The Mary Foundation in Collaboration with LEGO

March, 27th

Crown Princess Mary participated, as chairwoman of the Mary Foundation, in packing backpacks for children on shelters along with LEGO in Billund. 

Backpacks / Rygsække 
Since 2008, the Mary Foundation has collaborated with Ole Kirk's Foundation and LOKK -Landsorganisationen af Kvindekrisecentre about project 'backpacks'. Every year does the Mary Foundation hand over about 2,000 of these backpacks to children who are staying at a shelter with their mother in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Every year the backpacks are packed by former employees of LEGO. In the bags are the most basic necessities such as toothbrushes, pajamas and of course some toys like a little teddy bear. Read more here

It is a fact that the Mary Foundation never forget no one in their work to provide vulnerable families a better life and opportunities, helping mothers after a life with domestic violence and finding a way to help children and young people to live a life without feeling lonely. This is among others some of the projects the foundation work with. Domestic violence often affects more than just one, if a woman is exposited to violence and she seek for help she often has no where to go for help and if she has children it makes it even more difficult. It is a very problematic situation for these children to witness violence in their home. They often become isolated and find it hard to talk about what they have witnessed. The backpacks is a great way to break the ice. This is a way to communicate with the children and it turns out that it's incredibly important that the bags come from the Crown Princess. It shows that someone like our future Queen really cares. So each year 2,000 of these backpacks are given to children in shelter in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. As many times before, Mary participated in packing some bags herself at LEGO in Billund with former employees. With CEO of the Mary Foundation, Mary had a chat with a few of the many volunteers at LEGO before it was time for her to pack bags herself. It was a true pleasure looking at pictures from her visit because both Mary and everybody else were in a really good mood. She had a big, wide smile on her face during her visit. I think it was one great experience to all of them. She spend a couple of hours packing bags and talking to the former employees who had volunteered to help. Before Mary said goodbye, a pictures were taken so that all would remember the day where Crown Princess Mary took her time to honor the backpack project and those who volunteer to help.

Well, it was not her most memorable outfit we have seen for a long time but I like the way she chose to combine a basic black colour with a printed blouse featuring some interesting details. With her black outfit she blended in and was only center of a pure and natural attention. At the visit she was quite humble. It was clear to me that she didn't really wanted any attention. I believe it was important for her that the volunteers were honored because of their work which is very much appreciated by both children, mothers and many others. At the arrival she wore an old JOSEPH wool jacket featuring a checkered print seen at a couple other events during the past years. Among others I remember she wore it, one of the first times, when she was pregnant with the twins. I'm, as good as always, glad to see her wear her clothes all over again. Love the way she finds a new way to wear her clothes and accessories, gives me ideas how to wear my own wardrobe. Sometimes it's great with a little inspiration. Back to the blouse; I would so much like to tell you where it's from or any ideas who might be the designer, but I'm completely lost. No ideas. Another goodie is her Bottega Veneta bag, an old classics she clearly loves. She accessorized her "packing" outfit with a pair of Jewlscph earrings, her Shamballa Jewels bracelet and what I believe is a pair of black ankle boots. What I really adore about this look is her hairstyle! A classy Mary-blowout with a twist of ways. 

Jacket: JOSEPH Checkered Wool Jacket DKK 3.700
Earrings: Jewlscph Ball Earrings DKK 1.149
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag DKK 19.689,35   

Meeting with the United Nations Population Fund

March, 24th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary participated in a meeting with the United Nations Population Fund - UNFPA accompanied by Minister for Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen.

The United Nations Population Fund
Since 1969 where UNFPA started working the number of women and dying from complications of pregnancy or childbirth has been halved which clearly shows how affective their work is. They are the leading United Nations agency aiming for a world where all pregnancies are wanted and where every childbirth is safe for both mother and child. Last but not least they want every young person's potential to be fulfilled. UNFPA - the United Nations Population Fund - try to expand the opportunities for women and young people to live a more healthy and productive life. Read more  UNPFA here.

Only a few days after a successful state visit from Turkey, where the Turkish Presidential couple visited Denmark, Mary is back at work when she a couple of days ago participated in a orientation meeting with the Minister for Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen along with UN's population fund also know under the name United Nations Population Fund, abbreviated to UNFPA. The meeting took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. Not much have been published from this meeting. It's actually been difficult for me to find anything what they talked about, of course it had something to do with what the UNFPA fund works with -to make every pregnancy wanted, where every childbirth are safe and that every young person's potential are fulfilled. I don't think you find a more dedicated person than Mary when it comes to what she's working for every day. I think she is eminently good at listening, asking questions but also interfere in the discussion with the things she has learned in her time committed to giving women worldwide more possibilities. I hope they all had a exciting and instructive meeting that may lead to future work where they can work together to complete UNFPA's vision and the goals Mary have.

