Sometimes I like putting all my effort in picking the right outfits. Sometimes I am all about my nails and then it is makeup that inspires my the most. I cannot really tell when or why my focuses changes time by time, but it does and then it does I like getting inspired by our beloved Crown Princess. At the moment she inspires me with her makeup and outfits from around 2008-2010. Everything about her style in that periode of time, was so romantic and classy. My mood often decide what I am going to wear - and when. Follow me this far? This time I feel like sharing what inspires me with you. So, 5 different makeup-looks in 5 days. I would love to hear how you would do these looks and when you would wear them - maybe even with what outfits you would wear these looks. Let us be a little bold and have fun for the next week. Who's with me?

Day one

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Let us start with something for everyone to try out. Yes, Mary has fair skin and brownish hair so her makeup match that. But it does not mean that everybody else cannot try something similar. It is really all about finding the right colors for your skin, personality, haircolor - and of course, eye color. I myself are pretty fair skinned and have very light brown hair. A typical Scandinavian look. Maybe that is why such dark brown eyeliner would look a bit more heavy on me. Instead, I would probably wear something a little lighter around my eyes. Mary is wearing a minimal amount of brown blush on her cheeks. I would too. But if you have a warm tone in your skin, a pink blush would looks smashing for an everyday look - which is what we are going for with this look. Embrace the style with a powder pink lipgloss to make it a bit more soft.

Eyeliner, here ● Blush, here ● Lipgloss, here


16th June

When Queen Margrethe celebrated her 80th birthday a couple of months ago, nothing was a planned. We all know why. Despite change of plans I am sure she enjoyed her day. In several interviews she noted that it has been a very special and memorable day. But alls official plans of celebrating her, was still canceled. With everything getting back to normal some of these plans has been redeemed in the last few days. Among others things, she was celebrated by a children's choir. The small concert took place at Christiansborg the same day as the opening of the new exhibition, here.

Denmark's 98 municipalities have also come together for a joint gift to the Queen on the occasion of her 80th birthday in April. The gift was also revealed yesterday at Christiansborg. The municipalities presented 98 paintings made by children in third grade. Here you see some of the paintings.

In the afternoon, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary accompanied the Queen and attended the official opening of "Dronningens Ansigter" (The Faces of the Queen), here. An exhibition portraying her life.  Both paintings, clothes, porcelain, pictures and much more are exhibited. The three of them arrived to the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød in a splendid mood Tuesday afternoon. Lovely seeing them together again, right? Especially, on such a joyful day.

As part of the opening, a new portray was revealed by Queen Margrethe herself. A portrait by Niels Strøbek, here. Watching the exhibition created both laughter and smiles.


12th June

It was a day of flowers, wind machines, experiments and lots of smiles, when the Crown Princess attended the opening of "Naturkraft" (Force of Nature). It is a brand new universe of experience in Ringkøbing. This new universe combine learning with play and make it another way of learning about the green transition. Through especially sensory experiences, the place should help us learn about the forces of nature and how to deal with these forces, and use them to our advantage instead of fighting against them.

For sure we cannot help yourselves from being thrilled that she is back, but what hit my while looking at all the new pictures I realized that she looks even more thrilled than the rest of us. She was one big smile from the moment she arrived. The welcoming was sincere and warm - despite Crown Princess Mary at one point looked a bit cold. But that smile make everybody warm again, right?

The Crown Princess officially opened Naturkraft by cutting the tradition red ribbon, only, the ribbon had been replaced by a branch of flowers. Beautiful. When visiting the new facilities she made a few new friends, among others, the wind machine that gives you a clear view on how vest wind feels like on the Danish coast. Seems like it was truly a wonderful day for all of them.

On her way home from, she made a private visit in Ringkøbing, here. She was spotted by some of the bypassing citizens in Ringkøbing. The Crown Princess took time visiting one of Prince Henrik's sculptures named "Miss Ringkøbing". The sculpture was first given the name "Miss Fredensborg" because Prince Henrik made it as one of the first sculptures to Fredensborg Castle. Later Ringkøbing purchased the artwork and it is now located at Ringkøbing Square.