Day 3. 'United Nations General Assembly' in New York

Tuesday, September 25th

For two days the Crown Princess has attended several receptions, events and meetings with other representatives from all over the world. The gathering took place on occasion of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

On her last day in New York she first participated the event 'Collective call to protect women and girls on the move'. An event organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Dansk Flygtningehjælp. She was accompanied by Danish Minister of Development Collaboration, Ulla Tørnæs. The two of them were seated next to each other.

Crown Princess Mary was also present at the presentation of the winners of an art competition entitled 'Turning the tide of the NCD pandemic through youth-led action' - what a name. She was the one handing over the prestige award with a big smile on her face. Congratulations to the winners. The presentation was later followed by attending the event 'Circular High Level event' by State of Green/Dansk Industri. Here she entered the stage and gave a supposedly, remarkable speech.

Think we have already seen some really beautiful outfit during her stay in New York. Personally I love this most. The combo of colors, prints and fabrics are simply incredible.

Mary embraced a professional and chic business style by wearing her old Scanlan Theodore jacket. She wore it first during the Women Deliver Conference in 2016, when hosted by Copenhagen with Mary as patron, here. This piece is one of my absolute, personal favorites. Love its simplicity and how it huges her figure. First she wore it with trousers (lovely) and now with a floral printed skirt from Hugo Boss. The skirt has also been seen before. More than once? When she attended a meeting with the United Nations Population Fund in 2015, the skirt was brand new, here. Do you remember it? I am a fan.

Let us talk about accessories. She wore outstanding pieces to complete her outfit on the last day in New York. I spotted matching blue stone earrings and a ring from Pomellato. Beautifully created jewellery, such as the golden Orit Elhanati necklace. Mary really has a sense of choosing her jewellery with a certain elegance. The same goes with picking the right handbag and matching shoes. During this trip we have seen her wear same accessories multiple times. Very clever of her. We got a glimpse her blue leather bag from Prada and nude Christian Louboutin pumps.

Jacket ● Scanlan Theodore Crepe Knit Wrap Jacket
Skirt  Hugo Boss Vanas Silk & Cotton Skirt
Earrings  Pomellato
Necklace  Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Ring  Pomellato
Shoes  Christian Louboutin Simple Patent Pump 85mm

Day 2. 'United Nations General Assembly' in New York

Monday, September 24th

Day two and the Crown Princess had a long day ahead of her. First she arrived to attend the opening of the new office of Henning Larsen architects in New York. She was one big smile right. Her opening a new office was followed by her participating the event Concordia Summit. This was organized by the International Center for Research on Women - leading in research on gender and equality. The Crown Princess also spoke as part of the International Center for Research on Women Ledership Council at the event focusing on empowerment on women.

Crown Princess Mary was also invited to participate the event Protecting the Health and Rights of Women and Girls Affected by Conflict arranged by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Once again she attended as patron of UNFPA. On the same occasion she took part of a meeting with the United Nations Population Fund's Executive Director, Dr Natalia Kanem.

I truly believe it was a lucrative and enriching day for the Crown Princess attending all these almost educational meetings, receptions and events. Impressive to see her in action. Looks like she was born to do this. I imagine these conferences are a great way to learn and get a chance to know more.

Embed from Getty Images

I am also impressed how she manage to keep up both looking absolutely stunning and work all day. For sure you know the struggle: keeping perfect all day with makeup and clothes. I find it hard sometimes. I haven't got the trick yet, do you?

Second day in New York. Mary showed up at the opening of Henning Larsen architects new office wearing a brand new dress. Both Sarah and Heaven managed to identify her new printed dress as Hugo Boss. At first I was not crazy about it. The print and all that fabric kinda disturbed me. Then I took another look, and another look... I have come to like it a bit more. Maybe without the black Prada jacket I'd like it more. Nevertheless Mary looks so comfortable and relaxed in what she is wearing. That is what really matters. She embraced the style wearing earrings (and a brand new golden bracelet) from Dulong Fine Jewelry, a Cartier bangle and her green Valentino's.

Jacket  Prada
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bangle
Shoes  Valentino

● ● ● ● 

At dinner time her day was not over just yet. There was one more event to attend - a very special evening reception entitled 'Denmark: It's more than a small country - It's a BIG idea'. The Crown Princess arrived in a splendid mood and it stayed that way all evening. Also Prime Minister, Lars Lykke Rasmussen was in a great spirt when attending.

