Day 2. Official state visit to Japan

Friday, March 27

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on official state visit to Tokyo, Japan along with a Greenlandic business delegation. The visit last from March 26-28th.

Program: Tokyo
  • 9:30 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended an event on tourism in Greenland.
  • 10:30 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary went on a cruise in Tokyo Bay.
  • 12:05 pm. The Crown Prince couple attended lunch. 
  • 3:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of an exhibition on Greenland. 
  • 8:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended dinner.

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary on cruise in Tokyo Bay

Now one day has already pasted and we got two days left. The Crown Prince couple are in Tokyo, Japan, on official state visit as part of a Greenlandic business promotion. Because of this the couple are traveling along with a business delegation. I do not think their program is as full as usual which is actually great because then they have more time to each activity. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary started the day by visiting an event on tourism in Greenland, followed by a wonderful cruise in Tokyo Bay. I know they both love traveling with Dannebrog; the royal family's yacht so I believe they both enjoyed a little cruise to see Tokyo from a whole new point of view. After a little lunch with the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, the Crown Prince couple attended the opening of an exhibition on Greenland.

Yesterday I mentioned cultural differences playing a role in choosing the right clothes for a visit like this. I think Mary was spot on yesterday but today was even better! She was dressed in her floral printed Mary Katrantzou dress featuring magnificent colours! This dress makes me speechless. It got everything it takes to be the perfect "Japan-dress". Do you like it? or is the print a little too much? Personally, I wouldn't mind wearing it myself. Love the fact that she is reusing her accessories this times as much as she does. Just makes it more exciting I think! And the fact that Mary only had to pack half a suitcase. So clever! We both got to see her nude patent Christian Louboutin pumps, and suede Hugo Boss clutch again today. While cruising on Tokyo Bay she was also wearing a plain white Prada coat. She embrace the beautiful outfit with white pearl earrings and a ring from Marianne Dulong. Once I told you that the pearl ring could be from her mother-in-law Queen Margrethe, it is not. Closeups has revealed similarities to Marianne Dulong's designs. 

Dress: Mary Katrantzou Multicolor Silver Lake Printed Dress
Coat: Prada
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Clutch: Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch (black)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Patent 85 mm

'Danish Fashion Now' is here!

Photo@ Dr. Adams

Maybe you remember a post I made a few weeks ago, here, about the exhibition Danish Fashion Now who have 10 of Crown Princess Mary’s dresses exhibited! Now you might now what I’m talking about. Yesterday the exhibition opened and displays both evening gowns and everyday dresses. To those of you who are as excited as I am to see which ten dresses has been chosen, I got permission from the sweet Marianna from Books, Birkins and Beauty to show some of her photos, taken by herself, from when she visited the exhibition.


By Malene Birger, here

Ilse Jacobsen, here

Ole Yde, here

Birgit Hallstein, here

Charlotte Lynggaard, here

David Andersen, here

Jesper Høvring, here

Designers Remix, here

Heartmade Julie Fagerholdt, here

Niels Kristiansen, here

Day 1. Official state visit to Japan

Thursday, March 26

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on official state visit to Japan from March 26-28th as a part of a Greenlandic business promotion. 

Program: Tokyo 
  • 2:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a seminar on fish and Shellfish.
  • 2:50 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited Kyu Asakura Ke Jutaku garden. 
  • 4:00 pm. The Crown Prince couple attended a seminar about the Arctic. 
  • 6:30 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended Greenlandic Music.
  • 7:45 pm. The Crown Prince couple attended a welcoming dinner. 

