The Young Global Leaders' Day 2015

Friday, August 28th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Young Global Leaders' Day 2015 which took place at Christiansborg Castle, the Danish Parliament. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway also attend.

In the evening, at 7:00 pm local time, Crown Princess Mary hosted a dinner for the Young Global Leaders Scandinavia at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. 

Young Global Leaders began back in 1971 with base in Geneva, Switzerland. The founder, Professor Schwab, drew European business leaders to Switzerland each in January to an annual meeting. They were gathered to focus on how European companies could catch up with US management practices. Today this meeting has developed to have more than 13 communities one of them is Young Global Leaders with around 900 exceptional young leaders. And if Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway shouldn't attend this meeting, I have no idea who should. They both work very hard and have been able to show impressive results over the years as representative of each their country in Scandinavia. I wonder if the Crown Princess has ever attended one of their meetings in private? Mostly, because I am surprise this should be her first meeting with the Young global Leaders. More and more leaders of large companies around the world are young people today, which I think is a great development.

Unfortunately, I have only been able to find one single photo from the 28th of August when Mary attended the meeting. Let us admit it, we can't see that much of her. What I see is a a white blouse or maybe even dress. My guess is a blouse. Perhaps her white peplum from Hugo Boss. But I'm not sure. Because the lack of pictures I really can't do it better than this. Nor do we have pictures from the dinner hosted by the Crown Princess at Frederik VIII's palace. 

The INDEX: Award 2015

Thursday August, 27th

Crown Princess Mary attended the INDEX: Award 2015 ceremony in Kulturværftet, Helsingør.

Around 8:00 pm. local time, theCrown Princess arrived to Kulturværftet in Helsingør to attend the INDEX: Award 2015 Ceremony. It is certainly not the first time she attend this event. The award is given to sustainable inventions and solutions developed by both men and women. Actually, it's the biggest prize when we talk about sustainable awards in the world. This is also the reason for all the international and national guests were invited. And of course Denmark's fashion queen no. 1 was invited. It's not that often we see the Crown Princess wear sustainable clothes, but it happens. The INDEX: Award is much more than clothes and I think the Crown Princess is very interested in the latest innovative inventions. Maybe it will be useful in her work with her foundation or for some other projects. From the second she arrived and entered the building to the time when she was standing on the stage where she congratulated the winners and hosts of the show -Lilian Gjerulf Kretz and Steffen Kretz, she was the star of the show. Five winners from four continents have been found and what they have in common is to make people's lives around the world better with their design. The five winners share a sum of €500,000. Congratulations to all of them.

I have been looking to this event because of all the glamorous dresses, sparkling jewellery and stunning hairstyles. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed by her look. No evening dress, no overwhelming jewellery and no eye catching hairstyle. Non. Way too casual. Not that I don't like her look because I really do. Just not for an evening like this. What is your opinion? Her wavy hair I love more than anything and it looks like it has become darker since the opening of the psychiatric hospital a couple of days ago. One more thought about her hair; I think she had haircut. Makes her look ultra feminine with the dark eyeshadow and her brown eyes. She amazed wearing golden Marianne Dulong earrings featuring diamonds and the twisted Orit Elhanati necklace. The bangle she wore we first saw at the Designers' Nest a few weeks ago. Do you remember it? Of course you do. Pernille have been able to identify this wonderful bracelet featuring a large, yellow citrine stone. The designer is Børge Niels Knusen. Fantastic piece of work. She matched the bracelet with an old ring on the same hand. She chose to wear a black satin clutch and golden slitter Gianvito Rossi pumps which I adore pretty much. The clutch has now been identified by Kate as her Louis Vuitton. She convinced me that a printed skirt also is stylish to wear at an fashion event. Printed skirts are the new evening dress. I usually start commenting on her clothes. Today it's the other way around. Hope you don't mind. Mary chose to wear a sleeveless black blouse and a lace medium length skirt. I identified it as Ganni. I would really much like to know what you think of yesterday's outfit. 

Skirt: Ganni City Hall Lace Skirt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Kharisma
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Børge Niels Knudsen Vintage Bangle in 14K Gold w. Citrine
Clutch: Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Minaudiere
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Gold Glitter Pumps

Meeting with the UNFPA

Wednesday, August 26th

Crown Princess Mary participated a meeting with the Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen and the Executive Director of UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Dr Babtunde Osatimehin which took place in the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen.

