Presidum meeting with WWF

28 October 2022

It has only been two years since the Crown Princess become President of WWF World Wild Fund for Nature after her late father-in-law, Prince Henrik. Within this short periode of time, she has already managed to set her mark on their work with, along others, biodiversity in both Denmark and abroad.

On Friday, Crown Princess Mary participated WWF World Wild Fund for Nature's annual presidum meeting. Along with all the other board members, she was given an inside in the condition and challenges of the Danish waters and the WWF World Wildlife Fund for Nature's projects in Ecuador.

At the board member meeting with the Presidum of WWF World Wild Fund for Nature, Mary had chosen a more colour-mixed outfit than we have seen for quite a while. I learned about the new green blazer from Heaven. She managed to identify it as ZARA. Who want a similar green blazer in their wardrobe? Rise your hands. Imagine how many incredible outfits we are going to see with that blazer. I cannot wait. Mary matched it with a simple black blouse and reused grey Celine trousers.

Among others, she wore the trousers, when visiting Roskilde Gymnasium in November 2020 (here) and when the Crown Prince Couple met with the President of the European Court of Human Rights Róbert Spanó in 2021 (here).

We get a glimpse of some emerald green and diamond earrings, which I have come to believe is custom-made by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (here). She was also wearing one of her beloved golden bangles.

If you take a closer look, you will see a black Dolce & Gabbana leather tote next to her. A "good old" classics. The same goes with those black rivet pumps from Valentino. I am not quite sure this has become my favourite outfit this year, but it differently has potential.


Blazer ● ZARA, here

Trousers ● Celine, here

Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Bag ● Dolce & Gabbana, here

Shoes ● Valentino, here

Meeting with the Advisory Committee

27 October 2022

The Crown Princess Mary Center will be revolutionary in its field (here). Through the latest research and partnerships, the University of Copenhagen based center will contribute to solve some of the most present issues in our society.

On Thursday, the Crown Princess took the head chair and participated a meeting with the 17 new members of the center's Advisory Committee. This committee will meet twice a year to consult each others; share ideas and help develop the further strategie of the center.

The committee's members both represent different perspectives, experiences and competences.

We haven't really got that many good photos from her meeting with the Advisory Committee to identify more specifically what she was wearing. What to say for sure is that Mary matched what appear to be a brand new black doubled-breasted blazer with simple black trousers and an asymmetric blouse. The blazer is very similar to some we have seen her wear before, but still it is not the same. The blouse is differently new. I am still trying to identify it.

She embraced the style by wearing golden jewellery. With the lack of photos, I have a hard time telling for sure what pieces she wore other than the Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings. Wish we have more photos because Mary's outfit is so interesting.

Her chic tortoise-like glasses are old ones from Gucci.


Glasses ● Gucci, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

The International Day of the Girl Child 2022 & Presentation of CSR Award 2022

11 October 2022

Along with 800 students, Crown Princess Mary celebrated UN's International Day of the Girl Child 2022 at Nærum Gymnasium. The day was arranged by PlanBørnefonden and focused on girl's access to education and the influence of their education.

Crown Princess Mary was truly having a warm welcome, when arriving to Nærum Gymnasium. Along with all the students, she was given the inside of some of the challenges girls are facing fighting for equality and access to something as "simple" as an education. 17 year old Yoventine Aloo Owour and 20 year old Rehema Hamisi Mwadudu shared their stories being part of PlanBørnefonden's program in Kenya.

The International Day of the Girl Child are celebrated in more than 75 countries around the world. It gives an opportunity to speak about the discrimination and prejudices that prevent girls from realizing their full potential.

Later on, the Crown Princess was present at the presentation of this years CSR Award 2022. It took place at Dansk Erhverv in Copenhagen as part of FSR - Danish auditors' award ceremony. With a speech or two (one also held by herself), Crown Princess Mary handed over the award to STARK Group A/S and A.P. Møller - Mærsk.

