Premiere of 'Händels oratorium Saul'

22 March 2024

King Frederik and Queen Mary attended the grand premiere of 'Händels moratorium Saul' at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. The royal couple had the opportunity to talk to the Director Kasper Holten and the team behind the play.

'Saul' is an Old Testament story of the Israelites' first king, who, with envy and fear of losing power, destroyed the young David, who has won the people's favor after shut down the giant Goliath.


Blouse ● By Malene Birger

Opening of 'Frederik X: King of Tomorrow' at Amalienborg Museum

21 March 2024

King Frederik and Queen Mary attended the grand opening of the exhibition 'Frederik X: King of Tomorrow' at the Amalienborg Museum at Christians VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. The exhibition is a dedication to the King on occasion of the proclamation.

Princess Benedikte was also present at the opening.

The exhibition can be visited in Copenhagen from March 22nd to September 08th 2024. Later on, it is to be seen in Kolding at Koldinghus.

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Jacket ● Prada

Blouse ● Hugo Boss

Skirt ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Earrings ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Necklace ● Halberstadt

Necklace ● Julie Sandlau

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Clutch ● Chloé (NEW)

Shoes ● Aquazzura

'Together without Violence - Pregnant'

Visit at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital

21 March 2024

Queen Mary visited Hvidovre Hospital to meet with midwives and parent couples who have each their experiences with 'Together without Violence - Pregnant'. Amager and Hvidovre Hospital has since 2019 been part of the project 'Together without Violence - Pregnant', which is one of the Mary Foundation's brand cases.

The project it a collaboration between Amager and Hvidovre Hospital, the Mary Foundation, Dialogue without Violence and Østifterne.


Coat ● Arma

Belt ● Etro

Glasses ● Gucci

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

Queen Mary's Center

20 March 2024

Crown Princess Mary Center was officially named and opened in February 2022 on occasion of her 50th birthday. When her title changed in February with the proclamation, the center has now changed its name to 'Queen Mary's Center'.

The Queen was present at the name changing ceremony at University of Copenhagen. She was also given a status on current results and experiences reached by the center after the first two years. The center's visions for the future were also discussed at the meeting.


Coat ● Massimo Dutti

Blouse ● The Fold London

Trousers ● Celine

Glasses ● Gucci

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Bag ● Mulberry

State Council dinner 2024

18 March 2024

King Frederik and Queen Mary hosted their very first State Council dinner as King and Queen of Denmark on March 18th. The prestiges dinner took place at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg in Copenhagen.

The couple were photographed with the State Council by photographer Steen Brogaard at Fane Hall at Frederik VIII's Palace before the dinner.


Skirt ● By Malene Birger

Earrings ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Brooch ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Bracelet ● Queen Ingrid' Ruby Parure

Necklace ● Halberstadt

Necklace ● Julie Sandlau

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Meeting with UNEP

18 March 2024

On Monday, Queen Mary hosted a meeting with Inger Andersen. She is the Director General of the United Nations Environmental Program. Also known as UNEP.

At the meeting, the Queen was given a status about this year's UN Environment Assembly, UNEA. Every two years UNEA brings together the world's environmental ministers in Nairobi in Kenya. The assembly took place in February.

Director General Inger Andersen also informed the Queen about UNEP's work in general. How they promote biodiversity and nature protection globally.

We only have a few photos from their meeting at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg, but just enough to tell what Mary was wearing.

She stunned in a reused black knitted blouse from CO and the most incredible tweed skirt from Alexander McQueen. I always loved tweed. Must be one of my favorite fabrics. Mary has worn the skirt quite a few times. My favorite outfit is from 2022 when she attended the opening of the exhibition "The Queen's Jewellery Box".

We also get a glimpse of her white pearl earrings. They are old ones custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry. Look closer and you'll see a magnificent golden bangle from Dulong Fine Jewelry as well.

Love that she is wearing her golden Cartier watch again. We haven't seen that in quite some time now. Missed it. What is your view of her outfit?


Blouse ● CO, here

Skirt ● Alexander McQueen, here

Earrings ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Watch ● Cartierhere


golden bangle

Medal of Honor dinner for the Armed Forces, the Air Force and the National Emergency Management Agency

11 March 2024

Monday evening, King Frederik and Queen Mary hosted the very special Medal of Honor dinner with attendance from the Armed Forces, the Air Force and the National Emergency Management Agency. 

The prestiges dinner took place at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. Queen Margrethe was also present at the dinner.

This is not their first Medal of Honor dinner, but it is indeed the first as hosts as King and Queen of Denmark.

The Medal of Honor dinner for the Armed Forced, the Air Force and the National Emergency Management Agency was founded by King Frederik IX in 1953. March 11 was his birthday. Originally, King Christian VII founded the first Medal of Honor dinner for the Navy in 1801.

Mary was first wearing the bespoke dress and jacket in 2019. It is the female of the Danish Defense's gala uniform. She wore it beautifully! Just like in 2021 and 2023. Love that women have got their very own uniform.

