Meet 'Stena Weco Impulse'

Monday, June 13th

Crown Princess Mary attended the naming of one of Weco Shippings ships, followed by a lunch  at Langelinje in Copenhagen. The ship was given the name 'Stena Weco Impulse'.

This post is something I have been looking very much forward to share with you, because when the Crown Princess attend these naming ceremonies, she is always in such a great mood. So was she, on Monday attending the naming of one of Weco Shipping ships. The Crown Princess was one big smile at the arrival to the harbor at Langelinje in Copenhagen. Here she was warmly welcomed by chairman of the shipping company Weco Shipping, Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg. The two of them seemed to get very well along and enjoy each others company. They were laughing, joking and clearly having fun at the harbor. With a short speech, the Crown Princess introduced the soon named ship docked in her background. Tradition says a bottle of champagne is needed to properly name a ship. Do you know about this ceremonial tradition? The smashed bottle of champagne now proved that the major ship was named 'Stena Weco Impulse'. It was celebrated with balloons, music and confetti. The Crown Princess also attended the following lunch on occasion of the naming. Tables were beautifully decorated; perfect to host a lunch with attending members of the royal family, here. I truly believe the Crown Princess really enjoyed her day at Langelinje in Copenhagen.

Now we are talking. After a less impressive outfit at the Reumert Award 2016 show on Sunday the 12th, here, I have to say this outfit is simply incredible. Mary's look at the naming ceremony makes me speechless. She looks so comfortable with that certain twinkle in her eyes I love so much about her. The new white coat looks amazing on her featuring some really interesting cuffs - a little 60s inspired perhaps?And the length is outstanding. I have been looking everywhere to identify her new coat, which hasn't been easy at all. Then suddenly a name appeared and there it was. Mary's new creamy coat is from KITX (Collection No. 3) by Kit Willow. We get a glimpse of a lace skirt or maybe dress. Reminds me of an old Julie Fagerholt Heartmade, here. Personally, I think it is a skirt she is wearing. But I can not say for sure. She embraced the style by wearing incredible accessories - patent pumps from Gianvito Rossi, a wide brimmed hat from Susanne Juul featuring a pink flower and her pink Bottega Veneta clutch. As jewellery Mary wore pieces from both Dulong Fine Jewelry and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I am truly impressed by her dreamy outfit worn at the naming ceremony at Langelinje.

Coat: KITX by Kit Willow Light Crepe Cream Wrap Coat
Hat: Susanne Juul Straw Hat + Straw Hat
Flower: Susanne Juul Pink Decoration Flower
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Hook & Eye Earrings
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bracelet
Pendant: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Dew Drops Charm
Clutch: Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch, Pink
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Pink Patents Leather Pumps


  1. Mary looked fabulous. I love the coat: such a classy look! I also love the hat! As I said in my opinion with regard to the Rumert(sp)outfit: we can count on the Crown Princess to redeem herself style wise in a jiffy and, she did not skip a beat!

    Thanks as always Henriette for keeping us apprised of the Crown Princess's "comings and goings" and of course her style!

    Best regards,


    1. You are very much welcome. It is a pleasure to write for readers dedicated as you are.

      Indeed she did! Her in that new white coat looks splendid. A classy outfit as this one, is always a winner. Can't wait to see her match it with some kind of colourful or printed dress :)