazer. You can wear it both day and night with any kind of accessory. The silk blouse featuring a black hemline had been identified by Kate as JOSEPH. The black hemline give the blouse a feminine and classic touch. Such a blouse is perfect both to wear with a skirt and trousers; day and night. Kate is also the one who identified the new skirt as Whiite Copenhagen, a brand we have never seen Mary wear before. The luxurious black patent pumps is from Rupert Sanderson. Less is more. The reason why I mention this is because of the modern and simple look Mary was dressed in also when it comes to her choice in jewellery. She wore Marianne Dulong earrings and a ring featuring a large white pearl. So beautiful. 

Blouse: JOSEPH Matt Silk Bibby Blouse
Skirt: Whiite Copenhagen Blue Nights Kayla Skirt
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Winona in Navy Patent

Royal wedding in Sweden

Saturday, June 13th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the royal wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Miss Sofia Hellqvist taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. Queen Margrethe, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also attended the wedding. 

A wedding is always worth waiting for and a royal wedding even more, if you are royalist of course. What a magnificent wedding with stunning dresses, flowers everywhere and tiaras. Weddings are magical, a specific atmosphere you hardly can describe. I'm sure you're feel the same way. It is part of the game when being a royalist. Am I right? Most of you probably were cleaned to the screen to follow when the guests arrived, when we first saw the groom and of course the excitement to see the bride in her wonderful wedding gown, long veil and flawless makeup. What a moment when Miss Sofia walked down the aisle. With slow and well-balanced steps she walked next to her father to Prince Carl Philip, who soon would become her husband. For every step she took was a step closer to a entire new world as Princess Sofia of Sweden, Duchess of Värmland. A sweet moment which will be remembered for many years.

At the wedding the Crown Prince couple represented Denmark, such as Queen Margrethe who in fact wore a stunning red gown the same as at her 75th birthday gala dinner. Great to see the Queen in an age of 75 year and still wear a red gown. That's style. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also attended the wedding. Princess Marie was dressed in a slim greenish fitted gown wearing her wedding tiara. We simply have some very good looking royal women in Denmark.

I really hoped that we would see a new gown and we did. The most dazzling gown I think we have seen in quite some years. According to Billed Bladet her magnificent gown is created by Birgit Hallstein. I hope to be able to confirm it. Here I want to thanks all you who have given me the info about this dress. It features a wide, high neckline and a low V-neck on her back and a long train which was only seen on very few dresses that day. At the front lace work have been added down the dress. The fitted shape of a classic 50s dress gave her slim waist all attention and the light blue colour is great next to her brown hair and porcelain skin. She wore the Swedish Order with the Order Star from her right shoulder to left side hip. A question has appeared. At the weeding, Freja Kjellberg wore a dress very much similar to the one Mary was wearing, here. Could they really be wearing the same gown? This makes me question if Mary's creation in fact is made by Birgit Hallstein. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about this subject.

Heaven with the good eyes suggested that her silver glitter pumps, matching the new clutch, are from Gianvito Rossi and I think that's absolutely right. As many other guests at the wedding, Mary wore a silver square clutch. Heaven also gave me an idea about the new silver clutch, which is mainly why I began looking for and ID.  A few minutes later I found what I'm sure is her clutch at J. Furmai. Her outfit became even more gorgeous with the two Marianne Dulong pearl bracelet and her wedding earrings. A little something from her own big day back in 2004. I'm also amazed by her beautiful hairstyle with the diamonds hairpiece. I literally can't stop staring at the pictures of the couple; Frederik in his traditional black suit wearing all his medals and Mary in a elegant blue gown with her wedding jewellery on. A wedding to remember!

On behalf of Styleofmary and all its readers I would like to wish the happy couple, all the best in the future and from Denmark a congratulation is now said!

Earrings: Marianne Dulong 
Bracelets: Marianne Dulong Catena in Silver
Clutch: J. Furmani Stone Flap Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Glitter Pumps

Ideas for identification
Gown: Birgit Hallstein

Christening of "Princess Isabella"

Saturday, June 6th

Crown Princess Mary and Princess Isabella visited Samsø to named the new ferry Princess Isabella in Sælvig Harbour. Mother and daughter also visited Samsø Berries and Samsø Nature School. This is Princess Isabella's first official job. 1 2

The two royal ladies were welcomed to Samsø with all what it takes to have a royals visit. They arrived shortly after noon for Princess Isabella to name a new ferry by her own name Princess Isabella. And she did a great job and was, as her mother, relaxed and smily. On every photo to find the Crown Princess looks so happy and seems so proud of her daughter. Princess Isabella was handling the entire situation with her natural person and smily personality. Even though this was an official event, I think we saw the opposite of a normal official visit. Nothing was too formal. I'm sure mother and daughter had a great day together. The big moment of Isabella's first job which are remembered forever by the press' photos, picking strawberries together at a field and we got to see them both dress in waders, walking in waters to the middle of the body -what a sight!

