17th June

About half a year ago in November the Crown Princess was going to inaugurate new buildings at Skejby Hospital. Later that same day she was about to inaugurate a new TrygFonden Family House. But shortly before she should have arrived, she canceled because her flight was canceled.

Crown Princess Mary keeps her words. So on Monday she arrived to Skejby Hospitel to see the new buildings. They include playsgrunds, courtyards, places for different activities and facilities for psychiatry. There are rooms for more than 250 patients.

The Crown Princess was warmly welcomed at her arrival. She was one big smile and a happy spirit. During the visit at the new buildings at Skejby, she met both patients and workers. With great patience and commitment Crown Princess Mary sat down on a chair and listned. She was also given a guided tour around the facilities. Often she's described warmhearted and must important, she is in the moment. Even though the Crown Princess often speaks with people who have a hard time in life, she manages to get them to talk; to tell their story to her. That's my guess why she's admired wordwide.


15th June

Legend says that a red and white flag fell down from the sky 800 years ago. That was the red and white Danish national flag. To celebrate that Dannebrog came to be with us 800 year ago Queen Margrethe went to Estonia, here, where to flag supposedly fell from the sky during a battle. It then became symbol of Danish victory. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also attended an event, a church service in Vor Frue Church in Copenhagen, on occasion of the celebration, here.

On Saturday Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited the old Danish town Vordingborg to celebrate Danneborg's 800th anniversary. At the arrival they were warmly welcomed by Mikael Smed, Mayor of Vordingborg. It was really all about Dannebrog. Crown Prince Frederik even revealed what is believed to be the original design of Dannebrog. This "new" flag was created in collaboration of archaeologists from the Danish City Center and Estonia's historic museum in Tallinn. It has great resemblance to the flag we know today.

While the Crown Prince visited Gåsetårnet (last part of what is left of Vordingborg Castle), his wife was accompanied by Nanna Holm, Museum Inspector from Museum Southeast Denmark. Nanna Holm showed Crown Princess Mary the old stronghold and gave her a quick history lesson about the castle.


10th June

Royal Run was invented on occasion of Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday last year. It was a huge success. Thousands of Danes participated running in five different cities across the country. This year the Danes were one more time invited to run in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Rønne (on Bornholm). More than 80,000 participated. It was all broadcasted live on Danish televison.

At the first event in 2018 Crown Princess had some problems with his back. Nevertheless, he participated a 10 km. run in Copenhagen. This year he was also troubled with his back due to a herniated disc. For that reason he was not able to participated. Instead he arrived to Aarhus with Dannebrog. Here the Crown Prince walked the famous One Mile. Later, he took his bike and followed the race in Copenhagen.

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Aarhus along with her husband in the morning. She then drove to Aalborg where she participated the 5 km race. She made it in about 26 minutes. The Crown Princess later participated in another race with the Christmas Seal Foundation and project Lykkeliga. It was a wonderful sight. She ran back several times support and motive the participating children to complete the race.

In the afternoon both Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were headed back to Copenhagen. The Crown Prince arrived first. In Copenhagen the four royal children also participated in the family race. A proud father welcomed his children at the finish line right next to Amalienborg Castle. On several occasions the Crown Prince couple were seen along with their children, cheering for all the participants in Copenhagen. It was clear that all of them really enjoyed the day.


7th June

Last year Crown Prince Frederik celebrated his 50th birthday. This year his younger brother Prince Joachim celebrates his. On that occasion new photos have been published, he has been interviewed in several papers and guests from near and far were invited to celebrate him on June 7th.

Queen Margrethe hosted the celebration dinner taking place at Amalienborg Castle on Friday. Both friends and family were invited to attend the dinner. Among others, Prince Nikolaos and his wife Princess Tatiana showed up, such as Princess Alexandra and Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille. Also Countess Alexandra attended to celebrate Prince Joachim.

From closer family did the Crown Prince Couple attend accompanied by all four children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. All of them were in a great mood, just as the birthday-boy himself. He arrived with wife Princess Marie and his four children - Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena.

Congratulations to Prince Joachim on behalf of his 50th birthday!