New Year's Eve reception at Christiansborg Castle

January, Friday 4th

Around 9 am local time the Queen was driven from Amalienborg Castle to Christiansborg castle as it has been a tradition for years. Half an hour later she arrived at Christiansborg as hostess of the third (and last) reception on occasion of New Year's Eve.

On January 1st she hosted the prestiges New Year's banquet with Government members invited such as the royal house staff, here. On January 3rd, among others, the diplomatic corps were invited to a reception at Christiansborg Castle, here.

The following day Queen Margrethe hoste her last New Year reception, which took place at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. As mentioned before, she arrived in a gold coach. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also attended the reception. 

At this third reception, which took place at Christiansborg Castle Mary had chosen to reuse an old blue gown first worn back in 2006. Since then it has changed a bit. Specially the skirt has been minimized. Somehow I prefer the old version, but Mary seems to love it this way. She has worn it a couple of times before, which is why I am sure you clearly remember it. What I have heard is that Henrik Hviid created her gown back then, but I have never been able to confirm it. Do you happen to know anything about that?

On Friday Mary embraced the New Year style by wearing her blue gown with simple suede pumps from Pura Lopez and a Quidam clutch. Of course both pieces perfectly matched in colour. Both in blue. She matched her look with stunning ruby earrings inherited from her husbands grandmother, Queen Ingrid. The same goes with the brooch.

Somehow I noticed her hairstyle as the first thing. That simple ponytail caught my attention right away. Amazing how she manages to make such a simple hairstyle look this great - at an event like this. Truly remarkable.

Earrings  Queen Ingrid's Ruby parure
Brooch  Queen Ingrid's Ruby parure
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Pura Lopez

New Year's reception at Amalienborg & Christansborg

Thursday, January 3rd

On January 1st the Queen hosted the prestiges New Year's Even banquet at Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen. Guests from the Danish Government and the royal family's staff were invited to the gala dinner, here.

Traditionally, Queen Margrethe host two more events on occasion of New Year's Eve. On Thursday another dinner took place. Early morning the Queen had invited both Supreme Court judges, the Royal Guardian's and the Guardian's Regiment Officers' Corps to a reception at Christians VII's Palace at Amalienborg. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were also present.

A couple of hours later the three of them showed up at Christiansborg Castle to attend the Queen's second New Year's Eve receptions. This time the diplomatic corps were invited. Guests from near and far.

Both Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were in a splendid mood during the two receptions. All of them seemed to enjoy the day accompanied by each other.

Mary had chosen to wear an outfit she know works perfectly. She showed up wearing a rather old grey figure hugging gown made by Julie Fagerholt. Originally it was worn with a matching jacket, here. In  2017 it was redesigned and ended up like this - with a modified top part, here.

At the reception on Thursday Mary embraced her wonderful gown with simple white pearl jewellery. The matching bracelet and ring are made by Dulong Fine Jewelry. The earrings I still do not know a thing about. They have been worn before, but without being identified. Do you know something about these diamond and pearl earrings? I would really like to know more about them.

Arriving to Christiansborg Castle we got a glimpse of her light grey suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi. These have also been seen before at a number of different occasions. Nothing new about them. The same goes with the beautiful grey suede clutch from Hugo Boss. As I stared saying: Mary wore an outfit that works all too well. It is simple, elegant and classy.

Gown  Julie Fagerholt
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet (Black Pearls)
Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch  Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi

New Year's Eve banquet 2019

Tuesday, January 1st

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you enjoyed the evening with friends and family. Hopefully you are also more than ready to embrace a year with me and the Crown Princess.

On occasion of New Year's Eve Queen Margrethe hosted yet another banquet taking place (as always) at Christian VII's Palace, Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen. This is the finest gala hosted by the Queen. Guests from both the Danish Government, the royal house establishment, representatives of the official Denmark, etc. were invited to take part in the prestiges banquet. More than 60 people were invited. The royal family even posted a little video on how the banquet is prepared. Watch it here.

Guests arrived one by one - some with their partner; some on their on. Journalist and photographers waited with great excitement to welcomed all of them, especially the five royal members. Shortly before the dinner was about to take place Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived on to Amalienborg a windy evening. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary followed and Queen Margrethe arrived last as the great hostess she is. All five of them had a huge smiles on their faces and were in a great mood. Watch the arrival in the video embedded down below.

Watching the arrival live on television Mary's brand new gown was identified almost immediately by the designer himself. Maybe you already guessed that the great Jesper Hørving created her new evening gown? But he did. The new creation is from his AW18 collection. A. Hanks identified the model, here. Jesper Høvring has made a few other gowns for Mary worn on New Year's Eve. Do you recall her bright orange gown, here? The midnight blue one, here? And of course the golden one, here? The orange one really caught my attention, so did this gown.

The silhouette is outstanding. It embraced Mary's slim figure beautifully - the v-neck; the visible zipper; huge skirt and sheer long sleeves. Some way or another I have to get use to the pattern. Not that I don't like it. It is just a little different for the New Year's Eve banquet. What do you think about this new little wonder?

As accessories she had chosen to wear the auction-bought tiara and matching earrings. And what a match. The colours of her jewellery and the gown = wauw. Pretty sure this is the first she wear the tiara and earrings at the New Year's Eve banquet. Notice that Mary also flashed her golden diamond bracelet from Dulong Fine Jewelry. She also embraced the style by wearing her black Sergio Rossi clutch (similar in style to this here) and simple suede Gianvito Rossi pumps in black.

Gown  Jesper Høvring Floor-Length V-Neck Evening Gown
Tiara & Earrings  Sold at a Bruun Rasmussen auction
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Balloon Bracelet
Clutch  Sergio Rossi
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Black Suede Pump