Crown Princess Mary also had a job to do during the evening. She was suppose to present and hand over a prestige prize - the Prince Henrik Export Prize. It was given to the company of Ilse Jacobsen.  Congratulation with the fine prize. I am sure it is well deserved. This was also a propose of the event; to show support to Danish companies and strengthen the relations between the United States of America and Denmark. Not to forget the importance of the development of the United Nations Worldgoal on sustainability and sustainable solutions.

I hoped for something new for the evening reception and that is exactly what I got. Mary wore a new floral printed blouse featuring some incredible details around neck and wrists. I am not quite sure about the print and colour, such as its top part. Let me know how you would describe it. Its details are pretty amazing. Fortunately it has now been identified as Munthe - a Danish designer. The blouse will be available in January and it is from their SS19 collection.

She matched this new blouse with black trousers, her Céline belt (also worn the day before, here) and reused old Christian Louboutin pumps. Pretty detail that she matched blouse and shoes with such perfection. Other than this she embraced the style with new earrings as well. Jewlscph has kindly confirmed that Mary's earrings are their design. I also see some kind of black shawl and her lovely Carlend Copenhagen clutch.

Overall she looks just beautiful. Her hairstyle amazed me greatly. It is simple, yet a stunning accessory to complete the rest of the look. The same goes with her makeup. 

Blouse  Munthe
Earrings  Jewlscph Marilyn
Belt  Céline
Clutch  Carlend Copenhagen Original Vanessa Croco
Shoes  Christian Louboutin Simple Patent Pump 85mm

Day 1. 'United Nations General Assembly' in New York

Sunday, September 23rd

Time is running. End of last month the French Presidential couple visited Denmark, here. Then the Crown Princess traveled to Finland, here, and now she is in New York. She's getting international.

So at the moment Crown Princess Mary is in New York. All on occasion of Untied Nations General Assembly 73. The event takes place from September 23rd to 25th. She is present all three days.

Not much has been published from her first day in the states. The program tells that she attended a reception with Women Deliver. For years the Crown Princess has been committed to the work of Women Deliver. From what I have seen she gave a speech at the reception. Later in the evening the Crown Princess attended a dinner hosted by Denmark's UN-ambassador, Ib Petersen and his wife, who also welcomed her at the arrival. Seems like the Crown Princess was in a really great mood.

The Crown Princess of Denmark wasn't the only royal attending the United Nations General Assembly. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden also took part in the event in New York.

Unfortunately I have no pictures to share with you from her first day in New York attending the assembly. I'd love to but only few pictures are published. Non available for me to share. Nevertheless I can share information about what she wore during the day.

Heaven managed to identify her brand new dress as being from Stine Goya. Looks like is features print of a tree with leaves. And just look at those incredible sleeves and the length is outstanding. Suits her really well. Do you like the piece? She belted the new dress with an old Céline belt seen at multiple previous occasions as here and here. I tend to like this new dress pretty much. She embraced the style by wearing stunning golden earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and her golden Cartier bangle. Both pieces are so well-made and makes her outfit look very special. A reader and I both came across some golden rings and we both think it looks like styles from Dulong Fine Jewelry. You find my suggestion beneath. She also accessories her outfit with a blue Prada bag and green studded pumps from Valentino. What a combination, right? Green, blue, gold. A match made in heaven.

Wish we had more pictures of her day in New York attending the United Nations General Assembly. But for now, this is what we have to work with. Please, let me know if you find anything I haven't noticed. I am sure you'll see something I missed. And then tell me how you like Mary's outfit.

Dress  Stine Goya Kirsten Maxi Dress
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Kharisma Earrings, Big
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Belt  Céline
Shoes ● Valentino

Possible identifications
Rings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Rings

Design Award 2018

Thursday, September 20th

Yesterday evening the Crown Princess amazing the audience at the presentation of the winner of the year's designer on occasion of Design Award 2018. The prestiges ceremony took place at the Bellevue Theatre in Copenhagen.

Design Award is the annual time a year where the best design solutions are rewarded. Both Danish designers and upcoming talented designers are gathered to be celebrated. The event and accompanying show is organized by Danish magazines Bo Bedre, Bolig Magasinet, Costume Living and Nordic Living. Thanks to all of them for making this a great event for all of us to enjoy.

On stage the Crown Princess presented and handed over an award to this year's winner: designer and architect Lars Vejen. Congratulations with the well earned award. Twelve more awards were handed over such as traveling scholarships to upcoming design talents.

