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Going to the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Maybe it does not come as a surprise to you that Frederik is going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to follow this years Olympic Games in August because he is member of IOC - the International Olympic Committee, but he will not be on his own. It is announced that Mary will accompany her husband when the Danish athletes will do everything it takes to get one of the highly coveted medals. But everything will not be like in 2012 because the couple leaves for Brazil without any children this year.

Official Visit to the United States
From September 27-30th Frederik and Mary are going to the United States on a official visit to Washington and Boston accompanied by a business delegation of Danish companies focusing on, among others, Danish and American trade. Not everything will be about business, the royal couple will also attending several receptions and dinners. Now, am I the only one who is looking forward to this trip?

Children's Cultural Summit 2016 in Copenhagen
On 3-4th of October is a children's cultural summit held for the first time in Copenhagen, Denmark, which Crown Princess Mary (of course) will attend. The summit is organized by the Danish association Barndrømmen who are working with Children & The Arts UK,  founded by the British Prince Charles. It is all about strengthen children and young peoples self-esteem, confidence and capability in addition to what culture they come from. 

A New Mary Foundation project: 'The Alliance against Bullying'
It's no surprise that the Mary Foundation, along with several other organizations and foundations, has  achieved great results with their projects both in Denmark and abroad. Now the Mary Foundation is collaborating with Red Barnet and Børns Vilkår on a new project called The Alliance against Bullying focusing on children and young people in 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school. The development of this new project will begin later in 2016 and is expected to be ready in 2017.

On vaccation at Gråsten castle
Normally Frederik and Mary go to Tisvilde to spend their vacation there along with all four children but someting changed this year. The cottage they use to live in during their vacation belongs to a friend of the Queen, Susanne Herring. She has decided to put the house for sale, here, which means the Crown Prince couple have to spend their holiday somewhere else from now on. This year the family have decided to use their vacation at Gråsten castle in South Jutland. The royal couple shared a greeting and some photos (taken by the Crown Princess herself) on Kongehusets official Facebook page, here.

I wish you all the most wonderful and fantastic summer with your friends and family!

The Royal Ascot in England

Wednesday, June 15th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the second day of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse in London, England, which wasn't officially announced. 

The Royal Ascot
... has since 1711, from the time of Queen Anne, taken place at Ascot Racecourse and is the centerpiece of Ascot's year. Every year Queen Elizabeth II is attending the leading horse race with her family. A major (fashion) event covered by the world press as one of the finest events. It is tradition that the British family members arrived by carriages before the actual horse race takes place. And of course they have their own dress code, here. Read much more about the Royal Ascot here

It came as a huge surprise to all of us when Frederik and Mary suddenly appeared in the third carriage at the annual Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse in London. Nothing had been announced and because it is the first time they have ever attended the horse race it was really a surprise to me -as well as it might have been to all of you. Sometimes a surprise is just pure happiness. At least it was to me! Total arrived four carriages paraded for all to see with some of the world's most prominent royals. The first one with among others the Queen of the United Kingdom and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh. They were followed by Prince Charles of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. In the third carriage we had Frederik and Mary who were accompanied by Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Sofie Countess of Wessex. Last but not least arrived the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the forth carriage. Here. It really doesn't get any better. From the second the Danish Royal Couple arrived to the horse race I have the feeling they enjoy every second of it. We were constantly seeing Mary laughing and having a good time while her husband mingled with the rest of the British royal family. Is it too much to say that this is the place to meet when you are a part of a royal family? Well, it's also a horse race and did Mary actually have the winning ticket, here? This is one **** of a debut for our favourite royal couple (sorry about my language). Something most of us wouldn't in a million year believe could ever happened. It did. Then I like surprises. So many posts have already been written about everything that happened, so this is all you get from me. Happy reading some of the other great articles! I have found some I think you'll like.

Update: And then of course I have to share this photo here shared on the royal family's Instagram profile of the couple attending the race. Isn't it just lovely?!? -Mary in her red dress and Frederik with that huge grey hat!