At 3:00 pm., Crown Princess Mary welcomed the Executive Director of UNFPA, Dr Babatunde Osotimehin at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg in Copenhagen.

What is UNFPA?
Their work began in 1969 and stands for United Nations Population Fund. The organization is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted by mother's and families and do every childbirth safe such as every young person's potential is fulfilled. Since 1969, where UNFPA began their work, the number of women dying from complications of a pregnancy or the birth has been halved! Today families are healthier and smaller. UNFPA does also work with providing women's health doing the pregnancy. Read more about their work here.

So much are going on these days. First a launching of a new project, the inauguration of a psychiatric hospital and tonight she'll be attending the INDEX: Award 2015. The Crown Princess is a really busy woman right now. The meeting with the UNFPA organization yesterday, was not an official event. Still, the press was there and took some pictures when she and Dr. Babtunde Osatimehin had a conversation with the Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen. This is not the first time she met with Executive Director of UNFPA, because she's been working with the UNFPA at a few occasions for a couple of years now. If I am correct, she once or twice met him as patron of the Mary Foundation. I'm not quite sure what the meeting was about, but my guess is the work of UNFPA. Maybe how Denmark can take part in their work. I love that she, even in her spare time, attends a meeting like this. To me it proves she is very committed to know more, help and to build a connection between different organizations and the Danish Government.

I always try to keep myself updated when it comes to Mary and her official calendar. If you are a royalist you never sleep. There is always things do. Sometimes I miss an event -this was one of them. But a reader made me aware of her presences. With loose wavy hair and a heartbreaking smile, Mary attended yesterday's meeting. She was the center of attention when standing in the middle of Dr Babtunde Osatimehin and Kristian Jensen. As last days outfit, she was dressed in black and white, new and reused. I'm tempted to start with her white blouse, so that's what we do. A few weeks ago, I was just about to buy a similar blouse. The high neckline frame the face beautifully. My reader Kate suggests that her blouse could be from By Malene Birger. Take a look at the link below and tell me what you think. To me the black jacket looks like Prada. The eye catching satin silk pencil skirt is new. Can you believe it, only one day and Heaven has already identified the skirt as Hugo Boss (BOSS Black). After a closer look I kinda like it. Marianne Dulong has created her golden earrings featuring white freshwater pearls. To me it looks like she's wearing her Christian Louboutin pumps as we saw a few days ago.

Jacket: Prada
Skirt: Hugo Boss Vanas Silk & Cotton Skirt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Leather Pumps in Beige

Ideas for identification
Blouse: By Malene Birger Lateefah Blouse in White

The launch of Loving Spoken

Tuesdays, August 25th

With the Mary Foundation did Crown Princess Mary attend the launch of the project Loving Spoken
 at Guldberg School in Copenhagen. 

For quite a while we haven't seen the Crown Princess. Mainly because of the official vacation. Now she is back again. Of course this means twice as much work for me, but it doesn't matter. Nothing's better than diving into the royal world of overwhelming dresses and glimpsing tiara's. I know there is non of that in this post, but I'm sure you know the feeling. When the Crown Princess arrived to Guldberg School in Copenhagen to attend in the launching, she was met by a class of eight grade pupils with waving flags. The reason for her visit is a project Loving Spoken which gives the young people some tools to prevent violent relationships. Loving Spoken will be tested in several different classes before other school will be able to buy in 2016. The idea started back in 2010 which proves that such projects takes time to develop. I'm sure it has been created specially by people who work and understand these issues. Domestic violence is one of the Mary Foundations focus areas. Domestic violence is a hard subject to talk about and for her to be open and actually talk about makes the dialogue a bit easier. Of all my heart I hope Loving Spoken will be able to help a lot of young people to prevent ending up in a violent relationship. After she gave a speech, which was really incredible. She took plenty of time to chat with some of the young people to hear their personal story. She expressed how important she think it is to learn the young once and for all, to talk about their feelings and give them a way out if they need it. Even though hard feeling is difficult to talk about, we need to. This is also a part of the tools from the project: to be able to express your feeling's and thoughts.

