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07 January


When Crown Princess Mary celebrate her 50th birthday in February, a gala dinner was planned at Roseborg. This has now been cancelled due to the current situation circumstances with COVID-19. The decision was made between Queen Margrethe and the Crown Princess Mary.


The Mary Foundation was also to celebrate their Chairman's birthday. This has been given a new date later this year. 

08 January


On occasion of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine's 11th birthday, the Crown Prince family shared new photos of the twins taken by Crown Princess Mary, here

14 January


"Day 1. State visit from Belgium" [hat identified], here

15 January


"Rødding Højskole's 174th anniversary" [cape identified], here

16 January


"Queen Margrethe's 50th anniversary" [family photo added], here

20 January


When Crown Princess Mary celebrate her 50th birthday several things have been planned. Some of them have also been cancelled or given a new date, but now we can add a new event to the list. She will be visiting Copenhagen Zoo and be part of the first step of a new project - "Mary's Australian Garden". All dedicated to her homeland: Australia, here


On February 3rd, Crown Princess Mary will attend the opening of another exhibition about her life at Frederiksborg. On the occasion, a brand new portray will be revealed. It is created by Jesús Herrera Martínez - a Spanish-born artist, here


  1. The ID of the brooch is very interesting and after so long! I wonder how CPM (or her stylist) came across it. I think we have only ever seen it once on this occasion?

    1. Indeed it is! I was really excited, when a friend of mine shared this find with me :)

      Well, even though it is a more customized pieces of jewellery it does not mean that only one piece was made. But the Crown Princess is known to purchase (and wear) inherited jewellery and those purchased on auction.

      To my knowledge, she has only worn it once.

      Lovely summer to you and your loved ones!