Danish Rainbow Awards - Axgil 2019

03 April

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen to attend Danish Rainbow Awards -Axgil. Each year Rainbow Business Denmark honor people, organisations and companies that helps to create better living conditions for LGBT people in Denmark. Again this year Crown Princess Mary attended as guest of honor. At last years award show she was also present, presenting the honorary award, here.

Once again this year, the Crown Princess entered the stage with a large smile on her face and handed over the honorary award which was given to Lars L√łkke Rasmussen, Danish Prime Minister. The Government received the honorary award on occasion of their plan of action to ensure more security and quality of life for LGBT people in Denmark.

When attending the Danish Rainbow Award -Axgil in Cirkusbygningen Mary showed up wearing the most outstanding outfit. One of the best we have seen in a very long time in my opinion. At first I was convinced that she was wearing brand new trousers and a matching blouse. Well, it all matches perfectly but it turned out that Mary is actually wearing a new jumpsuit from Max Mara (collection: 2019). I learned about her new piece from Heaven. Isn't it just beautiful? I wouldn't mind wearing it at an event during spring time.

She embraced the style by wearing some incredible accessories. First thing I noticed was the earrings. A perfect match in colour. We have seen her wear these earrings on a couple of previous occasions, but so far, I have not been able to identify them. I see a couple of bracelets too and maybe some diamond rings. The pink knot clutch goes way back in time. Think one of them first time she wore the clutch, was at the annual New Years receptions in 2010, here.

In my opinion her suede, dusty pink pumps are new. I could be wrong, but to me these are more colorful than other of her dusty pointed pumps. Personally I think it could be these or these. Lights are sometimes tricky, so let me know what you think.


Jumpsuit  Max Mara, here
Clutch ● Bottega Veneta

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