Meeting About Global Inequaity

February, 19

Crown Princess Mary attended the High-Level Meeting Global Inequity in Copenhagen.

A little more about the conference: 
The conference is a part of the global consultations as the Un makes in the process of formulating in the development which will replace UN's 8th 2015-goal. The High-Level meeting will bring together decision-makers and ministers from several as well as leaders of the UN and civil society organizations to ind a solution, on an international scale, on global inequalities. 

Mary was dressed really sophisticated. She looked absolutely stunning in her old grey pinstriped suit. Actually, it goes back to around 2004. Impressive, right? Who else are fits in their almost 10 years old clothes? - I don't. But Mary does. We haven't seen the suit for quite many years. It has also taken quite a few years to identify where it is from. Dolce & Gabbana is the designer we have been looking for all these years. This time she wore her suits with a printed blouse. A little unusual, but smashing. So far, I do not know where this new colorful blouse are from, but it reminds be a lot about something Hugo Boss would have created. Any ideas?

As with the suits, her purple Prada handbag goes back in time. Usually, she has worn it at more private occasions. This time she showed that it also works perfectly as a meeting bag. Her black patents pumps are also from Prada and have been in her wardrobe for some years now. A great combo of pieces we haven't seen for a really long time.

At the meeting, I noticed how well Mary blended in among the other members, nothing special to her because of her Crown-Princess-title. That's one of the reasons why I like Mary, in situations like these she's just like everybody else. She know that she has an important role to play.

Suits: Dolce & Gabbana Virgin Wool Pinstripe Blazer
Bag: Prada 
Shoes: Prada

Welcome Reception for the International Conference

February, 18

Crown Princess Mary participated in the welcome reception for the International Conference on Global Inequality.

A happy, smiling and social Crown Princess met the participants of the International Conference in Copenhagen. I think it's life-giving to her to meet so many different people represented from all over world. In a powerful red Hugo Boss dress wearing a black Prada coat at the arrival, she entered the room with style! Actually she has the dress in both red, white and black. This must be a dress she loves or she probably wouldn't have three. It features pleating-effect around the neckline. A beige belt showed her slim waist. Beautiful. The black and nude patent cap-toe pumps comes from Prada, one of my favourite. From the minutes she arrived till she left, Mary was in an excellent mode we could learn something from her - show that your happy! Black sea pearl earrings and bracelet are both designed by Danish Marianne Dulong. Another good old accessory is the Vanessa clutch by Carlend Copenhagen.

With royal manner the international conference is now started.

Earrings + Bracelet: Marianne Dulong AQUA
Dress: Hugo Boss Denna Strech Wool Blend Dress 
Coat: Prada
Shoes: Prada Nude & Black Cap-Toe Pointed Pumps
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen VANESSA DKK 8,500

On Vacation in Verbier

February, 10

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on vacation in Verbier, Switzerland skiing with their four children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Clearly it was pretty cold when the family showed up for they yearly photo shoot when they are skiing in Verbier. The family walk around like any other family and enjoy some time on their own. It's always lovely to see them spent time together, this vacation is the road between total privacy and public attention, that's why I think so many love this photo shoot. For a moment we are let into the world of a private vacation. Mary kept warn in a 100 % wool and silver fox hat from Birger Christensen, a jacket from Cintamaini and Lacrosse boots.

Hat: Birger Christensen Bee Cee DKK 2,000
Jacket: Cintamaini Tinna Anorak
Boots: Lacrosse 

News! On March 10 to 15 Margrethe and Henrik were suppose to go on a state visit to Chile but because of the Queen’s bad health Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are going instead. Are you ready for an unexpected state visit to Chile?!

World Cancer Day 2013

February, 4

Crown Princess Mary attended the World Cancer Day 2013. She handed over the Cancer Society Award. It all took place in the Opera in Copenhagen.

Sadly only very few pictures have been published from her participating in the World Cancer Day. It's both confusing for someone like me who love to collect pictures of her fashion and person but it also makes the 'game' a bit more exciting because with only few pictures it's more fun to be the first to find what she's wearing. You know the feeling or am I completely lost? Let's go to the more serious part; where is her navy blue dress from? Well, if you ask me I would suggest her one and only favourite Italian designer - now you might guested it, Prada just like the nude pumps - worn at the christening of the twins, and little clutch. In her ears we find Marianne Dulong earrings with a pendant in the same blue colour as the dress. Great detail! The first time we saw her wear the clutch was on her visit to Russia in 2012. I almost forgot to mention that at the arrival she was wearing a baby blue coat not yet identified.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Dress: Prada 
Shoes: Prada

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 2013

February, 1

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 2013 (CIFF) is now started and as patron did Crown Princess Mary attend the opening in the Bella Centre. In the evening, Crown Princess Mary and her sister-in-law Princess Marie attend the celebration of the 10 years anniversary show of the Danish designer Malene Birger.

When Mary came to Denmark in 2003 and married our Prince Frederik in 2004 she was already known as the Fashion Princess. Several years later Mary told in an interview that she would like to be known for something else then just the fashion princess. To me Mary is much more but also a style icon! She has a natural attraction and not just because she's the Crown Princess of Denmark. When she arrived to the Bella Centre and stepped out of the car dressed in a brand new navy blue Brunns Bazaar dress, she immediately became the centre of attention. The dress was, as the Maison Martin Margiela (AW12ankle boots, identified by Pernille. My gratitude! You might remember them from when she watched the handball game in Spain a few weeks ago? Both the brown boots, Carlend Copenhagen clutch and the new Naledi Copenhagen leather bracelet. I'm amazed. Very unusual did she wear one earring from the great jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe, identified by RoyalOutfits. The thin diamond rings are from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Mary showed her impression for all the designers she met at the CIFF. She was given a tour around the centre to see and talk to some of the exhibitions Danish designers. I'm sure Bruuns Bazaar was proud to see their design on the Crown Princess. 

Earrings: Sophie Bille Brahe Croissant Lune DKK 33,500
Dress: Bruuns Bazaar Lillian DKK 2,199
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands in Silver with Diamonds
Boots: Maison Martin Margiela Covered Heel Ankle Boots
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen AICHA DKK 8,500
Bracelet: Naledi Copenhagen Leather Bracelet

Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie at the Malene Birger anniversary show

Of course she can't attend a Malene Birger fashion show without wearing something from the designer! And she did, a wonderful black cape featuring a golden zipper. It was found by Lurdes. From the same designer she wore a pair of heeled sandals from her AW12. As earlier today she wore one earrings designed by Sophie Bille Brahe, wonderful detail. In the great bordeaux colour she chose to add both gloves and a clutch to the evening outfit. 

It was love a first sight when I first saw the white blouse she was wearing. I have been obsessed finding it! Literally. The blouse is so... different but cool. After hours of search I actually found it, crazy right?! The new white blouse comes from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Cape: By Malene Birger Graziano Woll Blend Cape in Black
Blouse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings: Sophie Bille Brahe Croissant Lune DKK 33,500
Shoes: By Malene Birger Heeled Sandals Two Coloured DKK 2,899