Léonie Sonnings Music Award

26 April

It has already been a busy month for the Crown Prince Couple and on Friday they attended yet another event. The couple arrived to DR Concert Houser in Copenhagen to attend the presentation of Léonie Sonnings Music Award.

Léonie Sonnings Music Foundation goes back to the 60s. Each year the foundation reward an annual honorary award which is given to an international recognized composer, musician, conductor or singer. With award comes DKK 600,000.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived to the concert house full of energy and with a huge smile on their faces. After a royal welcoming, the couple found their seats on the balcony. It was an evening with music, honor and smiles. This year Léonie Sonnings Music Award was handed over to composer Hans Abrahamsen for his new version of 'Let me tell you' of Ofelia's story from Hamlet (an artistic work by Shakespeare). Congratulations to Hans Abrahamsen.

Billed-BladetFrederik et MaryRoyals & Style ● PPE Agency ● DR

Nothing like a black lace dress. Mary knows that all too well. She had chosen to wear her old Dolce & Gabbana figure hugging lace dress. She first wore this beautiful dress on a business promotion visit to Italy in November last year, here. Somehow I think it suits her better this time. I can't really tell why, but she looks more comfortable this time.

In Italy Mary embraced the style with purple suede pumps and a matching clutch. I kinda miss that splash of color. Instead she matched the rest of the outfit with black mesh pumps from Gianvito Rossi and her Sergio Rossi clutch. Great pieces of accessories. I wouldn't mind wearing those pumps for a night out. The stunning diamond earrings are old creations from Dulong Fine Jewelry. They come with other pendants as well. She completed her look with an outstanding hairdo and chic makeup.

Dress  Dolce & Gabbana, here
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch  Sergio Rossi, here
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi, here

Day of Research 2019

24 April

Again this year, the Crown Princess attend the launch of Day of Research 2019 taking place in Dyrehaven in Klampenborg. For quit some years the Crown Princess has participated the annual national science festival.

Crown Princess Mary was warmly welcomed by Danish Minister of Education and Research, Tommy Ahlers. The two of them have met on a few previously occasions prier to the launch of the Day of Research 2019 in Klampenborg.

Day of Research aim to focus on how research and innovation are able to solve society's challenges. This year the festival worked with sounds. "The Sound of Denmark" title the festival. The Sound of Denmark aims to collect sound recordings from the Danish landscape and gather into a database, which in the long term must form the basis for, among other things, scientific analyzes. Crown Princess Mary and Minister of Education and Research Tommy Ahlers also made their own sound recordings from the surroundings near by.

Along with pupils participating the projects the Crown Princess also had lots of fun with different sounds.

Embed from Getty Images

For a day in Klampenborg, Mary had chosen to wear one of my favourite jackets from Scanlan & Theodore. I absolutely adore this piece of clothes. It looks like it was made for her. This is the third time she wears this beautiful jacket. She first wore it on the second day at the Women Deliver Conference taking place in Copenhagen in 2016, here. Two years later Mary once again appeared at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, here. At Day of Research on Wednesday Mary wore her lovely jacket with matching trousers.

She embraced the chic style by wearing simple diamond earrings and a couple of rings from the same designer - Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The earrings goes back to at least ten years ago. Stunning pieces of work. So are the bracelets from Dulong Fine Jewelry. I always fancy when she wears multiple bracelets. Gives the outfit an edgy and playfull touch. Her stunning necklace is from Nadia Shelbaya. The clutch is from Quidam and her pumps Jimmy Choo. I have come to love these pumps quit a lot.


Jacket  Scanlan & Theodore, here
Earrings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Jimmy Choo, here

Queen Margrethe's 79th birthday

16 April

Queen Margrethe celebrated her 79th birthday at Marselisborg Castle in Aarhus. She was joined by the Crown Prince Couple and their four children on the big day. It is not the first time she celebrates her birthday at Marselisborg. It also happened in 2006, here, and in 2014, here. Five years ago Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, and their children also celebrated the Queen. That was not the case this year.

Many Danes showed up at castle in Aarhus to congratulate the Queen on the 79th birthday. Seems like she was in a splendid mood. Surrounded by her family, celebrated by the public and in perfect spring weather I imagine it was a wonderful day.