Crown Princess Mary was in a brilliant mood during the evening. Just look at her smily eyes. From what I have seen; it was a wonderful evening at the Bellevue Theatre.

Think my heart skipped a beat. Honestly, have you looked at what she is wearing yesterday evening? I am breathless. That incredible good-looking emerald green two-piece is simply outstanding. Her new outfit is from Danish designer Mark Tan (collection: AW18). Love how it makes her figure stand out. She looks tall, healthy and at her very best.

In my opinion she did her absolut best accessorizing the new outfit. Mary wore brand new earrings from Jewlscph. It has kindly been confirmed by Jewslcph. The earrings features all the most beautiful colours and shapes. She embraced the style with a reused bracelet and some kind of emerald green ring. I also see some other golden bracelets. One from Cartier and another one from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Pretty amazing, right? Her shoes are an old Gianvito Rossi pair in suede and mesh. She has worn them quite a lot lately. Maybe you also spotted a black clutch. Well, I have no identification but I know for a fact that it goes years back. If you happen to know anything about these missing pieces; please get in contact with me or write a comment.

What also amazed me about her look at the Design Awards 2018 is her hairstyle. So simple. So polished. Just as the rest of her outfit. Now my hair is 25 cm. shorter, but I think I will try it out myself. Loves how it works everyday and night. Please, please, please let me know if you share my excitement about her green outfit.

Blouse  Mark Tan
Trousers  Mark Tan
Earrings  Jewlscph Chloe
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Mesh-Paneled Suede Pumps

'The 68th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe'

Monday, September 17th

Only a couple of days ago she visited Finland on a two days business promotion trip. Within a week she is going to New York on occasion of the United Nations General Assembly. At the moment Crown Princess Mary is in Italy to attend the 68th session of The Who Regional Committee for Europe.

She is present at the session as patron of WHO Regional Office for Europe and as guest of honor. The Crown Princess has been patron since 2005. So for more than 10 years she has been committed to make a difference for people around the world.

Arriving she was warmly welcomed by Regional Director of WHO, Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab. They two of them have met occasionally and seems to get along very well. Both of them have the same commitment: to make a difference for girls and women.

Attending the 68th session in Rome Crown Princess Mary gave a long speech on men's health. So maybe it is now time for her to expand her area of focus. For years the Crown Princess has been working her *** off to improve girls and women's well-being, living-conditions, health and rights. I am overwhelmed of everything she has achieved. Maybe it is now time to achieve even more, make a difference and help voices who need it.

Attending the 68th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in Italy Mary was magnificently dressed. What always impress me about her sense of style is how she manages to match prints, colours and different materials. This outfit is a perfect example. A wonderful match of blue, red, gold and black.

She was wearing her reused red dress from Dolce & Gabbana. It has been worn a couple of times before. Mary embraced the style of her red dress with a black Prada jacket. At first I thought it was a new blue jacket. Still I tend to stick with that it is her old Prada piece. Anyone intervening? Somehow I wish it had been blue. That would have made her outfit even more outstanding.

To complete her look she wore remarkable accessories. First I spotted a pair of golden Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings featuring diamonds and her Orit Elhanati necklace. Both pieces have been worn previous times before. Other than this she wore her golden bangle from Cartier and some other bracelets which I can't identify at the moment. As mentioned before Mary dazzled wearing blue accessories as well. The blue leather tote from Prada and her colour-matching Gianvito Rossi pumps is how she made her outfit even more amazing. Tell me what you think. As you may sense; I am blown away by her outfit. Somehow it makes me happy to look at.

Dress  Dolce & Gabbana Contrast-Stitch Cady Dress
Jacket  Prada
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Earrings
Necklace  Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi

Day 2. Official visit to Finland

Friday, September 14th

On Thursday 13th the Crown Princess arrived to Helsinki in Finland to attend a business promotion visit. She was never part of the plan till her husband was unable to attend. The day before she both attended exhibitions, food events and much more.

The following day it was time for the Crown Princess to visit Turku - a city on the West Coast. Turku is the place when it comes to maritime industry in Finland. Wearing a white safety helmet and glasses, she was given a guided tour around (among others) Meyer Turku where a cruise ship build right now. Imagine you have to build a cruise ship? What a task to complete.

She also had the opportunity to met Minna Arve, who is Major of Turku. Minna Arve welcomed the Crown Princess when visiting Forum Marinum. Here she even got her own spot - an honorary plate with her name on. What a gesture. While visiting Forum Marinum she met with several representatives from Danish companies, who told her all about their work and futures projects.

