"A Queen's Jewellery Box"

21 January

Celebrating ones 50th anniversary as Queen of Denmark makes a full calendar - even though many of the events have either been cancelled or given a new date. But the opening of the exhibition "A Queen's Jewellery Box" was still on. 

The exhibition is exhibited at Christian VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. On display are over 200 known and more unknown pieces of jewellery of hers exhibited. They all have something to do with her personal life and of course, her life as Queen of Denmark. A part of the exhibition focused on Queen Ingrid's jewellery later inherited to her daughter.

For the opening, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary has chosen to take the short walk from their home at Frederik VIII's Palace to Christian VIII's Palace. The are a few hundred meters apart. Princess Benedikte also attended the official opening honouring her sister on occasion of her big sisters anniversary.

Director of Kongernes Samling, cabinet secretary Henning Fode and museum director Thomas C. Thulstrup gave the opening speeches. They were followed by the Queen herself, who officially opened the exhibition.

Kongehuset Billed Bladet Billed Bladet UFO No More PPE Agency Frederik et Mary

Well, well, well. What a look! For me, it was love a first sight. It took me breathless. Just look at her, she shine like a star on a cloudless night. Mary truly impressed me with her red tweed skirt from Alexander McQueen and that creamy white Ralph Lauren jacket. Both pieces are previously own on several occasions. Among other events, she wore the skirt at the presentation of Hjertneforeningen's and Børnehjertefonden's Research Grants 2019 (here). The stunning light brown wool shawl is also on old pieces. I have never been able to identify it, but maybe one day I will.

Mary embraced the style of her magnificent outfit by wearing yellow and white diamond earrings. The impressive, rather huge, diamond ring are from Dulong Fine Jewelry. The other one is a golden diamond ring from Rebekka Notkin.

I do not know if you noticed her new golden brooch as well? Many did not see it. I recognized it right away: it a design by Ditte Bjerregaard and Sofie Elkjær Jensen. They created this incredible golden brooch on occasion of the 50th anniversary for Georg Jensen. The design is inspired by the Queen's quite: "God's help, the love of the people, the strength of Denmark". The Queen was given a special edition in gold and with studded diamonds (here). Mary's is in plain gold. The brooch can be purchased, but in silver with a golden detail. She also matched the outfit with same-colour Prada pumps and her 1602 clutch.


Jacket ● Ralph Lauren, here

Skirt ● Alexander McQueen, here

Brooch ● Georg Jensen, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring - Rebekka Notkin, here

Clutch ● 1602, here

Shoes ● Prada, here

The preparations for...

20 January

Within the next two weeks, our Crown Princess is celebrating her 50th birthday on February 5th. Of course this has to be celebrated with everthing it takes. A few plans already changed. Like a dinner at Rosenborg and the Mary Foundation's day of celebration has been given a new date. 

Some time ago, it came to our knowledge that Koldinghus in Kolding will make a very special exhibition about the Crown Princess and Denmark's former Crown Princesses. Today, she visited Koldinghus to see how things are going with the exhibition, which is officially opened by the Crown Prince Couple on January 31st.

The Crown Princess was also given a guided tour around Koldinghus. She was accompanied by Museum Director Thomas C. Thulstrup. Special curtains are made for the exhibition with the same technique as in 1800 and 1900. They are made by volunteers. The Crown Princess met some of these volunteers on her tour.

Visiting Koldinghus, Mary was really lovely in that winterish outfit. Somehow, the weather has been super cold the last few days. So I get it, why Mary chose such a warm look. Heaven made me aware that she was wearing a brand new Mark Kenly Domino Tan vest. Beautiful, don't you think? I like it, but I have no idea how to style such as vest. Cannot wait to see how she will wear it in the future. The black ZARA turtleneck are also a new addition to her wardrobe. She matched it with a black midi skirt from Mark Kenly Domino Tan. Heaven made this incredible identification.

For the first time, I actually adore her wearing a midi skirt with knee-length boots. I am truly not a fan of this combination, but this makes my day. It looks smashing. The plum coloured boots are from Aquazzura. They are reused previously seen on, for instance, September 20th 2019 when she attended the CBS Responsibility Day (here). We also get a glimpse of some earrings, but the photos are not clear enough for me to tell exactly where they are from. Let me know if you recognize them.


Vest ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan, here

Skirt ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan, here

Blouse ● ZARA, here

Shoes ● Aquazzura, here

Queen Margrethe's 50th anniversary

14 January

Celebrating Queen Margrethe's anniversary

For months, we have waited to celebrate the Queen on her very special day. Her 50th anniversary as Queen of Denmark. Today, it is 50 years since Crown Princess Margrethe became Queen Margrethe after her father, King Frederik IX, passed away 72 years old.