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary during their first day in Tokyo

We are just so spoiled these days! Only about a week ago the Crown Prince couple attended the state visit of the King and Queen of the Netherlands while staying in Copenhagen. It only lasted a couple of days but I enjoyed every single moment. And now Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on the go again. This time the couple are on an official state visit to Tokyo, Japan. The visit is part of promoting Greenland in Japan which is why the couple travel accompanied by a Greenlandic business delegation. Also Minister of Food Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Hunting, Fishing and Farming Karl Kristian Kruse and Greenlandic politician Kim Kielsen have joined the Danish royal couple while visiting Japan.
Frederik and Mary began the state visit with a seminar on fish and shellfish followed by a visit to the Kyu Asakura Ke Jutaku garden -referred to as traditional style. Well, I wouldn't mind paying the garden a visit if I ever are going to Toyko. The sun was shining and everything I see is that the couple enjoyed to start the day in these surroundings. They were given a guided tour around the garden by the former home owner from the Asakura family. Before attending dinner in the evening, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess joined yet another seminar and attended Greenlandic Music event.

If I was told I had to spend three days in Japan accompanied by ministers, a business delegation and probably 200 photographers and journalists from all around the world, I for sure would be scared for a moment. Secondly, I would go crazy for what to wear! Japan and Denmark are different cultures in many ways, also when it comes to fashion. So, what would you choose to wear? Well, Mary chose something very simple with only little accessories. It is the second time she's wearing that double breasted Stella McCartney coat featuring a snake print. Thanks to all of you who reminded me that Mary has worn the coat before. Sometimes it is hard to chose between plain dark or bright colours, but I think Mary did a great job this time by mixing it up.  She paired the coat with black trousers and Prada ballet flats. At first I was sure she was wearing her flats from Chanel, but thanks to Royalista they have correctly been identified as Prada. When comparing the two of them I figured out that they are indeed very much alike. It was only when the couple visited the Kyu Asakura Ke Jutaku garden she wore the flats. Afterwards Mary changed to a pair of nude pumps from Christian Louboutin. With Hartmann's earrings, a couple of diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and a suede clutch from Hugo Boss Mary simply amazed me with her beauty. 

Coat: Stella McCartney Edwige Coat
Earrings: Hartmann's
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Clutch: Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch (black)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Patent 85 mm

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending dinner

Around 7:45 pm. local time the Crown Prince couple arrived to attend a dinner on occasion of their visit in Tokyo. Only very few pictures and articles have been published from the dinner taking place in the evening which is quite a shame. I'd love to have know a little more of what was going on during the evening. From what I see I think the couple had a great evening in each others company. Also Minister of Food Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Hunting, Fishing and Farming Karl Kristian Kruse and Greenlandic politician Kim Kielsen attended the dinner. Speeches were given and time were set to have a chat.

Fortunately, it does not take that many pictures for me to make a loooong and complicated comment on what she was wearing at the dinner. But don't worry, I won't do that. Still, I feel desire to share my thoughts with you. It is with help from owner of Treasures & Tiaras I share with you the identify of Mary's brand new sky blue lace dress. It is from Dolce & Gabbana (AW14). Never thought of that designer myself but I am in no doubt that she is right. It features the most incredible details -long lace sleeves, a beautiful neckline, stunning silhouette and lovely colour! The lack of pictures does make it a bit difficult for me to judge what kind of jewellery she's wearing. I see a pair of diamond earrings, a thin golden bracelet and a rather large blue ring. All perfectly matched the dress, even the new grey suede pumps matched! To me it looks like a pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps and a grey Hugo Boss clutch the same model as earlier in the day in another colour. I’m one of those girls who adore lace and pastel colours! So for me it does not get any better than this. 

Dress: Dolce & Gabbana 
Clutch: Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch (black)
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Suede Point-Toe Pumps

The Crown Princess Mary obsession #2

It is just wonderful that so many of you want to participate in this! I am a little overwhelmed actually and honored at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if people are afraid of talking about their royal passion? For me it comes very natural. Well, now I am quite honest because before I got the job at Royalista, only a few people knew I had a blog. But all knew that I was a royalist and being proud of it. I’m so thrilled that some of you don’t care and love to be a little royal, just like the one in my next obsession-post! This time we hear from a woman who comes from Mary’s homeland, the amazing Australia. Say hallo and welcome to May! Are you as excited as I am to hear her story? Well, here it comes.

