The new defibrillator

1st March

The Crown Princess was not far from home, when she welcomed a new defibrillator at the entrance to Amaliehaven right next to Amalienborg. This new defibrillator was given to the Crown Princess back in 2019. A gift from the Heart Association, for which Crown Princess Mary is also the patron.

In 2019, the Heart Association gathered money for more defibrillators. The collected money was enough for 400 new defibrillators across the country. One of them is now placed at Amaliehaven in Copenhagen close to Frederik VIII's palace, where the Crown Prince family lives.

Crown Princess Mary wished to locate the new defibrillator somewhere in Copenhagen, where many people often gathers. That is by Amaliehaven was chosen. CEO of the Heart Association Anne Kaltoft handed over the new lifesaving instrument. I guess, the Crown Princess had her thing to say, when the place was chosen and she seemed happy about this location.

Even though sun and warmer weather has arrived to Denmark, we still need cosy outerwear. Mary's look is exactly what I mean. A longer wool-blend coat, gloves and a higher neckline. I would wear this in an instant. Love the combination of the navy blue Fonnesbech coat and the visible details of the her Ted Baker jumper. She first wore this magnificent coat at Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2016, here and at the latest at the Children's Day 2020, here.

The Ted Baker knitted jumper was a hard one to find. She wore it raptly in 2019, but it took quite awhile to identify it. Now we know who designed it and the characteristic ruffled details around the neckline and hemline, identify it right away. My guess is that Mary was wearing black trousers for this look and maybe some suede pointed boots. That would look great.

She simply embraced the style with darker blue leather gloves and a relaxed blowout. Her smile is indeed the best accessory. These pictures really made my day. The outfit is lovely and the occasion is thoughtful and important. Win-win.


Coat ● Fonnesbech

Blouse ● Ted Baker, here

The art of bouquets

When I was a child, my biggest wish was to become a florist. To make these wonderful and stunning bouquets. I never became a florist, but my love of flowers has remained intact. I love buying flowers for my apartment or find them in nature and make my very own bouquets. This makes me adore most flowers.

Crown Princess also find beauty in bouquets and flowers in general. By the look of phots from her home at Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg, then Crown Princess Mary loves orchids. In all sorts of colors, but especially powder pink, purple and white. Now and then, the orchids are also part of her bouquets, which she are given at official events. Her bouquets are truly a work of art. Every single one of them are unique and inspiriting.

I gathered for you a small gallery of some of my favorite bouquets. They are all very different and show the variety of how well all sorts of flowers can be combined. To make your own bouquets of flowers is easy and I hope to inspire you to try it. Match different flowers, sizes and colors. Do you have a favorite bouquet of hers? One I really like, is from when she attended the opening of the photo exhibition "Transformation" in April 2018, here.

Embed from Getty Images

A combo of purple and pinks roses mixed with crispy green leafs.

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Lilies are lovely - also in orange!

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Burgundy orchids. They are incredibly beautiful and do well in a bouquet.

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Yellow rosed and green hydrangeas for Easter?

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Be bold and frame your flowers with of small wreath.

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A mix of wild flowers in many colors for summer table settings.

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Different sizes. Different colors. Different shapes. Stunning.

Let us wear brooches again!

Yes, I like vintage and I am proud of it. Both when it comes to interior and clothes. My biggest fashion dream, is for women to wear brooches again. To me they are anything but old-fashioned. They are so beautiful. Like with any other pieces of jewellery, brooches comes in so many different shapes, designs, colors and sizes. They can be everything from highly fashionable and more vintage-like.

Brooches looks stunning worn on both dresses and jackets. Crown Princess Mary also loves to wear brooches - also on everyday's. I wish to make these incredible pieces more fashionable again by making this post. The Crown Princess has, for many years on several occasions, shown how magnificent brooches can be worn. She wears then in both silver and gold; with colorful stones and more simple ones. Do you wear brooches? Hopefully, my post will encourage you to help me make my wish come true.

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Why not try a golden peacock brooch?

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Be a lille untraditional with your brooch and wear it on the collar.

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A classy piece of jewellery in silver worn on a black coat.

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Make a blue color match!

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Be inspired by nature and wear a golden leaf brooch with your much beloved suit.