Briefing at WHO's office

24th February

For several months, her calendar has not been fully packed - it still isn't. The pandemic is still a reality in Denmark as in many other countries. After a 2-3 months lockdown, Denmark is now ready to open up some stores and businesses again. Maybe, within a month or two, Crown Princess Mary will also be back at work with a few jobs in the calendar.

Nevertheless, the Crown Princess has attended quite a few meeting's with several organizations and foundations. She has done everything in her power to support those children and young people, who suffers from solitude due to the pandemic.

On Wednesday, she participated a meeting with Dr Hans Kluge, Regional Director of WHO. The Crown Princess herself took part in the meeting as patron of the WHO's office for the European Region. It took place at WHO's office in Copenhagen.

She was given a briefing and a status que on the fight against the world spread pandemic COVID-19. The meeting included a status on both the in the region and worldwide. Dr Hans Kluge also shared his view on the region's health challenges and the importance of ensuring that the health systems adapt to the post-pandemic crisis.

I feel so inspired by Mary's outfits these days. Both new and old looks. This new outfit from meeting with the WHO yesterday is really great. Very professional and still relaxed. Mary embraced the style by wearing her old Hugo Boss silk blouse. This powder pink color makes me look forward to spring. More light and bright colors. She has already worn it quite a few times and at the meeting she matched it with simple black trousers and a brand new tweed jacket.

Heaven managed to identify Mary's new tweed as Sandro. According to the webside, the jacket is navy blue. It features golden buttons and beautiful hemline details. I spot a thing belt as well, but I cannot recognize it at the moment. Her face mask is from reusable face mask is from Kartó.

She topped of this incredible outfit with her most beloved golden necklace from Orit Elhanati and a reused navy blue leather bag from Prada. I have never found the exact same model with the blue center only the red one. Did you notice that Mary has her nails painted in the most amazing purple color? She also wore black pointed shoes, which could be from either Pura Lopez or Gianvito Rossi. She topped of her outfit with her Gucci glasses.


Jacket ● Sandro, here

Blouse ● Hugo Boss, here

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Face mask ● Kartó, here

Necklace ● Orit Elhanati, here

Bag ● Prada, here

The Mary Foundation's youth panel

11 February

Yesterday, Crown Princess Mary met with the Mary Foundation's youth panel. Back in October last year, here, they met in person but this time the meeting was held virtually. At last years meeting, they discused how the worldwide pandemic has affected young people. Being isolated for this long caused that many young people feel alone. The pandemic has had many side effects. Solitude is one them.

Once again, discussing how things are going Crown Princess Mary felt emotional listening to all their stories. In a post on social media, she mentioned (among other things) that the youth have a hard time. The situation has become even difficult to handle, but even though they expressed difficulties about current the situation, they were also hopeful and optimistic.

The Mary Foundation and its founder thanks all the participants for sharing their thoughts and experiences. All their good advices are welcomed and the Crown Princess promised to share all of them with the rest of the foundation. "It is important that your voices are heard" - Crown Princess Mary.

About now, Mary is skilled in digital meetings like many of you. Some outfits are better on screen that others, but this looked lovely. She was wearing a soft blue button-down shirt. We have seen her in several similar shirts, but I cannot recall ever having seen this one. Is it new? My guess is that she wore either jeans or black trousers. That would compliment the look perfectly and suit Mary's usual style. Hoe would you style a blue shirt like this?

Mary embraced the outfit by wearing beautiful jewellery. Her beaded necklace is a creation by Dulong Fine Jewelry. The same jewellery designer also made the thin golden bangle on her write. The other one is her beloved Cartier bracelet. A closer look revealed that she was also wearing a diamond ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Her earrings are yellow and white diamonds studs. Still unidentified.

She topped of everything with a simple messy ponytail and natural makeup. Do I sense some kind of brownish lipstick? A stunning look which I want to copy right away!


Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Danmarks Indsamling 2021

06th February

Danmarks Indsamling is an annual event with the cause of gathering money that goes to developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latinamerica. Each year, money are collected to help people around the world in some of the most pour countries. The project is a collaboration between Denmarks Radio and our 12 largest humanitarian organizations. Year year the money goes to a different cause. This year, it is all about supporting children affected by the widespred pandemic. Over 20 million Danish Kroner were gathered last night and they will be transformed into projects. These projects will give children in the world's poortest countries access to clean water, medical care and a possibility to go to school.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's foundation donated 800,000 Danish Kroner to Danmarks Indsamling along with Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation.

