Day 2. Official visit to the Faroe Islands

August, Friday 24th

- Arrival -
The arrival to Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands was a huge succes. Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary were warmly welcomed arriving to the islands along with all four children. In Tórshavn (and surrounding areas) the family enjoyed the day by visiting among others the Government buildings in Tinganes, a women's house and spending the evening in Nordens Hus. A wonderful day, here.

The following day it was time to visit Klaksvïk, Ósalund, Fugloy and Mikladal. The family arrived by the royal yacht Dannebrog around 9 o'clock. Mayor, Jógvan Skorheim and his wife Mrs Mígdis Skorheim welcomed the couple arriving to Klaksvík. It was a warmhearted and sincere welcoming. Time was also for greetings, handshakes and lots of smiles. Both the Crown Prince couple and all four children spend much time meeting the attendances. What a sight. We rarely see the whole family gathered like this. Makes me proud to have a royal family like this with prince's and princess' who make an "down on earth" appearance just as their parents. Guess that is why this particular family is loved so much by all of us.

And the family seems to enjoy it as much as the rest of us. They were one big smile all day long. Both when visiting Biskupstorg to see 3D plans for a new building project, Ósalund and a nearly 100 years old money institute.

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When arriving to Klaksvïk Friday morning Mary was dressed, once again, in her personal national costume. It was given to her as a present from Faroe Islands National Assembly and Legislation, when she first visited the Faroe Islands in 2005 - we haven't seen it since. Mary's national costume comes with an apron and scarf og dark green wool featuring a Marguerite pattern. It is matched with a knitted sweater featuring snowflakes, coloured red and black. Her costume is also detailed with silver pieces which are designed specially for her. Mary was not the only one wearing her traditional costume. The rest of the family did too. Each costume has its own story to be read here.

On the second day on the Faroe Islands she embraced the style with a half updo, earrings from Hartmann's, diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, an Orit Elhanati necklace and a reused hairpiece. Did you noticed it? I still really want to get some pictures showing details from her outfit. That is not easy to find. We get a glimpse of her hairstyle in videos shared online. It is her old piece from PICO. This was first worn at the presentation of 'Crown Princess Mary's Scholarship' earlier this year, here. Not sure I would wear it myself but she makes it work perfectly. We could also take a lesson from the two princesses - Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine embraced the most amazing hairstyles as their mother.

Hairpiece ● PICO Leafy
Earrings ● Hartmann's
Necklace  Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring

● ● ● ●

- Visiting Fugloy & Mikladal -
On Friday the Crown Prince couple and their children also visited the island Fugloy and Mikladal as part of their official visit to the Faroe Islands. Arriving to Fugloy the family was kindly welcomed by mayor, Amalia í Frammistovu who also hosted a lunch for the family. In Fugloy the royal family went for a walk to see the incredible nature the islands have to offer.

Indeed it is a pleasure to see the family all together. Prince Christian seems to get along with the attention very well. He is having fun with his siblings and leading the way. Even Prince Vincent seem to feel much better in public. Princess Isabella and littler sister Princess Josephine stay close and enjoy the visit a bit more in silence. A least that is what I see.

Arriving to Mikladal on the island Kalsoy, the royal family was welcomed by Mayor, Jógvan Skorheim and Mrs Vígdas Skorheim - the same who welcomed the couple earlier in Klaksvík. They were about to visit a very special statue in Mikladal called 'Sælkvinden' (the Seal Woman).

All this and much more took place in the hours spend in Klaksvík, Fugloy and Mikladal till the visit ended around 4:00 pm. in the afternoon.

Time for other more practical clothes - and warm I guess. The whole family had changed from colourful national costumes to brownish outdoors clothes. The children matched each others perfectly. Crown Prince Frederik kept warm in a more greenish outfits, while Mary was wrapped up in a checkered bottom-down shirt, a grey woolen sweater found at Ralph Lauren (collection: POLO Ralph Lauren), a quilted vest and a jacket. It is all about keeping warm. Trousers and boots from Salomon made the job as well.

Though it is a visit transmitted all over the world we only have very few quality pictures of her outfit. Kate managed to see a logo on her jacket and identified it as Härkila. I found that the trousers are also from Härkila. Don't think we have seen either bottom-down shirt or the grey sweater before. The hat we have, as well as the cuff warmers (actually I have no idea what they are called in English. Correct me if I am wrong). These was worn at the Hubertus Hunt in Dyrehaven last year, here. Not much else to say; she also wore a pair of diamond earrings which could be Hartmann's.

Jacket  Härkila Estelle Lady Jacket
Trousers  Härkila Estelle Lady Trousers
Blouse  Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cashmere Sweater
Shoes  Salomon Quest 4D GTX Deep Blue/Cerulean/Grey Denim Hiking Shoes


  1. Lovely family.This seems to be a beautiful place the Faroe Islands,would love to see it for myself and walk in History's footsteps.

    1. I hope you will be able to visit the islands yourself one day - I imagine it being a wonderful experience.

  2. I notice how Mary changes traditional costumes by different hairstyle.My favourite is updo from first day.

    1. Just the words I had in mind. Impressive how she managed to wear only one outfit and make it look completely different than previous with a new hairstyle.

      My personal favorite has to be the one when arriving to Tórshavn the first day.

  3. It seems Mary wears Salomon Quest 4D GTX deep blue/cerulean/grey Denim hiking shoes

    1. Seems like you are right. Thanks for sharing this information with me - both about the boots and children's clothes :)

  4. and the kids wearing Seeland Eton jackets and pants