Casual in black and white, Mary attended the launching. No confusing prints and colours, only plain claim colours with a little fun on the shoes. We will come back to shoes and other accessories later. Yesterday I had no time to look for her clothes because I was in the middle of doing the post from August 24th, when she attended the opening of the new psychiatric hospital in Slagelse. Luckily, I have amazing followers who are there to give me a helping hand. I was so sure that her black blouse had to be from Hugo Boss, but an awareness reader saw something I hadn't seen: the little white stitched heart '<3' on the back. This heart is used by Danish brand Julie Fagerholt Heartmade. I haven not been able to find the identical model, but this is enough proof to me. The link below is just to show you how the heart looks like. The sleeves were rolled up. A really great detail. Then we have a new skirt as well. A creamy white one featuring a high waist. Now it has been identified as Day Birger et Mikkelsen. It was found by stylish royal women on Danish Royal Family! With her new cream white A-line skirt and high ponytail hairstyle, she reminds me of a classy 50s outfit -the stereotype teenage outfit. Mary bring this outfit to a whole new level. The business style for everyday use.
No outfit without accessories. Mary chose simple and colourful jewellery to give yesterday's look a little more fun. We all know about the Anni Lu bracelets, I've been able to identify two of the three as Mess Army and Fun Army. The third one is her multicoloured sapphire Charlotte Wæhrens bracelet. I am considering to give myself one of the Anni Lu bracelets for my birthday?Than there was a new one or at least I think it's new. A golden bracelet features a circle pendant with an engraved 'M'. Could be a Jane Kønig tag. The two necklaces we also know all about -one from Orit Elhanati and Marianne Dulong. I also see a diamond ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I was convinced she was wearing brand new earrings from Jewlscph and now I know she in fact is. Apparently several people have sought where they could purchase the earrings, so they asked the designer herself maybe because the link I had shared not worked... Then I got an email from Jewlscph where they explained which model she was actually wearing. Bottega Veneta is the designer of her expensive bag, like the Anni Lu bracelets we know everything about it. Mary has worn it multiple times at almost any kind of occasion, such as with the stunning and edgy Christian Louboutin snake pumps. It simply does not get any more stylish. She topped off this wonderful daytime look with a beautiful natural make up. 

Skirt: Day Birger et Mikkelsen Rok Kit
Blouse: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade
Earrings: Jewlscph Faceted Cirkel
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Atlantic Necklace
Bracelet: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Ideas for identification
Blouse: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Erden (example)
Pendant: Jane Kønig Mini LoveTag

Inauguration of psychiatry hospital in Slagelse

Monday, August 24th

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of a new psychiatry hospital in Slagelse.

It was clearly a overwhelmed Crown Princess who arrived to Slagelse, when she entered the hall with the round staircase, the high ceiling and with the amazing light. She was truly impressed. When she cut the red ribbon with the golden scissors, the first psychiatry hospital in 100 years was inaugurated in Denmark. Green gardens and plenty of space surrounds the future patients such as special designed light. Back in time the psychiatry hospitals were associated with long white corridors. Here we have a new and innovative hospital that, hopefully, will be able to help a lot of people to a better life. The patients will also be surround by very well-designed architecture from staircases to accommodations. I found some pictures, here, of the new construction. If you're in the situation where you need to get psychiatric help I think the last thing you want is a plain monotone hospital. It really does not reminds me of a psychiatry hospital at all.

For such a great event in the Danish hospital history also requires that Mary is dressed for the occasion. In a sea of different blue shades, she wore her Signe Bøgelund-Jensen dress features a fitted waist and cap-sleeves. A dress we have seen multiple times before on different occasions. I think it was in 2012 at the Olympic Games in London, here, she showed the world the dress for the first time. It is... what the fourth or firth time we see it and I still love it. The design is a beautiful combination of colours and a water colour inspired pattern. A significant print Mary wears with style. For her to chose beige accessories are great because all attention is on the dress. Still, I want you to take a closer look or let us do it together. Bøgelund-Jensens creations was matched with a reused straw pillbox hat made by milliner Susanne Juul. She wore the hat back in 2012 on an official visit to South Korea, here, and at the opening of the Danish Parliament 2011, here. In both cases she was extremely beautiful, like the 60's fashion icon Jackie Kennedy with her classy style. I have a wish that I some day will be the happy owner of a vintage pillbox hat. One of my best readers noticed that Mary might have had her hair dyed in a light brown colour. Her earrings, I think, is the square aquamarine blue pair from Marianne Dulong. The beige Christian Louboutin pumps are made for this kind of outfit if you ask me. A perfect match was the leather clutch from Carlend Copenhagen.