In the first place, why did you choose to follow Crown Princess Mary the feature Queen of a little country as Denmark? 
This is the first question May kindly answered with these words:“I'm Australian, so, it's the fairy tale that has captured my heart, interest and fascination. I enjoy following her fashion choices and I’m interested in how she handles her various roles as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter and future Queen”

For me one of the most interesting things to know more about is your Mary-addiction/hobby/obsession. So May, tell us about it. How did it all start?
“It all started with magazines and newspapers. Then the mandatory daily visits to my favourite royal websites for up to date reports on her movements etc. It has also led me to follow other royal couples around the world.” She also tells that: “I have travelled to many countries in Europe and always visit the palaces, where I can. I am interested in the history and royal stories over the past centuries. A really cool thing May has done is to visit several countries to see her fascination in real life: “Over the years, I have been fortunate to visit London during Kate and Wills's wedding, then again during the birth of Prince George. I was in Stockholm last year for the King's birthday and was at the palace during the celebrations. In Copenhagen last year, I consulted the royal calendar and went to a function that Crown Princess Mary was attending to see her 'live'!”

When she went to Copenhagen to see Mary and the way she describes her is like in a Hollywood movie: “When she stepped out of the car, it was wow! She has such star quality, beauty and charisma.”

All good stories has a beginning and I really want to know how this became an obsession to you?
The answer she gave, is something I recognize myself. Maybe we both are a little crazy or just use too much time on being a royalist…? “It has become a daily habit and I feel like I know them personally!  It is also a matter of pride that my family and friends (although they tease me about it), consider me to be the 'expert' on royal matters.” I asked her what her loved ones think of her interest in the royals and the little obsession. I love the answer she gave: “They have a wry smile but they indulge in my obsession!”

So what is the next thing you plan to do with your Mary-obsession?
“I plan to visit Copenhagen again and see more royal sites and hopefully see the Royal family in person, would love to see Christian, Isabella and the twins. They are so cute!”

I must say that May is ambitious, even though I do not know her in person, but she wants to learn Danish. One of the most difficult language to learn because as she says: “It is frustrating watching Billed Bladet’s videos but not understanding what they say and it would be good to read the books and magazines without translation packages.” May, trust me you are not the only one out there who wants to do that. I feel a little lucky I do not need to learn it!

The last thing she writes is:“Of course, I would love to have a piece of fashion item that Mary has...maybe a Prada bag!” I hope you will be the owner of such a bag!

…the end…

Royal ball at the Naval Academy

Saturday, March 14

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the cadet ball at the Naval Academy, in Copenhagen.

So, this is a little confusing but keep up with my for a moment and you will understand. The Crown Prince couple attended the cadet ball at the Navel Academy last week which is why the date is no right. Somehow no pictures, articles etc. were published at the time. Quite annoying and I still do not know why. Hard to know that the couple have attended a ball (!) and we got nothing. This is the main reason why I have not posted anything from the evening -till now. Still, I only have a few pictures to comment on. I can't even make a link to the pictures, you have to find them yourself. Go to Write 'Crown Princess Mary ball march 2015' and then you'll find some pictures from the evening. 

Now when we have some pictures I am thrilled to see that Mary was wearing one of her old evening gowns! I have never been able to clarify if the information I have on the dress is correct, but what I've always heard then the brown gown is from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade. Judging by style and design then I still see it as a possibility. Can't recall we have ever seen that long shawl before; have me? Looks just great along with dress and the rest of her outfit. She has chosen to wearing diamond earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (from my favourite collection Winter Frost!!) and probably also a bracelet from the same collection. Other than this, she also wore a black unidentified clutch and her black satin Prada pumps. I would love to have seen her hairstyle better, unfortunately that is not possible but it looks really beautiful. Because the dress is reused; I asked for some help to find out when she wore it the first time? I want to thanks all of you who have helped me. Personally I was sure Mary wore it first in around 2005-2007 -I was wrong. Thanks to Mary From the Start and another sweet reader, I can tell it was in March 2008 when she attended an event in Sølyst, Klampenborg, here. The second time was a few year ago in 2010, when Prince Charles and Camilla officially visited Denmark, here. What I really like about this evening outfit, is the fact that her makeup is all natural and that she is actually wearing a burgundy nail polish. So of course we need another RoyalStyle!