Her stunning hairstyle caught my eye. I adore it when she is wearing updo's like these. So elegant and romatic. Wish we had a better photo to see the details more clearly.

Mary accessorized the outfit with huge outstanding diamond earrings once purchased at an Bruun Rasmussen auction. She first wore them a couple of years ago. Since then, she has loved wearing them for a number of different occasions.

Her necklaces are from Halberstadt and Julie Sandlau. A closer look revealed diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen surrounding a rather large diamond ring - which I have never been able to identify.

My guess is that she styled her look with black pumps.


Dress & jacket ● Bespoke for females of the Danish Defense

Earrings ● Purchased at Bruun Rasmussen, here

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Necklace ● Julie Sandlauhere

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here


golden bangle, diamond ring

Meeting with UNFPA, 

the Maternity Foundation & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

11 March 2024

For almost two decades, the Queen has worked with an agenda to to improve health, rights and wellbeing for girls and women both in Denmark and abroad.

The last 15 years, Queen Mary has shown her support to the Danish efforts to reduce maternal mortality and hereby also followed global developments alongside.

Today, she hosted a meeting with UNFPA, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Maternity Foundation. She was given an inside about maternal mortality. Among other things, they discussed how partnerships, innovations and digital solutions can contribute to women having access to a safe pregnancy and birth.

The meeting took place at Amalienborg.

Mary looked absolutely stunning in her reused emerald green ZARA suit! I love when she is wearing suits. Especially, colorful suits like this one. She has already worn it on several occasions. Please, let her outfit inspire you to wear more colors. We need colors in out daily life. She paired the suit with a simple (unidentified) black blouse.

Looks closer and you will see Mary matched her clothes with custom-made green earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The earrings can also be worn with a pendant. Love how she matched the colors. The fine golden necklaces are from talented Halberstadt and Julie Sandlau. Last but not least, her golden ring. It is crafted by Dulong Fine Jewelry.

We rarely get a photo showing her shoes, when she host private meetings. This time we have photos! Mary wore her outstanding studded green leather pumps from Valentino.


Blazer ● ZARA, here

Trousers ● ZARA, here

Earrings ● Custom-made by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Necklace ● Julie Sandlauhere

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry, here (similar)

Shoes ● Valentino, here


blouse, golden bangle

Visiting Roskilde Cathedral

05 March 2024

The King and Queen made a private visit to Roskilde Cathedral Tuesday afternoon. The couple were accompanied by Thomas Thulstrup. He is the Director of Kongernes Samling - a museum to tell the story of Denmark's history from the view of Kings. Kongernes Samling counts Rosenborg Castle, Koldinghus and Amalienborg Museum.

"Our history and culture are an important part of who we are. We can read about it, but it is still something very special to walk around it, as we did yesterday afternoon in the cathedral."

Unfortunately, I have not much to say about Mary's outfit when they visited the Cathedral in Roskilde. I would like to but I do not recognize much of what she was wearing.

Likely, she has worn both the long black coat and matching pants before. The photo is just to blurry for me to say for sure. I love that she wore an emerald green top!

I am only able to identify her glasses. They are from Gucci. Much beloved.


Glasses ● Gucci, here


top, coat, pants, shoes

Rare Diseases Day 2024

29 February 2024

Queen Mary is patron of Rare Diseases whom created the Rare Diseases Day. In 2009, she presented the very first Rare Diseases Award. It has been followed by another presentation in 2016.

The Rare Diseases Award is given to people, institutions or organizations who have made an extraordinary effort for people affected by a rare disease.

This year, Queen Mary handed over the award to young educator at Rigshospitalet Jakob Højer Larsen and Chairman of the Angelman Association Jane Villemoes. Congratulations to both of them.

Later on, she was given to opportunity to meet with representatives from Rare Diseases member associations and paint her own stripe on a zebra to mark the importance of diversity.

Why does she keep inspiring me? Because of her choice of color schemes. Mary has always been really good at this. Matching colors. Also the colors you wouldn't normally choose to wear together. I love that!

No surprise that her favorite color is purple. It suits her beautifully. But wearing it with grey it simply outstanding. Do you like this color combo? She has worn both shirt and skirt before but I have never been able to identify nor the shirt or skirt. Any ideas? The grey wool shawl looks new to me.

Mary embraced a stunning outfit with diamond earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe. Not a personal favorite but Mary love wearing them. She does that with such style. Both ring and bracelet are creations by Dulong Fine Jewelry. Custom-made with black South Sea pearls.

Take a closer look at her golden brooch. Did you know that it was given to Mary back in 2008 and is designed by Marie von Lotzbeck for Rare Diseases? Today, it is crafted by Camilla Urban. Wish we would wear brooches more often.

Mary first wore the light grey suede boots in 2021 when attending the International Day of the Girl Child. Gianvito Rossi was always in my search range but only now that model has been found.


Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here

Ring ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Bracelet ● Custom-made by Dulong Fine Jewelry

Brooch ● Designed by Marie von Lotzbeck. Crafted by Camilla Urban, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


shirt, skirt, shawl