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Despite the lack of informations about the meeting, I'm so lucky to have some photos taken by sweet sweet Agnés Colbert who kindly shared her pictures with me and allowed me to share them with you! I think they were taken before the meeting started but I am not sure. Just to make sure we all know it, then Mary is standing next to Mogens Jensen who is the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation. Like she knew where to attend this meeting, Mary perfectly matched the blue walls surrounding her. with the blue tweed jacket from JOSEPH. We have seen the jacket once before, in 2012 when she attended the opening of the campaign "Skru ned for solen mellem 12-15" and actually I think she wore the same black trousers. I always love to see her wear clothes and accessories again. Makes her a little closer to be a "normal women" like all of us because few of us can afford purchasing new clothes all the time. And then I'm a huge fan of everything in tweed -skirts, dressed, jackets, coats etc. A classic fabric used a lot in the 50s and 60s, my favourite time of fashion history.  As in 2012 she chose a white blouse to the blue jacket and black trousers, a combination I like quite a lot. The trousers makes her look longer and the top part draws your eyes to her wonderful smile and lovely dark brown hair that was so great with the loose curls. Love the length of her hair right now. A long medium length cut. A simple outfit that would do as a workwear look. Easy to copy. Otherwise she kept her look very simple; her black SAND Copenhagen pumps, the golden Shamballa Jewels bracelet a ring or two and a pair of diamond and pearl studs. 

Jacket: Joseph Tweed Cropped Jacket £45
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Day 2: Official State Visit from Turkey

March, 18th

From March 17-19th are Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosts for the official state visit of the Presidential couple from Turkey, President H.E. Abdullah Gül and Mrs. Hayrünnisa.

Program: Copenhagen

Crown Princess Mary & Mrs. Hayrünnisa
  • 11:45 am. Crown Princess Mary hosted a lunch at her house, Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg Castle where an introduction to the Mary Foundation is given.
  • 1:30 pm. Crown Princess Mary and Mrs. Hayrünnisa visited Danner.
  • 7:00 pm. Members from the royal family and the Presidential couple attended a reception at Hotel D´Anglettere, Copenhagen. 

Crown Princess Mary and Mrs. Hayrünnisa visiting Danner, Copenhagen

Photo @Agnés Colbert
With everything organized, every minute of the day was planned where and when President H.E. Abdullah Gül and his wife Mrs. Hayrünnisa should be. After a successful gala dinner the evening before, the Turkish President visited Parliament at Christiansborg where he among others met with  the chairman of the Parliament Mogens Lykketoft and Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Meanwhile, Mary hosted a dinner at Amalienborg Mrs. Hayrünnisa attended. Both women were photographed in front of the marble staircase decorated with golden details. Magnificent background for a photo! During the lunch Mrs. Hayrünnisa was introduced to the Mary Foundation and a few of their projects. As chairwoman, Mary was the perfect one to tell her all about the foundations projects, results and visions. The lunch was followed by a visit at Danner, in Copenhagen, which is a shelter for women and children. They were both warmly welcomed at the arrival. During the visit Mary and Mrs. Hayrünnisa was told about Danner; their history and work in general. This could have been a visit Mary would do on her own but I think she proudly showed the first lady some of her fieldwork. The Mary Foundation and Danner are already collaboration, because the foundation provides Danner with backpacks from one of their projects. Children gets a bag filled with all kind of things like: lunch boxes, pencils, a teddy bear, toothbrushes, books to write and draw in, all things that are needed and to give the kids a little fun in their everyday while staying at the shelter with their mother and other siblings. This visit was followed by a visit at Novo Nordisk, only for the President and the first lady from Turkey.

Photo @Agnés Colbert
I think what we saw the day before yesterday was absolutely great and I hoped for something similar at yesterdays visits. Surprisingly both incredible women were dressed in the same colour: blue. Both in similar shades. Don't you think they have talked about it? or really what's the chance that their are wearing almost identical colours that day they are going to spend the day together. But of course it could also just be a funny a coincidence. As always I'm thrilled to see Mary wear that electric blue colour, makes her look so much alive. I know she loves colours and find it natural to wear them. Something I (also) love about her! More colours, please. You might remember the dress from somewhere else because back in 2013, when she attended World Cancer Day, she wore a similar blue dress. At first I was confused because was it the same dress or not? Now I've stirred at it for hours and only see similarities. The only difference is the peplum. With some help from Kate we found out that the dress is from Prada and with a further search I realized that the peplum is removable which answers the question if it's the same dress: it is! White as snow, Mary was wearing a Prada coat. Unfortunately it's no where to find online anymore. Beautifully she chose navy blue pumps which I have come to believe is from shoe designer Rupert Sanderson. Matching both shoes and dress, she wore a blue clutch from Quidam. When is comes to jewellery, her outfit was accessorized with golden diamond earrings from Marianne Dulong and a pearl bracelet from same designer. A Shamballa Jewels bracelet and two diamonds rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. One good looking Crown Princess!

