This years Christmas stamp

Monday, October 27

As patron for the Christmas Seal Foundation, Crown Princess Mary presented this year’s Christmas stamp. This year they have been designed by the graphic artist Jacob Kühnel. Crown Princess Mary unveiled the Christmas stamps together with Jacob Kühne, which had been covered before the presentation.

The foundation have 13 ambassadors, among other Ole Henriksen (the first ambassador), Countess Sussie of Rosenborg, Anne-Mette Rasmussen, Torben Rechendorff and Arne Astrup.

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The amazing Kate has found out that Mary is not wearing a dress, she is actually wearing a navy blue blouse from Baum und Pferdgarten called MAISI. Nor her or I have been so lucky to find the skirt, which I think is new. Maybe you can help? Could be a Signe Bøgelund-Jensen because of the style and the fabric. I do not know whether you remember the earrings, but I'm quite sure we've seen them before just in pink, but I don’t no where they comes from. It’s onlt a guess but they could be from Friis & Company because they uses the same symbol as on the earring. But let me hear what you – is it the same or am I wrong. Around her neck she wore the beautiful gold necklace from Orit Elhanati. Many of you may have noticed the rather large ring on her right hand, she has used it, as far as I know, once before this. I know absolutely nothing about it, or who could have made ​​it. The size of the ring, the shape and colors surprise me a bit of what she usually choose, maybe it's a gift? On her feet she had chosen a pair of burgundy colored pumps from Prada. I like that she has chosen this color instead of the same as the rest of the outfit. The burgundy color gives the outfit something exciting. With her she had a navy blue clutch.

Has her hair become more dark brown again??

Baum und pferdgarten MAISI made of a light silk blend with the most lovely name for the color 'Night sky'. It’s also available in white. DKK 1,699.00

I think this is the same earrings as she wore when she presented the Christmas stamp 2014.

Orit Elhanati The Abyss necklace from the 2014 edittion DKK 10,000.00

pumps - prada - brown - leatherprada - pumps - leather - brown
This model and color is the closest I can get to the model Mary has. They are made of brown leather.

Photos Agnes Colbert/

Look what’s in my wardrobe!

All of us who follow Mary and her wonderful style is a little, or a lot, envious of everything she has in her wardrobe! Anyway, I am. Much of her clothing and accessories are WAY too expensive for me, but I have been so exaggerated lucky to meet a wonderful and amazing woman who has given away some of these things, to me!! And of course you need to see these things as well that’s why I want to make two posts about it, where I show my precious treasures that are a part of both my and Mary's wardrobe. ENJOY.


Last year I had this lovely clutch for Christmas. By no doubt this was the BEST gift I have had in many years. It has some really great colors and can be used to almost very outfit – everyday and evening. Inside it has a little pocket where there are space for money and cards and actually the whole clutch is one big pocket. In the top is a zipper which gives much more space. Mary showed us this clutch when she visited Germany with Princess Benedikte and later on at a fashion show in Copenhagen.

Clutch ‘Rosewood’ edition DKK 999.00

This stunning silver ring made by Georg jensen I had for my 18th birthday from a dear family member. The ring is from the Moonlight Grapes collection and is absolutely indispensable for any outfit! I have used it to a pair of jeans, a blazer and a simple top. But it’s also great for a black evening dress or a print dress. Mary has worn this ring at several occasions, she also has it with black agate.

Ring ‘Moonlight GrapesDKK 3,200.00

These earrings you know! The Queen earrings are absolutely amazing and can be worn with every color, print, fabric and time a year. Many of you have asked me about the length and if it’s the same as Marys. What I can tell is that mine measures 9 cm. and I think it might be the same length as Marys. I look forward to wear them. My idea is that they would be great to where at New Year eve!

Earrings ‘Queen earrings’ 39.00 €

Another pair of stunning earrings from Amrita Singh with black beads. They are perfect for the evening outfit which Mary also has shown us a few times. They are pretty heavy and therefor not the most practical to wear but sometimes you just want to suffer a bit to wear a pair of earrings like these! What I like about them are the oriental-look they have and all the pendant. They are still available in several different colors.

Earrings ‘Shabana’ $20.00

A pair of really HUGE and HEAVY Amrita Singh earrings with white pearls and silver beads! But aren't they lovely? They are amazing to the evening outfit, like a black black drss or like Mary a light blue dress. Even though they are huge and heavy I can’t live without them. So if you want something beautiful and very IN, buy a pair of earrings like these.

Earrings ‘Jodha’ $40.00

… the next post will be about *clothes*

Visit to Tajikistan - day 2

Friday, October 24

Crown Princess Mary was on the second day appointed honorary professor at the Medical University in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She got this titel for her hard work in the field to prevent disease and promote health in Tajikistan, which also was the reason for the two days visit.
The same day she visited a taekwondo club for both boys and girls who proudly showed what they could. In addition, the attention was focused on combating gender-based violence and how it can be done.

Later in the evening held a reception where Crown Princess Mary attended and according to Billedbladet she was praised by the World Health Organization's top profile Zsuzsanna Jakab for her amazing work.

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Mary of might always have guessed that she was wearing her beige and grey Dolce & Gabbana skirt which I only have found as a jacket, a dress and a skirt that looks a lot like hers. So if you have found it as a skirt I would really like to hear from you. The black blouse with the white collar, turned out to be new. One of you my fantastic readers, told me about this blouse, it’s from ZARA. Thanks for the tip!!! In the ears she wore a pair of Marianne Dulong earrings made of gold and a white pearl and if I’m not mistaken with a little diamond. Around her neck she had the stunning golden necklace from Orit Elhanati. Because of the lack of pictures I can’t tell whether  the pumps are black or burgundy…

At the reception Mary showed up in a recycled purple Prada dresswith short sleeves and simple details on the chest. To match the dress she had chosen her purple Cenius & Back earrings and the golden Orit Elhanati necklace.

ZARA Blouse with contrasting collar in back/white DKK 299.00

Dolce & Gabbana Houndstooth Boucle dress & Jacket

The reception

Orit Elhan The Abyss necklace from the The Abyss edition 2014, it’s made of twisted yellow gold DKK 10,000.00

Prada Purple knee-length dress with short sleeves and a beautiful detail with an open back.

Cenius & Back Purple earrings with a silver ‘M’ monogram

Visit to Tajikistan

Thursday, October 23

As a member and patron of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, Crown Princess Mary were on at two days visit to Tajikistan.

The tour focuses, among others, on maternal and child health. Additionally, there will also be a focus on efforts by the use of vaccines.

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Mary looked absolutely briliant in her old Prada skirt, which might be a blend of grey/white wool, and the pink silk blouse with the same colored cardigan. As far as I can see the only new piece of clothes is the light pink cardigan. I really like the cobination of the pink top and the grey/white pencil skirt. I think it is when she arrived she wore a pink short jacket as we have seen before when she participated in the kidneys day 2014, just like the skirt and blouse. She had chosen to bring a nude bag from Prada and pink earrings made by Marianne Dulong called ‘Delphis’. This are the earrings she wore the day her and Frederik showed Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine the first time to the press after they were born. The pencil skirt was seen the first time back in 2004 when she participated in the opening of the art museum ARoS in Aarhus. When Mary turned 40 years old several photos were taken by the newspaper Berlingske where she among other wore the beautiful pink blouse. On her feet she wore a pair of nude patent simple pumps from the great designer Christian Louboutin.

In the evening she attended in a dinner in Dushanbe as a guest of honor. Because of lack of pictures I can only tell that she wore a long blue dress, a pair of large colorfull earrings and a black pearl bracelet from Marianne Dulong.

Prada Grey pencil skirt from around 2004 collection, it’s only an assumption because Mary wore the skirt the first time back in 2004. Unfortunately I know very little about it.

Marianne Dulong Delphis are custom-made and they are made of gold and rosenquartz DKK 8,200.00

Prada Saffinao Cuir, the tote bag is made of leather. ‘Cameo’ is the name of the color €2,050.00

Christian Louboutin Simple nude patent pumps 100mm $149.00
NB. the website are selling cheap christian louboutin shoes

Congratulations Prince Christian!!!

A belated congratulations to Prince Christian from Styleofmary! On 15 October, he celebrated his 9th birthday and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary revealed two new pictures of Prince taken by Franne Voigt. The two pictures were taken when the family visited Greenland in August. See the great pictures here.


HAPPY BIRTDAY to H.R.H. Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John of Denmark, Count of Monpezat!