Many events were planned to take place on occasion anniversary, but due to the current situation with the pandemic, much of this has been cancelled or set for another date. But no anniversary without any celebrations. So, around noon, the royal family arrived to Folketinget at Christiansborg to receive the Governments celebration. Both Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte attended the celebration at Christiansorg.

Later on, the family was driven by train to Roskilde to visit the grave of the Queen's parents, King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid at Roskilde Cathedral. Each of the couple's girls laid a personal coloured wreath. Queen Margrethe a blue one, Princess Benedikte a pink wreath and Princess Anne-Marie a yellow one. The Crown Prince Couple and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also laid a wreath.

Kongehuset ● Kongehuset ● Kongehuset ● Billed BladetBilled BladetBilled BladetBilled BladetBilled BladetPPE AgencyPPE Agency ● UFO No More ● Getty Images


All of them, were beautifully dressed for the occasion. The Queen in her light blue suit, Princess Benedikte in purple, Princess Marie pastel green and Mary in a lovely light brown. Personally, I really like Princess Benedikte's outfit. She looks beautiful in that dark purple colour.

Mary was in a brand new Gabriela Hearst dress. I learned about this from Heaven, who was able to identify this stunning dress. Underneath, she wore a white blouse. I am not sure this is a perfect combination, but I guess it could be because of the weather. The wind is still pretty cold. In Roskilde she added another layer: a new woolen cardigan and a reused light brown cape. Mary has worn the cape before, when visiting Rødding Højskole on occasion of its 175th anniversary in 2019 (here). It is from Oscar de la Renta.

Mary matched her beautiful, vintage vibe, outfit with an old Jane Taylor hat. She first wore it, when the Belgium King and Queen visited Denmark in 2017 (here). I really like the style of it with the rest of her outfit. Looks super stylish. Maybe she honored Queen Ingrid by wearing the Ruby Parure earrings for the event? And also the later added ruby ring created by Dulong Fine Jewelry. I think it was a lovely gesture. The large white pearl necklace was a great detail as well.

She loves wearing these "monochrome" outfits. Matching clothes with matching accessories. That was also the case on January 14th. Mary embraced her look with both a Prada handbag and a Naledi Copenhagen clutch. Also the nude Prada pumps matched perfectly!


Hat ● Jane Taylor

Cape ● Oscar de la Renta, here

Dress ● Gabriela Hearst, here

Earrings ● The Ruby Parure

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Bag ● Prada, here

Clutch ● Naledi Copenhagen, here

Shoes ● Prada, here

Private dinner at Amalienborg

As mentioned before, many different event and dinners had been planned to celebrate the Queen on her anniversary, but much of it has also been cancelled or given another date. This is why, I love it even more that the family celebrated the day with a private dinner at Amalienborg. Both the Crown Prince family and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and their children attended - also Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix were prensent of their grandmother's day of celebration. Princess Benedikte was also there to honor her sister.

Before the dinner took place, the royal family captured a memory from the evening with a photo. Queen Margrethe and all of her family.

Black was obviously a hit at the dinner. Most of them, wore either black dresses or suits, but not Mary. She rocked a brand new purple wrap blouse and black trousers. This could also be a jumpsuit, which I think is very likely. Lately, she is fond of jumpsuits for "dress-events". The blouse is also kinda short, which could indicate it being a jumpsuit.

Mary was wearing long diamond earrings as accessory. They feature a purple Amethyst in a shape of a drop. A beautiful match. She has worn these earrings on many occasions before. Like in 2018 at the 100th anniversary of Iceland's sovereignty (here). Mary was also a necklace. To me it looks brand new. I still do not know where it is from. The new official photo revealed that she embraced the style by wearing black suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi.


Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

"Together without Violence"

12 January

"Together without Violence" is a project aiming to detect violence among pregnant women and their partners. It also provides help for the couples to move on to a life without violence, here. The project is made in collaboration with Amager and Hvidovre Hospital, Østifterne and Dialogue against Violence in beginning of 2020.

Crown Princess Mary presented that the project works in a new post on social media. Because of this success, the Mary Foundation has decided to include more professional groups in "Together without Violence" all to make more professionals able to detect and deal with this kind of violence.

I absolutely love, when Mary wears bright and shiny colors. Patterns too, but this simple and also bold outfit is amazing too. She wears it with such pride. The white and light brown colors looks splendid next to her dark hair. The blouse is likely an old one, but the trousers differently look new to me. The details are really lovely. I still need to identify both blouse and trousers. Any ideas?

Mary accessorized this stunning outfit with golden jewellery - some of them studded with diamonds. The Sophie Bille Brahe earrings are for sure a favourite of hers. She has worn them so many times the past couple of years. I am still not a huge fan, but she wears them beautifully. The same goes with the two golden cuffs from Rebekka Notkin and her Cartier bracelet. Two of her three rings are creations by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.


Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Bracelet ● Rebekka Notkin, here

Bracelet ● Rebekka Notkin, here

Rings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

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