World Cancer Day 2013

February, 4

Crown Princess Mary attended the World Cancer Day 2013. She handed over the Cancer Society Award. It all took place in the Opera in Copenhagen.

Sadly only very few pictures have been published from her participating in the World Cancer Day. It's both confusing for someone like me who love to collect pictures of her fashion and person but it also makes the 'game' a bit more exciting because with only few pictures it's more fun to be the first to find what she's wearing. You know the feeling or am I completely lost? Let's go to the more serious part; where is her navy blue dress from? Well, if you ask me I would suggest her one and only favourite Italian designer - now you might guested it, Prada just like the nude pumps - worn at the christening of the twins, and little clutch. In her ears we find Marianne Dulong earrings with a pendant in the same blue colour as the dress. Great detail! The first time we saw her wear the clutch was on her visit to Russia in 2012. I almost forgot to mention that at the arrival she was wearing a baby blue coat not yet identified.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus
Dress: Prada 
Shoes: Prada

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