Let us for a second move our eyes back to the jewellery, because I completely forgot her bracelets and the ring on her finger. Anni Lu's bracelets have been very popular for Mary to wear lately. In the style of Anni Lu's designed she wore her Charlotte Wæhrens bracelet. For quite some years, Mary has been wearing a golden bracelet with tiny flower pendants, also yesterday, but I have never been able to identify it. My best guess is Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. And than we have the ring on her right hand. I spotted it right away. Still, I can't recognize it, my pictures are in a bad quality. She topped of the look wearing beige gloves. It really does not get any better!

Dress: Signe Bøgelund-Jensen Blue Floral Printed Dress
Hat: Susanne Juul 
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bracelet: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet 
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Leather Pumps in Beige

Crown Princess Mary: the most stylish young royal woman

We all knew this, but now it's official: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, mother of four, married to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has now been named the most stylish young royal by online readers of Hello!. Over 30,000 readers cast their vote and with 29 per cent of the votes given to the Danish Crown Princess. This is how she was given the impressive title. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands followed her in a second place and third was the Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. I'm so proud to have the most stylish royal woman as Crown Princess. This proves; a classic style with a pair of personal items mixed with a little colour, will always be a winner despite the constant chancing fashion. I think one of the reasons why the Crown Princess was a favourite, is because of her confidence. She's confident in what she wears and more important -Mary's personality influencing her choice of clothing. I give a little more detailed description below. Reasons why think she won this vote. Nor is it the first time Mary's name appears on such a list. The american magazine Vanity Fair, who published their first issue in 1913, mentioned her on their list in 2010 on a fourth place, then again in 2012 and 2014. Each time she rank in the top among world class hollywood stars etc. She is everywhere to find when it comes to finding the best dressed woman in the world. 

Why is it that Mary's style is loved by so many women worldwide?
A long time ago, Mary admitted she had no clue what her style was. She only knew a little about fashion. Then she came to Denmark and quickly she was known as the fashion-princess because she attended almost every fashion show held in Denmark. She proved that she was way more than that. Fashion was just the beginning. She also once told in an interview, she needed a personal stylish to help her because she did not know what suited her. Today, she is lecturing all of us how to dress properly. In a sea of colours, patterns and different materials Mary rule the fashion world: national and internationally. She is a source of inspiration for millions of woman worldwide. Here is why I believe her style will late for a very long time:


I think Mary love colours. In my regular posts I often mentions the variety of her use of colours. They have a special influence on us. I'm one of those who believe that every single colour have their own meaning, like emotions. Every one of them affect us in a certain way. If you right now think I'm completely crazy, think about it for a moment; have you never seen a woman in a bright coloured dress and it made you fell happy, overwhelmed, sad etc.? I love colours, they makes life a bit more exciting. They makes us different from each other. Still, I have a thing about black and white pictures. Never mind. Colours are wonderful and we need to use them much more just like Mary does. Play with them, mix and match so they suit your personal style.

Pattern & prints

I often think it's difficult to combine patterns and prints with each other. It is hard to find the balance between well-dressed and over-dressed. But there is a whole world of wonderful and inspiring patterns out there. Mary knows how to dress with both animal prints and geometric patterns and not just the black/white ones, also in bright playful colours. I'm always impressed when I see her wear a new piece of clothes featuring a new fascinating print. It's like with the colours; Mary makes her outfits modern, personal and more interesting using all kind of pattern and prints. She does what other women only think about. Remember; black isn't really a colour and not that exciting to wear all the time. Maybe we are afraid of the attention colour and prints can give us? Mary knows how to shine and almost every single time we adore her look because of prints and patterns. 