KongehusetRoyals & StyleBilled-Bladet 1Frederik et Mary

Visiting Turku Mary was simply dressed in a black suit. Seems like suits are popular right now. To me it is a victory. I sincerely hope that more women will wear suits from now on. They look great, are comfortable and easy to wear and suits come in a million different colours and prints. It does not get any better.

Mary styled her black suit with a blue Hugo Boss blouse and old MaxMara pumps featuring that chunky heel. I kinda missed those pumps. They look comfortable to wear all day. She belted her ZARA blazer with a belt that really caught my eye. It is not the first time we see it but I can't figure out where it is from. Love its simplicity - as with the rest of her outfit. She matched her outfit with black pearl jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

Her hair looks so much longer than I remembered. Maybe some curls would do great with this outfit? Or a half updo perhaps? Can't wait to see some more updo's. That would be amazing.

Blazer  ZARA
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Earrings
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet
Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Shoes  MaxMara Suede Square-Toe Pumps

Day 1. Official visit to Finland

Thursday, September 13th

A couple of weeks ago the Crown Prince had a back surgery due to a discusprolapse, this is why his wife has taken over a few jobs for him. So now the Crown Princess is visiting Finland all officially on occasion of a business promotion. You do not hear me complain; we welcome a promotion visit with gratitude, right?

She arrived to Helsinki around noon in a great spirit and was warmly welcomed with red and white flags, smiles and lots of happy children. What a sight to see. The Major of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori also welcomed the Crown Princess at the arrival. After the official welcoming ceremony at the City Hall in Helsinki Crown Princess Mary attended multiple meetings and several lunches. Among other she participated 'Urban Solutions in the Nordic area' and a seminar in Store Enso Headquarter. Crown Princess Mary also attended en exhibition called 'Urban Living Room Exhibition' and participated 'New Nordic Food' event where it is all about food. So many interesting and fascinating events.

During her trip she is accompanied by Danish Minister of Environment and Food, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen. Don't think the two of them as traveled along before, but they seem to get along very well. All day she seemed in an excellent mood - always with a smile on her face

I am completely overwhelmed by what she wore - a brand new, rose coloured suit from Andiata (collection: AW18). The designer also posted the news about her wearing their suits, here. Mary has worn their designes a couple of times before and I think you loved it as much as I did. What do you think about this piece? Personally I have a thing about suits. Women look great wearing a suit. Both plain in colour and printed. I just invested in a suit myself. A navy blue one with small dots.

Mary looks so comfortable in her new rose coloured suit. Every little detail is exquisite. I am a great admirer of Andiata creating such a wonderful suit. She styled her suit with white accessories - a new white pleated blouse, pearl earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and a creamy white handbag from Prada. The bag is an old piece that still looks absolutely great. Mary also embraced the outfit by wearing other jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry and her golden Cartier bangle.

Matching the rest of the outfit she also wore white, suede pumps. I strongly believe they are from Gianvito Rossi. Right now I am not sure if we have seen them before, but I don't think so. To me they look new. I can't hide my excitement. Everything about this look is incredible. It is sophisticated, chic and perfectly suitable for the occasion.

Next to her Cartier bangle she is wearing yet another golden bracelet. I have not been able to find a clear closeup, but I have an idea that it is a new design from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Suit ● Andiata Rose Cloud Suit
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

Possible identifications
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bracelet

● ● ● ● ●

Her first day in Helsinki, Finland, has been really busy. She arrived around noon to the capital city where she was welcomed by the major and lots of happy children. The Crown Princess attended several different events as part of her visit, which she had taken over from her husband. Among other things she visited 'Urban Living Room Exhibition' and helped prepare a meal at 'New Nordic Food' event. Her day wasn't over yet.

In the evening she arrived to attend an official dinner in Helsinki on occasion of her visit. The dinner took place at Finlanda Hall. It was as guest of honor she attended the dinner, along with numbers Danish and Finnish politicians, entrepreneurs etc. The Crown Princess looked great at the arrival and was one big smile. As she was welcomed with a handshake; she welcomed other guests with a handshake as well.

Attending dinner abroad as part of an official visit takes a good-looking outfit. I don't know what I had expected to see, but differently not this. She embraced a rather simple evening look by wearing a few reused pieces. The black blouse has been seen back in 2014 at a gala dinner in Copenhagen, here. At that time she wore it with her Jayson Brunsdon skirt. In Finland Mary had chosen to wear the blouse with her green jacquard Hennes & Mauritz skirt - the one that was altered from dress to skirt. Do you recall it? She wore it at 'Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018' with a white button-down, here. I prefer it with the white shirt.

