Find Your Own Royal Nail Polish!

Colours we use to express ourselves and personal opinions. Some are ecstatic to wear as many colours as possible and others are more the black & white type. I like to wear a mix of both styles. The reason why I talk about colours, again, is because I had an idea which implies colours - to get the style of Mary you also need to find the right nail polish! Right?! I am influenced by the classic and simple style when it comes to nail polish. This means I often wear french manicure or my favourite red. Red nail polish is the one and only colour for me. Mary is not that kind of woman who wears nail polish that often but when she does I'm always stunned. She wear shades of red, purple and coral. I hope this will inspire you to find and wear colours like Mary. Enjoy!

BAMBI Award 2014, November 13th 2014

Chanel Le Varnis 455 Lotus Rouge DKK 192.15
Revlon Bordeaux $5
Smith & Cult Lovers Creep $18
NARS Jungle Red $20
Nails Inc. Tate DKK 99.63
Honeybee Gardens Desire DKK 129

Return dinner at the Black Diamond, March 18th 2015

Guerlain Rouge d'Enfer $26
M.A.C. Flaming Rose DKK 55,06
Sparitual Dreamsicle DKK 39
Butter London Bed Red $15
Essie Forever Yummy $8.50 (my favourite!)

Fashion Award at Glyptoteket, May 12th 2010

OPI Hello Hawaii Ya? £6.52 
SFL Perfect Plum Nail Polish $1.99
Deborah Lippmann Love in the Dunes $18
Nails Inc. Abbey Road $14
CHEEKY Chat me Up £7

Gala dinner in Vietnam, November 3th 2009

Essie Happy Wife Happy Life $8.50
LVX Roux Coral Red Nail Polish $16
Lauren B. Beauty Sunset Blvd. $71
Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want to Have Fun $18

Official announcement of their engagement, October 8th 2003

Have you ever tried a French Manicure? Well if not it's time! The most classic and feminine ever when it comes to your nails. They look so groomed. At several occasions Mary has showed up with a French Manicure. I decided to do a little guide to all of you who just fell in love with her manicure and need to do it yourself. The good thing about this is that you don't necessarily need to have long nails. There are several different ways to make this manicure. These are those you do on our own. I prefer solutions No. 2. The two options is very similar. This is pretty simple and easy after a little practice. You can also do it with other colours for a more fun look!

French Manicure Pen Kit

What you need:
* File
* Clear base coat
* White pen
* Cream/blush nail polish
* Clear top coat

Nailene £9.62 * Sally Hansen $26.95 * Dior $24 * KIKO £8.90 * HERÔME DKK 85 

1. With the file shape your nails like the shape of your cuticle - squared/round

2. Apply one layer of base coat. Let it dry.
TIP! Often you are told yo use the cream/blush nail polish in the package as base coat. Do not do that. I'll explain why two steps further

3. Shake the white tip pen gently. Then you simple draw the white tip on your nail. For this method the stickers are not needed. A pen is very easy to use and does also give a fine result. Let it dry 5-10 minutes. 

4. Now you apply the cream/blush nail polish -and not as base coat!- than you get a much better result in the end because you evens the white tip with the rest of the nail. Let it dry about 8-10 minutes.

5. Last step is to apply the clear top coat to make is last longer. If you let the previous layers dry enough it will last for about 3-4 days. Done!  

This is a great method if you are a beginner.  

French Manicure Kit

What you need:
* File
* Clear base coat
* White nail polish
* Cream/blush nail polish
* Clear top coat

Mavala £13 * Bourjois £9.99 * Sally Hansen $5.48 * Seche $9.99 * Orly $12.29 * Trind DKK 149

1. With the file shape your nails like the shape of your cuticle - squared/round

2. Apply one layer of base coat. Let it dry.
TIP! Often you are told yo use the cream/blush nail polish in the package as base coat. Do not do that. I'll explain why two steps further

3. Sometimes you get stickers to help you with step 3. If not it's all about practice. Apply the sticker to create the white line and apply the white colour to cover the tip of the nail. You do the same if you do not have the stickers. Let it dry for at least 10 minutes. 