Both Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their four children were happy faces. Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine received flowers from a few of the attendances and proudly handed them over to their grandmother.

The Queen herself had chosen to wear a mix of dark grey, brown and blue. She matched her outfit with a bright red lipstick. She is one good-looking woman. All the boys dazzled in causal suits, meanwhile Princess Josephine and her older sister stunned in pleated skirts. It was also noticed that Princess Isabella wore one of her mothers old coats from Massimo Dutti, here.

To celebrate her mother-in-law Mary showed up wearing an reused Martin Grant dress. When she first wore it at the premier of The Nutcracker in Tivoli in 2015, here, I completely fell in love with this dress. Especially the amazing green color. The dress comes with a bronze belt, which she flashed for the first time on the Queen's birthday. She embraced the style with a brand new green coat. Heaven managed to identify the new coat as Theory. Hope we soon get to see it again and by then get a closer look - as with the dress.

Seems like she's fan of simple accessories at the moment. Once again Mary stunned wearing a bright green ring. I still do not know where it is from, but it looks old. Then we got her brand new white pearl earrings. They feature a green stone, a star shaped diamond and white pearls. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen now confirmed that they created her stunning earrings. I also noticed her wearing bright colored nail polish. What a lovely color-combo. And a great match with the Nadia Shelbaya necklace.


Coat  Theory, here
Dress  Martin Grant, here
Earrings/pendant ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here

Opening of "Fashioned from Nature"

12 April

Just a couple of days ago, the Crown Princess visited four different companies that work with sustainability on a daily basis, here. On Friday she arrived to The National Museum of Natural History in Copenhagen to attend the opening of Fashioned from Nature. It is an exhibition focusing on the use of nature in the fashion industri and what consequences there are from the way of production and society's consumer habits.

Crown Princess Mary showed great interest in everything exhibited. She was given a guided tour around the exhibition and told about the creations. More than four hundred years of fashion history are gathered at one place. The Crown Princess could enjoy dresses and more, from both Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc. from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, who have lent some of their huge collection to the National Museum of Natural History in Copenhagen.

After having attended the opening of Fashioned from Nature at The National Museum of Natural History, the Crown Princess drove to Dragør to celebrate hairdresser Søren Hedegaards 40th anniversary, here.

The previous evening, on April 11th, Crown Princess Mary and a friend of hers (Ellen Hillingsøe) attended a performance at Betty Nansen Theatre preformed by Sort Samvittighed, here.

Royals & Style ● Billed BladetFrederik et MaryPPE Agency

Mary was beautifully dressed when she attended the opening of Fashioned from Nature in Copenhagen. She was wearing her old green jacquard skirt from H&M (collection: Conscious Exclusive). Originally it was sold as a dress, but she had it altered into this beautiful skirt. It was first worn at Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2018, here, with a simple white button-down shirt. A couple of months later she wore it again with a black, off-shoulder blouse at a dinner in Finland, here. On Friday she embraced the style (once again) with a black reused blouse featuring ruffles from Shrimps. Love how the skirt catches all attention.

Everything was kept simple and edgy. The black ankle boots are from Gianvito Rossi worn on several other occasions prior to this. Last time Mary wore them, was on occasion of the presentation of Women's Board Award 2019, here. I was not a huge fan in the beginning, but I have come to like them quit a lot. As jewellery she stunned wearing brand new earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. It has been confirmed that they are custom-made. An emerald-green ring perfectly matched the rest of her outfit.


Blouse ● Shrimps, here
Skirt  Hennes & Mauritz, here
Earrings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi, here

Opening of the new panda plant

11 April

As new patron for Copenhagen Zoo, Crown Princess Mary arrived to officially open the new panda plant for the public. The previous day she accompanied her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, at the inauguration of the same facility, here, which has been designed by Danish architect Bjarne Ingels. Congratulations to Copenhagen Zoo with the two new members.

On the day of the official opening ceremony, Crown Princess Mary had brought with her two other members of the royals family - her two youngest. Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine joined their mother at the opening. The Crown Princess also shared a few of her own photos, here.

