The Heartland Festival 2016

Saturday, June 11th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the Heartland Festival, hereat Egeskov castle at Funen.

After a few busy weeks for both the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, my guess is tha the couple needed a little time on their on, enjoying each others company. This could be why the royal couple attended the Heartland Festical taking place in the castle park at Egeskov castle at the island of Funen. The castle is owned by Count Michael Ahlefeldt and Countess Caroline Ahlefeldt. Good friend of the royal couple. The Count and Countess have multiple times attended events with the royal family, as the Crown Prince couple has attended numerous of their celebrations - like they did this weekend. According to Fyens, here, the couple arrived around 5:00 pm. in their silver-grey car followed by a motorcade of three other cars. Introduced to some of the festivals events, the couple really seemed to enjoy everything. Among others, they joined a debate between Bjarke Ingels (Danish architect) and Brian Eno (British composer, producer and musician).

I find her boho-casual style very interesting. Not something we usually see her wear. Though, lately Mary has been wearing these more causal and relaxed outfits. Maybe she's trying out a new side of her style? So far, I like it. Think these comfortable outfits are very inspirational - don't you think? Easy to copy if you'd like to. At the festival, Mary was dressed in a pair of black trousers and a reused white peplum blouse from Rabens Saloner featuring lovely lace details. Then she wore a brand new jacquard jacket in the most incredible colours. I found it at a designer I don't believe Mary has ever worn before - it is from IRO. Her sister-in-law Princess Marie has been seen in their designs on several occasions. But it is the first time for Mary. She matched the rest of the outfit with a pair of black and white sneakers. Worn before, but never identified delisted multiple attempts. Though, with help from you I have been able to track down, where her sneakers are from. They are from By Malene Birger. Mary looked lovely embracing the style with a cross-body bag from Chloé, a golden Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen ring and Hartmann's earrings. 

Jacket: IRO Kroe Jacquard Crop Jacket: Black/Red
Blouse: Rabens Saloner White Lace Peplum
Earrings: Hartmann's
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Ring
Shoes: By Malene Birger Cinca Leather Slip On Trainers

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