Mary was well-dressed as usual. I'm so thrilled to see her wear colours again. Bright pastel colours that perfectly goes with spring and the great sunny weather at Samsø. With a magnificent mix of colours, Mary made me think that I need a white blazer. Always thought it looks great, but now I'm totally convinced. It's now added to my wish list. Mary's has been identified by Krap Ennazuz as Alexander McQueen. She wore this gorgeous new dusty pink blouse from Marni. The ID was made by Royals & Fashion. I instantly fell in love with the colour and shape. It goes so well with the white blazer and black trousers. As a mother you sometimes need a quick, easy and practical hairdo and the classic ponytail is what you need. It is easy to make and even a simple hairstyle like the ponytail, it can chance an outfit with perfection. Remember, sometimes it is all about the small details. When we are talking about details, I'll draw your attention to her accessories. Let's start with earrings and the two rings on her finger because all three are designed by Marianne Dulong. For third or fourth time she was wearing the Anni Lu bracelet found by Diana. It is by a coincidence I found a similar model in a magazine from a Danish shoe designer Yvonne Koné and I'm so sure it's the same as Mary wore. She also flashed a brand new dusty pink cardigan which has been identified as Wuth Cashmere. I can't wait to try a similar outfit myself.

By no doubt Isabella are going to embrace her mothers amazing style. She was even dressed in her own little pastel blue blazer matching her mom's. With a Norlie ruffle blouse and dark trousers which might be from the same designer, she was just so cute. I think some of you might find it as interesting to find Isabella's clothes as Mary's and actually more of Isabella's outfit has been identified then her mother's, with the help from a great reader, Krap Ennazuz we now know that her blue blazer is from Zara Kids and ballet flats from Petit by Sofie Schnoor. If it's possible for you to find a photo of the Princess' braided hair then I think you should take a close look. Mary's hairdresser might have used his magic to create this wonder and finishing it up with a blue flower.

Crown Princess Mary
Blazer: Alexander McQueen Ivory Blazer
Blouse: Marni Nayv Blue Sleeveless Top
Cardigan: Wuth Cashmere Classic Powder Pink
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua
Rings: Marianne Dulong Cabochon
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Shoes: Yvonne Koné Pumps

Princess Isabella
Blazer: Zara Kids Sportsjacket
Blouse: Norlie Grafic Dots Top
Trousers: Norlie Stretch Demin Jeans
Shoes: Petite by Sofie Schnoor Ballet Flats

Celebration with the Danish Parliament

Friday, June 5th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the anniversary meeting in Landstinget, the Danish Parliament, and procession on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the constitution. Queen Margrethe, Prince Joachim & Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte did also attend the celebration.

Early Friday morning the Crown Prince and Crown Princess arrived to the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen to attend another celebration event on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the constitution. The anniversary is quite important for us to celebrate in Denmark as well as internationally. What we are celebration is what our ancestors fought for; the right for women to vote. 1915 was the year when the Danish women got the chance to vote in politic. Today we, more or less, take this for granted, but for our great-grandmothers and great-great grandmothers it was something to fight for. And because of them we now have the opportunity to vote. We should thank them every day. So, of course it should be celebrated. Within a few weeks we are going to vote for the next government and when I make my vote, my thoughts goes to those who made this possible. I just had to share this sentimental moment with all of you. For the Crown Princess I also think it is an important celebration of woman's rights. Something she are working very hard to improve. In 2016, one of the biggest conferences, Women Deliver, on this area are coming to Denmark with the Crown Princess as hostess.
Now a little "fashion excitement" because at the celebration, Mary was dressed in some good old stuff which I am so pleased to see again. At the coronation of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in April 2013, here, we saw this light blue hairpiece for the second time such as in June 2013 when she and Princess Benedikte attended the CHIO in Germany, hereIt has never been identified and I still do not know anything about it. I guess it could be made by Susanne Juul. For a moment, let's stay at the opening of CHIO in Germany because not only the headpiece was worn today. Mary matched the blue headpiece with the same aquamarine blue earrings and the masterpiece of a dress! With the some kind help from YDE Copenhagen it has now official been confirmed that today's dress is in fact designed and made especially for Mary by designer Ole Yde. About the earrings. I can't tell anything for sure, but a couple of years ago I found a similar pair at one of Bruun Rasmussen's auctions which is why I strongly believe that her aquamarine blue earrings are purchased at auction. The beige gloved perfectly matched the suede Hugo Boss clutch. The white coat and beautiful hairstyle made her outfit elegant and feminine at the same time. Last piece I haven't talked about yet, is the new pumps she was wearing. For day's I have been looking everywhere to find out where they are from. A true nightmare. I tried everything and the last designer that came to my mind turned out to be the right one. I am so thrilled! Her shoes is new and comes from Pura López (FW15-16).

Dress: YDE Copenhagen
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Clutch: Hugo Boss Beige Suede Clutch Bag Soada

Ideas for identification
Earrings: Bruun Rasmussen

100 Years of Anniversary with the Constitution

Thursday, June 4th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the 100th anniversary with the constitution which took place at the Tivoli Hotel and Congress Centre in Copenhagen.

