Gala Dinner at Christiansborg Castle

March, 12th 
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted last night a gala diner at Christiansborg Castle for member of the Danish government, parliament and the European Parliament Danish members. At the dinner was Crown Prince Frederik his wife Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte represented from the royal family. 

Gala dinners are always something I look forward to with great excitement because, well of course because we get to see Mary in one of her magnificent evening gowns and stunning shimmery jewelleries. So when I read that Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik were the host of yesterdays dinner I was thrilled! At no point was I disappointed by what we saw. Around dinner time, the royal family members arrived one by one, of course in the right order, at Christiansborg Castle in the center of Copenhagen. Christiansborg, by the way, also houses the Danish parliament and government at the opposite end of where the dinner was held. First Princess Benedikte, Queen Margrethe's sister, arrived wearing a bright orange dress, then Prince Joachim and Princess Marie who was in a really dusty coloured gown featuring a beadwork, then Frederik and Mary whose clothes I will talk much more about a later below Agnés Colbert's wonderful photos and last but not least the Queen and her husband Prince Henrik arrive to take part in the gala dinner which took place in the Banquet Hall with bright colourful tapestries covering the walls and magnificent floors. All round tables were beautifully decorated with nicely polished glasses, expensive cutlery and a fabulous bouquet centered on the table. Before the guest found their seats, every one of them was greeted by the royal family. The rest of the evening was all private and the dinner was enjoyed behind closed doors. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
In that white dream of a evening gown, you have to have noticed Mary! Now we are in March which means spring, flowers and green trees are near. This is why her dress was more than perfect featuring those pastel flowers that also perfectly matched the blue ribbon from the Order of the Elephant. Back in 2013 Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen celebrated their 50th anniversary, now you may ask why this in any way are important for you, but it is because Charlotte Lynggaard (designer at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen) created special dresses for the Elle Style Award 2013 where they celebrated their anniversary. One of these dresses was the one Mary wore at last nights gala dinner just with a few alterations around the neckline and slit at front. A stunning dress featuring the most wonderful floral details. As always Mary found the way to match accessories without looking over- or underdressed at last night gala dinner. First I have to mention her hairstyle because that is just incredible as the dress, looks elegant and sophisticated at the same time. She wore her diamond wedding tiara, given to her by her parents-in-low on behalf of her wedding with Frederik in 2004 and a pair of really pretty Marianne Dulong earrings featuring a dazzling blue pendant matching the other dusty blue colours of her outfit. These are by the way custom made for Mary and have several different pendants from diamonds to rose quartz. In the most brilliant aquamarine blue colour, she also wore a large ring on her right hand told to be a gift from Frederik, possibly inherited from one of his royal ancestors. No one like Mary can wear such a huge ring. She accessorized the outfit with a plain white clutch, which I unfortunately do not know where is from, I think some kind of bracelet and of course the golden Manolo Blahnik pumps. With a little gold you're never wrong! One marvelous gala outfit that for sure made me breathless. I can't wait to see her in the dress again; what's really not to love about it?! 

Tiara: The wedding tiara
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Dress: Charlotte Lynggaard White Floral Dress
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Metallic BB $595

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