Celebrating King Carl Gustaf's 70th Birthday

Saturday, April 30th

Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary and Princess Benedikte attended the celebration of Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf's 70th birthday in Stockholm. All Danish royal family members are staying at Dannebrog which docked the day before the big celebration day.

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Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending a ceremony at the castle square

After all it's a couple of days ago King Carl Gustaf of Sweden celebrated his 70th birthday in Stockholm. I'm terrible sorry you had to wait this long to get anything from me, but I have been so busy. Still I have followed the birthday celebration closely and it was such a pleasure. Most of the world's royals were gathered to celebrate the King of Sweden. A royalist, these celebrations are what we all are waiting for. From Denmark four royal participants attended; Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and the Queen's sister Princess Benedikte. They all stayed at the royal ship Dannebrog which docked a few days before. With the info I have, Mary and Frederik didn't arrive the same time as Margrethe and Benedikte. But at the time the celebrations began, the Crown Prince Couple met the press on the red carpet in a brilliant mood. Along with many many others, stood the royal representatives in the first row, at the castle square, to follow the celebration of King Carl Gustaf who, along with his lovely wife Queen Silvia, received the people's attention on behalf of his 70th birthday. Frederik and Mary seemed to enjoy the start of the day with Princess Märtha Louise (Norway) and Princess Benedikte of Denmark. The people's celebration was followed by a lunch with royal members attending at the town hall in Stockholm. A great way to celebrate your birthday; with friends and family and of course a fantastic way to begin a day get ready to an overwhelmingly gala dinner in the evening. Maybe you watched all of it on TV, maybe you didn't, but when I looked to find pictures from the event I found the most amazing moment; Mary saw little Princess Estelle and asked her father to take a picture of her and Estelle. My heart melted. I love that Mary does what everybody else would do, saving a moment with her goddaughter. She also took a picture or two of Crown Princess Victoria, her infant Prince Oscar and Frederik. Am I the only one who would love to see those photos?

When I watch pictures taken from the beginning of the day where the King of Sweden is celebrated by the Swedish population, I see so many wonderful outfits in lovely the most lovely pastel colours! Mary's outfit was no exception! Despite we have seen the exact same at a previous event (when we had an official state visit from the Netherlands), she rocked it all over again like it was first time she wore it. The caramel Oscar de la Renta was a great match to everything else she wore, but compared to the other ladies colour choices I'm a little surprised not to see her in pastel, which would also do great with the fabulous white Prada (RTW SS15dress featuring some stylish stitching. I would really like to have seen her without the coat, just for a minute. It is a really lovely dress and it suits her perfectly! The choice of clothes and accessories of course (Mary always masters matching these two) were in a classic 50s vibe. To keep in the same style, Mary was wearing her purple Jane Taylor pill box hat featuring feathers and rhinestones making it even more fantastic. In the same lovely purple colour, she wore leather gloves and her purple Carlend Copenhagen clutch. First time it was a winner = second time it's a winner! As the classy lady she is, she wore her beige Christian Louboutin pumps. I imagine this outfit with a pair of purple pumps, that would also do perfectly. Maybe we get to see that some day? In the best style by Mary, she added diamond jewellery and a large multi colour brooch. 

Hat: Jane Taylor Shell - Felt Pillbox with Feather & Sequin 
Dress: Prada White Dress 
Coat: Oscar de la Renta Low Swing Coat
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Croco
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Camel Decollete 868 Pumps

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending a gala dinner at the royal palace

Before the big gala dinner at the royal palace in Stockholm, did all four royals spend at the royal ship Dannebrog. They probably spend the time wisely, getting ready to the dinner with all the other special invited guests. Around dinner time, Queen Margrethe took the lead when all four royals disembarked in the most amazing sunny weather. I love how the last sun almost kissed their faces. Stunning! Along with royalty from both Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium etc., arrived Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and Princess Benedikte to the royal palace by car which absolutely looked polished caring royal family members. Like the car and all its beautiful guests, was the castle ready to host the King's 70th birthday. So far I haven't been able to find pictures from inside the castle but honestly, I do not know what etiquette in Sweden when it comes to letting the press "attend" a gala dinner. In Denmark photographers are often allowed to take photos before the dinner begin. Anyone who knows anything about this? What are the rules in Sweden? From what I have read, Frederik and Mary enjoyed the evening along with all the others.