To win this prestiges award, a company has to stand out with a transparent and reliable account of the work with sustainability, the company's social responsibility and reporting on environmental, social and management issues.

KongehusetKongehuset ● Billed BladetUFO No More

The International Day of the Girl Child 2022

Presentation of the CSR Award 2022

I really love, when Mary is wearing a suit. No matter colour or event. This dark green Massimo Dutti suit is by no doubt one of my favourite's. It looks so good on her with her dark hair and fair skin. Makes her glow. Mary matched it with a simple white BOSS blouse. Exactly like, when she attended Children, Youth and Grief's 20th anniversary in 2020 (here).

Mary has a few different pairs of glasses, but I fancy that she had chosen these from Gucci to complete the outfit. Green and that brownish colour makes a great combo.

She did not wear that many jewellery as she has been lately. Only earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, a delicate golden bangle and perhaps a ring. I have not been able to get a clear look to see if she, in fact, is wearing a ring.

I want to say "of course" she had chosen green leather pumps from Valentino. Those with silver rivets. What makes a better match? Same goes with that incredible Max Mara handbag. We simply need to make these handbags in fashion again.


Blazer ● Massimo Dutti, here

Trousers ● Massimo Duttihere

Blouse ● BOSShere

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Bag ● Max Marahere

Shoes ● Valentinohere

Aarhus International School & inauguration with the Heart Association

10 October 2022

The Crown Princess had a busy day in Aarhus on October 10. First, she visited Aarhus International School to participate the very first digging for where the school's new extension will be located.

Aarhus International School is a private school with room for children in both kindergarden and pre-school. The school also offers international IB-authorized tuition and childcare for students from more than 40 nationalities. The new extension will hopefully be ready for more students in 2024.

Some hours later, Crown Princess Mary attended yet another big event. The launch of the Heart Association's new scheme for patient support at Aarhus University Hospital. 

This new scheme is a supplement to an already existing scheme. From now on, the patient support also include that parents with children with heart problems can meet with volunteers from the Heart Association. Till now, the Heart Association offered the "Hjertelinjen". Counseling for heart patients.

During the visit, Crown Princess Mary was guided around the facilities and speak to both staff and some relatives of patients in the heart department.

Kongehuset ● KongehusetBilled BladetBilled BladetUFO No More

Somehow, I have been missing that special glow of hers. She got that back! Mary really looked outstanding on her visit in Aarhus. An outfit like this is always a winner. Nothing's too loud, but still she is so classy and elegant with what she was wearing. The GOAT Fashion coat is a reuse. Mary first wore it, when celebrating her mother-in-law on her 82nd birthday in April (here). Same coat; two very different looks. She paired the coat with simple black trousers and a beloved dusty pink Hugo Boss blouse.

Getting closer, you will see golden earrings featuring rather large Rose Quartz pendants. They are mastered by Dulong Fine Jewelry. The same designer also created her golden ring with the colourfull stones. Her bangle is still a mystery to me. Maybe one day.

The same goes with those dark blue suede boots. She could have worn them before, but even that I am not sure of. The style is familiar and still, I cannot find the one Mary is wearing.


Coat ● GOAT Fashion, here

Blouse ● Hugo Boss, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere (similar)

Celebrating UNICEF's 60th anniversary

07 October 2022

Now and then, the Crown Princess participate events organized by UNICEF. On October 7th it was time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of UNICEF Supply Division in Denmark. 

Crown Princess Mary attended the reception arranged by UNICEF and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to celebrate the anniversary. She even gave a speech to the national and international representatives participating the reception. Read it here.

For 60 years, UNICEF has given supplies to children all around the world. Children who live with war, conflicts, natural disasters, etc. These supplies are shipped 24 hours a day; every single day; every single year.

The Crown Princess also got the chance to pack some boxes herself. Boxes getting ready to be shipped with school material to teachers and children in some of the most conflicted countries around the world.

