Concert and dinner at Fredensborg

29 October

It had already been a long day for the Crown Princess because she attended a conference with the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights also known as SRSR, here. As patron of the UNFPA she entered the stage and gave a 10 minutes speech. The speech has already made a mark in most articles reporting about the conference.

In the evening she then appear arriving to Fredensborg Castle accompanied by her husband, Crown Prince Frederik. Their attendance came as a surprise to me because I had not been paying close enough attention to her calendar.

Queen Margrethe hosted both the concert and following dinner at Fredensborg. The evening was all about honoring those who make an effort for the community between the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark. On that occasion representatives from the national community were invited to spend the evening with Queen Margrethe and the Crown Prince Couple.

Mary looked stunning wearing her bright red two-piece made by talented Claes Iversen. She first wore it about a year ago at banquet at Christansborg Palace on occasion of the P4G Summit taking place in Copenhagen. At that time the designer shared that Mary was wearing a wine red double layered silk blouse and skirt which is why we know for sure it is not a dress as first assumed. The skirt and blouse are embroidered with small glittering rhinestones. Love when she is wearing this bright red color. Looks just great next to her hair skin and dark brown hair.

She is known to match her outfit in both color, fabrics and silhouette. So did she at the concert at Fredensborg. The bright and shiny Carlend Copenhagen clutch was a perfect match to red two-piece. The colors matched also exactly. I have a Carlend Copenhagen clutch myself in pink and it is simply a wonderful clutch. I get why Mary has more than one in several colors. Also the earrings, ruby bracelet and matching ring worn at the concert were well-chosen. All part of the ruby parure belonging to late Queen Ingrid - Queen Margrethe's mother.

Other than the eye-catching earrings Mary wore her stunning golden bangles from Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. For sure you also noticed her smashing glitter pumps. Actually she has been wearing glitter pumps at lot lately. To me it looks like she had chosen a pair of old leopard glitter pumps, which are one of her oldest Gianvito Rossi pumps.

Two-piece ● Claes Iversen, here
Earrings ● The Ruby Parure
Bracelet ● The Ruby Parure
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● The Ruby Parure
Clutch ● Carlend Copenhagen, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Conference with SRSR

29 October

It was an important day when the Crown Princess, as patron of the UNFPA, attended a conference on SRSR - an abbreviation for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. The conference focuses on sexual and reproductive health and rights in humanitarian crises. It had been organized in collaboration of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Parliamentary Inter-Political Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, UNFPA, Sex og Samfund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Christiansborg Castle in the afternoon to attend the conference. She was in a splendid mood with a large smile on her face and vivid eyes. Shortly after the arrived Crown Princess Mary entered the stage and gave a 10 minutes speech that kept everybody attentive. The speech is in Danish, but can be found here.

It was all about the cause and I guess that is why Mary had chosen a simple (yet super chic) outfit in darker colors. Both blouse or blouses and the fantastic pencil skirt are brand new. Let us first talk about the top. I think she is only wearing a jumper featuring a white Peter Pan-collar. So far I have no idea where to find it. Nor do I know how to identify her new skirt. To me it looks dark grey. It also features golden decorative side buttons. Its style reminds me of someting, but I can't figure where I have seen something similar. Let me know what you think?

She styled her outfit with a old diamond earrings that are still unidentified. To me the little round brooch is new. I have not been able to find out if the brooch is connected to the conference or if it is a new one in her personal collection. As other accessories Mary wore two golden bracelets from Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. One of the two rings is a diamond band from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen-

Mary also embraced the modern style by wearing her (really) old black braided Bottega Veneta bag. I do not know when exactly she wore it the first time, but it is around 2008. So this single piece of accessory is at least ten years old. Impressive how a bag is still fashionable after ten years - and it is! The Jimmy Choo chunky heels pumps are a rather new addition to her wardrobe.

Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bag ● Bottega Veneta, here
Shoes ● Jimmy Choo, here

Presentation of the annual Christmas Stamp 2019 + a workshop

28 October

For years and years has Crown Princess Mary attended the annual presentation of the Christmas Seal Homes' Christmas Stamps. So did she this year. The Christmas stamp goes back 115 years in time and was created to gather money to the children staying at one of the Christmas Seal Homes in Denmark. There are five homes around the country.

At this years presentation the Crown Princess was accompanied by Count Ingolf of Rosenborg and his wife, Countess Sussie. The couple have for many years been committed to support the Christmas Seal Homes such as the Crown Princess. Seems like the three of them had a wonderful time along with Per O. Jørgensen. He is the artist who designed the Christmas Stamp.

It was as patron she attended the presentation of the very fine stamp showing children, gnomes (in Danish these little men are all 'nisser') and some animal gathered at one of the Christmas Seal Homes. The jewellery designer Mads Ziegler also created something very unique to support the good cause. He designed a necklaces shaped as angles. The necklaces are available in both gold and silver and a part of the money goes to the Christmas Seal Foundation, here.

After attending the presentation with children from Christmas Seal Homes, she participated a workshop with the Mary Foundation. It focuses on children and young people in Greenland that are growing up in a home of violence, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse and other social problems. At the workshop Crown Princess Mary and all the other participants were given an overview of the situation, the different actors and what must be done to help the children who need a more safe environment to live in.

Kongehuset ● Det Danske Kongehus ● Det Danske KongehusFrederik et MaryDaily MailBilled Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● PPE Agency ● Royal Fashion Blog ● Getty Images


Mary was beautifully dressed in a cool figure-hugging leather skirt and a lovey printed (and colorful) new blouse. The navy blue leather skirt is a reuse and was first worn with a black knitted blouse and matching accessories. This time Mary had chosen to embrace the style of the chic pencil skirt with a brand new blouse. A little 80s vibe hit me when I first saw the blouse. Maybe it is the colors. Her skirt was told to be from JOSEPH, but the model is all wrong. So it is still unknown to me where the skirt is from. Any ideas? The blouse on the other hand was quickly found as Roksanda. The designer that always amazed me with their sleeves. I love the balance between silhouette, colors and movement of the blouse. Smashing. When leaving the event, she showed that her grey wool-blend Massimo Dutti coat was a perfect match.

She embraced the style by wearing reused navy blue Jimmy Choo pumps. Loves how they almost hug her foot all beautifully. Looks really good on her. Not all shoes do good with ones hight, figure, legs, etc. These does the job perfectly. I do not see a bag or clutch, but I do see lots of incredible jewellery.

The diamond earrings are a design by Sophie Bille Brahe. Since the first time wearing them, Mary has loved flashing these earrings both day and night. And they do look good, right? She matched the earrings with a golden Cartier bangle and other bracelet from Dulong Fine Jewelry. One of the two diamond rings are from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The emerald beads necklace are created by Nadia Shelbaya. A great and outstanding outfit.

Coat ● Massimo Dutti
Blouse ● Roksanda, here
Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahehere
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Shoes ● Jimmy Choo, here

20th anniversary of the American Chamber of Commerce

24 October

After having spend a couple of days in Tokyo, Japan the Crown Prince Couple just arrived home to attend a 20th anniversary gala for the American Chamber of Commerce - also known as AmCham Denmark. The celebration took place at Moltkes Palace in Copenhagen. The cultural and commercial relationship between Denmark and the United States were also celebrated at the anniversary gala event. It was last celebrated five years ago also with the Crown Prince Couple participating, here.

The Executive Director of AmCham Denmark, Stephen Brugger and Senior Vice President, Angela Naef welcomed Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary when they arrived to Moltkes Palace. All four of them were in a splendid mood. Imagine three or four in a country abroad; arrive home after a long flight and then you have to bee well-dressed and good-looking? Well, I do not look this vivid after hours of travel. But the Crown Prince Couple does.

At the anniversary Crown Prince Frederik also presented the Foreign Company of the Year Award. He handed over the award to the American biotech company, Amgen. They work to combine science results, technologi and innovation and convert it to medicine to treat patients with serious diseases. Amgen wins because they are a foreign company that manages to invest in Denmark and for that has made itself noticeable in Danish business. Congratulations to Amgen with the award.

Mary looked absolutely stunning when attending events on occasion of the enthronement in Japan prior to the anniversary back in Copenhagen on October 24th. Both the new gowns and reused dresses she wore amazed all of us. I love getting to see her in new clothes, but what she wore at the AmCham Denmark gala at Moltkes Palace was also incredibly beautiful. We first saw her in this floral dress at a 80th birthday in Norway in 2017, here. Since then I have hoped to see her wear it again. Now it happened. This Erdem creation makes Mary look really evening chic. Like the first time she added a black belt.

Actually she did not wear that much jewellery or anything. Her beauty and the dress speaks for itself. But of course Mary had chosen to wear a few magnificent pieces of jewellery. The stunning diamond earrings have been found sold on a Bruun Rasmussen Auction in 2010. Her huge aquamarine blue ring has never been identified, but I think it goes as a gift from her husband.

She also styled her outfit with (supposably) a black clutch from Sergio Rossi and silver glitter pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Makes me wanna wear my glitter pumps. With her curly hair and simply evening makeup I would give this outfit 9 out of 10.

Dress ● Erdem, here
Earrings ● Sold at Bruun Rasmussen Auction
Clutch ● Sergio Rossi
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Day 2. Enthronement ceremony in Japan

23 October


On Tuesday October 22nd, Japan officially was given a new Imperial Couple. Emperor Naruhito and his wife, Empress Masako were officially enthroned at a ceremony in the Imperial Palace that same day. Royals from all over the world, both Sweden, Norway, Spain, Belgium, etc. and also Denmark attended the traditional ceremony.

The following day, the Emperor and Empress had invited all their guest to join them at a tea party at the Akasaka Imperial Palace. Not many pictures have been published from the gathering, but what we have show that the Imperial Couple welcomed all their guest with a warm and friendly smile such as a handshake and a couple of words. Especially the Danish Crown Prince Couple made them smile a little extra. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were also one big smile and happy eyes when meeting the Imperial Couple once again.

The guest list included among others, King Carls Gustaf of Sweden, Prince Albert of Monaco, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, etc.


As a last event in Japan the Crown Prince and Crown Princess attended a banquet hosed by Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe. The banquet took place at Hotel Otani in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. Heads of States and royal members from all around the world (who had also been attending prior ceremonial events on occasion of the enthronement) were invited to the banquet. Of course Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were also invited.

Both of them were in a splendid mood at the arrival. They arrived hand and hand with a large smile on their faces. To me it seems like the couple have really enjoyed the days in Japan. I am sure they also enjoyed their last evening in Tokyo along with all their fellow friends.

The following day the couple were headed home from some sensational days in Japan.

Embed from Getty Images 

We only got a short glimpse of Mary, when she arrived along with her husband to the tea party. What this glimpse shows, is that she was dressed in one of her reused floral dressed from Vilshenko. She first wore this beautiful and balanced dress on a business promotion visit in the United States in 2016, here. The following year Mary wore the dress again when officially visiting Japan, here. Last but not least, Mary dazzled wearing the Vilshenko creation on occasion of her husbands 50th birthday in 2018, here. Already a dress with lots of memories. Now it has met the new Imperial Couple that now rules Japan.

As accessory she had chosen her golden Cartier bangle that might be a present from her beloved husband. We love the thought, right? I am certain most of us also adore the well-made Quidam clutch. I suggested that she might had been wearing either white or blue pumps, but I had not photos to prove it. Now I do, here. Mary was in fact wearing white pumps. The quality isn't that good so it is hard to tell what pair she wore. Personally I think they could be either from Gianvito Rossi or Pura Lopez. By looking at this new photo of her from the tea party, I believe Mary also accessorized her outfit with some kind of earrings. Hair and makeup were all casual yet classy.

The previous day, Mary showed us two brand new (outstanding) evening gowns. One from Valentino and another creation by Birgit Hallstein and Jesper Høvring. On Wednesday she had first chosen a reused Vilshenko dress and later in the evening, Mary wore another reused wedding dress actually. The dreamy white design featuring golden dotted details, is created by Maria Fekih - a wedding dress designer. She first wore the dress at the presentation of the Crown Prince Couple's Prizes in 2018, here. And you love the dress as much as I did. I still do.

This time Mary embraced the style by wearing reused golden shell earrings from Rebekka Notkin, which was first worn on a business and cultural promotion visit in Texas earlier this year, here. Beautiful, right? Once again the Cartier bangle dazzled on her wrist along with a couple of other unidentified bracelets. She mathed the golden details with the perfect golden glitter pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Think the clutch is also a reused that I have not been able to find yet.

What wonderful outfits we have seen while the couple were in Tokyo. Both evening gowns, lots of sequins, good old dresses and many smily moments to remember.

Dress ● Vilshenko, here
Bracelet ● Cartierhere
Clutch ● Quidam

Dress ● Maria Fekih, here
Earrings ● Rebekka Notkin, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Day 1. Enthronement ceremony in Japan

22 October


It was a historical day for the Japanese people, when royals from all over the world were gathered in Tokyo on October 22nd. The reason is the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Naruhito and his wife, Empress Masako. Since May 1st this year the couple have official been Japan's new imperial couple. 

The enthronement was marked with a ceremony in which, among others, the Danish Crown Prince Couple attended along with royals from both Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, etc. Also Heads of States and Governments from several countries attended the ceremony, which took at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were joined by Prince Charles of Wales watching the tradition ceremony from first raw. Seems like the three of them had a good time in the palace. And what a couple they are. The Crown Princess was really regal in her appearance and her husband very handsome, yet both of them were awfully comfortable and relaxed.

Embed from Getty Images


After a long day it was time for some dinner. That is why the Crown Prince Couple attended gala dinner at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo along with royals from around the world. The dinner was held on occasion of the newly enthronement ceremony of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, who hosted the gala dinner.

One by one did royals from both Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, etc. arrive to the Imperial Palace to attend the very fine dinner. It was lovely to see all of them gathered at one place. Also a wonderful sight to see how warm and friendly the Japanese Emperor and Empress were when they greeted the Crown Prince Couple. All four of them lit up by the look of each other. They have met before and it feels like they are getting along really (really) well. That was very clear at the dinner last Tuesday.

Embed from Getty Images 

I did not realize that so many royal couple would attend the ceremony, not until they showed up. Especially Queen Letizia of Spain and Queen Mathilde of Belgium caught my eye at the enthronement ceremony. Queen Letizia wore a beautiful and colorful printed floral gown that looked great on her. Meanwhile, Queen Mathilde stunned in a simple rose color gown featuring a matching cape and hat.

But of course, Mary get my vote for 'Best Dressed Women'. She looked absolutely magnificent in a brand new gown from Valentino. I learned about the gown from Heaven, who managed to identify her new creation. It features a really stunning color-matching cape and is figure-hugging. What a dress, right?

She embraced the style by wearing purple accessories. Kate shared this hat from Philip Treacy with me, here, and the silhouette is indeed similar. Still I do not quite know where her hat/fascinator is from, but it is for sure brand new as the gown. I am crazy about the color combo. It is simply great. As jewellery she had chosen to wear both earrings, necklace, bracelet and the ring belonging to late Queen Ingrid of Denmark - Queen Margrethe's mother. The other two bracelets are from Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. To match the hat, she wore her a purple suede clutch. Mary topped of her outfit with all new Manolo Blank satin courts, a stunning makeup and smashing hairstyle.

Once again Mary, looked absolutely stunning in her dreamy power pink evening gown created by Birgit Hallstein. Despite her fair skin the dusty pink color looks splendid on her. Once again she wore a cape. This time a cape designed by Jesper Høvring made of silver sequins. Not something she wears  that much. Sequins this scale is rare, but seen. For instance, Mary has her sparkly Jesper Høvring gown, here, and her rather new Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen gown from Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday, here. I really like that the cape is a bit untraditional. Can't help thinking if the cape can be worn with other dresses as well. I hope so. It got so much potential.

She stunned me even more with the accessories she had chosen. The tiara that also works as a necklace has been purchased a couple of years ago on an Bruun Rasmussen Auction along with a pair of earrings, but not the ones she wore. Unfortunately, I still do not know where to find those old-style earrings. The golden bracelet is her beloved pieces from Cartier. 

We also got a glimpse of her power pink suede pumps which I strongly believe is from Gianvito Rossi. She has worn them on a couple of occasions, but I never found the right color. Let's talk a bit more about sequins because her clutch perfectly matched both outfit and cape. To me it looks like cape and clutch are made of the same fabric. Outstanding detail. What is not to love?

Gown ● Valentino, here
Earrings ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure
Necklace ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure
Bracelet ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure
Shoes ● Manolo Blahnik, here

Gown ● Birgit Hallstein x Jesper Høvring
Tiara ● Bruun Rasmussen Auction
Bracelet ● Cartier, here

The International Day of the Girl Child 2019

11 October

The morning of October 11th was a very special day for the 14 year old Farzana from Bangladesh. She was invited to visit Crown Princess Mary in her home at Amalienborg Castle. Her visiting the Crown Princess was on occasion of the International Day of the Girls Child arranged by UN. Farzana comes from Citi Polli in Bangladesh - one of the country's many slums. She told the Crown Princess about her upbringing and her work as a volunteer. In particular, she works to fight child marriages and encourage children and young people to continue going to school. And she is 14 years old.

UN's International Day of the Girl Child aim to raise awareness of the issues girls around the world faces every day because of their gender.

Crown Princess Mary and Farzana also attended a more official celebration of the girl's day. That took place at Gasværksvejens School in Copenhagen. They arrived together and met the press. To me it seems like the Crown Princess was utterly proud of the young fighter. Visiting Gasværksvejens School both Crown Princess Mary and Farzana talked about how important school is for girls to have the right to go to school.

During her day accompanied by Farzana, who was beautifully dressed in a colorful and printed dress, Mary wore a printed Erdem blouse and fitted black trousers. She has also worn the blouse with grey trousers, but black makes the blouse shine. With a black leather belt she enhanced her natural waistline. Arriving to Gasværksvejens School Mary had chosen her old Prada coat. I am not sure how it kept her warm, because it looks rather thin. Personally I am already wearing my wool-blend coat and knitted hat - soon followed scarves and leather gloves.

Mary embraced the style with diamond earrings. As with the belt I still do not know where these earrings are from. The style is expensive and so are the white and yellow diamonds. To match the rest of her outfit she wore a single diamond ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and her chunky heels from Jimmy Choo.

What I really like about this outfit is her hair. Loves how it almost floats on her one shoulder. She seems very fond of curly hair lately. And it suits her, right? 


Coat  Prada
Blouse ● Erdem, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere
Shoes ● Jimmy Choohere

C40 World Mayors Summit 2019

10 October

The Crown Prince Couple just arrived from Paris, when they hosted a dinner at Christiansborg Castle on occasions on C40 World Mayors Summit 2019. This year, Copenhagen has been selected as the host city for the event. The summit gathers mayors, climate experts and business leaders from all over the world to discuss more innovative climate solutions.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived in a good mood with smiles on both of their faces. I am sure they have been looking forward to host this dinner. The Great Hall was beautifully decorated with golden chairs, white tablecloths, polished cutlery and for sure a menu worth waiting for. Before dinner was served the Crown Prince gave a speech and welcomed the guests.

The dinner at Christiansborg was broadcasted on Danish television, but unfortunately I was unable to follow the broadcasted live. Hopefully you watched with great pleasure. If you didn't get the chance, here you go, here

As hostes Mary had chosen one of her reused blush jumpsuits from Max Mara. She first wore the stunning jumpsuit at the Danish Rainbow Award in April 2019, here. Back then she wore it with matching accessories - a small belt, suede pumps and a box clutch. In a way she looked much like in April. The jumpsuit comes with a bow usually covering the neckline, but it is possible to remove. That is what Mary did. At the dinner we saw the bow for the first time. She wore it as a belt. What a clever detail. Don't you think?

She style the jumpsuit with just a few pieces of accessories. I spotted her golden Cartier bangle covered behind the long sleeves. The earrings is still a mystery to me. I think they are to be found on an auction. But that is my personal guess. The same goes with the other stunning bracelet. Mary also wore one of her wonderful diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

I haven't had a good look at the shoes. But to me it looks like a pair of power pink Gianvito Rossi pumps. But I have not been able to find a pair in the exact same color. What do you see? Let me know. As a splendid match she stunned wearing her braided Bottega Veneta box clutch in a similar color of the rest of the outfit. Her curly hair was beautifully decorated with a golden com featuring some kind of flowers. Smashing.


Jumpsuit ● Max Mara, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere
Clutch ● Bottega Venetahere

Day 3. Business promotion visit in Paris

09 October

It has been some really amazing days already for the Crown Prince Couple and for the rest of us following them on they visit in Paris. From October 7-9th the couple has been staying in Paris along with a Danish business delegation. The promotion visit was all about sharing ideas and knowledge about healthcare and energy.

Wednesday morning Crown Prince Frederik started the day by visiting Station F.  It is a campus for entrepreneurship. Here tech-companies are gathered to discuss development and realization of future projects. He was given a guided tour by Xavier Niel, the founder of Station F. Later on he visited the French Ministry of Economy and Finance.

While the Crown Prince, his wife payed a visit to a very special lady - Mrs. Brigitte Macron. The meeting took place at Lycée Lamartine (a school of general and technological education). One thing unique about the school is that it teaches Danish. So if any of you would like to learn Danish Lamartine is the place to go. Mrs. Macron and Crown Princess Mary have met before and it seems like the two of them are getting along really well. Anyway, it seems like they enjoyed each others company visiting Lycée Lamartine. The Danish Girls Choir, who entertained the previous night at the City Hall, had also found their way to the French school.

Embed from Getty Images

For her to wear that berry burgundy color is a clear sign to me that Fall has arrived. And it has. The weather in Denmark is everything from sunny, rainy and windy - also at the same time. Fortunately the weather was way better in Paris. Still Mary had chosen darker colors and heavier fabrics. She embraced a great outfit by wearing a knitted CO blouse and a red tweed skirt from Alexander McQueen. Both pieces have been seen on previous occasions before, but never together. I kinda like how this look turned out. Love the combo of different fabrics.

She styled her rather simple outfit with lots of incredible jewellery and other accessories. I really like when she wears all these delicate jewellery. Makes it more casual. The stunning golden diamond earrings are from Sophie Bille Brahe. Two out of three bracelets are created by Dulong Fine Jewelry, while the last one is her golden bangle from Cartier. Mary also stunned wearing two rings - one from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and the other one is a Dulong Fine Jewelry design.

For sure you noticed how she matched skirt, clutch and pumps, right? Love when she makes these color-combos. Both the suede Hugo Boss clutch and Gianvito Rossi pumps are old. The pumps was first worn at DANSK Design Talent - The Magasin Prize in 2016, here. Mary wore the pumps with her Stine Goya evening gown. The clutch goes back to 2015 at the opening of the 14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care, here.


Blouse ● CO, here
Skirt ● Alexander McQueenhere
Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahehere
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggard Copenhagenhere
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch ● Hugo Boss, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossihere

Day 2. Business promotion visit in Paris

08 October

During the day 

The Crown Prince Couple were on a three day visit in Paris with business delegation consisting of representatives from 50 different Danish companies. The promotion visit focuses on, among other things, sharing knowledge in the field of healthcare and energy, which is why the visit is entitled "Denmark and France - together for a better life and a sustainable future".

The couple were separated most day. Not until the evening the couple were on their own. First thing in the morning Crown Prince Frederik attended the French National Assembly, Assemblée Nationale. He then sailed to Île Séguin. Today Île Séguin is a urban development project. Later on the Crown Prince attended a seminar on vindpower in Cæur Défense. In the afternoon he visited the urban development conference "Development of Greater Paris". This is just some of the events Crown Prince Frederik attended on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Crown Princess Mary payed a visit to the nursing home Korian Monceau that is part of the Korian Group - the largest provider of private care services in Europe. The occupant of the nursing home clearly enjoyed their visit from Denmark. Later on the Crown Princess participated the seminar "Purchasing and innovations" in the Danish church in Paris. She gave a speech at the event. Before visiting Les Peupliers (a private hospital), she had lunch at the Danish restaurant Flora Danica located in Danmarkshuset.

KongehusetFrederik et MaryRoyal Fashion BlogBilled Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed BladetDaily Mail

Embed from Getty Images

I did not hide that I really (really) loved her outfits the first day in Paris. The wonderful blue dress with the white details and the new dotted evening dress, here. The following day, Mary impressed my one more time. She was dressed in her incredible custom-made Mark Kenly Domino Tan dress, here. A wonderful creation featuring the most amazing details. Just look at those sleeves. We first saw the dress on another business promotion visit to Italy in 2018, here. She belted the dress with that stylish navy blue Max Mara belt.

As jewellery she had chosen first of all, a pair of reused diamond earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. They are from my favorite collection called Winter Frost. The three beautiful bracelets are also old and are from Dulong Fine Jewelry, Cartier and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The last one is styled with a moonstone charm from the same designer. Mary also embraced the chic style by wearing expensive diamond rings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Mary is fan of matching things with each other - especially in colors. That is probably why she chose to wear her medium size handbag from Prada and stunning patent leather pumps from Gianvito Rossi. One day I got to have my own pair of Rossi shoes. Does any of you have a pair of Rossi pumps? 


Dress ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan
Belt ● Max Mara, here
Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Pendant ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bag ● Prada, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi

Evening dinner

After a long day in Paris the Crown Prince Couple attended dinner in the City Hall, Hôtel de Ville. At the dinner another very special couple also attended. That couple were Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, who are now currently living in France with their children. Both couples seemed in a wonderful spirit both because of the atmosphere and because of them meeting again.

All guests and the four royals were welcomed by and entertained by the Danish Girls Choir which Crown Princess Mary has become patron for, not that long ago. The dinner was hosted by the Danish ambassador in France, Michael Starbæk Christensen. He also welcomed the couple's.

Embed from Getty Images 

Princess Marie was wearing an incredible black dress. From what I have heard it is a reuse. Mary embrace the dinner by wearing a brand new dress from Moss & Spy. I am not sure how to describe what I see other than: I absolutely love everything about both the new lace dress and the whole outfit. Everything looks so very put together. The elegant of her look is not to describe. What a dress. What an outfit.

What made this such a great outfit is also because of the accessories she had chosen. Even the hairstyle is an accessory that is worth noticing. A large knot decorated with a rhinestone hairpin. The stunning floral shaped earrings featuring shiny diamonds have been purchased on an Bruun Rasmussen Auction. Beautiful. As earlier, Mary wore her Dulong Fine Jewelry and golden Cartier bangle. A really lovely combo. The diamond ring is also from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

She also wore a huge aquamarine blue ring and a matching delicate bracelet. If I am correct, the ring is a gift from her husband that goes quit a few years back in time. But I could be wrong about that. Seems like Mary enjoyed wearing the blue and white combo. So in the evening she also embodied the combination with an old box clutch from Prada and silk pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Imagine wearing silk pumps.


Dress ● Moss & Spy, here
Earrings ● Bruun Rasmussen Auction
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Clutch ● Prada, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Day 1. Business promotion visit in Paris

07 October

During the day

Quite a while ago it was announced that Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, Crown Princess Mary were going on a business promotion visit to Paris on October 7-9th.

The couple arrived in the morning along with a Danish business delegation. The 50 Danish businesses and organisations that are part of the delegation is in Paris to participate the business promotion visit. This year the visit is entitled 'Denmark and France - together for a better life and a sustainable future' and focuses on energy, sustainable cities and health. The Danish court announced  that especially elderly care, “smart hospitals” and “life science” as well as wind energy, district heating and urban development are the main focus.

First the Crown Prince Couple attended the official opening of the visit at La Grande Arche - a new Triumphal Arch designed by the Danish architect, Johan Otto von Spereckelsen. The Crown Prince held the opening speech wearing chic new glasses. They then attended at meet and greet with the participating Danish delegation.

In the afternoon did Crown Prince Frederik visited the French company, EDF Group which is the largest producer of electricity in France. He then visited the district heating manufacturer Dalkia's showroom and he attended the 30th anniversary celebration of La Grande Arch. Meanwhile did Crown Princess Mary visit the Georges-Pompidou hospital. One of the biggest public hospitals in Paris.

Embed from Getty Images

What and incredible outfit. I am so much in love with Mary in that brand new bright blue dress. Look at those magnificent details. The covered buttons, short sleeves, neckline. I am stunned by this new dress. The wonder is a custom-made designed by Ole Yde, here, and according to Billed-Bladet, created by Birgit Hallstein. Can't hide my enthusiasm. Mary's dress (and outfit) is simply beautiful.

She embraced the style with a white pearl bracelet from Dulong Fine Jewelry. It comes with matching earrings, but Mary had chosen to wear another pair of diamond earrings featuring a pearl pendant. Both earrings and pearl bracelet, such as all the other jewellery, are reused pieces. Mary matched her white pearls with a golden Cartier bangle and another golden bangle from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Also the two stunning diamond rings are worn on numerous occasions.

As other accessories Mary wore her quality leather clutch from Quidam. A beautiful match because of the lovely navy blue colors. The same goes with the Gianvito Rossi pumps. I get it if you adore her outfit as much as I do.


Dress ● Ole Yde x Birgit Hallstein
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Clutch ● Quidam
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi


Around dinner time the Crown Prince Couple arrived to La Grande Arche (for the second and third time that day) to attend a reception on occasion of the 30th anniversary of the very same monument. Crown Prince Frederik had already earlier that day attended another event on occasion of the anniversary.

Both Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were in a splendid mood. They really seemed comfortable in each others company. To the press Crown Prince Frederik expressed what a wonderful day it had already been. Of course the Crown Princess was asked about her new title as regent, here. She is one hundred procent proud and honored.

Kongehuset  Billed Bladet ● Getty Images ● PPE Agency ● Frederik et Mary

Embed from Getty Images

I was clearly impressed by her first outfit earlier that day. In the evening she rocked another stunning outfit. Mary had chosen to wear a brand new black dotted dress from Black Halo. The dress was identified by Heaven. A very flattering creation. It gives her a long and tall silhouette. She accessorized her outfit with an old black lace scarf. I have never been able to confirm it, but on several occasions I heard that the lace scarf was once made by Heartmade Julie Fagerholt.

Despite she wore quite a lot of jewellery at the evening reception, you hardly notice all of them. The splendid golden earrings covered in shiny diamonds are designed by Dulong Fine Jewelry. Expensive earrings that someone like me can only dream about.

From the same designer, Mary embraced the style with two different models of golden bracelets and four rings from Dulong Fine Jewelry. One of the rings are brand new ring. Really beautiful pieces. The diamond bracelet is a mystery to me. It looks a lot like this one from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here.

As other accessories Mary was wearing a reused black patent leather from Prada, an unidentified black glitter clutch and dazzling pointed pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Hair and makeup are what completed her outfit with great perfection.


Dress ● Black Halo, here
Belt ● Prada, here
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here 
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

Day 2. Youth Innovation Summit in Morocco

04 October

Morning run

A while ago it was announced that Crown Princess Mary was going to Morocco to attend the Youth Innovation Summit 2019 in Rabat. This is why she flew to Morocco on October 3rd. She was about to stay for two days. On the first day she attended a seminar followed by a dinner with 100 talented young people who have been trying to figure out solutions to some of Morocco's biggest social and economic challenges, here.

October 4th started with a morning run because exercise happens to be one of the best ways to encourage Moroccan young people in a sustainable agenda in. So Crown Princess Mary had replaced her floral dress from the previous day with running tights and a cap. The morning exercise took place in Park Hassan II which was also as part of the opening of Youth Dialogue Festival - an event based on dialogue and talk about sustainable development and how to encourage young people in the debate.

She was in a great spirit leading the large group of runners. The Crown Princess was one big smile and happy eyes participating the morning run in Park Hassan II in Rabat. What a wonderful way to kick off her last day in Morocco.

The last couple of years we have seen how she pull off a perfect runners look. So did she when participating the morning run in Park Hassan II. Mary had chosen to wear a pair of old black NIKE tights - I have a similar pair myself and they are wonderfully comfortable. She then more a red sponsored t-shirt and her FALKE running jacket. The FALKE jacket was first worn during Royal Run in 2018 when Crown Prince Frederik celebrated his 50th birthday, here. Took me quite a while to identify it, but fortunately it features a clear logo.

Her bright blue running sneakers are a reuse from Asics. We first saw them when she was on a work visit in Ethiopia in March this year, here. Do you also have a pair of cool running sneakers? Like many other of the participating runners Mary was wearing her Under Amour cap. Clearly a beloved cap especially when she is exercising.


Jacket ● FALKE, here
Hat ● Under Amour, here
Tights ● NIKE, here
Shoes ● Asics, here

Youth Dialogue Festival

In the morning she participated a part of the later Youth Dialogue Festival taking place in Rabat - a morning run in Park Hassan II. As guest of honor Crown Princess Mary opened the festival with a remarkable speech honoring the importance of young people trying to make a difference. This is why the festival is the place to go to, because the Youth Dialogue Festival act as a platform for young talents where they can present ideas and business models on challenges faced by Morocco.

The Crown Princess was clearly impressed by all the young participants and their ideas presented to her during the two days in Rabat, Morocco. She expressed how much they inspired her in her speech. She was in a splendid mood all day. She had plenty of time wherever she went. Just her smile had to make everybody comfortable.

Kongehuset  Det Danske Kongehus Royal Fashion Blog Frederik et Mary

Mary was in an outstanding outfit at the opening of the Youth Dialogue Festival in Rabat. She matched a plain white button-down shirt (still unidentified) with a brand new floral printed skirt. It is almost mesmerizing to look at. The colors. The prints. The length. It is simply stunning. So far I have not been able to identify who designed it. Do you happen to know anything? I know many of you recognize the style, but non have been able to find it yet. Do you like her new skirt?

The first accessory I noticed was the sunglasses. They are not new but I have never been able to find them. I really tried because I love them and was like to know where they are from. But so far, I have not had any luck. The sunglasses makes her look super chic.

She also styled her outfit with lots of incredible jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and Cartier. Among others golden earrings and bracelets. To match the rest of her beautiful look she wore brown suede Gianvito Rossi pumps. What a look, right?


Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelryhere
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here