WHO Award & Elite-Forsk prizes

Thursday, February 23rd

Crown Princess Mary attended as patron WHO Regional Office for Europe, in a reception for outgoing WHO Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan taking place at UN City, Copenhagen, at 10:00 am. local time. At the same event the Crown Princess also received the World Health Organization Award

The Crown Princess also attended the presentation of the Elite-Forsk prizes at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen at 1:00 pm.

Crown Princess Mary attending the WHO reception

Around 10:00 am. local time Mary arrived to the UN city in Copenhagen where she was about to attend a reception on occasion of the outgoing WHO Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan which whom she was also welcomed by along with WHO Regional Director Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab. The Crown Princess has been patron for WHO Regional Office for Europe since 2005. Another reason why Mary attended the reception, is because she was the one to receive the (World Health Organization) WHO Award for her work to improve healthcare solutions around the world. And from what I see, it was a great honor for Mary receiving the award. Afterwards she gave a speech as thanks for the award. A big a laud congratulation to Mary with this very fine and prestiges prize. I also want to wish Dr. Margaret Chan all the best with future projects. 

Crown Princess Mary attending the presentation of the Elite-Forsk prizes

Three hours after Mary received the WHO Award, she attended the presentation of the Elite-Forsk prizes 2017 taking place at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen. The Elite-Forsk prizes have been handed over since 2007 to five leading researchers in their field of research and Mary has attended several of them, so did she this year. She arrived in a great mood with a huge smile on her face ready to hand over the five prizes to professor Thomas Lars Andresen, professor Mikael Rask Madsen, professer Klaud Høyer, professer Søren Galatius and prosessor Hanne Christine Bertram. On stage with her was Education and Research Minister Søren Pind. Congratulations to all five winners! Before the presentation ceremony a few speeches were given and the Crown Princess listened with great interest. 

At both events Mary was dressed in the same dazzling outfit! She paired her grey tweed dress from Prada with beautiful accessories. This is the third time we get to see her in that incredible dress, here and here, but I really do not mind seeing it again. It's a lovely dress, perfect for this time a year. She embraced the classy style by wearing a pair of brand new diamond earrings shaped as flowers, couple of golden bracelet where one of them are from Cartier and then we have that magnificent latte clutch from Naledi Copenhagen. About the earrings then I think they have been found on an auction at Bruun Rasmussen from December 2016. I learned this from Kate, thanks! I wouldn't mind this dress with a bit more colourful accessories, still I think it works really well especially because of the dusty pink Gianvito Rossi pumps. I wonder if she was wearing a coat? I hope she was because the weather is windy and rainy these days. And of course, as always, Mary's hair and makeup was flawless!

Dress: Prada Grey Dress w. White Collar
Earrings: Floral Diamond Earrings
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Ostrich Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Pink Patent Leather Pumps

Copenhagen Business School Case Competition 2017

Wednesday, February 22nd

Crown Princess Mary attended the Copenhagen Business School Case Competition panel debate taking place at 3:00 pm. local time at Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen. 

The first Copenhagen Business School Case Competition took place back in 2002 and since it has taking place year year in week 9th. This time, Crown Princess Mary was guest of honor at the panel debate, where she gave the opening speech. In her speech Mary, among others, mentioned how important it is to give women the same opportunities to carry on business as men. One of the important topic's that was discussed was companies strategic possibilities during crisis situations, where some of the participating students shared their point of views. It was with great interest the Crown Princess followed the debate and with sincere attention the participating students listened to Mary when she gave her speech. Dealing with issues as gender equality and crisis situations around the world, I am sure Mary are able to tell what she has learned and experienced as committed to social work. After a couple of interesting hours it was time to say goodbye.

Time to talk about clothes. One of the things I'm really good at. About a year ago or so, I read in an interview that Mary's favourite colour is purple. So what is better than a (almost) pure purple outfit? Both blouse and A-line skirt are two pieces we have seen her wear before, actually as an outfit. It was when Mary visited Moldova, here, she wore this incredible outfit the first time. What makes me a bit sad, is the fact that I have no been able to identify nor the blouse or skirt. For both pieces I still have Hugo Boss in mind. What do you think? Which designer/designers do you think of? At the arrival the Crown Princess was keeping herself warm in her stunning cashmere coat from JOSEPH, seen at several previous occasions. Is it just me or does purple and grey make a splendid match? In more or less the same colour she was wearing bicolor Prada pumps, also reused such as the pearl jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry. We only get a little glimpse of her clutch when she arrived, but that is exactly what I need to tell you that it is a Carlend Copenhagen creation. First seen in 2014 when she attended the Equal Love Silver Anniversary at Copenhagen City Hall, here

Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Python

Skiing in Verbier

Since Prince Christian was just a little baby boy, Frederik and Mary have enjoyed a weeks vacation skiing in Verbier. Something they were also doing before Christian was born. Since then it has been a tradition for the couple and their children to meet the press during their holiday. The unusual thing is that last year the family was not going to Verbier (maybe because they spend all of December in Australia with the Crown Princess' family). Because of last years missing vacation I had completely forgot everything about it. Now I have been made aware that the family actually are on holiday right now. The Crown Prince, the Crown Princess and their four children, apparently along with Mary's sister Jane and her family such as a couple of friends. In my first post I shared some pictures from previous years, but now several pictures have been share of the family on the royal family's Facebook- and Instagram page taken by the Crown Princess. Even a rare selfie of Mary and her daughter Isabella. If you have already seen them, enjoy them one more time!