Billed Bladet ● Billed BladetBilled BladetFrederik et MaryUFO No More ● Royal Portraits Gallery

Impressive, how much a simple burgundy blazer can do for an outfit! This outstanding Alexander McQueen blazer is, by not doubt, one of my favourite pieces in her wardrobe. The colours is magnificent. If it works that well with only black, I have not decided yet. What do you think? Somehow, it looks great with those plain black trousers and that turtleneck blouse. She almost look streamlined - can one describe it that way?

I truly adore her ponytail with this outfit. Has her hair suddenly become very long? Nevertheless, Mary looks smashing with a simple ponytail - spiced up with some soft waves. Really clever. I have still not been able to identify the designer of her earrings. Mary has worn them so many times, but I am still lost in my search. She embraced the style with a rather huge golden Dulong Fine Jewelry ring and a matching one from the same jewellery designer.

We only get a glimpse of her shoes. Black pointed boots. To me the designer is clear: it is Gianvito Rossi. Mary loves wearing ankle boots with long-legged trousers. Do we have a winner?


Blazer ● Alexander McQueen, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here (similar)

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere (similar)

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossihere

Opening of the Parliament 2022

04 October 2022

The first Tuesday of October, the politicians are back a work after their vacation. This is the day to welcome back the Parliament and Danish Government. The day to celebrate a new year with politics.

Of course the royal family were invited to guest the opening. First, Princess Benedikte arrived. The Crown Prince Couple followed her and then (usually) Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrives, but they were not attending this year. Queen Margrethe arrived last.

From the royal balcony in Folketingssalen (the grand hall inside Christiansborg), the four royal family members watched the official opening. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen held the opening speech.

Kongehuset Frederik et Mary Frederik et Mary Billed Bladet Billed Bladet UFO No More Royal Portraits Gallery

Because Mary's outfit reminded me so much of a previous event, I did not see that it was this years opening of the Parliament. I realized that later on. An outfit like this is an all timer winner. It work every single time. She wore her magnificent bespoke Claes Iversen coat with a soft white lace dress underneath. The dress is also a reuse (here). A wonderful match to the suede pointed Gianvito Rossi pumps. They are almost the exact same color.

Choosing purple accessories is so clever of her. Mary really nailed it with that purple Carlend Copenhagen clutch and Jane Taylor hat. The clutch was also a winner in 2015, when the King and Queen of the Netherlands visited Denmark (here) and in 2018, when the couple visited Italy (here). She even matched it with purple gloves. She looks outstanding. 

We also get a glimpse of some pieces of jewellery. Her diamond earrings with the yellow center stones are still a mystery to me, but her two necklaces are from the talented Danish jewellery designer Dulong Fine Jewelry. A brand Mary has loved even before she became Crown Princess - and ever since.


Coat ● Claes Iversen

Hat ● Jane Taylor, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Pendant ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Clutch ● Carlend Copenhagen, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here (similar)

"Re-imagine Youth Mental Health"

30 September 2022

The "Re-imagine Your Mental Health" conference is an international youth conference. It takes place every second year and is arranged by the association Det Sociale Netværk/Headspace Danmark and The Internation Association for Your Mental Health. Also known as IAYMH.

This year the Crown Princess attended the opening of the conference in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. She arrived in the morning and was warmly welcomed.

Under the name "Reimagining Your Mental Health", participants participated different debates on how to improve better mental health for children and young people around the world. 

KongehusetBilled BladetUFO No MoreFrederik et Mary

Attending the opening of "Re-imagine Youth Mental Health", Mary wore a very simple but stylish outfit. She had chosen a navy blue Imperial Fashion blazer. She has worn it before - also paired with these dark blue trousers. They have not yet been identified. It is tempting to say that they have to be from the same designer as the blazer, but I have not been able to confirm that. Mary matched her blue suit with a lovely light blue Hugo Boss blouse. It is brand new.

Mary also accessorized the outfit with some pretty incredible pieces of jewellery. The two stunning golden necklaces and pendant are all creations from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Finally, the letter necklace is available for all of us. The diamond earrings are from Sophie Bille Brahe.