With some help from Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine the new panda plant is officially open to visit. The three of them were in a splendid mood (despite the cold weather). Seems like all three of them had a wonderful time with each other and the pandas. They were also given a guided tour around the facility as Crown Princess Mary had seen one day earlier. Nevertheless, she was sincerely interested in everything she was told and shown.

KongehusetRoyals & FashionFrederik et MaryGetty ImagesBilled Bladet ● PPE Agency

Embed from Getty Images

All three of them were covered in warm coats and jackets at the opening because of the weather. At the moment it rains, snows and the sun shins. In Denmark we got a little bit of everything. Mary wore her old navy blue Fonnesbech coat. She first wore it at Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2016, here. In January this year she also showed up wearing the coat at the launch of the CEO Agenda 2019 in Davos, here. Personally I like it best in 2016. Can't really tell why, it is just the combo of event and others clothes worn at the time. Looks like it is still available online. Time for a new coat?

Opening the new panda plant Mary matched her Fonnesbech with fitted black trousers and new ankle boots. I have still not been able to identify these new boots, so let me know what you have in mind. She accessorized the look with beautiful diamond earrings and probably a ring or two.


Coat  Fonnesbech, here

Inauguration of the new panda plant

10 April

In 2014 Queen Margrethe received a very special and unique gift from China's President - two pandas. They have now arrived to Denmark in their new resident in the Zoo in Copenhagen. Queen Margrethe participated the inauguration of the new panda plant accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Crown Princess Mary.

Both of them arrived to the Zoo in a splendid mood. They were welcomed with flowers, handshakes and smiles. The Queen officially opened the panda plant by cutting the traditional red ribbon. She got a large smile on her face when the bow almost flew off by itself. It was great amusement for all of them.

Later on the two royal women were given a guided tour around in the panda plant by, among others, architect Bjarke Ingels, who designed the facility. The Crown Princess also made a few pictures herself - maybe to show her children

Embed from Getty Images

April weather in Denmark is a mix of rain, sun, wind and snow. One day it's sunny. The next day it's rainy. On Wednesday evening it was cold and cloudy. Both Queen Margrethe and Mary were dressed up wearing warm coats and gloves. I truly understand why. The Queen wore a beautiful white wool-blend coat, a bright red jacket underneath and black accessories.

Mary embraced the style at the inauguration by wearing her blue Strenesse coat. The coat was first seen on an official visit to Latvia in December last year, here. It comes with a matching skirt which was also worn in Latvia. This time she had chosen a black dress. Heaven managed to identify her brand new dress as Oscar de la Renta. It features a lovely white pearl neckline. Did you see that?

She accessories the look with old diamond and white pearl earrings. She has worn them a couple of times before, but I have not yet found out where they are from. The black suede Jimmy Choo pumps, leather gloves and Quidam clutch perfectly matched her outfit. The pumps was first worn on a business and cultural promotion visit in Texas back in March, here. What an edgy and chic outfit!


Coat  Strenesse, here
Dress  Oscar de la Renta, here
Scarf ● By Malene Birger, here
Shoes  Jimmy Choo, here

When sustainability is the goal

09 April

On Tuesday, Crown Princess Mary made four visits to four different (Danish) companies - Chr. Hansen, Designers Remix, here, Novozymes and Bestseller. All four of them works with sustainable- strategies and solutions each in their field. The visits took place unofficially. The Crown Princess was accompanied by CEO for Global Fashion Agenda, Eva Kruse.

She writes about the visits that the sustainability agenda is of great importance and interest of hers, and is also a prelude to Copenhagen Fashion Summit taking place next month. Copenhagen Fashion Summit is about creating a sustainable fashion industry.

The visits was centered on, among other things, resources. Crown Princess Mary express in her update that it is needed to move towards an approach where the way we use natural resources, must set minima imprints. Also that products are designed in a way to be reused for a further purpose later on.

Learning more about sustainable solutions and sustainable business strategies Mary dazzled. She looked simply stunning in her old tweed coat from Prada. It goes back to, at least, 2010 - from the time she was pregnant with the twins, here. I always loved that coat. Everything about it, is just beautiful. Did you know that is comes with a matching dress, here? This time Mary embraced the style with black fitted trousers and a white blouse featuring fine ruffles. At the moment I can't tell if we have seen the blouse before, but let me know what you think. Have we in fact seen it before?