This time I am going to talk a little about nail polish. Rarely we see the Crown Princess wear nail polish and when we do, often it is in some kind of red shade. Personally I am really fund of Essie, Chanel and Sally Hansen. Sure you have your own favourites when it comes to finding the right brand. If you are open to try some new ones, then I have found a few I think you should try. The Crown Princess wore a burgundy colour at the Naval Academy ball similar to this, this and this

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings
Shoes: Prada 

It could be from...
Dress: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade

Day 2. State visit from the Netherlands

Wednesday, March 18th

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are visiting Denmark from March 17-19th. The state visit aim to strengthen relations between Denmark and the Netherlands. 

Program: Samsø & Copenhagen
  • 10:25 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived to Samsø along with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. 
  • 10:50 am. The Crown Prince Couple and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited Samsø Efterskole.
  • 11:20 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and the King and Queen of the Netherlands visited Ballen Brundby Heating Plant
  • 11:40 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and the King and Queen of the Netherlands visited the Energy Academy on Samsø.
  • 12:15 pm. The Crown Prince Couple and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima had lunch at the Walthers Hvile
  • 4:00 pm. The Crown Prince Couple and the King and Queen of the Netherlands visited Bispebjerg Hospital
  • 7:00 pm. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima hosted a return gala dinner at The Black Diamond in Copenhagen.

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary visiting Samsø

This state visit is just something I have been looking so much forward to in a very long time! And now we are already started. Crazy. Yesterday was really wonderful and I'm so pleased that we have one whole day left in company with these two lovely royal couple's. The King and Queen of the Netherlands spend their second day in Denmark visiting Samsø. They were accompanied by Crown Prince Frederik and of course his wife Crown Princess Mary. Watching pictures from their day at Samsø I really think they all had a great time. Seems like they are getting along very well. At noon the couple's arrived to Samsø which was closely followed by a visit to Samsø Efterskole and  Ballen Brundby Heating Plant. It was with great interest they royal family members listened to everything they were told. Before leaving Samsø and getting back to Copenhagen, the Crown Prince Couple and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima had lunch at the Walthers Hvile.

Another day with a warm cape, long boots and... a new hat! Mary and Queen Maxima were both dressed to perfection in matching outfits. What Mary has chosen to wear visiting Samsø surprise me though you may think that is not possible anymore -well, it is. I like everything about her outfit. A perfect autumn outfit with the turtleneck and new grey cape from Ralph Lauren (Polo Ready-to-Wear Fall 2014/2015). To me her black skirt is a reused piece. What do you think? Of course we can't hold it any longer, we have to talk about her new hat which I'm sure you all noticed. It is from Susanne Juul. Go or no go? Not sure I have have purchased it myself but it looks great and makes her outfit complete. I'm a huge fan of hats though I rarely wear them. As other accessory Mary wore diamond earrings and rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and a Marianne Dulong bracelet. Queen Maxima wore a caramel colour coat and some snake pumps from L.K. Bennett. In contrast Mary wore knee-length Valentino boots and with the weather we have in Denmark right now I would have followed Mary with the boots. She also carried a white bag from Prada, probably her favourite among her Prada bags. I also have to comment on her hairstyle because it is just so beautiful!

Hat: Susanne Juul Felt hat with bow 
Cape: Ralph Lauren Grey Wool Cape
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Bag: Prada Saffinao Cuir Double Bag
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Boots: Valentino Blush Knee Boots

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending the return dinner at The Black Diamond

Oh... it has been two incredible days in company with King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. Looks like they all had a wonderful time together and have enjoyed the days. Traditionally the visiting royal couple host a dinner on occasion of the conducted state visit and that was also the case this time. The King and Queen of the Netherlands had invited the Crown Prince couple and many others to join them on their last evening in Denmark. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie was also invited and arrived shortly before Frederik and Mary. Though only a few hour had pasted; I was so thrilled to see the two couple's together again. They were already laughing and having fun at the arrival. Sure it was a wonderful evening! It has been a true pleasure following this state visit with all of you. I hope you enjoyed it has much as I did.