Coat: Prada
Dress: Prada Red Knee-Length Dress €427
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Esme Earrings, Big DKK 16.900
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet, Big DKK 36.900
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Clutch: Quidam Blue Alligator Clutch
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Winona Navy Pumps

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attended a reception at Hotel D'Angleterre

Photo @Agnés Colbert
On March 19th the Turkish Presidential couple are leavening Denmark which means, before they are leaving, a return dinner this time a return reception, held at fine, old Hotel D'Angleterre. A wonderful location in the center of Copenhagen. As Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark did Frederik and Mary attended the reception along with Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie. Looking gorgeous, with a glimpse in her eyes, Mary arrived accompanied by her husband. Greeting both the Queen and Prince Henrik, her sister- and brother-in-law and of course President H.E. Abdullah Gül and Mrs. Hayrünnisa,  they found their seats at first raw enjoying the evening which by the way was hosted by the Presidential couple from Turkey. This is always a tradition when someone is visiting Denmark or if Denmark are visiting another country abroad: to host some kind of return dinner or reception. What I know, the reception is organized by the visiting couple, this time the Turkish President and his wife. They decide what will happened during their last night in Denmark.

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Like the pale pink Carla Zampatti gown, I was stunned and breathless when I first saw Mary in her new green embellished dress! She simply looks fabulous. The shape of that new dress is amazing and suits her figure perfectly. Love the way it's floating around her legs because of the A-line skirt. Its round neckline naturally draws your attention to her beautiful face. Really pretty. More than once I have told you how much I just love curly hair which is why I'm so pleased to finally see her with curly, girly hair again. Softens her outfit extremely well. And that makeup, wauw wauw. Shiny red lips and dramatic eyes. For sure I noticed her dress as the first thing, but as almost every other woman my eyes were drawn to the bottom of her outfit with just one question: which pair of shoes is she wearing? My heart immediately stopped. Her sparkling Gianvito Rossi (pre-AW12) pumps! It's really not getting any better than a pair of silver shoes. I differently wouldn't mind wearing these with one of my own dresses. So glad to see them again with another dress because the first time saw it she wore them with her long purple dress. Not the best combination. These diamond wonders are from Marianne Dulong with a stunning diamond pendant. Each time we see them I have the feeling they are new. She always knows how to wear her things so it looks new. Now we only have the clutch left which is from Carlend Copenhagen. The same model as her black one. 

It has been a true pleasure to follow the state visit with all of you. Thanks for reading! 

Coat: Prada
Dress: Prada Green Embellished Knee-Length Dress £942
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Croco DKK 8.500
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leopard Glitter DKK 3.595

Day 1: Official State Visit from Turkey

March, 17th

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosts the Presidential couple from Turkey from March 17 to 19th because of a official state visit. 

Program: Copenhagen
  • 12:30 pm. Official welcoming ceremony at the airport. 
  • 1:30 pm. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik attended the official welcoming of the Turkish President couple at Amalienborg Palace. 
  • 8:00 pm. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted a gala dinner at Amalienborg Palace

Official welcoming ceremony at the airport, Copenhagen

No matter where they are from, it is always a pleasure when Denmark hosts a state visit. Mostly we get to see all of the Danish royal family at some point during the visit. Around noon, 12:30 pm. local time, did the Turkish Presidential couple - President H.E. Abdullah Gül and Mrs. Hayrünnisa - arrive to Copenhagen airport. They we heartily welcomed by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie as well as Princess Benedikte. The couple will stay in Denmark for three days, from March 17-19th. As hosts of the state visit, the Queen and her husband Prince Henrik, were the first to welcome the Turkish Presidential couple wherein they subsequent shook hands with the Crown Prince couple and so on. As always everything about a state visit is carefully planned about a year before it's actually happening. Three days state visit planning takes time. During the welcoming ceremony I sensed that Frederik and Mary enjoyed some time with his brother Prince Joachim and his lovely wife Princess Marie. It's really only at big events like this we see all four of them together. So enjoy the next three days! Tradition says that Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik official welcome royal or Presidential visitors at Amalienborg Castle and so were President H.E. Abdullah Gül and Mrs. Hayrünnisa too. Followed by a business lunch where Frederik and President H.E. Abdullah Gül attended along with Turkish-Danish trade and investment forum at the Confederation of Danish Industries. President H.E. Abdullah Gül also payed a visit at A. P. Møller-Maersk shipping where he, among others was given a presentation of their activities in Turkey.

To wear a black dress in March at a welcoming ceremony was maybe not what I'd expected to see Mary in but as always, she looked absolutely stunning and polished in her BOSS Black by Hugo Boss cap-sleeves dress and long tweed coat! Serious, what's not to love?! That coat with that dress is just a really lovely match. You might remember the dress from somewhere else because the fact is that she has it in three different colours -red, white and black. A simply dress in three smashing colours. Yesterday she had chosen to wear the black one. I'd love to tell you more about her dark tweed coat, not to forget worn at several occasions, but unfortunately I do not know much about it nor who the designer is. I think Birgit Hallstein could be an option. Have you ever heard something about it? Everything would be helpful. We saw her wear it the  first time two years ago when Queen Margrethe celebrated her 40 years as Queen of Denmark. Perfectly matching the coat, Mary accessorized her outfit with a pair of gorgeous burgundy Prada pumps, a box clutch (which is new??) and a pair of gloves in the same amazing colour! A clever way to add a little colour next to the black dress. Such as the Susanne Juul hat, wauw what a design and that hairstyle; I lost my breath for a moment... Looks really great with her hat. I'm pretty sure she is wearing her Hartmann's earrings featuring small pink diamonds. I also just have to mention Marie's look because I really think she was so pretty and girly in that dusty outfit.

Hat: Susanne Juul Leaf Felt Hat (similar)
Dress: BOSS Black by Hugo Boss Denna Stretch Wool Blend Dress DKK 2155
Earrings: Hartmann's
Shoes: Prada

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending the gala dinner at Amalienborg Palace

In Denmark we just love tradition, all time a year at all kind of celebrations. This means that we of course need some kind of gala dinner the first evening of a official state visit. Like everything else, yesterday evenings gala dinner was organized months ago so that everything would be perfect. And for sure it was! Dozens of special invited guests arrived, in the evening, to Amalienborg castle to attend the welcoming gala dinner along with the Danish royal family and of course the Turkish Presidential couple. In the right other did the royal family members arrived: first the Queen's sister Princess Benedikte, then Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, then the Crown Prince couple and last Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrived in each their black, polished crown car. Before finding their seats around the beautiful decorated tables, all guests were greeted by the royal family. Time for all of them to listen to the Queen's speech, welcoming the Presidential couple to Denmark with a wish they would enjoy their visit. Dinner was served, which means all photographers and cameras leave the room -the bouquet hall at Amalienborg, the room with all the huge mirrors and wonderful golden decorated walls. I wouldn't mind getting my dinner served there for just one night. Mary was sitting right next to President H.E. Abdullah Gül at the same tables as Queen Margrethe. Neither would I mind sitting next to Mary enjoying my dinner cooked by some of the most skilled cooks in Denmark.

I just love how Mary turned into queen of the night wearing this dazzling powder pink Carla Zampatti gown! Love the fact how Mary and Marie switched style from earlier in the morning -Mary was classy and cool and Marie was this sweet girly princess. Suddenly, Mary was the dreamy fairy tale princess and Marie edgy in her bright red dress. Love it! I am completely blown away by her outfit! So stylish, elegant and feminine. Actually it's the first time we see her wear that gown at a official event which makes it even more exciting. The pale pink gown is a custom designed by Carla Zampatti, created to the Australian Women's Weekly photo shoot on behalf of their 80th birthday last year, which Mary participated in. A red, yellow and navy colour were considered to this dress but it ended up with the pale pink brocade fabric and a customized variation of a previous Zampatti design, her off shoulder Tuxedo hem dress with a skimmed ankle at the front and a little longer train at the back. If you would like to read more about choosing her dressed to the Women's Weekly, I think you should read this. Here you also see sketches of yesterdays evening gown. Simply a wonderful piece of work!

To match the colour of the dress she was wearing a pair of brand new pointed pumps, truly magnificent ones. Of all my heart I want to thank all of you who have helped my identifying these new pumps. You found them at Gianvito Rossi. If I wasn't troubled breathing regularly before, I am now after noticing her shoes. Even the Prada clutch perfectly matched her outfit such as the huge pear shaped pink diamond worn as pendant in one of her large white pearl necklaces. This pink diamond has been seen on one of Bruun Rasmussen's auctions where I assume Mary purchased it. Really clever of her to choose the rose quartz earrings from Marianne Dulong (the pearl ring is from the same designer) and diamond wedding tiara. Not to forget the two, very expensive bracelets, on her wrists from Annikat.

Dress: Carla Zampatti Lily Brocade Tuxedo Hemline Gown (similar)
Tiara: The wedding tiara
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus w. Rose Quartz & Diamonds
Pendant on Necklace: Pink Diamond Pendant
Bracelets: Annikat Wing Cuff
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Clutch: Prada Embellished Raso Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Mesh-Trimmed Suede Pumps

Gala Dinner at Christiansborg Castle

March, 12th 
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted last night a gala diner at Christiansborg Castle for member of the Danish government, parliament and the European Parliament Danish members. At the dinner was Crown Prince Frederik his wife Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte represented from the royal family. 

Gala dinners are always something I look forward to with great excitement because, well of course because we get to see Mary in one of her magnificent evening gowns and stunning shimmery jewelleries. So when I read that Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik were the host of yesterdays dinner I was thrilled! At no point was I disappointed by what we saw. Around dinner time, the royal family members arrived one by one, of course in the right order, at Christiansborg Castle in the center of Copenhagen. Christiansborg, by the way, also houses the Danish parliament and government at the opposite end of where the dinner was held. First Princess Benedikte, Queen Margrethe's sister, arrived wearing a bright orange dress, then Prince Joachim and Princess Marie who was in a really dusty coloured gown featuring a beadwork, then Frederik and Mary whose clothes I will talk much more about a later below Agnés Colbert's wonderful photos and last but not least the Queen and her husband Prince Henrik arrive to take part in the gala dinner which took place in the Banquet Hall with bright colourful tapestries covering the walls and magnificent floors. All round tables were beautifully decorated with nicely polished glasses, expensive cutlery and a fabulous bouquet centered on the table. Before the guest found their seats, every one of them was greeted by the royal family. The rest of the evening was all private and the dinner was enjoyed behind closed doors. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
In that white dream of a evening gown, you have to have noticed Mary! Now we are in March which means spring, flowers and green trees are near. This is why her dress was more than perfect featuring those pastel flowers that also perfectly matched the blue ribbon from the Order of the Elephant. Back in 2013 Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen celebrated their 50th anniversary, now you may ask why this in any way are important for you, but it is because Charlotte Lynggaard (designer at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen) created special dresses for the Elle Style Award 2013 where they celebrated their anniversary. One of these dresses was the one Mary wore at last nights gala dinner just with a few alterations around the neckline and slit at front. A stunning dress featuring the most wonderful floral details. As always Mary found the way to match accessories without looking over- or underdressed at last night gala dinner. First I have to mention her hairstyle because that is just incredible as the dress, looks elegant and sophisticated at the same time. She wore her diamond wedding tiara, given to her by her parents-in-low on behalf of her wedding with Frederik in 2004 and a pair of really pretty Marianne Dulong earrings featuring a dazzling blue pendant matching the other dusty blue colours of her outfit. These are by the way custom made for Mary and have several different pendants from diamonds to rose quartz. In the most brilliant aquamarine blue colour, she also wore a large ring on her right hand told to be a gift from Frederik, possibly inherited from one of his royal ancestors. No one like Mary can wear such a huge ring. She accessorized the outfit with a plain white clutch, which I unfortunately do not know where is from, I think some kind of bracelet and of course the golden Manolo Blahnik pumps. With a little gold you're never wrong! One marvelous gala outfit that for sure made me breathless. I can't wait to see her in the dress again; what's really not to love about it?! 

Tiara: The wedding tiara
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Dress: Charlotte Lynggaard White Floral Dress
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Metallic BB $595

Day 2: CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women

March, 11th

Crown Princess Mary attends the CSW58: -Commission on the Status of Women meeting which takes place in the United Nations Headquarters in New York from March 10-11th as member of the High-Level Task Force for ICDP.

CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women
The Commission on the Status of Women was established in 1946 by Council resolution. CSW or Commission on the Status of Women is among other exclusively dedicated to promote gender equality, documenting the reality of women's lives throughout the world and  the empowerment of women. This year is the fifty-eighth session held in New York. Read more here.

Program: New York
  • 10:30 am. Crown Princess Mary met local families with the National Hemophilia Foundation.
  • 1:15 pm. Crown Princess Mary participated as member of the High-Level Task Force the meeting "Fulfilling the Promise of Equality".
  • 6:30 pm. Crown Princess Mary participated as member of High-Level Task Force the "Linking HIV, Gender Equality, and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, as part of Every Women and Every Child Initiative & the Post-2015 Social Justice Agenda".

As committed as yesterday did Mary, as the future Queen of Denmark and member of the High-Level Task Force for ICPD, attended in a special event hosted by the American Hemophilia Society, National Hemophilia Foundation, and Novo Nordisk who have collaborated to improve the possibilities for treatment and care for people suffering from hemophilia and blood disorders. Mary was the guest of honor, meeting with members from the local New York City hemophilia community and members of the U.S. bleed Association youth group. A perfect way for her to see results of the partnership between Danish Novo Nordisk and NHF (National Hemophilia Foundation) and of course to met some of those who have tried the treatment on their own body. It gives a good insight in how they have made progress but also where and what can be done better in the future. Mary showed a sincere interest and listened to all the stories she was told during her visit. In the afternoon she attended, as member of the High-Level Task Force for ICPD, the "Fulfilling the Promise of Equality" meeting and around noon the panel discussion on HIV, gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights, all to advocate girls and women's rights, health and well-being. I truly think we have something to be proud of, Mary is during an incredible job with her commitment to give girls and women better opportunities for a life without among others violence, safe childbirths, work, the opportunity for girls to go to school etc. With no chance of speaking about politics, according to Danish laws, Mary often speaks about topics that are more or less political, and she has to find another angle on the topic so she can "interfere" in the discussion anyway. I'm sure it takes lots of advices from advisors and similar, and of course lots of time to write and rewrite a right speech which summarize everything, she and the organization she represents, stands for. In my opinion this has been a successful two-days visit in New York with the CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women. 

Because Mary is such colour loving woman, I would love to have seen her wear a little more colours at this trip maybe just a coloured nail polish or a pair of pumps in a bright playful colour. That would have been decent, classy and elegant at the same time without her being overdressed. So maybe I had hoped for something a little more colourful, which does not mean that I didn't like this days outfit because I really did. A stylish workwear outfit with classic elements as the blazer and pencil skirt. A black blazer like the one she wore I think every women should have in their wardrobe, an essential you can't live without. Wearable for both skirts as well as trousers, jeans and dresses -day and night. She combined her blazer with a printed Hugo Boss pencil skirt and what I believe is a light grey belt to match the colours of the skirt. Again we saw her in the black pointed pumps from Danish SAND Copenhagen, a really choice in my opinion especially with the tights and blazer. To spice up the look, she wore black pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong and her golden Shamballa Jewels bracelet. Imagine this look with a colourful clutch or maybe her bicolor pointed Prada pumps? Wauw this would have been great. I really like who her hair is simply wrap round in the back of her head, looks beautiful! So two days with great inspiration to those of you who are looking for your next workwear outfit. I think both these days show perfectly how to be well dressed without look boring at work. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Anella Pearl Earrings DKK 13,500
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Skirt: Hugo Boss Vilinia Pencil Skirt £270
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Day 1: CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women

March, 10th

As member of the High Level Task Force for ICDP, Crown Princess Mary attends the CSW58: -Commission on the Status of Women meeting which takes place in the United Nations Headquarters in New York from March 10-11th. 

CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women
The Commission on the Status of Women was established in 1946 by Council resolution. CSW or Commission on the Status of Women is among other exclusively dedicated to promote gender equality, documenting the reality of women's lives throughout the world and  the empowerment of women. This year is the fifty-eighth session held in New York. Read more here.

Program: New York
  • 8:20 am. Crown Princess Mary gave a speech at the "Investing in Girls and Women: Everybody Wins".
  • 10:00 am. Crown Princess Mary particiapted in the official opening of CSW58.
  • 1:15 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended the meeting on gender discrimination "Everyday sexism and hate speech - what are the consequences for women’s empowerment and equal opportunities?".
  • 3:15 pm. Crown Princess Mary met with Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin and Anne-Birgitte Albrechtsen from UNFPA.
  • 7:00 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner hosted by UN’s Ambassador Ib Petersen.

Crown Princess Mary attending the CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women

The day before it was planned Mary should attend CSW58 in United Nations Headquarters, she arrived one day earlier and met with Ms. Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation over a dinner hosted by the Consul General of Denmark in New York. The reason why Mary take part in the 58th section of the Commission on the Status of Women is because of her membership of the High Level Task Force for ICDP. Also representatives of Member States, UN entities and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations, known as NGO's, from all parts of the world did also attended the session along with the Danish Crown Princesses. The Commission on the Status of Women, which was established back in 1946, is the place to talk about access and participation of women and girls right to education, training, science etc. such as promote gender equality. It takes many dedicated people year to change the attitudes about women and girls and one of these is Mary. It is not the first time I mention this, but I'm proud of Mary as representative for Denmark in such situations. As royal Mary can't talk politics but still she manage to engage in political issues without ever crossing the line. She is well-spoken and has a powerful voice on the international stage at all kinds of conferences dealing with humanitarian work such as improving the conditions worldwide for women and girls. She is also a highly respected woman and is a perfect advocacy to create positive attention around her where every she goes. As a woman I hope that just some of what she works for will come true. Women deserve the same right and opportunity as men no matter where in the world they live or under which conditions. Mary was one of the keynote speakers but did also closely follow the debate surrounded by men, all trying to help women to get a better life away from oppression and with more freedom to do what they want.

It was a professional and sophisticated Crown Princess who arrived to attend the first day of the 58th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York. Without attraction too much attention, she was dressed in a all black suit and white silky blouse from Elise Gug. The suit is a typical workwear outfit that gives any woman a sense of power. Just what Mary need when she represent Denmark and women in general at the conference. We are in March and despite New York does not have the same miserable weather as in Denmark, a black scarf was needed softening her look a bit because of the masculine black suit. I didn't really find any pictures that shows which pair of shoes she was wearing by my guess would differently be a pair of black pumps. They would do great to the pants suit. Mary is indeed a master of style and I love she chose a burgundy ADAX handbag instead of a black one. Give some life to a all black outfit. With the burgundy back she looks chick! Despite from wearing her white pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong and wedding/engagement rings, I do not believe she more any other jewelleries. I could be wrong but no that many pictures have been published, most of them are found on social medias and are all blurred, and it's hard to see if there are any other accessories I recognize. A soft blowout and natural makeup completed her look at the first day in New York with CSW.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Blouse: Elise Gug Long Sleeved Top €349
Bag: ADAX Spinea A4 DKK 2,999