The Royal Ascot is differently more than winning tickets. It's also about finding the right outfit to wear and Mary did fantastic job in her red Marc By Marc Jacob dress! Which indeed is red and not orange. A gorgeous dress featuring the most incredible details like the cap sleeves and pleated fabric. I'm so please to see her wear that again which I think is the third time now. Never get tired of that dress. I noticed Mary had chosen a dress slightly shorter than the others. Like the dress she wore some other really interesting pieces as the headpiece created by talented milliner Jane Taylor. Sure you all remember it from the wedding in Monaco, here, and from Princess Estelle's christening in 2012, here. Keeping the dress center of attention, everything else are quickly forgotten. That's where I enter the picture of remind you to look at every detail of this outfit because she really wore some interesting pieces as the new Gianvito Rossi shoes. Have you seen them?! I think they do perfectly with the dress and occasion she is attending. Hadn't Mary worn these I would never have fallen in love with them. But they look soooooo.... lovely. It is with help from Heaven and Kate I'm able to share the info of where her new fishnet printed shoes are from. Thanks you two! Matching both shoes and hairpiece she wore the amazing beige clutch from Naledi Copenhagen which, once again, must be so proud, here. No complete outfit without jewellery and Mary was wearing plenty of stunning jewellery attending the Royal Ascot among others a new Cartier bracelet -their Love Bracelet. Maybe a gift from her husband on their 12th anniversary? Then she wore another golden chain bracelet from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen featuring a moonstone pendant and a large Dulong Fine Jewelry ring. My guess is that her new, fabulous (!!), earrings are designed by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as well. If you ask me, this can't be the last time Frederik and Mary attend The Royal Ascot.

Hat: Jane Taylor
Dress: Marc By Marc Jacob Red Vintage Dress
Bracelet + Pendant: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bracelet + Dew Drops Charm
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Rings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostrich Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leather and Fishnet Pumps

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Naming Tanker "Stena Weco Impulse"

Monday, June 13th

Crown Princess Mary attended the naming of one of Weco Shippings ships followed by a lunch which took place at Langelinje in Copenhagen. The ship was given the name Stena Weco Impulse.

Again I have managed to get behind on posting but I haven't forgot you at all but things have been a little busy for me the last few days. Please, bear with me. This is really a post I've been looking forward to share with you girls because when Mary attends these "christening ceremonies" she is always in a excellent mood and she really was on Monday, two days ago. It was with a huge smile on her face when she arrived to the harbor at Langelinje in Copenhagen. She was warmly welcomed by Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg, chairman of the shipping company Weco Shipping who's tanker was named at the ceremony. They two of them differently seemed to enjoy each others company -laughing, joking and clear having fun. It was with a short speech Mary introduced the soon named tanker behind her and with a smashed champagne bottle the Crown Princess named the major tanker Stena Weco Impulse. Celebrated with balloons, music and confetti the ship got its name. To end the christening ceremony Mary attended, among others, a lunch. Tables where beautifully decorated perfect to host a lunch for a member of the royal family. I think Mary had a really lovely day at Langelinje.

Now we are talking! After a less impressing outfit (in my opinion) when she attended The Reumert Award 2016 on Sunday 12th, I have to say this is just incredible! I am simply speechless. She looks so comfortable, with that certain twinkle in her eyes I love so much about her. A stunning outfit you can only love. The new white coat looks amazing on her featuring some really interesting cuffs -60s inspired? And the length is... oh smashing. I have been looking everywhere to ID her new coat which hasn't been easy at all but suddenly a name appeared and there it was; her white coat is from KITX by Kit Willow from her Collection No. 3. I can't wait to see her wear it again, maybe with something a little more colourful? - don't you think that would do well together. Underneath I saw a glimpse of either a creamy white lace skirt or dress. Reminds me of one of her lace skirts from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade but it's really not easy to find her old creations. She perfectly accessorized it with a pair of patent leather Gianvito Rossi pumps, seen once before, and that overwhelmingly Susanne Juul wide-brimmed hat! Wauw. Did you see the huge power pink flower on the side? It matched both pumps and Bottega Veneta clutch perfectly. With earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, rings and a bracelet from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen this has to be one of my favourite outfits this year -so far. Everything just looks beautiful!

Coat: KITX by Kit Willow Light Crepe Cream Wrap Coat
Hat: Susanne Juul Straw Hat + Straw Hat
Flower: Susanne Juul Pink Decoration Flower
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Hook & Eye Earrings
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bracelet
Pendant: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Dew Drops Charm
Clutch: Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch, Pink
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Pink Patents Leather Pumps

The Reumert Award / Årets Reumert 2016

Sunday, June 12th 

Crown Princess Mary attended this years Reumert Award 2016 show which was live broadcasted from the Opera House in Copenhagen

The Reumert Award / Årets Reumert 2016
The award goes back to 1998 where it was established by Bikubenfonden aiming to focus on live performing art in Denmark, to honor some of the talented Danish artists and arouse the interest for theater. Every year are 22 various awards presented and given to among actors, singers, dancers, stage designers etc. which are handed over in a live broadcast. This year, 2016, the Reumert Awards are given for the 18th time. You find more info here on the awards.