The thing we all can't wait to see has to be: what are the royal women going to wear at such a big night? I always think both Crown Princess Victoria and her sister Princess Madeleine are so beautifully dressed. Non of them are afraid of trying something new and are often wearing marvelous evening gowns. Last year Sweden got a new princess, which of course is Princess Sofia who married the Swedish Prince Carl Philip. Sofia didn't attend the gala dinner, probably to take care of the couple's new born son. Victoria and Madeleine were smashing in each their creation both from designer Elie Saab. I also loved Princess Märtha Louise's gown with the one shoulder cap sleeve and a rather long train featuring the most beautiful lace work. And Queen Mathilda of Belgium in her soft purple coloured gown, wauw. I could go on for hours, talking about their dresses but the blog says Style of Mary which is why I'm going to talk about our lovely Mary. Has anyone of you read who the press announced "Queen of the night"? For me it is differently the Crown Princess of Denmark in her new fantastic floral gown! This is exactly why I love Mary, because we always get the unexpected and something only a few would dare to wear. She wore the most wonderful silk organza gown created by the Danish designer Ole Yde (SS15). It features a peplum and cap sleeves, not to mention the beautiful print of flowers. Has anyone told Mary that this spring yellow is the biggest trend? I believe so. Not my favourite colour but I have come to love it so much after this! Of course she matched her new gown with a pair of yellow suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi and her yellow Yves Saint Laurent clutch. After staring at her dress for about an hour, I came to the conclusion that both hairpiece, earrings and ring on her right hand are all new created by one of the most talented jewellery designer we have in Denmark Charlotte Lynggaard from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I've always loved their esthetic designed! (Maybe even more now). Both dress and jewelleries you see on each designers Instagram which is embedded above. She is just crazy beautiful. By the way, I also spotted her wearing a white shawl.

Dress: YDE Copenhagen Floral Blouse + Floral Blouse
Headpiece: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Headpiece
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Lotus Earrings
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Ring
Clutch: Yves Saint Laurent Muse Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Yellow Suede Pumps

Sunday, May1st

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending a ceremony at Kunliga Palace

The following day, May 1st, Frederik and Mary left Sweden in the morning to fly back to Denmark after a magnificent birthday celebration for King Carl Gustaf of Sweden on behalf of his 70th birthday. The couple had spend the night on Dannebrog such as Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte had. Casual dressed and in a great mood left the two of them the boat. Mary was wearing her lovely white Temperley London turtleneck sweater and a pair of shades, while Frederik was in a simple white shirt, a blazer and a blue scarf. 

Blouse: Temperley London Honeycomb Tunic

Meeting with Dr Zsuzanna Jakab

Tuesday, April 19th

Crown Princess Mary met with WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr Zsuzanna Jakab discussing the ongoing collaboration. 

World Health Organization (WHO) -Regional Office for Europe
As patron of WHO/Europe since 2005, has Mary helped raising awareness of public health issues. Status as patron the Crown Princess has attended several meeting with WHO Regional Committee for Europe, visited countries to among others develop knowledge on some of the health issues we faces, she has also written numerous of speeches and articles on the topic. This also includes patron of UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and member of High-Level Task Force for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). You find more information here.

The European Immunization Week (EIW)
...took place from April 24-30th 2016 and is an annual celebration each April. The European Immunization Week, also called EIW, aims to raise awareness of the importance of immunization. 2016 was the year to focus on progress and challenges to eliminate measles and rubella. Read more here

A few days ago I received a tip from a dear friend who told me that Mary had attended at meeting with World Health Organization's Regional Director for Europe Dr Zsuzanna Jakab on Tuesday April  the 19th. It was vaccination, and the importance of preventing diseases with vaccination programs, which was on the agenda while discussion an ongoing collaboration such as the European Immunization Week. In the statement (link above) written by both the Crown Princess and Dr. Zsuzanna Jakab, they sum up how incredible results the European Region has obtained, among others, maintained the status as polio free. As some kind of conclusion, they two prominent women think it is now time to identify new ways to measure and communicate the full impact and of course value of vaccination, saving lives and preventing diseases in the future. This meeting took place five days before the European Immunization Week 2016 took place, from April 24-30th, which Mary and  Dr Zsuzanna Jakab mentions as a time to celebrate, to reflect on the successes of vaccination and to consider the remaining challenges we are constantly facing. With these last words I wish you happy reading, I truly enjoyed reading about thoughts, results and future wishes from both sides.

Talking about fashion, I love to see how well-dressed Mary is when she is at work also without twenty photographers and journalists following each one of her steps. Only one single photo has been published along with the statement, where she is standing next to World Health Organization's Regional Director for Europe, Dr Zsuzanna Jakab. One of her really old goodies, that silky Prada  (2004) blouse featuring a significant watercolour pattern matched with a SAND Copenhagen 3/4 sleeved jacket. Beautifully she accessorized her professional business outfit with black pearl jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry. A black pair of trousers and then my best guess would be some of her black pair of pumps.

Jacket: SAND Copenhagen
Blouse: Prada
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Earrings DKK 19.900
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet, Big DKK 36.900
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry

Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2016

Friday, April 29th

Crown Princess Mary presented this years recipients of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship which is handed over at University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen. 

