Congratulations Princess Isabella!

Today Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's second child, Princess Isabella, celebrate her 10th birthday! On that very special occasion, three new photos have been published. These beautiful photos have been taken by photographer Steen Evald. Previous, Steen Evald, has caught royal moments on camera, here.  On occasion of her 10th birthday Princess Isabella has got her very own royal monogram designed by graphic designer Charlotte Søeborg Ohlsen with assistance from associate professor Steen Ejlers, here. Last but not least it is time for Style of Mary to congratulate the Princess on behalf of her birthday!

Visiting Svanevig Hospice

Thursday, April 20th

Crown Princess Mary visited Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm.

Earlier in the morning Crown Princess Mary payed a visit to the Home Guard Command in Vordingborg as well as the Home Guard Center Skovhuse, here. But one visit a day was just not enough, because around 3:00 pm. local time she arrived to Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm. Here she was warmly welcomed with huge smiles, handshakes and given a bouquet of flowers handed over by the most incredible flower girl. During her visit at the hospice, who cares for incurable ill and dying people, Mary was given a guided tour around the facilities with her personal guides -one of them was general manager Birgitte Bülow. She took plenty of time to meet with both staff members, volunteers and residents living at Svanevig. To me it looks like they were all having a really great time!

Now we are talking! Earlier in the morning when she visited the Home Guard Command, she was dressed in a green military uniform. Then when Mary visiting the hospice in Bandholm everything has changed. Now she was wearing a brand new maroon dress! To be honest, I have no idea where to look for this new piece. Any ideas? A belt in the same colour was added to embrace a chic outfit. I wonder if the belt is actually a part of the dress. Because of the similar colour, I think it is indeed the fact. Let me know what you think. It was a windy day which may be the reason why she had chosen to wear that black jacket. When looking at it I am in doubt id we have seen it before? Somehow I feel we have but I can't recall when or where. Maybe some time paired with a pencil skirt? Other than the belt, she accessorized her outfit with a reused brooch, here, diamond earrings probably from Hartmann's, a couple of diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and of course that black pointed SAND Copenhagen pumps. What amaze me most about this outfit is how well the jacket embrace her slim figure in combination with the new dress featuring an A-line skirt.

Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Visiting the Home Guard Command

Thursday, April 20th

Crown Princess Mary visited the Home Guard Command in Vordingborg. 

Dressed in a military uniform covered with her name, the Crown Princess visited the Home Guard Command and Home Guard Center Skovhuse in Vordingborg. At Skovhuse she was introduced to their historical collection and radar station as well.Mary has been active member of the Home Guard since 2008 and was last given, in 2015, the title of First Lieutenant. She was welcomed by, among others, General Major Finn Winkler whom she also met with on a Home Guard field exercise two years ago, here. During her visit at the command and Home Guard Center, the Crown Princess also met volunteer soldiers from the Home Guard. Several media report in what great mood Mary was at the visit in Vordingborg. While her fellow Home Guard-friends were telling stories she listened and seemed to enjoy herself. Before her visit was about to end, she found her way to the new domicile. In the afternoon the Crown Princess payed a visit to Svanevig Hospice.

Usually, I would continue the post commenting on what the Crown Princess was wearing at her visit, but this time the clothes almost speak for itself. She was suitable dressed in her camouflage green military uniform and black boots. On her head she wore the traditional green felt hat showing a golden emblem. Somehow, always worn obliquely. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out much about their uniforms (I'm willing to learn, if you know more), other than new uniforms were designed around 2015. And for sure rank also plays a role on which uniform and accessory are worn by the volunteer soldiers. Still, one piece I am able to identify and that is her Hartmann's earrings.

Earrings: Hartmann's

Congratulations Queen Margrethe!

Sunday, April 16th

Queen Margrethe celebrates her 77th birthday at Marselisborg castle near Aarhus along with her husband, two son's and their families. 

First, I want to congratulate the Queen on behalf of her 77th birthday! On this occasion the royal family were gathered at Marselisborg castle in Aarhus to celebrate the Queen. The castle house Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik during summer time, which is now. Usually the park is closed when the royal couple are staying there but on occasion of Margrethe's birthday the castle park was open around 12:00 pm. The reason: the Danes got the chance to congratulate the Queen with her 77 year when the royal family, at noon, appeared on the veranda. The Crown Prince couple and their children such as Prince Joachim and his family, arrived shortly before stepping out on the veranda all together. Queen Margrethe was celebrated by the Danes with waving flags, music and signing. It was just a wonderful sight to see the family together. They all seemed to enjoy each others company; especially Princess Josephine and her cousin Princess Athena really had a great time! I am in no doubt that the Queen enjoy spending time with her family on her birthday. 

This is just great! Am I the only one thrilled about that fact that we get to see Mary wear that Prada tweed coat again? We have seen it on a couple of occasions before the birthday celebration at Marselisborg castle, here, here, here. Mary has a matching dress in same colour and fabric which is a combination we are use to see but this time she only wore the coat. When the family arrive we got a glimpse of what the Crown Princess was wearing celebrating her mother-in-low on her birthday. She paired black trousers with, what I believe is a reused, purple blouse worn when she visited Moldova, here, and attending Copenhagen Business School Case Competition 2017 back in February, here. Though this is not the first time she is wearing the blouse, I still do not know where to find it. Embracing the style Mary wore two-tone Prada pumps, also seen before as well as her brown Ralph Lauren bag. Seems like the purple colour was quite popular because Princess Marie wore a coat featuring the lovely colour. Makeup and hairstyle were perfect as always for the two royal women.

Mary also accessorized her outfit by wearing Hartmann's earrings, the golden Cartier bracelet and a couple of diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Another thing I am sure you all noticed (of course you did!) is the fact that the Crown Princess was wearing nail polish and a really pretty one. Usually we see her wear shades of red but this time she had chosen a brownish colour. I'm thrilled. I'm a happy royalist!

Earrings: Hartmann's
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bag: Ralph Lauren Ricky Brown Bag