The Mary Foundation in Collaboration with LEGO

March, 27th

Crown Princess Mary participated, as chairwoman of the Mary Foundation, in packing backpacks for children on shelters along with LEGO in Billund. 

Backpacks / Rygsække 
Since 2008, the Mary Foundation has collaborated with Ole Kirk's Foundation and LOKK -Landsorganisationen af Kvindekrisecentre about project 'backpacks'. Every year does the Mary Foundation hand over about 2,000 of these backpacks to children who are staying at a shelter with their mother in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Every year the backpacks are packed by former employees of LEGO. In the bags are the most basic necessities such as toothbrushes, pajamas and of course some toys like a little teddy bear. Read more here

It is a fact that the Mary Foundation never forget no one in their work to provide vulnerable families a better life and opportunities, helping mothers after a life with domestic violence and finding a way to help children and young people to live a life without feeling lonely. This is among others some of the projects the foundation work with. Domestic violence often affects more than just one, if a woman is exposited to violence and she seek for help she often has no where to go for help and if she has children it makes it even more difficult. It is a very problematic situation for these children to witness violence in their home. They often become isolated and find it hard to talk about what they have witnessed. The backpacks is a great way to break the ice. This is a way to communicate with the children and it turns out that it's incredibly important that the bags come from the Crown Princess. It shows that someone like our future Queen really cares. So each year 2,000 of these backpacks are given to children in shelter in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. As many times before, Mary participated in packing some bags herself at LEGO in Billund with former employees. With CEO of the Mary Foundation, Mary had a chat with a few of the many volunteers at LEGO before it was time for her to pack bags herself. It was a true pleasure looking at pictures from her visit because both Mary and everybody else were in a really good mood. She had a big, wide smile on her face during her visit. I think it was one great experience to all of them. She spend a couple of hours packing bags and talking to the former employees who had volunteered to help. Before Mary said goodbye, a pictures were taken so that all would remember the day where Crown Princess Mary took her time to honor the backpack project and those who volunteer to help.

Well, it was not her most memorable outfit we have seen for a long time but I like the way she chose to combine a basic black colour with a printed blouse featuring some interesting details. With her black outfit she blended in and was only center of a pure and natural attention. At the visit she was quite humble. It was clear to me that she didn't really wanted any attention. I believe it was important for her that the volunteers were honored because of their work which is very much appreciated by both children, mothers and many others. At the arrival she wore an old JOSEPH wool jacket featuring a checkered print seen at a couple other events during the past years. Among others I remember she wore it, one of the first times, when she was pregnant with the twins. I'm, as good as always, glad to see her wear her clothes all over again. Love the way she finds a new way to wear her clothes and accessories, gives me ideas how to wear my own wardrobe. Sometimes it's great with a little inspiration. Back to the blouse; I would so much like to tell you where it's from or any ideas who might be the designer, but I'm completely lost. No ideas. Another goodie is her Bottega Veneta bag, an old classics she clearly loves. She accessorized her "packing" outfit with a pair of Jewlscph earrings, her Shamballa Jewels bracelet and what I believe is a pair of black ankle boots. What I really adore about this look is her hairstyle! A classy Mary-blowout with a twist of ways. 

Jacket: JOSEPH Checkered Wool Jacket DKK 3.700
Earrings: Jewlscph Ball Earrings DKK 1.149
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag DKK 19.689,35   

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