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June: Pssst...

I decided to update a number of my old posts with all the new identifications I did after the original posting. So, just wanted to let you know to keep an eye on old posts. Maybe you'll learn something new about her old outfits. Let me know if you specially excited about a specific piece of clothes or accessory. Can't wait to hear from you!


● "The launch of 'LæseLeg'" (here)

● "The wedding of Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock" (here)

● "On summer tour in Denmark with Dannebrog" (here)

● "Prince Christian's first day at school" (here)

● "Happy New Year!" (here)

● "Business promotion visit in Australia" (here)

● "Queen Margrethe's 40th anniversary" (here)

● "Private dinner with royal friends" (here)

● "Official visit in Brussel" (here)

● "Presentation of the 'Ecco Walk IN Style Award" (here)

● "Dinner for the Diplomatic Corps" (here)

● "Opening of 'One Europe, One Market'" (here)

● "Skiing in Verbier" (here)

● "Opening of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 2012" (here)

● "Day 1. 'World Conference of Women's Shelters', Washington" (here)

● "Opening of the 'European Disability Congress' & meeting with the Danish Refugee Council" (here)

● "Opening of 'Refugees of the World - Frederiksberg 2012'" (here)

● "Opening a conference on antibiotic resistance" (here)

● "Visiting Holbæk Hospital" (here)

● "Danida's 50th anniversary" (here)

● "Opening of 'Europe de l'Enfance'"(here)

● "Day 1. Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla on official visit in Denmark" (here)

● "Danis Open" (here)

● "Day 2. Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla on official visit in Denmark" (here)

● "Day 3. Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla on official visit in Denmark" (here)

● "Opening of a new mother and child center" (here)

● "The premiere of 'A ROYAL AFFAIR" (here)

● "Opening of 'European E-Skills Week 2012'" (here)

● "Visiting KFUM's soldiers home" (here)


  1. The ID of the brooch is very interesting and after so long! I wonder how CPM (or her stylist) came across it. I think we have only ever seen it once on this occasion?

    1. Indeed it is! I was really excited, when a friend of mine shared this find with me :)

      Well, even though it is a more customized pieces of jewellery it does not mean that only one piece was made. But the Crown Princess is known to purchase (and wear) inherited jewellery and those purchased on auction.

      To my knowledge, she has only worn it once.

      Lovely summer to you and your loved ones!

  2. Thansk for your amazing website! I've only missed an archives part (like you had before) where I could easily find your old articles about crown princess Mary

    1. What an heartwarming message to get from you! Thanks.

      I have discussed the "archive-thing" with myself many times. Then I decided to remove it because I thought no one really used it. But now it is back again :) You find it in the bottom of the page.

      Take good care!

    2. Thank you so much! I Really appreciate: I love to go through your blog and it helps me to remember what Mary wore in the past as I love her style :)

    3. You are very welcome :) I also kinda missed it. And thanks for reaching out to me with your little request.

      Make it a lovely day!