The launch of CEO Agenda 2019

January, Wednesday 23rd

Feels like months since I have made my last post. Last time we had the pleasure to see the Crown Princess, was when she attended the third New Years eve reception at Christiansborg castle, here. That was around twenty days ago.

Then on Wednesday, Crown Princess Mary appeared in Davos, Switzerland. She had traveled to Davos to attend a Roundtable Session on occasion of launch of the CEO Agenda 2019 made for the fashion industry. What the agenda focuses on is all about fighting climate changes. Eight different fashion companies have been part of developing the CEO Agenda 2019. Companies like ASOS, Nike, Sustainable Apparel Coalition and BESTSELLER.

The Crown Princess was present at the event as patron of the Global Fashion Agenda. She was accompanied by among others CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, Eva Kruse. The two of them have met on numerous previous occasions. Now they have one more to add.

We have not seen much from her stay in Davos. Actually only two pictures have been published by the royal house on the occasion. One more has been found; taking by another participant of the event. It is a little surprising that we have not got more, but I think we will have to do with what we have a the moment.

Mary had chosen a very simple and chic outfit for her appearance as patron of the Global Fashion Agenda. She matched a pair of brand new trousers with a reused black blouse. Heaven shared her idea of a possible identification of Mary's new trousers. They features a high waist, buttons and checkered pattern. Heaven found her trousers at from Sandro. She embraced the style by wearing also a black reused blouse from Hugo Boss. Nothing too loud. The same goes with her jewellery.

Other pictures shows that Mary tried to keep warn in one of her blue coats from Fonnesbech. This coat was first worn when she attended Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2016, here. Do you remember it? The colour of the coat made her match it with a new scarf found with your help at ZARA. Both hair, makeup and nail polish colour were very modest and simple.


Coat  Fonnesbech, here
Blouse  Hugo Boss, here
Trousers  Sandro, here
Scarf  ZARA, here


  1. I think her scarf is Zara.

    1. Seems like you were absolutely right. Thanks for sharing your idea with me :)