Different styles

Mary never get 'plain and boring' when it comes to style. She always wear the latest trend -her own way- whether it's a fashionable trench coat-vest or sneakers. Without compromising she varies, her choice of clothing after the latest trend, the season of the year and what is right for the event she participates. When we least expect it, Mary shows up dressed in a new or reused dress, in a way we haven't seen it before. Either she's wearing a very significant print, a maxi-dress or a third thing. She does the unexpected. Every year I guess what she wears at a particular event, but often I'm mistaken because she does the unexpected. We see her wear black trousers for a short period, then she's in feminine dresses and so on. We never get tired of her style because Mary is inventive. 

Her femininity

What I love most about Mary, is the fact that she uses her femininity. Nothing is better than a woman wearing her femininity with pride. She's confident in what she wears because she has accepted her body as it is. How do I happen to know that? Well, I don't. What I know is that a woman only show so much aplomb if she has accepted herself. It doesn't matter how tall you are, how much you weigh or how much your waist measures -if you love your body as it is, then you automatically gets a confident attitude. Mary knows exactly what suits her, which size in clothes she uses and how to get the best out of her figure. Let men be men and women be women. She dare to show all her best sides and wear what makes her happy. 

Dresses her age

Nothing's better than a women who dresses her age. Every stage of her life, Mary variate her style. Whether she is the fashion-princess, mother of one, two or four, front figure for a new project, etc. When she was pregnant with Prince Christian back in 2005 and 2006, she wore lots of floral dresses, pastel colours and fine coats. Light materials and wide-brimmed hats. It was a very glamorous time of her fashion-life. About a year later in 2007, at the second pregnancy, she cut her hair and with that her style changed to become more mature. Plain colours, more simple models and a few classic pieces of jewellery. Around the time when she became 40 year old, we saw the fashion-princess once again; this time she was not insecure but a grown up woman. Suits, leather skirts, turtleneck blouses and maxi-dresses. I think this is another reason why her style is loved by so many: she dresses her age. 

That basic wardrobe

Maybe this one should have been No. 1? A basic wardrobe is essential -clothes and accessories she can mix and match, year after year. It is the foundation of a good wardrobe. Did you ever read my post about her basic wardrobe, here? Mary is known for her reuse of both basic items and new ones. The basic pieces is what Mary uses to get that amazing and stylish wardrobe which is the reason for her to win the Hello! vote. Am I right? She signaling that you can easily use your clothes and accessories time after time, year after year. You can be the worlds most stylish person also in reused clothing's. 

Christening in Holmens Church

Saturday, August 15th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the christening of Countess Ingeborg, daughter of Count Bendt and Countess Pernille Wedel from Wedellsborg on the island of Funen, in Holmens church in Copenhagen. Crown Prince Frederik was one of six godparents. 

The only pictures taken of the Crown Prince couple at the christening in Holmens church this weekend is taken by Billed Bladet. It was no official event for the couple to attend. You really can't miss such a spectacular event as a christening. This may also be a bit more special for the couple to attend because, as you already know, the twins were back in 2011 christened in the same church and now Frederik is the godfather of another little girl. That may bring lots of memories from when their own four children were christened. According to the Danish magazine, the couple were not seated next to each other, which makes sense because the Crown Prince was one of the godparents, who sit s near by the child and its parents. They left the church together and that's where we get interested. 

Mary, the Queen of Fashion, was dressed in a Crown Princess Mette-Marit-look-a-like-dress or at least that's what came to my mind when I look at her. Crown Princess Mette-Marit tend to wear long silky dresses in every possible colour and print. Mary chose a dress featuring a snake print and, believe it or not, I was actually able to identified it. Her new clothes and accessories have been pretty hard for me to identified lately, but with this dress from Zimmermann, I'm back in the game. A brand made by two Australian sisters, Simone and Nicky Zimmermann, founded in 1991. The fact that she's wearing snake print is a bit, but suits her very well. Don't you think? Gives her more of a Scandinavian-look. Maybe that's why it reminds me so much of the norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit. Mary embrace the style by wearing a few stylish accessories. Two of them are the same as from the magical weeding between Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden in June, here. At that time I identified her silver clutch as J. Furmani. This is the same we saw at the christening such as her silver glitter pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Marianne Dulong created Mary's silver diamond earrings which can be mixed and matched in several different ways, here with a dark blue pendant. I think she wore a belt worn with her Fendi dress at a garden party at Fredensborg in 2012, here. A magnificent outfit, suitable to the occasion. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Clutch: J. Furmani Stone Flap Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Glitter Pumps

Therapy with TUBA in Copenhagen

Thursday, August 18th

Crown Princess Mary attended a group therapy session at TUBA with young men and woman such as a therapist, to talked about problems and experience to be a child of parents with an abuse.

