The funeral of Prince Henrik of Denmark

The Danish royal family has lost a dear family member. After a long period, troubling with health issues, Prince Henrik has died on February 13th. Since the 60s, when he married Queen Margrethe, he has been by her side at all times -when she welcomed foreign ambassadors, visiting locals around Denmark, trips to Greenland and the list just goes on.

In 2016 everything changed, because the Prince had decided to retire from his official duties and only participate in events to a limited extent. The news was published by the Queen in her new year speech end of 2015. In summer 2017 he was hospitalized for the first time because of pains and an infection. In September, the same year, the royal house announced that the Prince was suffering from dementia. A disease that affects the cognitive function level accompanied by changes in reaction patterns and judgment. End of January 2018 the Prince was, once again, hospitalized at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. This time because of a benign tumor in his left lung. On February 2nd he was moved to the infectious department for treatment for pulmonary infection. Only a few days later, on February 9th, the news arrived that the Prince's health situation was worsened. The family visited him multiple times his last last four days, while he stayed at Rigshospitalet. On February 13th, Prince Henrik was transferred from the hospital to Fredensborg as he wished. Tuesday evening at 11:18 pm he passed way with his wife and two sons close by.

All day on February 14th, Danes showed sympathy with the family and placed hundreds of flowers at the gates of Fredensborg. The Queen even left Fredensborg shortly to thank the public and press for their sympathy. Bouquet of flowers and condolences were placed at castles all over Denmark. Hundreds of Danes also visited Amalienborg to write condolences on behalf of the Prince's death.

On February 15th the coffin left Fredensborg castle and was driven to Amalienborg, where it stayed for only one day. His trip from Fredensborg to Amalienborg was followed by close family members. The following day it was transferred to Christiansborg castle church where the bailout took place on February 20th. The ceremony was led by former royal confessor Erik Norman Svendsen. Only close family members attended the ceremony. This was Prince Henrik's own wish. The bailout was live broadcasted on Danish television from early morning till his coffin was driven away from the church to be cremated. The Prince wished that half of his ashes are spread at sea and the rest to be buried in the private garden at Fredensborg.

It is not my wish to report every single detail from the ceremony, because I believe you have already heard everything you need. I only wish to pay him and his family respect with my words. I want to share my deepest and sincere condolence with the family. We haven't just lost a Prince; they lost a father, a husband, a grandfather and a friend. The family will, form now on, have to live without a very important person. From now on we also have to stick to what memories he left us with and he gave us so many good things to remember. May his memory be with all of us and his soul rest in peace.

The Cancer Society's Honorary Award 2018

Sunday, February 4th

On occasion of World Cancer Day 2018, here, the Crown Princess attended the presentation of the Cancer Society's Honorary Award 2018, here. The reward show took place in Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen. She arrived in a great mood and was welcomed with flowers and handshakes. Shortly after she arrived, the Crown Princess entered the stage and presented this years winners -Prime Minister Lars L√łkke Rasmussen and CEO of Danish Regions Bent Hansen. Congratulations to both of them with the prestige prize. They were chosen as winners because of their commitment to introduce the cancer packages ten years ago. This gives (possible) cancer patients possibilities for a medical examination and a customized treatment. The awards are given along DKK 50,000.

Mary was beautifully dressed at the occasion of the Cancer Society's Honorary Award ceremony in Skuespilhuset. She showed up wearing a few new pieces and some reused. She dazzled in a dusty pink and black combination. The coat is from YDE Copenhagen and was first worn on January 31st 2017 at Copenhagen Fashion Week, here. Back then Mary also wore the coat with black trousers as this time. I really like the combo but would also like to see the coat worn with maybe a dress. How nice would that be? No white blouse at the presentation. Instead Mary amazed me by wearing a brand new dusty pink blouse featuring the most incredible details. Just take a look at the neckline or hemline. So beautiful. I have not found out yet who designed. In the same lovely colour she had chosen earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Also a reuse. What's not old, are her shoes. They are brand new as the blouse. Their identity are still a mystery. At first sight it looks like black embroidered pumps. Somehow I am convinced they are not embroidered, but made of black velvet. Did you manage to find a close-up? I would very much like to hear your opinion. She embraced a polished and chic look with a half updo, natural makeup and her suede Hugo Boss clutch. A great match? -indeed.

Coat // YDE Copenhagen Jonni Coat
Earrings // Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch // Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch

Meeting at Amalienborg

Wednesday, January 31st

Yet another unofficial meeting for the Crown Princess on Wednesday. She met with the General Secretary Christian Friis Bach and Stig Glent Madsen Chairman of Danish Refugee Council. It is as patron of the Danish Refugee Council the Crown Princess hosted this meeting taking place at Frederik VIIIs Palace. During the meeting the three of them talked about, among other things, the global refugee situation in general. Danish Refugee Council's activities were also a main topic such as future plans were discussed.

At the meeting, Mary was dressed in a black suit. I believe she matched her reused Zara blazer with a pencil skirt. But it is a little hard to tell. Not as when she wore it back in 2017 at the world premiere of the international documentary Jaha's Promise at Grand Theatre in Copenhagen, here. A pair of black trousers would be more likely. What do you think? She amazed me by wearing a brand new powder pink silk blouse. Heaven managed to identify it as Hugo Boss. It is one of their basic blouses. Works perfectly with the black blazer and skirt. In the same dusty pink colour, she embraced the style wearing beautiful drop earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry. I am not quite sure when we saw them for the first time, but they are pretty old by now. Still, she makes them look brand new.

Blazer // Zara
Earrings // Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis