Social Business Priorities

January, 28

Together the the Danish Minister of development Chirstian Friis Bach, Crown Princess Mary attended the Social Business Priorities conference. At the conference they both got the chance to talk to Professor Muhammed Yunus. He's winner of the Nobel Award.

The conference was organized by Danida and Danish Industry (Dansk Industri).

What is the Social Business Priorities and who is Muhammed Yunus? 
Muhammed Yunus was given the Nobel Peace Award for founding the Grameen Bank and work with the microcredit and microfiance. He is a social entrepreneur, economist and civil society leader.

Both blouse, dress and knitted Prada was seen last year on a visit to Washington, in the combination with each other. At that time it was suggested both dress and blouse was from BCBG Max Arzia, I don't know about the dress. I never found the model to prove that it's right. Her look was so modern with the two-coloured turtleneck which is from BCBG Max Arzia's Autumn/Winter11-12 collection. On her feet she wore a pair of black boots with a high heel which I think could be suede Prada boots.

Blouse: BCBG Max Azria Black and White Turtleneck 
Boots: Prada?

World Cup in Handball, Spain

January, 27

Crown Princess Mary attended the World Cup finial in men's handball. The games was between Spain and Denmark and took place in Barcelona, Spain. Crown Princess Mary watched the game with Crown Prince Felipe of Spain.

I admit the surprising feeling hit me when I saw the first pictures of Mary from the games in Spain, actually like the combination is my taste anyway with the pink pattern Heartmade (2013 collection) shirt and the brown fitted Prada jacket to a normal pair of boot-cut jeans! Sophisticated is the first word that comes to my mind, a outfit any working woman would love to wear with or without the brown Maison Martin Margiela ankle boots, yes these boots are new. At the arrival, she wore a brown knitted scarf which I by chance know is a gift she received on a visit to Greenland in around 2003-2004. These days she is often seen with her Shamballa Jewels bracelet, it was also the case when attending the game. In a lovely bordeaux or dark red colour she chose to wear old Marianne Dulong earrings, we haven't seen for years!

Now you might think you miss something; who won the games? - Well, Spain did. Congratulations to both the Spanish and Danish team!

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet
Jacket: Prada
Shirt: Heartmade Pink Shirt with Pockets
Boots: Maison Martin Margiela Covered Heel Ankle Boots

World Econimic Forum

January, 23

From the 20th to the 24th of January, Crown Princess Mary take part in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The meeting takes place every yeas and because of her knowledge and social work because of the Mary Foundation attended Crown Princess Mary this year. 1 1

Without drawing too much attention to herself, did Mary attend this years World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Wearing black trousers and in the same colour a turtleneck blouse, over she wore her red and white Etoile Isabel Marant jacket. Earrings and bracelet are both from the Danish jewellery designer Marianne Dulong. It was a very interested and attentive Crown Princess who diligently attended the meetings. Among others, Mary had the change to talk to Hilde Schwab the director and co-founder of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Read more about the foundation here. She is also married to the founder of the World Economic Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab.

Later she changed clothes to a kerosene colored blouse, which I do not know where's from, and a Prada jacket with black sequins and diamond Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen earrings from the most stunning collection ever made in my opinion Winter Frost. To the jacket is a skirt but I think Mary wore black trousers.

Jacket: Etoile Isabel Marant Ariana Heather Striped Jacket in Red
Earrings + Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200
Braclet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet
Jacket: Prada
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings 


January, 12
Crown Princess Mary attend, as the only royal, the christening of landowner Anders and Anja Kirk Johansens little girl. The chritening was held in Esajas church.

In the evening a cocktailparty was held to celbrate the chritening. Both Crown Princess Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie participated the party.

At the christening
Mary wore a beautiful knee-length navy blue jacket, with 6 golden buttons on the chest. In the same color she also wore glows. To the jacket she had a pair of beige Valentino boots on, and Ole Lynggard  Copenhagen earrings. She also had a clutch with her, and it might be this (pic. 3) just another shape

At the cocktailparty

Mary wore a pair of new Christian Loboutin shoes. Hopefully I will find them :) Then she had a big brown fur on, and a blue dress. I think it is a new one. In the ears she had a pair of Ole Lynggard earrings. I am not sure, but she could has worn this clutch.

The Home Guard new year concert

January, 15
Crown Princess Mary attend the home guard new year concert.

60 years anniversary

January, 15

As new patron for the Danish Twin Register and the Australian Twin Register, Crown Princess Mary visited the University of Southern Denmark in Odense , on the occasion of their 60 years anniversary. 150 pair of twins attend also the anniversary.

Love the jacket, could it be from Prada? and take a look at her new hair cut!

These earring is coming from the Winter frost collection, from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

She also wore a new black clutch

Photo: Agnès Colbert

Day 3: New Year Reception at Christiansborg Palace

January, 4

The years second New Year reception was held at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. Officers from Defence- and Emergency Management Agency as well as representatives of major national organizations and royal patronages were invited to the dinner.

The characteristic look for a fantasy princess, is a huge tulle gown with a tiara and blond hair. At this reception Mary wore a pink tulle dress (or skirt) made by Jayson Brunsdon reminded me so much of every little girls dream;to be a princess wearing a pink tulle gown and a tiara on the head. Mary did not wore one of her tiara's but pieces from one, the magnificent tiara from the ruby parure. Her hair was in a simple bun beautifully adorned with parts of the tiara. I love the fact that she changed the tiara suiting her head and still kept the original style. To steal no focus from the wonderful Jayson Brunsdon skirt she wore a brown (velvet) jacket and I must admit this is not something I like that much. The shape is great but in brown... no, does not work to me. I'm pretty she could be wearing her pink satin pumps from Prada, that would be obvious. What are your thoughts? The clutch is from Naledi Copenhagen and one of the gold bracelets is from Georg Jensen, my favourite jewellery designer.

Hairpiece: The Ruby Parure
Dress/Skirt: Jayson Brunsdon
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Black Ostrich Clutch
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Regitze DKK 12,500
Shoes: Prada Pink Satin Pumps

Day 2: New Year Reception at Christiansborg Palace

January, 3

Queen Margrethe was the host of a New Year reception. Her and Prince Henrik welcomed the diplomatic corps. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the dinner.

Frederik and Mary entered the room with elegance, next to each other well-dressed in a uniform and a stunning grey embroidered gown with a short jacket in the same fabric. The designer of the outfit is Julie Fagerholt, the designer of Heartmade a brand Mary loves. I'm so fascinated by the pattern of the dress, it's really beautiful and feminine. The grey colour suits her wonderfully. The Order of Elephant are back on the blue ribbon and next to the grey gown... wow. Vintage looking she wore long snow white gloves. Reminds me of the glamours 50s. A half updo draw all the focus to her Marianne Dulong wedding earrings. They were custom-made to Mary from Frederik as a wedding gift. What a lovely gift to receive from your future husband. Her face looked like pure porcelain with the light pink lips and grey/black eye makeup. Simply beauty!

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Dress + Jacket: Julie Fagerholt
Handbag: Chanel

Day 1: New Year Reception + Happy New Year!

January, 1 2013

I hope you had a fantastic evening with friends and family. I'm so ready for one more year with all of you, hope you are as well. Hopefully the year will bring lots of new pictures, family vacations, official visits and news that will excite us all and of course I hope for plenty of new dresses, gown and accessories! Once again I will take this opportunity to thank every one of you, those who have helped me this year with pictures, information etc.. When I established Styleofmary a year ago I had no idea it would become such a success and that's just because of you! Thanks.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted the traditional New Year gala for the Danish government, public figures and the court. is holding a New Year's gala for the Danish government, public figures and the court. Crown Princess Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the gala dinner.

To me it's nerve-wracking to follow the night live and the seconds before they step out of the car my heart stop beating..! We wait a year to see what she'll be wearing at a night like this and it take a real woman to dress for a gala night like this, the biggest dinner of the year - the New Year gala dinner. In a bright orange creation made by Jesper Høvring, Mary arrived with Frederik in his uniform. The dress is made of two different orange fabrics, the upper part of the gown is made like a cross of pleated silk like the skirt which features a small train. This wonderful creation is the first made by Jesper Høvring to the Crown Princess and this dress should become one of the most spectacular of them all. The orange colour was chosen because she had never, until 2010, worn a orange evening gown before. On her right side of her hip she placed the brooch from the ruby parure. It features no sleeves and a wide neckline in the same shape of the chain (shaped like elephants) of the Order of the Elephant. It's a gown we only can dream about. Actually she wore the dress on the pictures which was taken to the broadcast Inside the Royal House (Kongehuset Indefra, 2011). Beautiful!

Jewellery: The Ruby Paure 
Dress: Jesper Høvring
Clutch: Judith Leiber