The Crown Prince family is stil enjoying life in Verbier. Little has been published or told about their everyday, but now we have got a little insight in what it is like to be a royal dog in Switzerland. The royal court and Crown Princess Mary shared five new photos on Instagram with caption: "A greeting from Switzerland where Grace enjoys life in the mountains and snow". Looks like everyone are having fun - including the Crown Princess and her youngest son, Prince Vincent.


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2016 King Carl Gustav celebrated his 70th birthday with a big party that lasted her several days - Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary joined the celebrating. It took place in Stockholm. Here Crown Princess Mary showed how to wear her favorite color: purple. She paired a simple light brown wool-blend coat with a glossy Carlend Copenhagen clutch, matching purple leather gloves and the most adorable 50s inspired pillbox hat. What is not to love?


Many years has passed by since we have seen a new photo of Mary on occasion of her birthday. That happened this year. The court published a new photo of her taken by Daniel Stjerne. My guess is that it was taken in November 2018, here. Around the time when she become new patron of DR's Girls Choir and new official photos were taken. Now we have one more moment from the day - a really lovely photo of beautiful woman wearing her aquamarine blue diamond earrings, an Orit Elhanati necklace and that navy blue creation from Issa London. Congratulation to Crown Princess Mary from all of us.


31st January

For quite a few year now Crown Princess Mary has attended the presentation of a very special and unique award: the Women's Board Award. It is given to the most talented female board member of the year. With the award...... This year, the event was themed "Sustainable Leadership".

She arrived in a really splendid mood. I wonder if she is happy to be back on duty? Well, I imagine she has enough to handle with everything, while staying in Verbier with the rest of the family. Nevertheless, the Crown Princess was warmly welcomed with lots of smiles, handshakes and of course a bouquet of flowers.

The Crown Princess handed over the award since 2015 and knew very well, what was suppose to happen. She entered the stage and gave a few words on occasion of the presentation. At the same time she announced that board member of FLSmidth, Finansiel Stabilitet, Bavarian Nordic and TopDanmark, Anne Louise Eberhard is this years recipient. Congratulations to Anne Louise Eberhard with receiving this prestigious award. She was given the award because of her holistic way of working out long-term strategies for the various companies.