The Reumert Award show is something I really look forward to every single year. I have watched the show now for quite many years and I truly enjoy the show. I would so much like to watch more live performances, plays in the theatre etc. but unfortunately am I far away from this cultural world, so for me to follow singers, actors and artists this one evening is just great. You get a perfect of what is going on, on stages across Denmark whatever you like classical music or innovative children's theatre. Prominent guests were all invited to watch the show which was broadcasted live on Sunday evening taken place in the Opera House in Copenhagen right across where the Crown Prince Couple lives. This is only important to know because another prominent woman who attended the show was the Crown Princess herself. She arrived, in a really good mood, as the last person right before the show was about to begin. Along with all the perfect dressed guests Mary enjoyed an evening honoring some of Denmark's most talented artists. This year 22 statuettes, designed by artist John Kørner, were handed over which have a combined value of DKK 1 million. It was actor Rasmus Btoft, actress Bodil Jørgensen and Danish comedian Nikolaj Stockholm who made sure both audience and TV viewers had a great evening. Usually we get a glimpse or two of Mary during the show but not this time. She was also on her own not accompanied by her husband who usually attends with her.

Despite it is the performing arts show of the year we only have seen very few pictures of Mary. Sadly. But I will not hide how surprised and maybe also shocked I am of what she wore on Sunday in the Opera House. She was more appropriately dressed than many others but that new dress was not really a success if you ask me. I'm still not sure where it's from -maybe Prada or Miu Miu, suggested by a reader- but I do not understand how it is possible to create something so... strange. And some strange colours to combine. Or maybe it's the embellishment on her upper body? I'm not sure what is wrong. One good thing about this new dress has to be the length. I can't imagine how it would look if it had been floor length. Am I the only who think this dress is a little... different? As much as she did not convince me with her choice of dress, I'm totally in love with her accessories! Drop-shaped Dulong Fine Jewelery earrings, a matching diamond bracelet and her golden leather pumps from Manolo Blahnik. That is just perfect for a night like this. Looks good on her when she walked down the red carpet arriving to the Opera House. Beautifully was also Mary's curly hairstyle. Quite simple and at the same time so elegant. Over all she is looking really pretty. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about this outfit. Is the dress the most beautiful you have ever seen or...? The reason why I do not mention the clutch is because I am no longer sure where it's from. I've believed in Judith Leiber for a long time but then suddenly came the idea that it could be from a brand called Uterqüe -very much loved by Queen Letizia of Spain.

Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Kharisma Earrings, Big w. Diamonds
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Bb Metallic Leather Pumps

Dress: Prada Short Red Dress
Clutch: Uterqüe Snake Skin Clutch

The Heartland Festival

Saturday, June 11th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the Heartland Festival at Egeskov castle on Funen.

The Heartland Festival
... is a combination of live performances and contemporary art with the best of music and food. A festival like no one seen before in Denmark. It takes place in the park around Egeskoc castle on Funen from June 10-11th 2016. Heartland Festival is created in collaboration with some of the largest and strongest players in their fields. The organizers want to give people a unique experience. Read more about the festival here

After a few busy weeks for both Frederik and Mary I guess they needed a little time on their own, enjoying each others company which they really seemed to do when they attended the Heartland Festival taking place in the castle park belonging to Egeskov castle at Funen. The castle is owned by Count Michael Ahlefeldt and Countess Caroline Ahlefeldt, good friend of the royal couple. The Count and Countess have multiple times attended events with the royal family as Frederik and Mary have attended numerous of their celebrations, like they did this weekend. According to Fyens the couple arrived around 5 pm. local time in their silver-grey car followed by a motorcade of three other cars. Introduced to some of the festivals events the couple really seemed to enjoy everything. Among others they joined a debate between Bjarke Ingels (Danish architect) and Brian Eno (British composer, producer and musician). A perfect place for them to get the latests cultural news which was great especially for Mary because she was about to attend this years Reumert Award on Sunday in a huge show broadcasted live. Here are presented several awards all given to highlighting some of the most talented artists in Denmark -music, art, acting, sining etc. 

