Day 3. Official visit to the Faroe Islands

August, Saturday 25th

- Arrival -
On August 23rd the Crown Prince couple arrived to Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands. The couple are joined by their four children on this official visit. The whole family stay at Dannebrog during the visit. The family has already visited several towns and met lots of people.

On the third day the family arrived to Runavík where they were warmly welcomed - despite the rather cold weather. At the harbor of Bakkafrost they were officially welcomed by Mayor, Torbjørn Jacobsen and his wife Mrs Ann Ellefsen. Once again the family arrived to be greeted with everything it takes. Attendances had arrived early to get a glimpse of the Crown Prince couple and children. Many of them even got the chance to shake hands with one or more of the royal visitors.

In Bakkafrost, among other things, they visited a salmon farming business. Followed by a visit to the local sports hall 'Bylgjan'. All this took place before Mayor, Torbjørn Jacobsen hosted lunch.

Despite cold weather the family really seemed to enjoy themselves while visiting Runavík and surrounding areas. Think it is a true and delighted pleasure for the Crown Prince couple to share this experience with their children. And the children seems to enjoyed it just as much. Especially Prince Christian makes everything an experience. He looks positively delighted to be around people and meet anyone - seems like the most natural thing for him. On his behalf I am glad this part of this public life comes easy.

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Once again the whole family arrived wearing each their national costume. Crown Prince Frederik was given his costume back in the days and Mary got hers in 2005 on her first visit to the Faroe Islands. Her costume comes with a apron and scarf og dark green wool featuring a Marguerite pattern. It is matched with a knitted sweater and custom-made silver pieces. On occasion of this visit the children also received each a costume from different municipalities.

Other than her red, green and black national costume Mary dazzled wearing a pair of diamond earrings which could be Hartmann's and a couple a diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Not much had changed from the previous days on the Faroe Islands. What had changed the most is her hairstyle. Arriving to Tórshavn she amazed the world with a beautiful updo. The next day a half updo and today she embraced the style with a simply ponytail.

Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring

Possible identification
Earrings ● Hartmann's

● ● ● ● ●

- Tjørnuvík -
Without children the Crown Prince couple visited Tjørnuvík. They arrived by boat. Here they were welcomed by Mayor, Heðin Zachariasen, who subsequently presented the city council of Sunda municipality. Lot of attendances had arrived to greet and shake hands with the couple who took plenty of time meeting as many as possible. What a sight.

While visiting Tjørnuvík the Crown Princess went for a walk. On this walk she went by the local church and visited 'Kunsterboligen'. While spending time on her own she also met up with a couple of surfers with whom she had a great talk. I bet she had a lot of questions and comments to make about the beautiful surroundings. Many pictures have already been share from her visit among the surfers, hereMeanwhile her husband visited the rock 'Stakkurin'. He shared with us these pictures, here. Incredible nature, right? A memorable day that wasn't over just yet. The couple still had a reception to host and for the Crown Prince to hand over the trophy to the winning team in football. This he eventually attended with his oldest son Prince Christian - though it was not made official in advance.

Kongehuset  Frederik et Mary PPE Agency

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Mary had changed for something a bit more warm when visiting Tjørnuvík. Earlier in the morning she amazed the attendances wearing her national costumes. So were the rest of the family. But at Tjørnuvík it obviously takes something more warm and cosy. Therefor she had chosen a black knitted sweater featuring golden buttons. With help her new sweater has finally been identified. The designer is Baum und Pferdgarten (not Tara Jarmon as first assumed).

She matched this sweater with skinny jeans and dark grey coat. A suggestion was given that her new coat could be from Aigle. I probably managed to make a request. One of you came ahead of a reply - the coat is not an Aigle design, but from a store called Søstjernen (in English 'starfish'). On occasion of Mary wearing their creation, they shared a post on Instagram, here. Kate shared a funny information with me - that Princess Isabella has worn the same coat as her mother did on August 25th. Princess Isabella wore hers at 'the Hubertus Hunt' last year, here. Mary accessorized her chic outfit with flat ankle boots, diamond earrings (which could be from Hartmann's) and furry wrist warmers.

A pretty and easy outfit to copy during fall. Even with the hairstyle and makeup; she makes it easy for us to seal the style. Nevertheless I still do not know where half of what she wore are from. All ideas are welcomed.

Coat ● Søstjernen Light Grey Coat
Sweater ● Baum und Pferdgarten Cirea

Possible identification
Earrings ● Hartmann's

● ● ● ● ●

- Reception -
After a long day with lots of people to meet and places to be, the day wasn't over just yet. Because Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary hosted a reception on board Dannebrog on occasion of their visit to the Faroe Islands. The guest list is quite long. It included prominent people as the Mayor of Tórshavn Annika Olsen, artists Edward Fuglø, State Finance Minister Kristina Háfoss, Deputy Mayor of Sunda Municipality Thordis Dahl Hansen, ... and many more. They had all been invited to join the couple (and their children) for an evening on board the royal yacht.

At the arrival, all guests were welcomed (one by one) by the Crown Prince couple and all four children. Then small meals were served and enjoyed while standing. Small talk spread across the deck.

No proper reception without a dance. Hand in hand with their guests; the royal family danced a traditional chain dance. It was simply a lovely sight. 

Oh wauw! I rarely use exclamation marks but this time I do. Somehow I have missed these reception outfits of hers. During the entire trip we have not seen anything like this - almost only her wearing her national costume. As host of yesterday's reception Mary looked stunning in one of her reused Vilshenko dressed. A beautiful embroidered dress with long sleeves and midi length skirt. At first I did not realize that this was the dress she was wearing. She tricked me. We have in fact seen her wear the dress at a previous event - a christening in Aalborg earlier this year, here. At the time I fell in love with it right away. I sort of did again.

At the reception Mary embraced the style by wearing pendant earrings. Differently new. There is also a couple of bracelets I can not identify. But the shoes I can - they are from Gianvito Rossi. Other than this I only have one last thing to comment: her hairstyle. Gosh, I love her hairstyle at the reception. What an incredible updo. Just look at the way it is made. To me it is almost a work of art.If you manage to find a close-up then please share it with me.

Dress ● Vilshenko Floral Embroidered Midi Dress
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi Mesh-Paneled Suede Pumps


  1. I appreciate that they wore national costumes and show their respect for culture and tradition but I am.waiting for something like this.Mary is stunning with her simply perfection but I also must notice how Isabelle and Josephine look lovely and mature.
    Their dance during reception will be my the most precious sign of this trip.

    1. ... the dance was an incredible moment we hardly forget.

  2. Henriette

    Love the video of the singing and dancing--very joyful. Sure to have created a lasting impression and great memories!!!



    1. Indeed this very moment has created great memories never to forget. I imagine that it was a wonderful experience for the children as well as their proud parents. Just take a look at the Crown Prince couple - you hardly find more proud parents than those two. And really the children have been exceptional during the visit.

  3. The grey coat is apparently from See where they quote
    Hope this helps!

    1. This is simply the best news I had today. Thanks for sharing your finding with me!