4. Now you apply the cream/blush nail polish -and not as base coat!- than you get a much better result in the end because you evens the white tip with the rest of the nail. Let it dry about 8-10 minutes.

5. Last step is to apply the clear top coat to make is last longer. If you let the previous layers dry enough it will last for about 3-4 days. Done!

This way needs a little training. 

(The post are not made in collaboration with any of the above mentioned firms, neither affiliates)

Young Global Leaders' Day

Friday, August 28th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Young Global Leaders' Day which took place at Christiansborg Castle, the Danish Parliament. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway did also attend. He is seen standing next to Crown Princess Mary on the photo above. 

In the evening, at 7:00 pm local time, Crown Princess Mary hosted a dinner for the Young Global Leaders Scandinavia at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. 

What is Young Global Leaders?
It all began in 1971 where the first European Management Symposium was launched based in Geneva in Switzerland. The founder is Professor Schwab. He drew European business leaders to Switzerland each January to their Annual Meeting. They were gathered to focus on how European companies could catch up with US management practices. Today this meeting has developed to have more than 13 communities one of them is Young Global Leaders with around 900 exceptional young leaders. Read more here.

Of course Mary attend a meeting like this. If she, as hardworking Crown Princess shouldn't participate than who should? Actually I think it is a little odd this is the first time. She can learn so much from them and vice versa. As a Crown Princess with that much work to handle some tips from the worlds young leaders is just perfect! More and more leaders of large firms are today young people  which I think is a great development, they see with new eyes on the tasks as a leader. For Mary and of course Crown Princess Haakon to involve themselves in the Young Global Leaders' Day and their other work, shows that they take their job seriously. They want to be a part of the global work in and may even be better to theirs. If that make sense at all. Maybe the two royal's were invited to participate? I don't know but it's great the showed up. 

Unfortunately, I have only been able to find one single photo from the 28th which you see above. Let us admit it, we can't see that much of her. What  I see is a a white blouse or dress. My guess is a blouse, perhaps her white peplum from Hugo Boss. But I'm not sure. Because the lack of pictures I really can't do it better than this. So you this time get a very short post, sorry. If you have something to add let me know. Thanks. 

INDEX: Award 2015 Ceremony

Thursday August, 27th
Et billede slået op af Danish Design Centre (@designcentret) den

Crown Princess Mary attended the this years INDEX: Award 2015 Ceremony in Kulturværftet, Helsingør.

Around 8:00 pm. local time, Mary arrived to Kulturværftet in Helsingør to attend this year's INDEX: Award 2015 Ceremony. It is certainly not the first time she participates and this year was no exception. The award is given to sustainable inventions and solutions developed by both men and women. Actually it's the biggest prize when we talk about sustainable awards, in the world. This is also the reason for all the international and national guests were invited. And of course Denmark's fashion Queen No. 1 was invited. It's not that often we see Mary wear sustainable clothes but it happens. The INDEX: Award is much more than clothes and I think Mary is very interested in the latest innovative inventions. Maybe it will be useful in her work with her foundation or for some of her other projects. Despite all the important guests Mary was still the star of the show! From the second she arrived and entered the building to the time when she was standing on the stage where she congratulated the winners and hosts of the show - Lilian Gjerulf Kretz and Steffen Kretz. If you would like to know more about these five projects, learn more here. It is quite interesting. 

Five winners from four continents have been found and what they have in common is to make people's lives around the world better with their design. The five winners share a sum of € 500,000, the largest design prize in the world. I think we can agree that it is a grand event Mary attended yesterday. I have been looking to this event last night to see glamorous dresses, sparkling jewellery and stunning hairstyles. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed by her look. No evening dress, no overwhelming jewellery and no eye catching hairstyle. Non. Way too casual. Not that don't like her look because I do -very much indeed! Just not for an evening like this. What is your opinion? Her wavy hair I love more than anything and it looks like it has become darker since the opening of the psychiatric hospital a couple of days ago. One more thought about her hair; I think she had haircut. I know that curls make it shorter, still I think she had a little haircut. Makes her look ultra feminine with the dark eyeshadow and her brown eyes. She amazed wearing golden Marianne Dulong earrings featuring diamonds and the twisted Orit Elhanati necklace. The bangle she wore we first saw at the Designers' Nest a few weeks ago. Do you remember it? My wish was to actually be able to see the bracelet closely, well I haven't found a picture yet. It features a rather large stone. She matched the bracelet with an old ring on the same hand. She chose to wear a black satin clutch and golden slitter Gianvito Rossi pumps which I adore pretty much. The clutch has now been identified by Kate as her old, very old, Louis Vuitton. I only aware of her wearing it once. Thanks to Kate!