Very interesting was her clothes, a little boho casual. Not something we usually see her wear but lately I think we have seen some quite interesting and unusual pieces so maybe our beloved Crown Princess is trying a new side of her style. Actually I think her style is way more casual and comfortable but because something a little more stylish and sophisticated is expected of her, it's not what we see her wear most often. But when we do I'm really inspired by what I see. Her casual style is easier to copy and wear in the ever days. So we saw her in a pair of black trousers and a reused white Rabens Saloner peplum featuring lovely lace details. Stunning as the blouse is, she wore a brand new jacquard jacket in the most incredible colours! Searching for it I found the new jacket at IRO. A designer we haven't seen Mary in before. Her sister-in-law, Princess Marie, has a several occasions worn their designs. Matching the trousers she wore a pair of black and white sneakers seen before, never ID'd despite many attempts. I had in mind several different designers and now with some help from one of you girls we might have the right model found at By Malene Birger. What do you say? With shades, a Chloé cross-body bag, a golden ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and Hartmann's earrings I think this outfit is really beautiful!

Earrings: Hartmann's
Jacket: IRO Kroe Jacquard Crop Jacket: Black/Red (on sale)
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Ring
Blouse: Rabens Saloner White Lace Peplum
Shoes: By Malene Birger Cinca Leather Slip On Trainers

Dinner with Global Green Growth Forum

Tuesday, June 7th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary hosted a dinner for Advisory Board of Global Green Growth Forum which took place at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. 

Global Green Growth Forum
With the mission to explore and show how to collaborate better among investors, leading businesses and key public institutions also focusing on green growth, Global Green Growth Forum was founded in 2011 by Denmark collaboration with South Korea and Mexico. Since then multiple countries have joined the collaboration -among other Vietnam, China and Kenya along with a lot of Danish and international companies and organizations. This year the conference took place in Copenhagen from June 6-7th. You find more info on 3GF here

Lately Frederik and Mary have hosted quite a few dinners I think, all taking place at Frederik VIII's Palace where they live with their four wonderful children. This time they hosted a dinner for the Advisory Board of Global Green Growth Forum, also called 3GF. All who attended the dinner were special invited by the Crown Prince Couple who both seemed really happy to welcome them all before the dinner started in the magnificent rooms at the palace. As splendid decorated as I believe the dining room must have been; the guests were welcomed in yet another marvelous room with baby blue walls (matching the curtains), gilded doors, huge wall mirrors and not to forget the overwhelmingly beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I could probably talk for an hour or more just about the incredible decor but don't worry, I won't. Do me a favor, take one more look at the decor if you not already have done that. It's fantastic! One by one were the special invited guests welcomed by the royal couple, who I'm sure enjoyed the evening as much as the guests. More than 250 private and public senior managers had meet in Copenhagen on June 6th and 7th to collaborate on green solutions. The dinner at Frederik VIII's Palace was the ending of a, likely successful, two days conference.

Just a few days ago Mary was professional dressed in a camouflage army uniform because she attended the Home Guard Land Exercise 2016 taking place in Fredericia. This had all changed to something completely different when she, next to her husband, welcomed the guests taking part in the dinner. As always she amazed me with a rather old Prada dress featuring a lovely v-neck and a length to die for! Because of her tall and slim figure this dress looks so beautifully on her. Despite it's a dress from what 2008, here, this is only the third time we get to see her wear it. That is differently not enough if you ask me. Last time was in 2013, here, when she attended the INDEX Award 2013. Honestly I think we saw the most beautiful look at this dinner. Somehow I think that the loose wavy hair makes a great balance with the long purple dress. She was literally lightning up the room in that dress! Unfortunately I have never been able to find that exact same model, despite it's a Prada. Once a friend of mine found it with longer sleeves but not the one Mary is wearing. Still I'm not doubting for a second that the designer is correct. The most "interesting" piece of jewellery she wore, really has to be the necklace. A love the story and stunning design. Goldsmith Ragnar R. Jørgensen created this unique piece of jewellery which was ordered by Frederik as a special gift for his wife on her 40th birthday in 2012. We had to wait tree years to see this gorgeous medallion when Mary wore it last year when she attended The University Startup World Cup, which really is marvelous! Another really beautiful detail about her look is the Hartmann's earrings and of course the sparkling Gianvito Rossi (AW12) pumps. I really want to hear your opinion on this look. I think it's looks so beautiful!

