Day 2. Official state visit from France

August, Wednesday 29th

Yesterday the French Presidential couple arrived to Copenhagen. They are on official state visit in Denmark hosted by Queen Margrethe. The Presidential couple was first welcomed at Kastellet in Copenhagen by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. Actually the two couple's enjoyed most of the day in each others company. Crown Princess Mary and Mrs Marcon had lunch together and paid a visit to the Design School at Holmen in Copenhagen. Meanwhile the French President join Crown Prince Frederik for a boat trip and met with Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen - among other things. In the evening Queen Margrethe hosted a gala dinner at Christiansborg castle with several hundred invited guests from both France and Denmark. Read about their first day, here.

The state visit only last two days which mean Wednesday 29th is their last day in Denmark. In the morning the official farewell took place at Christian VIIs Palace at Amalienborg. Both Queen Margrethe and the Crown Prince couple attended. A unique tradition was once more included - the French Presidential couple wrote in a guestbook and signed a window. I do not know for sure who was the first to write their signature, but presidents and royals have signed each their own window which are then once again place somewhere at Amalienborg. Simply a wonderful tradition.

Crown Princess Mary and Mrs Macron then visited Rysensteen Gymnasium. Seems like the two of them get along very well. And the students were thrilled to welcomed both of them. The Crown Princess was in a great mood and took plenty of time talking to the stuents. An introduction was also given to the program 'Global Citizenship Programme' in which the school participate. Meanwhile Crown Prince Frederik and the French President visited Dansk Industri. Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen also attended this visit. The visit made it possible for all of them to attend the business conference 'Transformning France: A Nordic Perspective'.

After having spend time on their own; the Crown Prince couple and the French Presidential couple were gathered once again. The reunion took place at Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. When visiting Glyptoteket they had the opportunity to attend a cultural event where numerous Danish artists also attended.

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For one more day in company of Mrs Macron Mary had chosen to reuse one of her old blue creations. It has for a long time been suggested that Stella McCartney designed the blue dress. That was all wrong. The dreamy blue dress is from Vionnet. I learned about its identity from Heaven. She also shared with me that Princess Charlene has worn the same dress featuring a longer skirt, here. Mary first wore her dress at 'the European Emergency Medical Services 2017', here.

Once again we see her embrace the style by wearing that incredible brooch which I have never been able to find. Nor do I have ideas where to find it. The brooch features pastel pink and green colours and make a great match to the blue dress. Just as the white pearl earrings and a ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry does. Multiple bracelet were also worn. I have a hard time identifying each one of them, but I differently see her golden Cartier bangle.

As other accessories Mary had chosen a blue calfskin Quidam clutch and patent leather pumps in rose from Gianvito Rossi. I've always loved when she chose to wear darker and lighter colours at ones. She also stunned wearing some kind of red coloured nail polish. And that soft curly hairstyle blew me away. Absolutely wonderful. She has a certain glow that woman, right?

Dress ● Vionnet Layered Crepe Dress
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Hook & Eye Earrings
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch ● Quidam Blue Calfskin Clutch
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

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- Return reception -
As the French Presidential couple attended the Danish official farewell ceremony; the couple hosted a return reception at Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen. Both Queen Margrethe, the Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, and Princess Benedikte were invited as guests of honor.

Little has been said and shown from the event at Skuespilhuset. From what I see all royals were warmly welcomed by the Presidential couple with smiles and handshakes. With sincere words the French President thanked the Queen and her family for their hospitality in his speech at the reception. All this took place in the afternoon before the presidential couple left Denmark later that day.

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For the afternoon event Mary wore a brand new printed dress. Actually the print is flower petals - beautiful right? Somehow I can't stop myself from loving the fact that Queen Margrethe's dress and Mary's look very much alike. Mary's new dress has been identified by Heaven as Giambattista Valli (the name I always trouble to write and remember). This incredible creation features long sleeves, a wait band and mid-length skirt. I imagine the dress worn at so many different occasions in the future with all kinds of accessories. Maybe yellow pumps? Another belt? Its print makes me wanna try something similar.

At the reception in Skuespilhuset Mary wore simple, yet stunning accessories, to top off her look. Among other things she wore brand new black pumps as well. They feature little golden studs. Once again Heaven got the answer where to find these new pumps. She manage to find them at Gianvito Rossi. Kinda edgy next to the feminine dress. I have been told that Mrs Macron is very fond of Louis Vuitton. So I imagine that she loved Mary's box clutch, because that is from Louis Vuitton. It goes years back in time, but has only been worn a couple of times.

Dress ● Giambattista Valli Floral Petal Printed Dress
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus
Clutch ● Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Clutch
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi 105 Studded Suede Pumps


  1. Hi Henriette. Are the pearls on the earrings Mary wore with the blue dress a more oval shape and "longer" than the round ones she usually wears? It is difficult to see from the photographs as there are no good close-ups. I get a bit confused with the different pearl earrings.

    1. Please, send me an email ( Then I will be able to show you pictures of both earrings.

  2. Oh,I love,love dress with cape and this is the one of the best.Mary matches it wonderful witj classic accessories and glittering brooch.Once again I much more appreciate morning dress than evening but floral outfit wasn 't bad.

    1. Both outfits from Wednesday are incredible, especially the one with flower petals. Wauw, that is just spot on in my opinion. It is new and refreshing.

  3. Mary has made wonderful choice of dress, she looks so beautiful.