Dinner time in Helsinki. Mary embraced the style wearing large diamond earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry - nothing new about them. Nor about the little black box clutch which has been identified as Sergio Rossi awhile ago. Gianvito Rossi designed her magnificent mesh pumps. Can't get enough of them. The bracelet goes way back but has never been found.

Comes to hair and makeup; I am a bit surprised to see her wear such a strong coloured lipgloss. Usually she wears lighters berry colours. This one is much darker. Do you like that on her? I do.

Skirt ● Hennes & Mauritz Jacquard Dress
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus
Clutch ● Sergio Rossi
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Mesh-Paneled Suede Pumps

Flag Day 2018

September, Wednesday 5th

For several years the Crown Princes couple have showed their respect and support to both soldiers and their families by attending 'the Flag Day' for Denmark's deployed soldiers. The ceremony goes back to 2009 and aim to honor deployed soldiers and their efforts, provided in a number of the world's conflict areas.

This year the Crown Princess attended on her own because of her husbands surgery. Crown Princess Mary was guest of honor. She attended a couple of different events on occasion of 'the Flag Day'. First she arrive to Kastellet to place a wreath to show support and to honor those who devote their life to make a difference. The world stood still for a minute in silence. Representatives from both the Danish Home Guard, the Police force, Emergency Management and Veterans, among others, did also attend the ceremony at Kastellet.

The Crown Princess attended a church service in Holmens Church - where Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine were christened. The memorial service was to honor those we lost in battle. Later on she attended a parade at Thorvaldsens Square near Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Crown Princess Mary was not the only royal family member who was present at 'the Flag Day'. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended several events on the same occasion in Fredericia.

Showing her support to Danish soldiers on Wednesday Mary was dressed in the most incredible layered dress from A.L.C. I learned about its identify from Heaven, but Samantha was able to find it. A first glance I was sure we had seen the dress before a couple of year ago at a Christmas event at Christiansborg Castle in 2016, here. It was told to be new so I could not be her old one, right? Then a couple of you shared your thoughts about her dress and expressed that it looked a lot like the one from 2016. The dress is actually also included in the ultimate shopping guide to fall 2016, here. Nevertheless it has now been identified - and it looks amazing on her. She belted her outfit with a Céline belt.

Mary embraced the style by wearing numerous incredible accessories. First of all she wore one of her Susanne Juul hats that goes way back in time. I do not know when we first saw it, but it is many years ago. She has it in a few other colours too. I see what looks like diamond earrings from Hartmanns and that new flower necklace embellished with clear and shiny diamonds from Tiffany (collection: Paper Flowers). I hope for a clear close-up one day. Other than this Mary dazzled in nude patent pumps from Christian Louboutin.

Her hair and makeup was flawless as usual. For year and year I have been in love with the chignon. First it looks great for both day and night events. Second a chignon can be chic and messy, but also straight and more professional. Look for inspiration - I am sure you are going to love this updo as much as I do. Think I have advocated for the hairstyle many times before.

Dress  A.L.C Floating Jardani Maxi Dress
Hat  Susanne Juul
Belt  Céline
Necklace  Tiffany Pavé Diamond Flower Pendant
Shoes  Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Patent

Dinner with partners of the Mary Foundation

September, Tuesday 4th

The Crown Princess has been a busy woman lately. First she visited the Faroe Island along with the rest of her family, here. Then the French Presidential couple payed a visit to Copenhagen as part of a state visit, here. A couple of days later the Crown Princess was present at the presentation of 'the Carlsberg Foundation's Research Awards 2018', here. The following day she attended 'CBS Responsibility Day' at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, here.

On Tuesday she then hosted a dinner for the presidum of the Mary Foundation. For years the foundation has been collaboration with several partners from many different organization and foundations. They were invited to this very special dinner taking place at Frederik VIIIs palace at Amalienborg. The Crown Princess shared a photo on Instagram of a beautifully decorated tabel in the Mirror Hall, here. Other than this we haven't seen anything before-, under- or after the dinner. With the Crown Princess as hostess and with that table I am sure it was a great evening.

'CBS Responsibility Day'

September, Monday 3rd

It was a big day for all the students on their first day at Copenhagen Business School. Makes me think of my first day as a student one and a half year ago. On the occasion Crown Princess Mary attended 'CBS Responsibility Day' taking place at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen. 'The CBS Responsibility Day' focus on responsibility - especially when it comes to business.

