The Crown Prince Couple just celebrated 16 years of marriage on May 14th. It was a memorable day. Not just for the couple, but for most of the world. Somehow, their fairytale story captured people from all across the globe. The wedding was huge and spectacular. Fairytale-like and most likely overwhelming for both of them. Such a wedding can never be mentioned too many times. Also because we all are so passionated about the Crown Princess' style, her wedding outfit is simply the ultimate, right? Celebrating 16 years together is remarkable and that is why we also need to take a look back in time with little 'fun facts' from the big day. I have gathered a bunch of well-known (and maybe new) facts covering May 14th 2004.

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Our beloved Queen Margrethe turns 80 years old this year. A lot was planned; ways to celebrate Denmark's and everybody else's Queen, but because of the ongoing situation with COVID-19 everything were canceled. I know many people, both in public and in private, had been looking forward to celebrate Queen Margrethe on her big day and she is still celebrated. Usually, I only write about the Crown Princess but this is such a historic day. I cannot miss reporting about, right? I also assume that many of you are interested in following how she is celebrated on her 80th birthday.

I speak for all of us, when I congratulate Queen Margrethe. We all wish her a wonderful and memorable day!

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Three new portraits - Margrethe, Frederik & Christian
Three new portraits were published of the Queen, her son Crown Prince Frederik and her grandson Prince Christian. A regent and the two that are suppose to follow in her footsteps. The photos were taken by photographer, Per Morten Abrahamsen. Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian are captured to be remembered at Christian IX's Palace at Amalienborg and Fredensborg Castle in Fall/Winter of 2019.


March 25th
We all know about Royal Run - one way we celebrated Crown Prince Frederik when he turned 50 a couple of years ago. People all over Denmark were gathered to run along with the Crown Prince family. It being a huge success, it was decided to gather people once more at Royal Run 3.0 this year on June 1st. Today, the family announced that the date has changed to September 6th in Denmark given to the  current situation with COVID-19, which is also affecting the Danes. The date is August 30th in Greenland.

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and all four children shared these news on social media  with a photo. The also encourage people - old and young - to keep up the spirit, take care about yourselves and each other.

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The world has turned upside down within just a few weeks. We all experience it diffidently - some keep calm, some are frustrated and others makes it work for the rest of us. I wish the best for all of you and your loved ones. Together, we will find a solution and work it through. 

The situation has also affected the royal family. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have arrived home from Verbier and are currently staying (isolated?) at Amalienborg. Yesterday, the court shared pictures of the Crown Prince talking with Red Cross Denmark, who makes an effort in this overwhelming moment of frustration. These pictures, taken by Prince Christian, shows the family is now home safe and sound.

Today, the court announced that both Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's Foundation, and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation have donated 750,000 DKK to Red Cross Denmark and their work in Denmark right now.

How to run a royal blog with a silent calendar? I have kept my writings low since the family temporarily moved to Verbier and I will continue to do so. Of course I will keep ou updated, but that is pretty much it. Still, we need a little something to cheer up the heavy air surrounding us. For the next 7 days I will share facts relating to the Crown Princess - a new one each day. So, keep an eye on this post, share your fun facts about her, let me know what you knew about and what came as a surprise.

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