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The Crown Princess is so much more than just designer dresses and fancy shoes. I would really like to bring back "the good old days" and include posts about other things about related to the Crown Princess, her family, the Danish royal house, etc. again. But I need your help. What would be an interesting post for you to read? Let me know what you have in mind and leave a comment or write to me on

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Meeting with climate ambassador's

14 March 2023

Tomas A. Christensen is Denmark Climate Ambassador. He was accompanied by Denmark's climate control chief negotiator Maria Samuelsen, when invited to Amalienborg by the Crown Prince Couple.

Tomas and Maria informed the Crown Prince Couple about the global climate agenda. A perfect extension of the business promotion visit to India from which they have just returned (herehereherehere).

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary was also informed about Copenhagen Climate Ministerial taking place on March 20-21st. An event to warm up to COP28 in December.

The court shared only a few photos from the meeting at Amalienborg. Nevertheless, I got a clue on what Mary was wearing, when participating the informative meeting along with her husband. I learned from Royal Fashion Police (here) that Mary's brand new striped blouse are from Vanessa Bruno. A known designer in her wardrobe. Not sure it is a personal favorite, but I like the colors on her.

I love how she styled her new blouse with a simple and casual ponytail. The length of her hair is so much an inspiration to me. The ponytail also revealed shimmery golden diamond earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe and Gucci glasses.


Blouse ● Vanessa Bruno, here (NEW)

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here

Meeting with the US ambassador in Denmark

10 March 2023

His Excellency Alan Leventhal had invited Crown Princess Mary to visit ham at his residence Rydhave to discuss (among others) the activities of Crown Princess Mary Center at University of Copenhagen.

Alan Leventhal is the US ambassador in Denmark.

Former chancellor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dr Rafael Reif also participated the meeting along with the center manager of the Crown Princess Mary Center Simon Kjær Hansen. Representatives from the university also participated the meeting.

Mary is truly wearing some pretty amazing outfits these days. Don't you think? I really missed her wearing this bright blue set from Gucci. It goes back to 2013, when she attended the presentation of the Carlsberg Foundation's Research Awards at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (here). Mary has worn the set twice. Also in 2017 at the Danish Swimming Award (here). 

I really love how she wore the Gucci set in a more simple way. With only a few pieces of accessories. If you take a close look - a very close look. You will see that Mary accessorized her outfit with diamond earrings shaped as flowers once purchased at an Bruun Rasmussen auction.

Her OUTSTANDING shimmery lace pumps are masterpieces from Dolce & Gabbana. Mary first flashed them at the premiere of the Nutcracker in November 2022 (here).


Blouse and trousers ● Gucci, here

Earrings ● Purchased at Bruun Rasmussen Auction, here

Shoes ● Dolce & Gabbana, here

It is all about figthing

08 March 2023

It was a day of great importance for Crown Princess Mary and all other women because it was the International Women's Day on March 08th. The Crown Princess has been committed to help girls and women across the globe to better living conditions, rights and health. She has attended the International Women's Day and many other events fighting for girls and women.

First, the Crown Princess participated a Gender Diversity Roundtable on occasion of the International Women's Day. The Gender Diversity Roundtable is an initiative by UN Women and Boston Consulting Group. At the roundtable meeting diversity, equality and digitization were discussed. It took place in the UN City in Copenhagen.

Later on, she attended the celebration of the International Women's Day. University of Aalborg hosted the event. The Crown Princess attended debats on among others the paradox of equality, the value of women and inequality in the labor market.

Kongehuset Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Frederik et Mary

KongehusetBilled Bladet  Billed Bladet

YES! Another wonderful suit. Look at her in that incredible Massimo Dutti suit. The dark green color looks amazing next to her fair skin and beautiful brown hair. Mary's has worn the suit before. Like, when she attended Verdenstimen Live 2022 (here) or at the 20th anniversary of Children, Youth & Grief in 2020 (here). At the celebration of the International Women's Day 2023, Mary had chosen a great green turtleneck to match the suit. Made a fine monochrome outfit. Do you like it?

Mary embraced the style by wearing outstanding leopard pumps from Gianvito Rossi. She has worn the pumps before. For instance, when attending the celebration of 200 years with schools in Denmark in 2014 (here) and in 2016, when attending Copenhagen Fashion Week (here). Somehow, I favor the shoes worn with the suit.

Her smashing brown leather handbag is a Max Mara creation (and not Massimo Dutti as some indicated). In my opinion, a design worthy to become an icon. Her golden earrings are from talented Rebekka Notkin and the Tiger Eye ring is from Dulong Fine Jewelry.


Blazer & trousers ● Massimo Dutti, here

Earrings ● Rebekka Notkin, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bag ● Max Mara, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here