"The Jewellery Box"

Tuesday, February 7th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the exhibition The Jewellery Box in Aarhus. 

On a rather cold Tuesday the Crown Princess arrived to Den Gamle By in Aarhus to attend, as guest of honor, the grand opening of The Jewllery Box exhibition. Over a 1,000 Danish pieces of jewellery from the 20th century are exhibited on the new permanent exhibition. With only a few exceptions, all the jewellery are made of silver. From what I see, it was with great interest and excitement that Mary was given a guided tour around the exhibition after the official opening. Everything from brooches, rings, necklaces and shoe buckles are exhibited, so there were much to look at during her visit. Wish I someday have the chance myself to take a closer look at the many stunning pieces! Mary was, as always, in a splendid mood during the opening.

To you who have the interest, then a photo of the Crown Princess and a few members of the Mary Foundation was posted on the foundation's Facebook page, here, with a caption mentioning words as strategy, mission, knowledge and challenges. 

Expect from bare legs (perhaps she was after all wearing a pair of sheer tights) this is the perfect outfit for what weather we have in Denmark right now. The following day a Siberian cold hit Denmark along with some snow. Not sure why but I have always adored her grey Prada suit and it makes me happy every time she wears it. Love how it emphasize her beautiful slim figure. I have never really thought how well grey and purple do together, till I saw Mary's outfit. She had accessorized the grey Prada suit with her purple Jane Taylor pill box hat, matching suede gloves and her purple Carlend Copenhagen clutch. I absolutely love how her outfit turned out. So classy and everyday chic at the same time! Embracing the style of a polished look, she wore diamond earrings from Hartmann's, her golden Cartier bracelet and that stunning silver brooch from Georg Jensen. Oh.. and of course we have her two diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. For sure you also noticed the new pumps, which I still believe are purple despite some of you tend to believe they are dark blue. But it is really hard to tell because of the different lights and shadows. Never mind. Jimmy Choo has been suggested. Let me hear what you think.

Hat: Jane Taylor Shell
Jacket: Prada
Skirt: Prada Wool A-line Skirt
Earrings: Hartmann's
Brooch: Georg Jensen Moonlight Brooch
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Croco 

It could be...
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Romy 100

The Cancer Society's Honorary Award 2017

Saturday, February 4th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Cancer Society's Honorary Award 2017 on occasion of the World Cancer Day which took place in Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen.

It was on occasion of the Cancer Society's Honorary Award 2017 the Crown Princess arrived to Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen to attend the presentation of this years winner. The Cancer Society's Honorary Award 2017 is handed over to a person or a group who has made a special effort dealing with cancer. All this was on occasion of the World Cancer Day. This prestigious honorary award has been presented since 2011 and it is the fifth time Mary attend the presentation. She also attended last year's award ceremony, here. Before handing over the award to this years winner professor, consultant and expert in immunotherapy Inge Marie Svane, the Crown Princess gave a speech. Inge Marie Svane had been nominated by one of her former patients, who was the one handing over flowers to Mary when she arrived. So the usual flower girl, was replaced with a flower man this time. Congratulations to Inge Marie Svane with the very fine award!

Not that many pictures have appeared from the presentation yet, hopefully we will get at least a few more for us to get a closer look at her entire outfit (and not just her upper body). That would be really nice. So far have I only managed to find a single picture showing her entire outfit and it is in a pretty bad quality. Nevertheless was Kate able to identify that new black off-shoulder blouse Mary was wearing at last nights award ceremony. She found it at IRIS AND INK; what I know then this is the first time we see her wear something from that designer. Never really thought we would ever see Mary in a off-shoulder blouse or dress, but we did. Always the unexpected. She matched the new blouse with a pair of black trousers and cap-toe pumps from Gianvito Rossi. For me the shoes works really well along with the rest of her outfit, but imagine is she had worn her yellow suede Gianvito Rossi pumps?! That would have been awesome. By wearing a brand new necklace, a golden bracelet that could be either her Cartier or Georg Jensen and ball earrings, she embrace a chic and polished style for last nights event!