From the first glimpse of Queen Maxima, I was in love with her stunning orange gown! More than every I really looked forward to see what Mary had chosen to wear at the dinner. To all of you who do not like her outfit, I have one thing to say: she simply looked her best! We got everything we could only dream of. Even yesterday, she had the courage to wear something completely different than all the other guests -her white dreamy gown made by Birgit Hallstain. Red and black have always looked absolutely great and it will always be that way. The black floor-length gown is a reused By Malene Birger creation featuring layers and layers of ruffles. This is the third time we see her in that dress. First we saw it back in 2010 in her early pregnancy with the twins, here. Then again three years later in 2013 at a private birthday party, here. The black lace over her shoulders is from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade worn at a few occasions before this. She embrace the style with golden earrings, matching bracelets and a hair piece. I know many of you, including myself, have been looking for close-ups of this specific piece and now Kate finally found one here and what's more crazy -she also identified it! Can you believe it?! The beautiful piece comes from Dolce & Gabbana. To make the outfit even more elegant, if that’s possible, she wore black Prada pumps and a little black clutch. With red nail polish and lipstick she amazed me more than ever.

Earrings: Queen Earrings
Gown: By Malene Birger
Shawl: Heartmade Julie Fagerholt
Hair pin: Dolce & Gabbana Swarovski Crystl-Embellished Hair Comb
Shoes: Prada

Day 1. State visit from the Netherlands

Tuesday, March 17th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are present when King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima are on state visit in Denmark from March 17-19th. The visit aim to strengthen relations and common interests between Denmark and the Netherlands. 

Program: Copenhagen
  • 10:00 am. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the welcoming ceremony at Copenhagen airport to welcome King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima at the arrival to Denmark. 
  • 2:45 pm. The Crown Prince couple and the King and Queen of the Netherlands attended the seminar Sustainability of the Quality of our societies at Aalborg University. 
  • 8:00 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a gala dinner at Christiansborg castle hosted by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik on occasion of the state visit. 

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary at Copenhagen airport and Aalborg University

First a little note about something completely else than the state visit. I made some changes on the blog a few days ago and you clearly did not like them -nor did I. Therefor the design has changed one more time and I think this is way better! So, what I really just want to say is that if you miss anything, then let me know.

Now on to what we have been waiting for, for quite some time -another royal state visit. This time Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik host the visit of King Willem-Alexander and his lovely wife Queen Maxima from the Netherlands! On this occasion the Danish royal family members were gathered at Copenhagen airport to welcome the couple when they arrived by plain. The Crown Prince couple was also present at the welcoming ceremony. I have always had the feeling that especially Frederik and Mary get along with Willem-Alexander and Maxima really well. They seem to have a great time together and it was a great pleasure to follow the arrival, just to see their facial expression when the two couple's finally met again after quite some time. I am sure this is going to be a wonderful state visit. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, as well as Princess Benedikte, were also present at the arrival. The King and Queen of the Netherlands drove to Fredensborg Castle afterwards to attend the official welcoming ceremony. At noon the Crown Prince Couple joined the King and Queen and together they visited Aalborg University on occasion of their seminar Sustainability of the Quality of our societies. Here the royals followed a debate on maintaining and developing the high quality of life in the Netherlands and Denmark.