Crown Princess Mary attended the dinner hosted by UN’s Ambassador Ib Petersen

After a long day with meeting after meeting, she also met with met with Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin and Anne-Birgitte Albrechtsen from UNFPA, it was time for at dinner. This dinner was hosted by Ib Petersen, UN's Ambassador which whom she has met earlier. Surrounded by the dark night, Mary arrived to attend the evenings dinner with other special invited guests. It was a private dinner and no camera, as I know of, was let in. Therefor we only have a short footage from when she arrived and was welcomed outside the building. Because of the darkness it is also quite difficult to spot what she was wearing. But you know me, I do not give up that easy. I'm as interested as you are and exited to see what she will be wearing. Something it's almost impossible to get anything out of two bad quality photos and a 10 seconds footage filmed in darkness but my eyes spotted quite a few things that made we really excited! Now I have watched her arrival a couple of times and at first I did not see it but suddenly I realized what skirt she was actually wearing. I skirt I believe we haven't seen her 38th birthday. A black and silver lave wonder of a skirt from Heartmade Julie Fagerholt. It is a pencil shaped skirt featuring a significant lace. My guess would be she wore it with some kind of black top because of the black Prada coat and sheer tights. Once again we saw her with the burgundy ADAX handbag and what's better than matching ones bag with ones shoes?! No, right. Nothing. Therefor Mary matched her burgundy handbag with same coloured Prada pumps. A really lovely outfit!

Coat: Prada
Skirt: Heartmade Julie Fagerholt
Bag: ADAX Spinea A4 DKK 2,999
Shoes: Prada

Dinner with The Clinton Foundation

March, 9th

Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner hosted by the Consul General of Denmark in New York. Ms. Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation also attended the dinner. The day before, Crown Princess Mary had arrived to New York because of a two-day visit.

The Clinton Foundation
The Clinton Foundation works with the issues areas 1. climate changes, 2. economic development, 3. global health, 4. health and wellness and 5. women and girls in among others the United States, Africa and Asia. With the motto "We are all in this together" the foundation have created a collaboration between businesses, NGO's, governments and individuals because they believe it is the best way to unlock human potential. Read more about the foundation here

Two days ago Mary arrived to New York to attend a meeting with the UN Commission because of her status as patron of UNFPA, Maternity Worldwide and of course as a member of the High Level Task Force for ICDP. For Mary to meet with representatives from the Clinton Foundation is really a big deal. They work with major issues like climate changes, global health and girls and women's rights. Every single one of these have an influence on how we live, are able to create the life we want and which opportunities we have. More and more Mary is involved in humanitarian work by supporting both big as small national organizations and similar international foundations. For the last couple of years her appearance is demanded and now she attend international conferences mainly about women and girls right to health and rights. In Denmark she works to fight against social isolation with the Mary Foundation, she is patron of multiple organizations and foundations and lately she has also gone into the debate on global maternal health and child birth mortality issues. During the dinner Mary discussed a number of these global issues with Ms. Chelsea Clinton who is the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation. You may have heart the name 'Clinton' before, that is because Ms. Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. With her parents she drive the foundations motto that We are all in this together means that we need to work together crisscrossing to get the best result. Especially Ms. Clinton pays attention to the foundations health initiative, that works strengthening health care and access to lifesaving services in developing countries worldwide. These two powerful women for sure had plenty to talk about during the dinner hosted by the Consul General of Denmark in New York and have at a previous event met back in 2013 at the Women Deliver conference according to

Even though, it was more or less a private dinner a few photographers managed to get some photos of her before she entered the building of the Consul General of Denmark in New York. I found them at where you also can be luckily to find them. The Consul General of Denmark also posted a couple of photos of Mary along with Ms. Chelsea Clinton. Despite the lack of quality pictures I am pretty sure about what she wore which, I by the way, love!! These days she really dresses amazing. I adore the variety of colours and different materials. A great mix of prints and patterns. I was more than anything love to wear this outfit myself without hesitating a second that's for sure. She wore this magnificent dark green dress in suede featuring cap sleeves. It is the second or third time we see her in that green dress, the first time was at a reception for the Presidential couple from Slovakia visiting Denmark back in 2012. You remember it? At the arrival she was also wearing her black Prada coat, the same designer as the lambskin dress. In the same dark green colour she accessorized this stunning dinner outfit with a pair of Jewlscph earrings but what's most incredible was the shoes she was wearing! Leopard printed pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Yes, what you just read is correct, leopard printed pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Imagine a green dress and leopard pumps?! This is why I love Mary's style; she takes a chance with her outfits and add details non of us would dare to. She can make anything look good. Her outfit I see so clearly in front of my from now on when choosing my next go-out-for-a-dinner-outfit.

