Inauguration of Bornholm's new visitor center

Wednesday, March 22nd

Despite a funeral on on Tuesday, here, of her coworker and friend Juliane Meulengracht Bang the Crown Princess was back a work as usual. Today, she attended the inauguration of a new visitor center at Hammershus on Bornholm. Hammershus is Northern Europe's largest castle ruin, which has been restored for the last couple of years. The traditional red ribbon has changed to a rather large metal chain instead. This clearly made the Crown Princess laugh. Overall she was in.a really good mood; all relaxed and comfortable. After the grand opening she was given a guided tour around the new center. During her visit she was accompanied by Minister of Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen.

The weather is pretty unstable at this time a year in Denmark, so I truly understand why Mary had chosen a warm coat and long boots. Any of your favourites as well? She showed up on Bornholm wearing her greenish coat from Burberry. It goes years back from around the time the twins were little. Last we saw her wear it at the Hubertus hunt on November 5th last year, here. Loved it then. Love it as much now. Unfortunately I can't share a link with you, other than to one of my favourite royal fashion blogs, here. She matched the greenish coat with a matching knitted turtleneck sweater and slim black trousers. I imagine it looks great without the coat as well. Then we have a pair of brand new boots. The lack of pictures makes it impossible for me to see any specific details to tell where they are from. At this point, I have no idea where to find them. She also embraced a chic and cosy look by wearing knitted brown gloves and sparkly diamond earrings, which could be from Hartmann's. Do I see anything else? -yes, her hair of course. This magnificent, curly hairstyle is simply stunning. Hope we get to see this a bit more often. That would make me really happy.

Coat // Burberry

Possible identification
Earrings // Hartmann's

The funeral of Juliane Meulengracht Bang

Tuesday, March 20th

According to the Danish magazine Se & Hørhere, has a dear friend and coworker of the Crown Princess died only 54 years old of ovarian cancer. The funeral of Juliane Meulengracht Bang took place in Esajas church in Copenhagen Tuesday afternoon, where friends and family were gathered to say one last goodby. Juliane Meulengracht Bang was board member of and helped establish the Mary Foundation and has, therefor, worked along with the Crown Princess on multiple occasions. The Crown Princess was accompanied by her husband Crown Prince Frederik and her eldest son Prince Christian. Bringing a 12-year old boy to a funeral suggests that Juliane Meulengracht Bang was more than just a business partner to the Crown Prince couple. The Crown Princess had just visited Greve along with her mother-in-law to attend the 90th anniversary of Promotion of the Handwork, here.

My sincere condolences to friends and family, who lost a dear family member. May Mrs Bang rest in peace.

90 years with 'Promotion of the Handwork'

Tuesday, March 21st

The Queen and her daughter-in-law Crown Princess Mary payed a visit to Greve Museum in Greve to addend the 90th anniversary of Promotion of the Handwork. It goes back to 1928 with the the purpose to support Danish craftsmanship. Now, 90 years later, it still exists. The Queen has, on multiple occasions, worked for the Promotion of the Handwork becaused of her talent with among others embroidery and cross stitching. We don't get to see the two of them at work together but they make an excellent couple. Both of them seemed all relaxed and comfortable in each others company. Queen Margrethe gave a speech at the anniversary and revealed an embroidery and pattern for a Christmas calendar, similar to those she has made to all her grandchildren, here, here. The two royal guests were also given a tour around the exhibition called 'Colour Flora -Embroidery during 90 years'.

Mary showed up in a classy outfit at the anniversary. Way more monochrome in colour than her mother-in-law, who dazzled a tartan skirt and bright red jacket. Mary had chosen a black, knee-length  dress featuring a turtleneck. She embraced the chic style by wearing one of her good old coats. This piece goes way back and I am pretty sure it has been altered a bit during the years. I found a few examples for you from when she has worn the coat on other occasions, here, here, here, here. For a couple of years I have had the thought that Birgit Hallstein created this coat, but I can't tell for sure. Mary has another, similar, coat made by Hallstein, here. It could be. Chanel has also been mentioned on several occasions. Then she wore her Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings, her beloved black Carlend Copenhagen clutch and what I believe is pointed pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Yet another thing I noticed, is her lovely hairstyle. Always adored when she embrace curly hair. Makes her look youthful, fresh and polished. Do you ever fancy curly hair? If I had one wish to make a change about her outfit, then it would be just a single piece of colour. Nothing laud or dramatic. Maybe a berry lipgloss, a coloured ring or something like that. An overall modest but well-chosen look for a day in her mother-in-laws company.

Earrings // Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring // Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch // Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Python
Shoes // Gianvito Rossi 105 Leather Pumps