Opening of the new panda plant

11 April

As new patron for Copenhagen Zoo, Crown Princess Mary arrived to officially open the new panda plant for the public. The previous day she accompanied her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, at the inauguration of the same facility, here, which has been designed by Danish architect Bjarne Ingels. Congratulations to Copenhagen Zoo with the two new members.

On the day of the official opening ceremony, Crown Princess Mary had brought with her two other members of the royals family - her two youngest. Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine joined their mother at the opening. The Crown Princess also shared a few of her own photos, here.

With some help from Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine the new panda plant is officially open to visit. The three of them were in a splendid mood (despite the cold weather). Seems like all three of them had a wonderful time with each other and the pandas. They were also given a guided tour around the facility as Crown Princess Mary had seen one day earlier. Nevertheless, she was sincerely interested in everything she was told and shown.

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All three of them were covered in warm coats and jackets at the opening because of the weather. At the moment it rains, snows and the sun shins. In Denmark we got a little bit of everything. Mary wore her old navy blue Fonnesbech coat. She first wore it at Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2016, here. In January this year she also showed up wearing the coat at the launch of the CEO Agenda 2019 in Davos, here. Personally I like it best in 2016. Can't really tell why, it is just the combo of event and others clothes worn at the time. Looks like it is still available online. Time for a new coat?

Opening the new panda plant Mary matched her Fonnesbech with fitted black trousers and new ankle boots. I have still not been able to identify these new boots, so let me know what you have in mind. She accessorized the look with beautiful diamond earrings and probably a ring or two.


Coat  Fonnesbech, here

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