By no doubt Mary really amazed me when she attended the arrival along with her husband and the rest of her family. I am totally speechless (and that does not happen very often). The combination of that new caramel coloured coat and wonderful purple accessories are just so beautiful! According to Reines & Princesses Mary's coat is from Oscar de la Renta. Oh.. and do you remember the purple hat? It is the same as worn at the opening of the Parliament last year, here. Now it has been identified by Heaven as a Jane Taylor (AW14) creation. From the very first pictures I was really having a hard time difining what she was wearing under the coat, other than something white -possibly a white dress. Later it was revealed; Mary was wearing a brand new white Prada (SS2015) dress. Surpriseling, it has not been possible for me to find other than similar models from the same collection to share with youhere. She accessorized her outfit with black pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong, purple leather gloves perfectly matching the new Carlend Copenhagen clutch! Who says Danes only wear boring colours? Keeping everything classy she also wore her Christian Louboutin pumps. Does it get any better? Well, wait will you see what Mary was wearing in the evening at the gala dinner. 

Hat: Jane Taylor Shell - Felt Pillbox with Feather & Sequin £830
Coat: Oscar de la Renta Low Swing Coat
Dress: Prada
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa in purple
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Camel Jazz Calf Leather Decollete 868 Pump

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending dinner at Christiansborg Castle

After a really great first day it was time for a gala dinner. A way to welcome King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands to Denmark. The gala dinner was hosted by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. The dinner took place at Christiansborg Castle, in the room with the amazing checkered floor and tapestries. The room was beautifully decorated with golden chairs, green and yellow flowers and polished table wear. Everything was set for a great evening to take place. Both Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Princess Benedikte and her husband Prince Richard were present at the gala dinner. I can't imagine other than it was a splendid evening with a wonderful menu and fine wine.

So, was this worth waiting for? I think so. What I first noticed is the fact that Mary is actually the (almost) only royal women not wearing a blue gown at the dinner! Both Margrethe, Marie and Queen Maxima all wore different shades of blue. All women looked magnificent but I am a bit... proud to see Mary in something else. Our beautiful Crown Princess Mary showed us a off-white Birgit Hallstein gown, the same as the one she wore at New Year's eve 2015, here. This time without the velvet cape! So at the dinner it was way more easy to see the entire gown from head to toe. I couldn't spend hours talking about why I adore her gown but I'm not going to do that. Other than her Judith Leiber clutch and golden Manolo Blahnik pumps, I think we should pay attention to the jewellery for a minute. The delicate diamond tiara is the one she wore on her wedding day. It was a gift from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik on occasion of the couple's wedding in 2004. Apparently, it was purchased on an auction but nobody knows for sure. The tiara is told be to a creation from the beginning of the 20th century. Her aquamarine blue chandelier earrings have I once read are made by Marianne Dulong, but again I can't tell for sure. We have seen her wear them multiple times on many occasions such as the huge blue ring on her right hand. So, even though she did not wear a blue dress, she still wore a little blue at the dinner.  Another detail in blue is the ribbon across her and Frederik's chest. They were both wearing the Order of the Netherlands Lion, here. I am still amazed by what I see. 

Gown: Birgit Hallstein
Clutch: Judith Leiber Evening Leather clutch

The funeral of Peter Heering

Monday, March 16th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the funeral of Peter Heering in the Garrison Church in Copenhagen. 

After a long time with illness had Peter Heering died on March 11th, 80 years old. With attendance of both family and close friends, he was buried on Monday. Peter Heering was the father-in-law of Crown Princess Mary's lady-in-waiting Caroline Heering who is married to his son Peter Heering (junior), which by the way is an old friend of Crown Prince Frederik. The Herring family is close friends with the royal family which is also the main reason why several of them attended the the funeral. Queen Margrethe, her sister Princess Benedikte and Prince Joachim were present when Peter Heering was buried at Garrison Church in Copenhagen. At last church service was held to honor Peter one last time. After the church service the Crown Princes couple gave their condolences to the family. 

My deepest condolences goes to friends and family who have just lost a dear and beloved family member. 

The Champions for Change Awards Dinner

Thursday, March 12th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Champions for Change Awards Dinner taking place at the Banqueting Hall in London. The Crown Princess attend the dinner as patron of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). 

