20th September

Crown Princess Mary had an important meeting with Mogens Jensen, Danish Minister for Food, Fisheries, Gender Equality & Nordic Cooperation. The two of them have met and traveled together on several previous occasions. At the meeting the Crown Princess and Minister discussed different topics dealing with gender equality, here.

In the afternoon Crown Princess Mary arrived to Hotel Scandic in Copenhagen to attend the opening of the conference 'Nordic Women Against Violence 2019'. Crown Princess Mary is patron of the organisation hosting the conference LOKK - Landsorganisationen af Kvindekrisecentre (the Country Organization of Women Crisis Center).

As both patron and guest of honor, she gave a speech at the opening. In her speech, among others, she mentioned that gender equality in genereal is more common than most other places in the world. Still the extent of both physic and mental violence against ones partner is a bigger issue than we may think. She made it clear that we have to be more focuses on mental violence due to the intensification of criminal cases involving this kind of violence. Applaus for her well-chosen words and the fact that she is committed to make a difference on such an important, but hard topic to talk about. The embedded post from the Mary Foundation's Facebook page shows the Crown Princess speaking in front of her audience. 


18th September

By now the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel are back home in Sweden. But before leaving they spend a little more time with the Danish Crown Prince Couple.

First thing in the morning the two couple's attended Swedish-Danish Business Forum at Danish Industry in Copenhagen. All four of them seemed to be in a wonderful mood. Also when they later visited House of Green the four enjoyed each others company. Before splitting up two and two, the two royal couples payed a visit to Tech BBQ 2019 - the biggest innovation and tech summit in Scandinavia, here.

In the afternoon Crown Prince Frederik joined Crown Princess Victoria. Together the two of them visited Amager Bakke which is a waste energy plant. Meanwhile, Crown Princess Mary enjoyed some time with Prince Daniel visiting Rigshospitalet. They were shown the hospitals new build facilities and building site of what is not finished yet.


17th September

Yesterday, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel arrived to Copenhagen on occasion of a business visit. This is why the couple is traveling along with a business delegation from Sweden. The couple arrived to Denmark on Monday. They were official welcomed by the Swedish ambassador in Denmark, H.E. Fredrik J├Ârgensen. Later in the evening Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were more privately welcomed by the Danish Crown Prince Couple in their home at Amalienborg Castle. The Royal House shared a few pictures from their private meeting, here

The Swedish couple is staying in Denmark for three day from Septemer 16-18th. The visit focuses on strengthening and the development of a stronger relationship between Denmark and Sweden when it comes to healthcare and finding more sustainable solutions. At the same time this visit is also about UN's 17 world goals. According to the Royal House both couple's are committed to make the 17 worldgoals work in reality.


16th September

Today is the day where Crown Prince Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel are coming to Denmark on official business promotion visit with the Danish Crown Prince Couple as hostes. The program tells us that the Swedish Crown Prince Couple arrives this evening and are welcomed by the Swedish ambassador, Fredrik J├Ârgensen. According to local time, that is within about an hour or so.

Today is also the day where Crown Princess Mary participated the important WHO Regional Committee For Europe (also known as RC69) summit. The summit gathered representatives from all over Europe within the healthcare sector in the UN City in Copenhagen. The Crown Princess  participated the summit as patron for the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe and as guest of honor.

She was in a really splendid mood at arrival with a wide smile on her lips and a glimpse in her eyes. The sweetest little boy handed over to her a bouquet of beautiful flower as part of the tradition when being welcomed as part of the royal family. From the rostrum she gave a one of her remarkable speeches focusing on the important work of the worldwide healthcare sector.

In the evening Crown Princess Mary also attended a reception with the Danish Ministry of Health and Elderly on occasion of The WHO Regional Committee for Europe. The reception took place at Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen. When arriving to Skuespilhuset the Crown Princess was warmly welcomed by Minister of Health and Elderly, Magnus Heunicke. Seems like she were having a good time right from when she arrived. Unfortunately not much has been published from the reception, but I mam sure you figure out the difference between the two events.