Back in 2014 TUBA (Therapy and advise for young people who are children of alcohol abusers) - was given the Crown Prince couples Social Prize. When the Crown Princess handed over the award to Axel Klemensen and Henrik Appel, she reasoned why with these words, here. At that time the Crown Princess made a promise that one day she'd visit the organization. And here she is, a year later. According to statistics; TUBA helps more than 400 children and young people each year. They are doing an incredible job, all voluntarily. I'm not child of alcohol abusers or know anyone who are therefor I can't tell how hard it is, but if 400 children and young people each year need help I am grateful an organization like TUBA exists. Most times, issues can be solved by talking about the problems. Organization's like TUBA always impress me and I'm grateful. I hope that the organization will keep going with their impressive job for a long time and I wish the best of lucky with all their future projects. Her visit in the rooms of TUBA at Vesterbro, Copehagen, lasted for about two hours. She met several young people who have been a part of the therapy sessions TUBA offers. According to different articles, the Crown Princess also took part in the session without as much as word.
After two hours of therapy the Crown Princess was on her way home, but the car that was about to pick her up was a little late, so Mary had to wait standing on the street. Not something I remember we have experienced before. Things happen. She was quite calm and to some Danes joy they got a rather rare glimpse of their Crown Princess.

Sitting in a light grey couch talking to several member and involved people, she blended in with her new Signe Bøgelund-Jensen dress. This was identified by Kate. A wonderful dress. When I first saw it, I had no idea who the designer could be, maybe because I haven't had the time to actually look at it closely. My two weeks of vacation is to blame that I'm a little behind with the blog or at least I was. Her hair was beautifully waved which gave her a soft and more casual look next to the rather delicate Bøgelund dress. The diamond earrings are from Hartmann'sAnni LuCharlotte Wæhrens and Marianne Dulong created her bracelets. This is a wild guess, but I think she could be wearing a diamond ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as well. The two necklaces are from Marianne Dulong and Orit Elhanati. Two classic pieces of jewellery, just way more fun and playful. She completed her outfit with nude patent leather pumps from Jimmy Choo, not seen in years.

Dress: Signe Bøgelund-Jensen Draped Dress
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Atlantic Necklace
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet 
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Bracelet
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps

Ideas for identification
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands

Birthday party at Tranekær castle

Saturday, August 8th

Crown Princess Mary attended the 50th birthday party of Count Christian and his wife Countess Mette Ahlefeldt-Laurvig. The birthday party was held at Tranekær Castle -the Count and Countess' home on Langeland. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also attend the celebration. Crown Prince Frederik did not attend because of a pneumonia. 

What an entrance! Without her husband next to her, Crown Princess Mary arrived to Tranekær Castle on Langeland. If she was fascinated by the huge red castle in front of her, I understand why. Two years ago me and my family was on vacation close to Tranekær Castle and we all love to go around and see the palaces and castles located in the vicinity of where we are. In my family we are all very interested in history. There's something magical about castles. History tell us who we are and who we were. History created our society -whether or not we like it. Tranekær has a long history back to 12th century. The castle has a quite interesting history and if you want you can read all about it here. I really think you should take the time. The Crown Princess made a fast and elegant entrance accompanied by Claus and Anna von Lowzow. You may remember the name of the woman. She made the documentary The Royal Jewellery broadcasted on Danish television in 2011. A magnificent documentary.

To a party like this, knee length dresses are not that suitable. Floor length is indeed. Mary chose a figure hugging gown in black featuring yellow- and blue flowers. Lately, Mary has worn clothes I have had a hard time identifying, but this one wasn't hard to find at all. Similar to the dress from September 10th 2014, here, this one is also from Erdem. Obviously, right? Thanks to Pernille, Kate, Royals & Fashion to let me know about the designer. The dress has actually been worn by Kelly Ripa as well, here. After a closer look I found out that she wore a black gown at the party. It would also have been great in a midnight blue colour as the shorter model. Instead Mary embrace the style with bright blue accessories. The qquamarine blue chandelier earrings featuring small diamonds was shining next to her elegant hairstyle. The story tells that her earrings was a gift from her husband Crown Prince Frederik. We may never know if it is true. As other jewellery she wore several Anni Lu and Charlotte Wæhrens bracelets. Then there is her brand new clutch. A bright blue clutch with a huge diamond square stone on top. With the help from Pernille, I now can tell you that it's from one of her favourite designers: PradaPernille & Kate they made my thoughts a reality because I had a feeling that her blue pumps were new and from Gianvito Rossi and they found the exact same model, despite they do not know each other and live miles away apart. When you have been fascinated by the Crown Princess for many years as the three of us, you recognize new thing pretty fast. It had become a strength or maybe weakness. Maybe you also noticed that she, once again, wore a coral nail polish? My only comment is: welcome to the 60s! Hair and makeup are beautifully done. 

Dress: Erdem Jane Silk Maxi Dress
Bracelet: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet 
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Clutch: Prada Satin Clutch Cornflower Blue
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Silk Pumps in Blue

Meeting with the Dr Maria Furtwängler

Monday, August 10th

Crown Princess Mary participated a meeting, with Dr Maria Furtwängler from Germany, as the patron of the Mary Foundation. Representatives from the organization the Mothers Help and Nykredit, took part in the meeting. Dr Maria Furtwängler is also involved in the project Domestic Violence. The main topic of the meeting was the collaboration between the Mary Foundation, Nykredit, the Mothers Help and LOKK.

At the meeting the Crown Princess was dressed in a new pink dress from Prada. It took my quite a while to identify whether it was a blouse or a dress. At first I was sure she wore a blouse and maybe a pencil skirt. But when I found the dress at Prada, I was in no doubt any longer. The very girly dress features a paisley print. Love the colour next to her dark brown hair. Looks just great. I really like to see her in the dress again, also to decide if I like it or love it. Unfortunately, only one picture has been published at the Mary Foundation's Facebook page. Take a good look and tell me what you think of her new floral printed dress. 

The Designers' Nest & Designers Nest Award 2015

Friday, August 7th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Designers' Nest show and handed over the prestigious Designers' Nest Award 1

For a second my heart stopped when I saw the first photos from the Designers' Nest Award. I had a hard time breathing because the Crown Princess looked simply stunning. Every single component perfectly matched -classic with a twist of something modern. To me she was on the top of the game! At the arrival the Crown Princess was welcomed with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Later, after the show, Crown Princess Mary graced the runway herself to hand over a huge bouquet to the winner Swedish Sara Lundberg from the Swedish School of Textiles. When she was photographed with Sara, she was one big smile just as the winner. The two women had a little chat. I am sure Mary congratulated Sara Lundberg with the award.

We can't overlook that she was wearing that gorgeous new long vest. They are so trendy right now. I think we will see many of them during fall. I considered to buying one myself. Now I might actually do it. Mary convinced me with hers which has been identified as a Fonnesbech (SS15) creation. This is the first time we see her in their design. I really cannot describe why I like this new vest so much, but Mary with her brown hair wear it so beautifully. Notice the orange belt and lining. What a stunning detail. Maybe you think you have seen both the vest and the combination Mary wore at the Designers' Nest; you are actually on to something. One of my most dedicated readers told me a very interesting thing. Back in 2014 Mary was on an official visit in Canada with Frederik. Here she attended a fashion arrangement on September 18th accompanied by a woman with the name Eva Kruse. She is the CEO of the fashion industry network organization Danish Fashion Institute and the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Eva Kruse wore, on September 18th, the exact same vest as Mary in the combination with white trousers and blouse. You see a picture of Eva in her Fonnesbech vest on the picture right below. Because of the plain white clothes underneath the vest, both Mary and Eva both looked way taller. It's a great contrast. Take a quick look at Mary's trousers; love that she isn't not just wearing normal straight trousers. These JOSEPH trousers gives the outfit something special.