Danmarks Indsamling is also a big show. Usually broadcasted live. During the show, people can call a number and donate money to the good cause. Several well-known Danish celebrities then pick up the phone and receive the money. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have also visited the show a few times, but this year we had to do without the royal visit - almost. Because, Crown Princess Mary had given an interview earlier this week which was later broadcasted in last nights show.

A couple of days ago, when she was interviewed by one of the shows hosts Mark Stokholm, the Crown Princess posted a photo and a few words on social media. She shared her concern for those children who have to live without going to school at the moment. For or many children in poor countries that means an everyday with more uncertainty, a higher risk of violence, children marriages and the lack of food. A decline in poverty over the last 20 years is unfortunately on the rise again. It's worrying. This is what the Crown Princess talked about in her interview - consequences. Those fatale consequences COVID-19 is causing all of us. Especially, children.

In her interview, Mary was wearing a simple and business-like outfit. A professional look that does not scream for attention. Her message does. She embraced the style with her rather new green Massimo Dutti blazer, which comes with a matching pair of trousers. For the interview she had chosen something else.  Simple black trousers. A great match to the blazer and the black knitted turtleneck. Perfect for the occasion. Don't you think so?

Mary matched her outfit with old Louise Grønlykke earrings. They go back to 2014 and has been worn for quite a few important events. At the opening of a new Christmas Seal Home in 2018, here. Also when she visited Ethiopia in 2015, here and at a visit to South Africa in 2014, here. Her bracelet and ring are both created by Dulong Fine Jewelry. The pointed black ankle boots are from Gianvito Rossi.


Blazer ● Massimo Dutti, here

Earrings ● Louise Grønlykke, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewlery, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

It is her birthday!

05th February

Today, our beloved Crown Princess celebrate her 49th birthday. On that occasion the royal court published a new photo of her. It was taken by photographer, Stine Heilmann. The talented Stine captured a series of wonderful and magnificent photos of the Crown Prince, Crown Princess and the both of them. Her photos of the Crown Prince Couple were first seen in November 2020 on occasion of the presentation of the Crown Princes Couple's Prized, here. Since then, several moments have been celebrated with her artwork.

The royal court reports that Crown Princess Mary will be celebrating her birthday with her family at Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg - their current home. Let us all congratulate the Crown Princess and with her an amazing day!

Ambassador meeting with WHO

3rd February

Yesterday, Crown Princess Mary participated yet another virtual meeting. This time she joined an ambassador meeting with WHO Regional Office for Europe - for which the Crown Princess is the patron. She and the other members, were given a detailed briefing on the current situation with COVID-19 and a status on the different vaccines.

There are still a long way to go the Crown Princess think it is time to be optimistic. The number of infected is decreases; every day we get more and more knowledge on the pandemic we are dealing with and (even better) we got a new vaccines. That is what keeps the Crown Princess optimistic. This new hope gives something to believe in - something we really need right now.

The Crown Princess chose to share a different photo this time. A photo of her own. A photo that symbolises a brighter future.

Even though Mary did not post a photo of herself participating the virtual ambassadors meeting yesterday, someone caught a glimpse of her and captured it, here. I have not managed to find anymore photos from the event, but let me know if you find some.

This gives us an idea of how Mary is dressed for a meeting - when she is in her office. Think we all kinda love all these outfits she is wearing even though she is at home. Always stylish. To me it looks like a new light grey blazer. Cannot remember every having seen it before. Am I wrong? Looks good with the black blouse and simple jewellery. I am positive that Mary is wearing her beloved golden diamond earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe and a white water opal necklace from Orit Elhanati.

Once again, we get to see her with glasses and this time it is her rather new Tom Ford design. This makes the number of three different pairs. Do you have a favourite pair of glasses? I really like this one. They have the right size, shape and color for her face.


Glasses ● Tom Ford, here (most likely to be)

Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahehere

Necklace ● Orit Elhanati, here