For this very special event the Crown Princess has traveled all the way to London. She was attending the Champions for Change Awards Dinner taking place at the Banqueting Hall, London. Not only was she about the hand over the award or give a speech during the dinner, she is also the patron for the event along with the English baron Hayman. The Crown Princess was warmly welcomed when she arrived to the big and fine arrangement. With a glass of champagne in her hand, she spend plenty of time greeting as many participants as possible. As before mentioned Mary entered the stage and gave the most incredible speech of them all at the opening. Among others, she told the other participants about her visit in Ethiopia last month, here, here, here. Time was up for the winner of the Champions for Change Award to be presented. This year the award was given to no other than Princess Mabel of the Netherlands for her committed work with the project Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage. Congratulation to Princess Mabel with this very fine award! The evening continued with an exquisite dinner in the beautiful surroundings of the Banqueting Hall.

One of the most amazing things is to get the change to see Mary wearing dusty colours -makes everything a bit more royal I think. During our childhood, especially girls, grow up with the fantasy that royals women wear huge tulle gowns, diamond tiaras and glass shoes, like Cinderella, on a daily basis. Well, I know that is not in fact the truth. Still, I love to see her wear something as in fairy tales. All this just to tell that I find her outfit absolutely stunning! At the arrival her new dusty pink dress was carefully hidden underneath that beautiful grey Massimo Dutti coat. Though the dress is pretty simple featuring long sleeves, she really knows how to wear it beautifully. Only a few hours after my post was published, Kate and Sarah managed to track down the designer of her new dress as Ralph Lauren. The detail with the brooch at front draw attention to her face and wonderful hairstyle. Talking about hairstyle, then I have to say that Mary's has always been as great inspiration for me. Attending gala on occasion of my own graduation, I created a hairstyle just like hers. Other than being a royalist I am truly in passionated about fashion, makeup hair design etc. This is also a reason why I chose to make a style blog about my second passion -the Crown Princess. So, since you have decided to follow my blog you have to have an interest in the same things as me, at least just a few. Therefor I thought: "why no share tips with my readers on how to create for instance a similar hairstyle as Mary's?". So every time I have something interesting to share with you, you will see that pink logo as below. Embracing the style Mary had chosen pink Gianvito Rossi (AW collection) pumps, a matching knot clutch from Bottega Veneta and black pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong.

At the dinner her hairstyle was indeed smashing and that is what I want you to try yourself! In fact it is very simple to make and takes about 10-15 minutes. Something that works perfectly day and night. 

1· Divide your hair into small sections and curl them. The bigger sections, the bigger your curl gets. That is really up to you how you want them. This half up do also works great with straight hair. Finish up with a good amount of hairspray and comb it through -gently!

2· Then take two front sections of hair and place them one by one on the back of your head. Makes them stay in place with 3 or 4 bobby pins (or what it takes to make them stay!).

3· Done! ... and this is really it. Pretty easy, right? You are very welcome to share your result with me.

Dress: Ralph Lauren Maurine Dress
Coat: Massimo Dutti Long Grey Jacket w. Belt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch: Bottega Veneta Intrec Knot Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

A conference and the opening of a exhibition

Tuesday, March 10th

Crown Princess Mary attended the conference entitled the 8th Public Private Dialogue Workshop 2015 on sustainability. The conference took place in the Confederation of Danish Industry, Copenhagen

The Crown Princess also attended the opening of the Home Guard's painting exhibition. 

Crown Princess Mary attending the 8th Public Private Dialogue Workshop 2015

It was around noon when the Crown Princess arrived to the House of Industry in Copenhagen where she was about to attend the 8th Public-Private Dialogue Workshop 2015. The event aim to share and exchange knowledge and support the PPD (Public-Private Dialogue) practitioners. Mary was the guest of honor but she wasn't the only one participating, also business managers and leading politicians attended from all over the world. The Crown Princess was warmly welcomed with smiles, flowers and greetings. When the Crown Princess entered the stage to give the opening speech of the conference, she spoke about the important topic's poverty and climate change as well as gender equality. Her speech was met by a laud applause. From front raw she listened to all the other key note speakers also attending the conference. Her visit at the Public-Private Dialogue Workshop was followed by the opening of an exhibition. 