A closer look also revealed that she was wearing two diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I really like the purple nail polish. It is a great "last touch" such as the suede Jimmy Choo pumps.


Blazer ● Imperial Fashionhere

Blouse ● Hugo Bosshere

Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Pendant ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere

Shoes ● Jimmy Choohere

Presentation of the DI Prize 2022

27th September 2022

For some years, Crown Princess Mary has been guest of honor at the DI Summit to present the DI Prize (here) (here). It was also the case this year. The summit (and award ceremony) took place in Royal Arena.

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Royal Arena and was warmly welcomed by the President and CEO of COWI and chairman of Danish Industry Lars-Peter Søbye and managing director of Danish Industry Lars Sandahl Sørensen. She was accompanied by the two of them the whole ceremony.

Before presenting the winning company, Crown Princess Mary gave a speech on the occasion (here). Kamstrup A/S received the prestiges DI Prize 2022 because of their special effort making Denmark a climate leader in the world through technological or digital product development. Congratulations to Kamstrup A/S.

KongehusetFrederik et MaryBilled BladetBilled Bladet ● UFO No More

Mary was super chic and business-like dressed at the presentation of the DI Prize 2022 in Royal Arena. She had chosen to wear her amazing suit from Alexander McQueen paired with a blue blouse. She has become very fond of these simple blouses. I was able to identify it as Hugo Boss.

As accessories, Mary wore matching grey suede pointed pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Not the usual hight, but something a bit more midi. Makes a great and comfortable outfit. I am sure you also noticed her wearing a brand new grey Mulberry bag. She has the same model in dusty pink (here).

Actually, Mary also wore quite a few pieces of jewellery, but they blended in with the rest of her outfit with such perfection you hardly noticed them. The two golden necklaces are reused creation from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Love the two of them worn together. A closer look revealed that she was also wearing a couple of diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. In my dreams, I own one of them myself.


Blazer ● Alexander McQueen, here

Trousers ● Alexander McQueenhere

Blouse ● Hugo Boss, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Pendant ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere

Bag ● Mulberryhere

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossihere

Gala dinner at Christiansborg

23rd September 2022

Usually, these gala dinners are hosted by Queen Margrethe, but this time the Crown Prince Couple acted hosts. Queen Margrethe was not even attending because she was tested positive of COVID-19 prior to the dinner. She is doing fine.

The evening dinner took place at Christiansborg. Members of the government, Danish Parliament and European Parliament were all invited to a wonderful evening with dinner and a following Les Lanciers in the magnificent Knight's Hall.

From all the photos I have seen, it looked like they were all having a lovely evening. Especially, the two hosts. Both Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were all smiles. I bet they had a great evening.

Kongehuset ● KongehusetDet Danske Kongehus ● Billed BladetBilled BladetFrederik et Mary ● Royal Portraits Gallery ● UFO No More

The stunning hostess wore a beloved evening gown mastered by David Andersen. One incredible Danish designer. He also created other of Mary's dresses. But this pink dream goes back to 2011, when the couple attended the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock in Monaco (here). The gown was once on display at a Brandts exhibition in 2015 (here).

Mary embraced the outstanding look with her beautiful wedding tiara. The "real deal". By that I mean, once white pearls were added (here). But at the gala dinner at Christiansborg, she wore the simple "original" version from her wedding. The rather large diamond earrings are purchased on auction at Bruun Rasmussen not that many years ago. Aren't they INCREDIBLE? She matched the tiara and earrings with some bracelets and her huge aquamarine blue ring. I think it was a gift to her from the Crown Prince from around the time they got married - but I am not completely sure.

That silver stone J. Furmani clutch was a great choice. So were those brand new bright pink Gianvito Rossi pumps. I am so excited about these new pumps. Please, Mary. Wear them again - soon!


Gown ● Bespoke gown by David Andersen

Tiara ● Wedding tiarahere

Earrings ● Purchased on Bruun Rasmussen auctionhere

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere (similar)

Clutch ● J. Furmanihere

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossihere