On Vacation in Verbier

February, 10

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on vacation in Verbier, Switzerland skiing with their four children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

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Clearly it was pretty cold when the family showed up for they yearly photo shoot when they are skiing in Verbier. The family walk around like any other family and enjoy some time on their own. It's always lovely to see them spent time together, this vacation is the road between total privacy and public attention, that's why I think so many love this photo shoot. For a moment we are let into the world of a private vacation. Mary kept warn in a 100 % wool and silver fox hat from Birger Christensen, a jacket from Cintamaini and Lacrosse boots.

Hat: Birger Christensen Bee Cee DKK 2,000
Jacket: Cintamaini Tinna Anorak
Boots: Lacrosse 

News! On March 10 to 15 Margrethe and Henrik were suppose to go on a state visit to Chile but because of the Queen’s bad health Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are going instead. Are you ready for an unexpected state visit to Chile?!

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