Jacket: Prada
Dress: Prada Green Suede Dress $245.00
Earrings: Jewlscph Noble Green Earrings DKK 19,499
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leopard-Print Calf Hair Pumps $795

Launches the New “Free of Bullying Universe” Project

March, 6th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
As patron for the Mary Foundation, Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of Free of Bullying Universe (Fri for Mobberi Universet) at the Sundbyøster School in Copenhagen. 

Free of Bullying Universe / Fri for Mobberi Universet
Free of Bullying Universe is a new digital version of the project we know as Free of Bullying developed by the Mary Foundation. This new digital version can be used on smartphones and SMART boards. Today Free of Bullying is used 1500 kindergartens and 590 school in Denmark. The program is designed to prevent bullying and give children, teachers and parents tools to work with the bullying in general. Read more about the project here

Mary arrived to Sundbyøster School in Copenhagen yesterday in a perfect happy mood. With a smile all over her face, she made me smile. The schools children welcomed Mary and did everything to get her attention. With their phones they took lots of pictures of her, some shook hands with her and some got the chance to have a chat with her. I think it was overwhelming for Mary to see all these thrilled children. An arrival only a few people experiences. Mary took lots of time to meet the children before she attended the launching of a new Mary Foundation project. As guest of honor, Crown Princess of Denmark, as woman and chairman (...or chairwoman) I think it was a true pleasure for her to attend. She has a very special and unique way of being present when she's on a job. It's like her personality and spirt are all over the room, all naturally she gets positive attention. I am sure you all know what I mean. Accompanied by Red Barnet Secretary General Mimi Jacobsen, Minister of Education Christine Antorini, Director of the Mary Foundation Helle Østergaard and Mayor Pia Allerslev, Mary found her seat in the front raw ready to listen to speeches and on her own express why this new project makes her proud. Shortly after the Mary Foundation was established, Free of Bullying (Fri for Mobberi) was launched. Free of Bullying  aims to prevent bullying and strengthen children community in schools and kindergartens. The project is based on the values of tolerance, respect, compassion and courage. Around 1500 kindergartens and 590 school, mainly pre-schools, work with Free of Bullying in their everyday. Amazing results have already shown. Free of Bullying Universe are made in collaboration with the Mary Foundation and Red Barnet, as the already existing program. Because of the large use of digital media, there is demand for a digital version of the program, then Free of Bullying Universe was created and now launched as an offer for pre-schools. It was also important for Mary to express the importance of why bullying is unacceptable when she was interviewed during her visit.

Closely followed by photographers and journalists, I had my on little 'spy' following Mary at her appearance at Sundbyøster School. Luckily, I'm once again able to share some of Agnés Colbert's wonderful photos! Please remember to get your own permission if you want to share her photos, it's pretty important. Thanks. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
I already mentioned how brilliant her mood was, but I think her mood was reflected in what she was wearing. The calendar says March and we approach spring; floral prints and bright pastel colours. Yeah! I'm not sure how I'm gonna describe my admiration of this outfit. The colours are perfect, her hair looks amazing, the different length of clothes makes her look gorgeous and her smile makes my heart melt. I was completely fade away in these colours but because of her dark brown hair it looks dazzling. A professional outfit that shows perfectly how to wear a printed skirt with basic items. She looks "expensive" because the clothes is matched as it is. Lets start from the top. This new grey cardigan and blouse have two wonderful shades of grey/blue. The blouse features pleating around the neck and cardigan the effect of a peplum. I haven't identified non of these two new pieces but my first, and only, guess was be Hugo Boss. The style is so much Boss, just like her black and white pencil skirt. If you ask me, I think this is a brilliant way to wear a printed skirt. Then we have her shark grey coat which I'm pretty sure is also from HUGO Hugo Boss because of the red label inside the coat. What I know of this is the first time we see it but hopefully not last. It's very similar to this Mibella model but still I need to find exactly the same. Maybe you are the one to help me? To add a little "spring/summer vibe" she wore a pair of dusty colour Marianne Dulong earrings. They feature the characteristic golden circle and eight small diamonds. Unfortunately, they are not part of their usually range sold online, probably custom-made. I once found them in a promotion video that why I know where they are from. You see a photos of both earrings and shoes down below. The five, very expensive, rings on her right hand are from Ole Lynggaard. I've always loved their designs and still do! To match the rest of the outfit, she completely a perfect outfit with a pair of SAND Copenhagen pumps featuring a pointed toe and about a 10-12 cm. heel. And of course, we have the beautiful  grey Quidam clutch. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Skirt: Hugo Boss Vilinia Pencil Skirt £270
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Shoes: Sand Copenhagen

Possible ID's
Coat: HUGO Hugo Boss Mibella