Blouse: IRIS AND INK Eloisa Off-Shoulder Crepe Top
Gianvito Rossi Metal Mesh Cap-Toe Pumps

It could be...
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold

Meeting in Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thursday, February 2nd

Unofficially, Crown Princess Mary attended a meeting with Minister of Cooperation and Development Ulla Tørnæs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

What you have just read is pretty much what I know about the Crown Princess' meeting with Minister of Cooperation and Development Ulla Tørnæs taking place a couple of days ago. They met to discuss, among other things, the implementation of the UN 17 new world goals something Mary has been committed to for quite some times such as girls and women's well-being, health and rights. Discussing world problems like these takes the right outfit which was why she had chosen either a plum blouse or perhaps dress and (what I believe is) a new belted blazer from Hugo Boss. No doubt that Mary has proven how fashionable brooches still are, something we see once again. When I look at this one I would say she is wearing a new brooch. Her diamond earrings are also pretty interesting. To me they look very much like those from Hartmann's, but I have nothing to prove it. Very elegant she had chosen an updo and eye makeup focusing on her beautiful eyes.

Blazer: Hugo Boss Jabilta

Danish Swimming Award 2017

Wednesday, February 1st

Crown Princess Mary attended, as patron of the Danish Swimming Association, the Danish Swimming Award 2017 in Cirkusbygningen, Copenhagen. 

Well, it is indeed a busy day for the Crown Princess. Her day started at Christiansborg castle where she participated in the conference Children of Violence, here. Then in the evening she attended the Danish Swimming Award 2017 where nine prizes were handed over to winners from the world of sport. This is the second time prizes are handed over, but I can not recall that Mary has attended the event before. So I think this is her first time. Correct me if I am wrong. Who else to invite as guest of honor than the Danish Swimming Association's patron? - which of course is the the Crown Princess herself. She arrived in a splendid mood with a huge smile on her face! All the winners were personally congratulated by Mary. I also congratulate them all and wish them the best of luck in the future with their sport. 

Like queen of the evening Mary radiated with her wide smile and happy eyes! Attending the swimming award ceremony she was dressed in a reused blue suit from Gucci. I can't tell how much I love to see her in this again. First time we saw it was in 2013 when she attended the presentation of the Carlsberg Foundation's Research Award, here. The colour looks amazing next to her porcelain skin and dark born curly hair. Simply dazzling! I know many of you noticed the necklace right away (so did I), but for a moment I want to talk about her shoes. Such a clever idea wearing that glitter golden Gianvito Rossi pumps with that blue colour. I adore the combination, don't you? Makes a lovely match to the golden Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings. Back to the necklace which indeed is brand new; never seen before. The best part may even be that she was wearing a matching ring on her right hand. The style reminds me very much of Amrita Singh, though it has not been found it. Any ideas where to find her new wonders? I was indeed glad to see wear the blue suit again, but I am even more thrilled to see she matched it with a suede Hugo Boss clutch in the very same colour. Stunning! You know me, I could talk for hours and hours about her appearance. Don't worry, I will not do that. But I have to mention how lovely her hairstyle and makeup are.

Suit: Gucci Electric Blue Set
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Earrings w. Diamonds
Clutch: Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Metallic Glitter Pumps

'Children of Violence' conference in Copenhagen

Wednesday, February 1st

Crown Princess Mary attended, as patron of the Mother's Help, the conference entitled Children of Violence (Voldens Børn) at Christiansborg castle, Copenhagen. 

It was such a please to see the Crown Princess at the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week! I have always enjoyed her attending this annual event and the few years she wasn't attending, well it was just not the same without her. This morning Mary attended a conference entitled Children of Violence. The conference, which by the way took place at Christiansborg castle in Copenhagen, is organized by the Mother's Help. Both Danish politicians and professionals on the field participated along with the Crown Princess. One of the issues that was brought up during the conference is what consequences it has for a child to grow up in a family that are violent and how to prevent violent actions. The National Centre for Social Research also presented some of their work from a report on children who experience domestic violence. Also as patron of the Mary Foundation, Mary was able to share experiences from the foundation's project called Domestic Violence working with some of the same issues as discussed at the conference. 

Yesterday at the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 Mary showed us an outfit that I think maybe disappointed some, but today... I can't imagine anyone dislike how she was dressed. Very business-chic. Don't you think? This blue and black outfit would do perfectly as workwear (which of course depend on where you work, ha ha). Or maybe family dinner. Really like her new By Malene Birger blouse. I have completely fallen in love with its sleeves and turtleneck, think it makes the blouse even more dazzling. Anything you like better? Another thing I am sure you noticed right away (I did) is that brand new necklace. I'm not a big necklace-fan myself or yes I am, but I'm not good at wearing them compared to Mary who regularly wear hers. Still, I have no idea where this could be from, but I hope we somehow will be able to identify it. Turtleneck + long necklace = brilliant! Embracing the workwear style she accessorized her outfit with a pair of Hartmanns diamond earrings, a black Prada handbag and... (now comes the best part) a pair of new pumps! Cap toe, pointed pumps in two different colours. With some help from Royals & Fashion the pumps have now been identified as Hugo Boss!

Blouse: By Malene Birger Blue Celestial Top
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Hugo Boss Ballin