Looks like the Crown Princess was in a splendid mood when she arrived to Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center. She was one big smile at the welcoming. From first raw the Crown Princess paid attention to everything that was going on, on the stage. Later on she entered the stage herself and gave the most inspiring speech. She spoke of how and why responsibility is so important to keep in mind. In her speech she also took plenty of time talking about why it was such an important day for the students. That studies can open a whole new world of opportunities as well as make one grow as a person. Eloquent as always. Pay attention to her speeches; she mater words like few other.

Her being eloquent is no secret. Her being well-dressed is neither a secret. It showed at 'the CBS Responsibility Day'. Mary showed up wearing the most incredible workwear outfit. New pieces matched with good reused pieces. I am sure you all recall the Victoria Beckham blouse. Actually we have seen it at a couple of occasions. It was first seen at the annual meeting with the Mary Foundation, here, and later on an official photo on occasion of Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday, here. Do you have a favourite outfit?

Today she matched her blue creation with a brand new skirt featuring small dots. I haven't found anything similar yet. She embraced the look by wearing it with a new belt as well. I would like a few more close-ups. Also to get a better look at the other accessories. Hitting it with perfection Mary wore white pearl earrings and a bracelet both from Dulong Fine Jewelry. We get a glimpse of her wearing black pumps which I finally recognized as Valentino. You know the classy studded model. Quality also describes her Quidam clutch. Think she is wearing her black one, but the lack of pictures makes it a bit difficult to tell for sure.

She added a simple hairstyle, natural makeup and red nails. Pretty good, right? I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit myself any time really.

Blouse  Victoria Beckham Twist-Front Silk Crepe de Chine Blouse
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Valentino Leather Rockstud Pumps Black

The Carlsberg Foundations Research Awards 2018

September, Sunday 2nd

What a pleasure it was to follow the French Presidential couples visit in Denmark. Both the Crown Princes couple, the Queen and the rest of the Danish royal family seemed to enjoy this state visit very much. If you missed anything from the couples two days in Denmark, then you can find much more, here and here.

Crown Princess Mary is back at work. On Sunday around dinner time she arrived to Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. She was about to present 'the Carlsberg Foundations Research Awards 2018'. With each award comes one million Danish kroner - DKK 750,000 are for research related activities; the rest are a personal reward to the winners themselves. For more than five years the Crown Princess has handed over the prestige awards, here, here, here, here, here. 'The Carlsberg Foundations Research Award' was first handed over in 2011, but I am not quite sure if the Crown Princess attended the first two years.

On stage she was this year accompanied by Minister of Research, Tommy Ahlers and CEO of the Carlsberg Foundation, Flemming Besenbacher. With a great smile on her face, she presented the two winners of the research award 2018 Professor Tim Bollerslev and Professor Poul Nissen. Congratulations to both of them with the award and honoring. The ceremony was followed by a dinner in which the Crown Princess also attended.

Each time we get to see Mary at this very special event; we also get to see some pretty amazing outfits which is why I had high exceptions. Something I rarely have. At the moment I can't tell if I am positively surprised or a bit disappointed. I had expected something completely else than this black dress. A black dress would do great for the event - maybe not just this dress. Actually I thought it would take much longer to identify this dress. Then yesterday it was found by one of you at Adam Lippes. He is a new designer to me. Neither do I think Mary has worn any of his designs before. Interesting to see if she will wear his creations again. So, tell me what you think about her new dress. Is the fringe a quality detail or way too much?

So the dress features a hemline of fringes. It is belted and has an interesting neckline. Let me know if you have any possible designers in mind. I am struggling.

For the new dress Mary had chosen to embrace the style by wearing cap-toe pointed from from Gianvito Rossi - seen on several different occasions. She also wore one of her old Prada clutches which features a lovely blue colour and embellished stones. It was first seen at the royal wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock in Monaco, here. Do you remember it? Somehow I completely forgot about this clutch.

Other than Rossi pumps and a Prada clutch she was wearing diamond earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, a few bracelets from among others Cartier and Annikat. And a brand new necklace. A reader suggested Tiffany (collection: Paper Flowers) as creator and from their response I no longer wonder about it's identity. But tell me what you think.

Dress  Adam Lippes Linen Crewneck Fringe Dress
Necklace  Tiffany Pavé Diamond Flower Pendant
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus
Bracelet  Annikat Wing Cuff
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch  Prada Stone Embellished Raso Clutch
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi