Best style of 2023

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Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on May 6th. The ceremony took place at Westminster Abby. The Crown Princess looked splendid in her purple custom-made Søren Le Schmidt dress and matching Jane Taylor hairband. She also wore accessories like a Carlend Copenhagen clutch and Gianvito Rossi pumps.

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Prince Christian celebrated his 18th birthday on October 15th. It was celebrated with, among other things, a magnificent gala dinner hosted by his grandmother, Queen Margrethe. When celebrating her firstborn, Crown Princess Mary stunned in a custom-made Jesper Høvring gown and her beloved wedding tiara gifted to her by her parents-in-law.

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In June 2023, the Crown Princess attended the opening of Copenhagen Global Fashion Summit at the Concert Hall in Copenhagen. She is patron of the Global Fashion Summit and therefore gave the opening speech. At the summit, she wore the most incredible MaxMara/Diane von Furstenberg outfit!

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In April, Crown Princess Mary visited Italy to attend Milan Design Week 2023. Among others, she attended the opening of the Danish exhibition "This is Denmark". She was accompanied by Mayor of Milan - Giueppe Sala. Fashionable as she is, the Crown Princess wore a reused Designers Remix skirt (originally made as a dress) and a simple black Jesper Høvring blouse.

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King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited Denmark in November by invitation of Queen Margrethe. They were officially welcomed with a gala dinner at Christiansborg. This is when Crown Princess Mary amazed all of us in her custom-made Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen gown and beautiful jewellery from Halberstadt, Julie Sandlau, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, etc.

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A year went by

20 December 2023

It is time to look back at 2023. Soon we will celebrate a new year. "The transition to the new year is always an opportunity to stop and appreciate everything that has happened during the year." This is, among others, what Crown Princess Mary write in her annual speech as founder and Chairwoman of the Mary Foundation.

"We need each other if we want to succeed. With the warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mary wore her splendid purple velvet suit from Temperley London. Because of the outfit my guess is that the marvelous photo was taken of her when hosting the annual Christmas reception for the Mary Foundation and its partners on November 30th (here). Once again, photographer Steen Brogaard captured a wonderful moment with the Crown Princess.

To keep warn, she added a stunning light grey wool shawl. It is still unidentified and I cannot remember having seen it before. Do you?

The magical purple earrings are crafted by Cenius & Bach.


Blazer ● Temperley London, here

Pants ● Temperley London, here

Earrings ● Custom-made by Cenius & Bach, here



"What do we humans need most?"

This is a question the Mary Foundation posted on their social media account along with a little video. In this video they have asked Danes this exact question: "What do we humans need most?".

Some says "we need to listen to each other". Others "love" "inspiration" "flowers" and "care". Our answers might be very different, but we do have something in common: we need each other.

"Christmas behind castle windows" 

- the royal family's Christmas Calendar

December 1st

Prince Vincent accompanied the Crown Prince family's personal chef by baking æbleskiver to his mother's Christmas reception for the Mary Foundation's partners (here).

December 4th

The Crown Prince Couple opened their doors for us to get a glimpse of their beautiful Christmas tree standing in the hall's of Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg.

December 10th

Happy 2 Advent from Crown Prince Frederik - and the rest of the family

December 17the

Prince Christian celebrate Advent 3rd on his own in Copenhagen, while the rest of the Crown Prince family are visiting Crown Princess Mary's family in Australia

December 23rd

Princess Isabella and her sister Princess Josephine enjoyed a moment writing gift cards the day before celebrating Christmas in Aarhus

December 24th

Crown Prince Frederik video chatted with Danish astronaut Andreas Mogens who spend Christmas in space. A curious Prince Christian, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine also joyed the conversation


"Nature and our mind - The Crown Princess by the North Sea"

30 November 2023

About a week ago or so, it was announced that Crown Princess Mary would be participating a new documentary about natures impact on our mind. A documentary called "Nature and our mind - The Crown Princess by the North Sea".

The documentary is broadcasted by Denmark's Radio (also known as DR). It has premiere on November 30th (here).

The Crown Princess was accompanied by Doctor Peter Qvortrup Geisling when meeting three people, who have used nature to create peace and balance in their lives. It is the Crown Princess herself who have chosen the three different places (in nature) to meet these three brave Danes. Places that can both be wild and calm - just like the mind.


Top ● POLO Ralph Lauren, here

Pants ● Britt Sisseck, here

Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Necklace ● Julie Sandlauhere

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here


jacket (NEW!), bracelet, belt, shoes


Hair tie ● Kknekki, here (NEW!)

Necklace ● MaRe, here

Necklace ● Halberstadthere

Necklace ● Julie Sandlauhere

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Shoes ● NIKE, here


top (NEW!), pants (NEW!), bracelet

Christmas reception for the Mary Foundation's partners

30 November 2023

Crown Princess Mary hosted the annual Christmas reception for the Mary Foundation's partners. The foundation have collaborations with a number of different organizations and other foundations to fulfill their vision to combat social difficulties as bullying, loneliness and domestic violence.

These partners were all gathered at Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg on Thursday afternoon to enjoy each others companies, a warm cup of glögg and æbleskiver - a traditional specialty in Denmark.

In a post on social media, the Crown Princess write:

"It's a day I look forward to every year. Because it is an occasion to meet and thank all those who have contributed to our work in the past year and who fight for the same as we do; a society where more people feel that they belong."

Mary has hosted these Christmas receptions for many years now. It is truly something I look forward to every year. I see the delight and happiness in her eyes. These people gathered have the same commitment as she does.

This year, Mary has chosen me favorite pants suit of them all. Her purple velvet suit from Temperley London. Do you remember when she wore it the first time? Yes, that is right. In her exclusive interview with Financial Times in 2022 (here). She wore it with the same plain white top which I believe to be MaxMara.

Wish we had a glimpse of what shoes she was wearing, but I don't see anything. Any ideas?

What I do see is her beloved custom-made purple Amethyst earrings from Cenius & Bach. Did you know that these earrings comes with different pendants, features her monogram and has a hidden blue stone to represent her royalty?

Look closer and you will see a matching Amethyst ring. Mary has worn it for maaaaany years. Way before the earrings.


Blazer ● Temperley London, here

Top ● Weekend MaxMara, here

Pants ● Temperley London, here

Earrings ● Custom-made by Cenius & Bach, here


blouse, ring