Late yesterday evening I was looking for pictures from another event, but what struck me was in fact new pictures of the Crown Prince couple attending the 100th anniversary celebration with the constitution. Along with the Danish government, Queen Margrethe, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte, the Crown Prince couple attended one of many events on occasions of the anniversary for women to vote in Denmark. The royal family and all the other special invited guests arrived in a great mood to the Tivoli Hotel and Congress Centre in Copenhagen to attend the celebration. Tv channel Denmark's Radio (or DR) has organized with entertainment where women are honored and praised for their commitment to fight for women's right to vote. The royals and other invited guests enjoyed the evening with lots of music, fun- and serious entertainments. I am sure they all had a wonderful evening. 

Another reason why I was eager to write the post last night (you know, the unfinished one) is because Mary was wearing a brand new floral dress in the most wonderful pink colour. For you who have followed the blog for some time, know that I take it as a treasure hunt to find all the new things she is wearing. At least I wanna try. Several people have talked negative about her new dress. I do not see anything negative about this wonderful floral dress. I think it is stunning and she wear it with pride. The pattern makes the dress even more beautiful and the colours gives the sense a evening outfit needs. So pretty. Me and a friend of mine searched everywhere to find this new little wonder. Can't take the credit for this one, because Kate is the one who identified it. She found it at Burberry Prorsum. Enough about the dress. Mary embraced the style by wearing studded Valentino pumps as seen in Australia 2013, here, large golden earrings from Marianne Dulong and diamonds rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. One day I hope I will be able to purchase my own pair of Valentino pumps and of course a pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps. I know it will take me a few more years to save money enough to fulfill my dream, but we are allowed to dream, right? Perfectly matching the rest of her magnificent outfit, she wore her pink satin clutch from Bottega Veneta. Hairstyle and makeup beautifully completed her outfit. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Kharisma
Pendant: Marianne Dulong Klokkehat 
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Clutch: Bottega Veneta Satin Box Knot Clutch in Pink

New York: "Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy"

Monday, June 1st

Crown Princess Mary attended the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy taking place in New York from June 1-3rd. 

It is has patron of the Mary Foundation Crown Princess Mary attended the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy-conference in New York. The conference are focusing on global healthcare on philanthropy; those who believe in market-based, permanent solutions in the question of large scale social issues. The world's most powerful people are gathered to critical discus the use of charity might be able to solve the most intractable problems. It is this conference Mary has attended from June 1-3rd. I am indescribably proud of the Crown Princess to take part in a conference like this because of her commitment to social work in both Denmark and internationally. She deserves to be rewarded for her great work. It is a huge responsibility to take part in all this, but I'm sure she will do very well. Without drawing any attention, not even from the world-press, she participated in several meetings and debates in New York. The reason why I haven't already made a post is simply because no pictures or information have been published, till now. Finally, we got a few pictures which I think has probably been taken with a phone or something like that.

I am not quite sure when these pictures were taken nor by who, but they clearly show that Mary was wearing a white dress, found at Prada (SS2015) when she wore it the first time just a few months ago. It was when King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima of the Netherlands officially visited Denmark, here. My guess is that she was also wearing maybe diamond or pearl earrings and a few rings.

The Children's Relay 2015

Sunday, May 31st

Crown Princess Mary attended the Children's Relay in Aarhus. The relay is a part of the Free of Bullying project developed by the Mary Foundation and Save the Children

The Free of Bullying project is made in collaboration with the Mary Foundation and Save the Children after an initiative from Crown Princess Mary, who was inspired by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation's work in Australia. As part of the project the Children's Relay has been developed which take place each year, alternatively in Aarhus and Copenhagen. This year over 700 children participated the relay which took place in the botanical garden in Aarhus. It has become a tradition for the Crown Princess to attend the relay and hand over golden medals to the participating kids. So, did she this year. She was warmly welcomed by hundreds of children ready to attend the relay. Before the race was about to begin, the Crown Princess gave a short and motivating speech and participated in a little training before the kids were ready to run. A wonderful day with lots of smiling faces and laughs. This event is something I look forward to each year because everyone is down on earth and are just having fun. 

As the atmosphere, Mary was dressed very casual as usual at these events. Even a little more sporty than I think she is use to. She was wearing one of her beloved blue and white striped blouses and a pair of well-fitted jeans. Keeping everything simple she also wore her New Balance sneakers and one of her Moncler vests. Nothing new about Mary's outfit so far. Actually, she has worn the exact same outfit back in 2012 when she attended a beach walk in Juelsminde, here. Do you remember that? When we start talking about accessories, then I noticed a black watch on her left arm. I do not think we have ever seen that before, nor do I know where it is from. All along, I have had a though which I am going to share with you of course. To me the style looks like something Crown Prince Frederik could wear. So my suggestions is, simply, that she borrowed her husbands watch for a day. Other than the watch, she was also wearing a rather new bead bracelet. It has been identified by Diana as Anni Lu. She wore the same bracelet when visiting Germany with her husband not that long ago, here. Last but not least, we have that beautiful (and probably very expensive) Hartmann's diamond earrings. This is how to make a casual outfit, look super polished. 

Vest: Moncler Liane Quilted Womens Down Vest in Navy
Earrings: Hartmann's
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Sneakers: New Balance 890 Sneakers in Blue & Green