The more I look at her, the more I love her outfit! I know, I gave the impression I didn't like it but she wear everything so beautifully. She convinced me that a printed skirt also is stylish to wear at an fashion event. Printed skirts are the new evening dress! They are so trendy. Mary is a trendsetter. I usually stars by commenting on her clothes, today it's the other way around. Hope you don't mind. Mary chose to wear a sleeveless black blouse and a lace medium length skirt. I identified it as Ganni! Available at their website. I would really much like to know what you think of yesterday's outfit. 

Skirt: Ganni City Hall Lace Skirt DKK 1,999
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Kharisma DKK 18,200
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Gold Glitter Pumps £470
Clutch: Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Minaudiere $895

Meeting with the UNFPA

Wednesday, August 26th

Crown Princess Mary participated in a meeting with the Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen and the Executive Director of UNFPA Dr. Babtunde Osatimehin which took place in the Foreign Ministry, Copenhagen.

At 3:00 pm. local time, Crown Princess Mary welcomed the Executive Director of UNFPA, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin in Amalienborg, Frederik VIII's Palace.

What is UNFPA?
Their work began in 1969 and stands for United Nations Population Fund. The organization is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted by mother's and families and do every childbirth safe such as every young person's potential is fulfilled. Since 1969, where UNFPA began their work, the number of women dying from complications of a pregnancy or the birth has been halved! Today families are healthier and smaller. UNFPA does also work with providing women's health doing the pregnancy. Read more about their work here.

So much are going on these days! Launching a new project, the inauguration of a psychiatric hospital and tonight she'll be attending the INDEX: Award 2015 Ceremony. Yeah. She is a really busy woman right now. The meeting with the UNFPA organization yesterday was not an official event in Mary's calendar, still the press was there and had took some pictures when she and Dr. Babtunde Osatimehin had a conversation with the Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen. This is not the first time Mary met Executive Director of UNFPA Dr. Babtunde Osatimehin because she's been working with the UNFPA at a few occasions for a couple of years. If I am correct she once or twice met him as patron of the Mary Foundation I'm not quite sure what the meeting was about but my guess is the work of UNFPA, maybe how Denmark can take part in their work. I love that Mary, even in her spare time, attends a meeting like this. To me it proves she is very engaged to know more, help and to build a connection between the organization and the Danish Government.

I always try to keep myself updated when it comes to Mary and her official calendar. The royal's are a huge part of my everyday. If you are a royalist you never sleep, there is always things do. And sometimes I miss an event, this was one of them. But a reader made me aware of presences. With loose wavy hair and a heartbreaking smile Mary attended yesterday's meeting. She was the center of attention when standing in the middle of Dr. Babtunde Osatimehin and Kristian Jensen. Masculinity vs. womanliness. As last days outfit she was dressed in black and white, new and reused. I'm tempted to start with her creamy white blouse, so that's what we do! A few weeks ago, I was just about to buy a similar blouse. The high neckline identifies the face beautifully. I'm so sure we have seen it before mixed with a pencil skirt. I can't recall when or where. To me the black jacket looks like her Prada. The eye catching satin silk pencil skirt is new. Can you believe it, only one day and Heaven has already identified the skirt, as Hugo Boss (BOSS Black). Thanks for sharing it with all of us! After a closer look I kinds like it. Marianne Dulong has created her golden earrings featuring white freshwater pearls. To me it looks like she's wearing her Christian Louboutin pumps as we saw a few days ago. Not any impressive found from my side, I hope we'll see something amazing and stunning tonight at the INDEX Award!! Be ready for another post very soon.

Skirt: Hugo Boss Vanas Silk & Cotton Skirt
Jacket: Prada
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Leather Pumps in Beige