I have a hard time when it comes to jewelry. Think she is wearing diamond earrings and a couple of rings. But that's all I see. What I know for sure is that her yellow suede pumps are an old pair from Gianvito Rossi. I had a crush on them since the first time Mary wore them. I simply adore Mary's outfit.


Coat ● Prada
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Danish Rainbow Awards - Axgil 2019

03 April

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen to attend Danish Rainbow Awards -Axgil. Each year Rainbow Business Denmark honor people, organisations and companies that helps to create better living conditions for LGBT people in Denmark. Again this year Crown Princess Mary attended as guest of honor. At last years award show she was also present, presenting the honorary award, here.

Once again this year, the Crown Princess entered the stage with a large smile on her face and handed over the honorary award which was given to Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Danish Prime Minister. The Government received the honorary award on occasion of their plan of action to ensure more security and quality of life for LGBT people in Denmark.

Visiting Vibenhus School

03 April

In the afternoon, Crown Princess Mary arrived to Vibenhus School in Copenhagen. She was warmly welcomed by hundreds of children, who were all smily faces. Think the warm welcomed kinda surprised her and made her happy. The Crown Princess visited Vibenhus School on occasion of a Free of Bullying-event made in collaboration between the Mary Foundation and Save the Children.

More than 200 children participated the event along with Crown Princess Mary and Helle Østergaard, CEO of the Mary Foundation. Visiting Vibenhus School was all about good ethic online. HipSomHap (a sining duo) presented a brand new song about being a good friend on the internet. The message of the song is part of the Free of Bullying-project used by educators and teachers to strengthen children's social skills and good community online.

The Crown Princess also had the chance to try out a computergame (guided by some children), withness a small concert and surrounded by children, she enjoyed the new song by HipSomHap. During the entire visit, she one big smile. I truly think they all enjoyed themselves celebrating a new fase of the Mary Foundation's Free of Bullying-project.

As her bobbly and friendly mood Mary showed up at Vibenhus School in Copenhagen wearing the most printed and colorful Valentino skirt. If that does not make you happy; I do not know what can. All the colors and prints are just wonderful on a day like this. She has worn the skirt once before with a black top and a pink jacket. On Wednesday Mary had chosen a white wool sweater from CO. Also seen before. Matching the rest of her outfit is that Aquazzura boots. Wish they were more visible, and not hidden underneath maxi skirts all the time. Still it looks great.

Wish my hair was like that. All curly and voluminous. Like the length and color on her. The hairstyle is half of the accessories in my opinion. As other accessories Mary embraced the style by wearing golden earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. These were first worn at the Medal of Honor dinner for Navy Officers, here. The are similar in style as her Winter Frost earrings, here. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen also created the two diamond rings. I also see two golden bracelets - one from Cartier and another one from Dulong Fine Jewelry. I'd wear this look in an instant - no matter day and time. Would you?

Blouse  CO, here
Skirt  Valentino, here
Earrings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Earrings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Rings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Shoes  Aquazzura, here

70 years with Hjemmeværnet

31 March

Dressed in green, large boots and a hat matching her uniform Crown Princess Mary participated the celebration of the Danish Home Guards 70th anniversary. She accompanied her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, celebration the Home Guards anniversary in Nørre Nebel.

The Home Guard is part of the military defense and supports the Army, the Navy and the Air Force in Denmark, when needed. On March 31st it was time to celebrate 70 years of military defense and support with a parade. It took place at Nymindegab Camp in Nørre Nebel, where the Home Guard School is also located.

Along with the two guests of honor; more than 500 members of the Home Guard showed up participating the festivities.

On occasion of the 70th anniversary Queen Margrethe also handed over gratuities to those how, voluntarily, have served the Home Guard since 1949. That is truly impressive, don't you think? Congratulations to all of them and to the Crown Princess, who was announced Captain because of her  attendance of a common course about three weeks ago with purpose to become captain, here.