Dress: Prada
Earrings: Hartmann's
Necklace: Ragnar R. Jørgensen Unique Gold Medallion
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi GGR Leopard Glitter Pumps

New Family Photo!

About a week ago the news, finally, came that the Danish royal family are now on Facebook and Instagram. Two major platforms joined by millions worldwide. Now also the royal family. To me it was just incredible news and from what I hear and see, it has been a huge success! I really enjoy following the family this way, gives me the feeling that I'm a little closer to them -do you have it that way as well? If you have an interest in the royal family, it's differently worth joining these two new "groups". Enough about this. I already told you in a previous post how I feel, here. Only positive thoughts. The main reason why I talk about all of it again is simply because a few days ago a new official photo was published of the Queen and her husband along with their two sons and their wives. A lovely new photo of all of them! Taken by Steen Brogaard who has taken, over the years, a lot a fantastic pictures of the family. It was taken on the Queen's birthday at Christian IX's Palace (Amalienborg), when she turned 76 on April 16th 2016. I have no idea if there are any "special" rules when sharing Det Danske Kongehus' pictures published on these new social platforms but till I know anything else, I proudly share this new wonderful family photo by Steen Brogaard!

Home Guard Land Exercise / Hjemmeværnets Landsøvelse 2016

Crown Princess Mary attended the Home Guard Land Exercise 2016 (Hjemmeværnets Landsøvelse) in the area around Fredericia on June 4th and 5th. During the attendance, the Crown Princess and the Queen -who was present at the Home Guard Prade taking place on June 5th as a proper ending on the exercise- are staying at the royal yacht Dannebrog during the exercise.  

The Home Guard and their Land Exercise / Hjemmeværnets Landsøvelse 2016
The Home Guard goes back to 1945 where 250 head of opposition movements met because they wanted to make an association in defense of Denmark's independence. This was right after 2. world war. Four years later it was official; Denmark now had their own Home Guard. The Land Exercise 2016, taking place from June 3-5th, aims to show the Danes what the Home Guard is all about and what they are doing as a military organization. 5,000 voluntary members are expected to participate this year. You can read more here and here. 1 1 1 2 1

June 4th: Crown Princess Mary attending the Home Guard Land Exercise 2016

It seems like I'm a few days behind with this last post, bear with me. It has been some busy days for me and the weather is absolutely amazing in Denmark right now so I just want to spend every minute outside. You probably understand. But as much as I tend to enjoy the warm weather, Mary seemed to enjoy her two days in Fredericia along with approximately 5,400 other voluntary members of the Home Guard who all participated in the Land Exercise 2016. Proper dressed for this exercise, she participated in various training activities with different unions -the Army Home Guard, the Bussiness Home Guard, the Air Force Home Guard and the Marine Home Guard- all there to help Denmark in any possible way. During a warm day in Fredericia, Mary introduced to new technology that will help  the Home Guard in the future to improve their work in the field across Denmark. All of it clearly impressed Mary, who knows all about what it takes to be a Home Guard member because since 2008 she has been Ordinary member and about a year ago she was promoted to lieutenant. We just have the most cool Crown Princess! Meanwhile Mary stayed in Fredericia aboard Dannebrog, along with her mother-in-law Queen Margrethe who right now is on a summer tour with the royal yacht this year without her husband Prince Henrik, her husband attended Princess Marie's 40th birthday party in their house in Klampenborg with a couple of hundred invited. Because Mary wasn't at home, she didn't attend.

June 5th: Crown Princess Mary attending the Home Guard Parade along with the Queen

Well, I know she attended the Land Exercise over two days but I think it makes good sense to write just one post with informations on both days. With saber and a bunch of polished medals on the left side of her chest, she was proud attending the huge parade in Fredericia along with the approx. 5,400 other members. This is where the Queen comes in; because she will inspect the parade where Mary had joined the rest of the Home Guards members in a straight line. Usually Mary would be dressed in some kind of amazing designer dress standing next to her mother-in-law as part of the royal family but not this time. She was in traditional army green camouflage clothes as lieutenant -even dressed like this she looks gorgeous! The parade was held as a final event to some eventful days with the Home Guard. I'm pretty sure many Danes now are beginning to understand what they are actually doing and have been allowed to try some of the training activities. The parade was followed by a reception taking place at the royal yacht Dannebrog were I assume both Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mar were hosts.