Tivoli's 175th anniversary

Wednesday, August 15th

For almost a week the Crown Princess has been back a work after a long holiday with her family. Earlier on August 15th she met with CEO of the Mary Foundation, Helle Ƙstergaard, here. The two of them had a meeting about 'the Free of Bullying'-suitcases.

In the evening she attended a 175th anniversary. It is on occasion of Tivoli is celebrating its 175th birthday that both Crown Princess Mary and Princess Benedikte attended as guests or honor. The anniversary was celebrated with a gala premiere of 'New York City Ballet' performance in Tivoli's Concert Hall. Both women arrived in a splendid mood to enjoy a wonderful evening in Tivoli. I do not know if any of you have had the chance to visit Tivoli in Copenhagen, but it is a really magnificent experience. I have had the chance myself a couple of times. The atmosphere is remarkable. Sadly I have never visited the place while royals were too. Maybe that will happen one day.

With a huge smile on their faces at the arrival, I believe the two of them had a great time in Tivoli that evening. From everything I see, read and hear it was a wonderful performance taking place in the concert hall.

Two beautiful women, wearing two (very different but) beautiful evening dresses. Princess Benedikte embrace the style by wearing a green and blue evening gown. It features a lovely neckline and empire-cute. She matched the dress with blue heels and white pearls.

Mary, on the other hand, had chosen to wear a brand new burgundy maxi dress. This new wonder features embellished mirrors and studs. I had several different designers in mind while trying to identify its designer. Heaven helped me and found Mary's new dress at Tory Burch (collection: Fall RTW 2015). She wore it a bit differently than the model from Tory Burch's fashion show - because she wore the scarf as belt. Dianna Agron did the same in 2015, here. Its colour makes everything good next to her porcelain skin and dark brown hair - don't you think?

Plenty of jewellery accessorized her outfit the evening in Tivoli. Mary embraced the style by wearing pink and yellow earrings from Annikat, a golden Orit Elhanati necklace as well as her golden Cartier bangle featuring diamonds. We also get a glimpse of two diamonds rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Furthermore I see a couple more bracelets, but blurry pictures makes it a hard time for me to identify them. Does any of you manage to find quality close-ups?

Somehow I think we have seen that shawl before in 2013 while visiting Morocco, here. By the way, the two colours makes a great match. Powder pink and burgundy - clever. Mary also wore a little red leather clutch from Sergio Rossi. Left we have to talk about shoes. I imagine she could be wearing an old pair of silver sandals as worn here. We have seen the sandals on several occasions and I think it is likely that these are the one she is wearing at the concert. Please, let me know what you think - also about her look in general. I am stunned by (almost) everything I see.

Dress  Tory Burch Studded Silk-Chiffon Masi Dress
Earrings  Annikat Diamond Earrings
Necklace  Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch  Sergio Rossi Red Leather Clutch


  1. Lovely dress and beautiful color. CP Mary looks great rested and sun kissed.Pss Benedikte looks great too. Must have been a very nice event.

  2. I don't understand one thing : the dress is from 2015. Mary had never wore it ? The dress is pretty but I don't like shoes, earings are beautiful ...

    1. Well, now and then the Crown Princess appear in a dress/blouse/skirt etc. from a much older collection - even for the first time. As goes with this Tory Burch dress. I am sure this is not the only time we are going to see her in the dress.

  3. It was stunning looks-perfect color,amazing silhouette and modern elements as scarf.

  4. Soooo beautiful dresses and jewellery for elegant Royal ladies