A media competition & the Crown Princess Scholarship

Thursday, May 17th

On Thursday morning, the Crown Princess arrived to Politikens House and was in a splendid mood. She was about to attend the presentation of the project Media Competition 2018 and its winners. More than 500 school classes participated the competition and have all created storied with the theme 'Love yourself -body and ideals'. The participants both focused on bullying, gender, eating disorders etc. Music was played and everybody had a great time -even the Crown Princess made a few moves to the music. Following, eight school classes were announced winners of the competition and the Crown Princess later entered the stage to congratulate all of them with a symbolic speech.

Attending the presentation of winner of the Media Competition 2018 was not the only event in her calendar that day. The Crown Princess also handed over her Crown Princess Mary Scholarship at University of Copenhagen. These scholarships are each year given to two exchange students from University of Copenhagen's Australian collaborators on occasion of these students stay in Denmark. Since the royal couples wedding, her scholarship has been handed over to two students each year. This year Tennille Louise Vitagliano from Sydney University and Max Kausman from Monash University were given the prestigious scholarships, personally handed over by the Crown Princess herself.

Seems like summer has finally arrived to Denmark and it is about time we get to see some real spring outfits. Like the one she wore presenting The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship and congratulations the winners of Media Competition 2018. She had chosen a brand new white blouse and reused beige trousers. From Royals & Fashion I learned that her new blouse is from Reiss. Think this is the first time we get to see her in their designs. Right? Mary then matched the Reiss-creation with old Massimo Dutti trousers. These are originally part of a suit. So the trousers comes with a matching blazer as seen in Japan on the 5th day, here. Kate is the one who made me aware of the identity of the trousers. A first I thought they were dusty pink. I was completely wrong. She embraced the style of a really chic spring look with jewellery from among others Dulong Fine Jewelry, Cartier and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Then we also got to see that Pico hairclip again as worn during the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018, here. Love the idea of hairaccessories. Personally, I have come to love bows and hairclips like Mary's. Her pointed python pumps are from Gianvito Rossi. The new clutch bag is more a mystery to me. Can't seem to find out where it is from. Any ideas?

Blouse  Reiss Abel Knot-Front Crepe Top
Trousers  Massimo Dutti Beige Linen Suit
Hairclip  Pico Leafy
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Python Pumps


  1. If you ask.me the best part of this outfit is python pumps.I don 't know how Rossi can create so fitted and beautiful shoes which embrace femine.

    1. You have beautifully captured what I think about Gianvito Rossi's designs. He creates stunning and well-fitted shoes with exquisite elegance.