Carefully, I've studied every picture I have to see if Mary wore any kind of bag or clutch. I realized, she wasn't. This is the second time in a very short time. She accessorized her outfit with two golden necklaces -one from Orit Elhanati and one from Marianne Dulong. Mary has worn these two a lot lately. A great match. If you just need to have one yourself and can't afford a real Marianne Dulong, then I have this, here, to show you. Sent to me be a reader who love it as much as I do. It's a great match. Her earrings are from Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen. Again a bracelet or two from Anni Lu and Charlotte Wæhrens on the right hand and a brand new golden cuff featuring a huge diamond shaped stone. I was asked if it was a watch or a bracelet -differently a bracelet. My best reader Pernille has now found the right one. It's a vintage bracelet in 14k gold with a large citrine stone from the Danish jewellery designer Børge Niels Knudsen. The gold and silver diamond rings are both from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. She stunned also wearing studded Valentino shoes.

Vest: Fonnesbech Vest
Trousers: JOSEPH Philippa Pleated Silk-Cady Tapered Pants
Earrings: Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen Bille Earrings Guld
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Atlantic Necklace
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet + Fun Bracelet Army
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Bracelec w. Stone: Børge Niels Knudsen Vintage Cuff in 14K Gold
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015

Thursday, August 6th

Crown Princess Mary attended the annual Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015 in Copenhagen.

Finally, it is time for Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015! Something I look forward to each year. Unfortunately the fashion week is always at the same time as I'm on vacation. The same happened this year. All the great things happen when I not around. The fashion week is one of my personal favourite events because of the stylish and modern outfits we always see. I think we see a different site of the Crown Princess' style. All of us who follow the latest fashion, just a little bit, know that the world of fashion changes fast and what we see on the runway is often not something we would wear. It's only for inspiration: take what you like and style it the way you love. But the Crown Princess always captures the latest trend from the Danish fashion world with her one single outfit. Back in time she attended much more shows than she does today. Now she only appear at the event a couple of times. This year she attended several shows. One of them was at Malene Birger, which she attended with her friend, actress Ellen Hillingsø.

There are so many details and components to look at with this outfit from clothes to jewellery. I'm not sure where to begin. Black may not be the right colour to wear when it's warm outside, but her new floor length skirt and matching top are made of different fabrics and the shear parts makes it less warm. Mary attended a Malene Birger show, so it does not surprise me that her layer skirt has been found at By Malene Birger. Here I want to thanks all of you who shared the ID with me. Apparently, the blouse is from the same designer. So far I haven't been able to prove. No one like Mary wears a black outfits with such elegance. The combination of the layer skirt and the sleeveless blouse is just great. At the arrival, accompanied by actress Ellen Hillingsø, she wore Dolce & Gabbana shades. I love the fact that she's wearing shades and to an outfit like this. Not something you see many royal's do.

I was very surprised to see that she had no clutch with her at the event in Copenhagen. She always wear some kind of clutch or bag. I miss one, but when I look at all the other stunning jewellery she added to her stylish outfit, I do not complain. Both new and reused pieces. No earrings but a rather large new necklace in a beautiful shape. The style of it is classic Danish design from the 60s and 70s such as the new cuff on her left wrist. Modern jewellery with a touch of vintage/retro from By Malene Birger (Pre-Spring 2016). When I'm talking about vintage and retro 60s I need to mention she's wearing the most trendy colour when it comes to nail polish -every women's favourite in the 60s. I almost forgot to mention the golden Orit Elhanati necklace. On the other arm she wore several different Anni Lu and Charlotte Wæhrens bracelets and two rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Once, on November 21 2011 in Australia, we have seen her wear the amazing t-bar sandals from Christian Louboutin. It took quite some years to find the right model, but Pernille who is a friend of mine, finally found the right one. So now we know for sure that Louboutin is the designer. I am absolutely in love with this look!

Skirt: By Malene Birger Alessal Skirt
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: By Malene Birger Monteux Choker
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Bracelet: By Malene Birger Edeson Bracelet
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leves Ring in 18K Yellow Gold
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Pink Leather Heels

Ideas for identification
Blouse: By Malene Birger

On vacation at Mallorca

Friday, July 31st

Crown Princess Mary was spotted shopping with friend in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The story goes that the Crown Princess is spending a few days at Mallorca along with the couple's two oldest children Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. Crown Prince Frederik did not take part in the vacation because of a royal duty in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia along with the 128th International Olympic Committee session, here. Apparently, the Crown Princess and her two children only spend a couple of days at Mallorca before going back to Copenhagen again.