Crown Princess Mary attending the opening of an exhibition

As the first thing in the morning Crown Princess Mary attended the 8th conference Public-Private Dialogue Workshop 2015 at House of Industry in Copenhagen. Her attendance was followed by the opening of the Home Guard's painting exhibition in Copenhagen City Hall, as guest of honor. Here 14 paintings are exhibited made by artist Mathilde Fenger, here. Once again, Mary was welcomed by a flower girl handing over the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to the Crown Princess. Then she was given a tour around the exhibition to see all the incredible exhibited pieces by Mathilde Fenger, who also attended the opening. She was the one telling Mary the story behind the paintings. Mary seemed very impressed by everything she saw. I think the Crown Princess enjoyed her day. 

A few days ago I received an email from one of my readers, saying that she thinks Mary has worn way too much black lately. Maybe Mary also received that email because attending these two events, she wore anything else but black. Only bright colours! At several occasions Mary has expressed how much she loves colours. It is no secret that the weather in Denmark are changing; we are getting closer to spring each day. Still, it is not warm yet and Mary wore her SAND Copenhagen coat to keep warm between the two events. Fun fact: the first time she was wearing this coat it was with a blue dress as this one. Pretty sure it was during a visit to Russia a few years ago. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to find her new bright blue dress. I keep thinking of Hugo Boss. Some of you suggested it being the same as the one she wore at the christening of the twins. Simple answer; it's not the same. She added a beautiful green brooch, her golden Cartier watch, a bracelet from Marianne Dulong and earrings from Hartmann's. The navy blue clutch is her bag from Quidam; the same as her grey and black one. The Christian Louboutin pumps have been seen at countless occasions before today. Such a gorgeous outfit! 

Coat: SAND Copenhagen
Earrings: Hartmann's
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Kharisma Diamonds Bracelet w. Diamond
Clutch: Quidam Calfskin Clutch
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 868 Beige/Caramel pumps

"Everyone Should Learn How to Swim"

Monday, March 9th

Crown Princess Mary attended the launch a new project Everyone Should Learn How to Swim which took place in Kildeskovshallen, Copenhagen.

The Crown Princess arrived to Kildeskovhallen in Copenhagen in a great spirt. She attended the launch of a new project called Everyone Should Learn How to Swim. The project is organized by the Danish Swimming Federation which the Crown Princess is patron for, to make sure everyone can swim. She was warmly welcomed with a bouquet of flowers and a few handshakes. As guest of honor Mary gave the opening speech before the attending children showed their tricks in the water. In her speech she gave the impression of how it is important for people to learn how to swim. During the couple of hours she visited Kildeskovhallen she took plenty of time talking to as many children as possible. They told her how they learn to swim and why they loved spending time in the water. And it really is a pleasure watching her along with the kids.

Taking a look at what she wore at the launching. Then we have a wonderful spring outfit right there! She paired a white blouse with a pair of black trousers and loafers. A stylish look you can create in 5 minutes. The new white peplum has been identified by Kate as Prada. I do not what what you think of peplum blouses but they do great for all sizes, shapes and styles. No matter what time a year they do great. Peplum blouses can be worn both during day and evening. And if you are more to dresses, then that is also possible. Peplum's are just flattering. End of story. Another piece I have been able to find are those dusty grey loafers. I managed to identify them as Rêve. She accessorized her outfit by wearing a few bracelets from among others Marianne Dulong, a couple of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen diamond rings, a golden Cartier watch and then of course that pastel colour Marianne Dulong earrings. If you look at the pictures you also see yet another golden piece of jewellery -a golden bracelet. I am sure we have never seen it before and unfortunately I have no idea where to find it. Hair and makeup were flawless al always!

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Bracelet
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise in 18K Yellow Gold
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Shoes: Rêve Flat Suede Loafers in Gray