The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship
The Crown Princess Mary scholarship was established  in 2004, the same year Frederik and Mary were married, and it was a gift from the University of Copenhagen to the couple. It is given to two Australian students who have been nominated by universities and chosen by the Danish scholarship committee and award, awarded the scholarship which also are given to Danish students. 


After a two days visit to Bukina Faso along with Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen, is Mary now back in Denmark again. It was two days packed with stories and impressions from local girls and women who after all the adversity has found a way to survive. The dedication and helpfulness have women have met, strengthens her to see which assures her that what she works for actually does help. She landed in Denmark on Friday and only three hours later she was on the road again, to attended the presentation of this years Crown Princess Mary Scholarship at University of Copenhagen. The scholarship has been handed over since 2004, the same year as it was established. It was a gift from University of Copenhagen to Frederik and Mary on behalf of their wedding. The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship has ever year since been given to two Australian students. With the scholarship follows DKK 10.000. These money are given as financial aid to the students while studying in Denmark. Usually it's easy to find both pictures and articles from the annual events, but this years is different. I only managed to find a few photos as well as articles. Despite the lack of photographers and journalists did Mary arrive to the University of Copenhagen in a great mood. Tempe McMiin and Winifred Knight were the two lucky students to both meet the Crown Princess and receive her scholarship. They were both very happy. In a speech Mary talked about her recent visit to Burkina Faso and how local women need the same opportunity; getting an education. At the same time she praised the two recipients for their hard work.

You really need a trained eye being able to identify what Mary wore during the presentation at the University of Copenhagen, because as I told you only a few pictures have been published in pretty bad quality. But no challenge is too difficult for me, even in a bad quality I'm able to tell you most of what she wore. Three hours before she arrived to hand over the scholarships, she walked around in sheer blouses and sunglasses. It was replaced by long black trousers and a black Prada coat featuring push buttons. This she wore with her white Hugo Boss peplum. A minimalistic but stunning outfit. The black and white look is easy to copy and the shape of the two pieces -blouse and trousers- is always a winner. It is a fantastic combo, both for work and as evening wear. Mary accessorized her outfit with a black Carlend Copenhagen clutch and what I believe is her patent Gianvito Rossi pumps. Am I the only one who just adore the shape of these pumps?! Mary then added some of her favourite Dulong Fine Jewelry jewelleries; a pair of earrings, ring and a white pearl bracelet. All classy pieces. With a stylish "Mary blow out" she rocked this outfit like on one else would. 

Coat: Prada
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8.500
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Earrings DKK 19.900
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet DKK 29.900
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Mid Heel Pumps DKK 2.345

Day 2: Official Visit to Burkina Faso

Tursday, April 28th

From April 27-28th is Crown Princess Mary on an official visit to Burkina Faso with focus on girls' and women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. The Crown Princess is accompanied by Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen.

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From the second Mary and Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen arrived to Burkina Faso, all their attention went to those they met from organizations and to local women all shared their story with the two foreigners from Denmark. On the second, and last day, in Burkina Faso Mary and Kristian Jensen be gang the day visiting the Schiphra Center who among other things offers treatment of severe complications do to given birth. Here they were given a guided tour around the maternity ward and operating room to see under which conditions hundreds of women being helped to give birth. It was a really moved Crown Princess from Denmark who sat down and talked with some of the women who have had birth complications and which has been operated at the Schiphra Center. With a short interview with the press, Mary expressed how impressed she was of the dedicated doctors and strong women on the center. With these words, Mary and Kristian Jensen visited the Delwende Center in Ouagadougou. Here live about 250 women who is being accused of being witches. At the Delwende Center these women is protected, get a home, food etc. Lots of personal stories were shared and Mary danced to drum music. She and the Foreign Minister also attended a guided tour to see for themselves some of the activities the women at the center make: spinning of cotton, grain sorting and growing vegetables.

Before they paid a visit at ABBEF in the capital city Ouagadougou, who works to promote access to sexual and reproductive health services, especially for poor and marginalized young people, Mary and the Foreign Minister attended a lunch along with representatives on equality of women's rights in Brukina Faso. At the ABBEF youth information center Mary had an open and honest dialogue with the young people on topics like gender equality, family planning and birth control. Both Danish guests asked about wishes, future, possibilities in life etc. Especially one young man was proud to tell about his future wishes to improve his skills in some of the areas which is on the agenda at Women Deliver. According to Billed Bladet that this young man had especially one wish; to attend Women Deliver. And within seconds Mary invited him attending the conference. It was then suggested that a young lady from the center also had the opportunity to attend. This two days official visit to Burkina Faso ended with a evening reception at the Ambassador's residence. 

Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Blouse: Style Butler Suzanna Blouse
Skirt: Hugo Boss Printed Maxi Skirt
Sunglasses: Prada