'The Nutcracker'

Friday, December 1st

Though this happened about fourteen days ago, I thought you might still wanna know about it. 

On December 1st, the Crown Prince family enjoyed the evening together by visiting the theater. They joined the premiere of The Nutcracker at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen. The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas ballet that goes perfectly for families -like the Crown Prince couple. The wonderful story is actually written in 1816 by E.T. A. Hoffmann, here. Unfortunately, I never watched a ballet before but that is going to happen one day. More than once. We know about this visit because of a Danish magazine, who captured the family's evening, here.

Christmas in Australia

A few weeks ago it was announced that the Crown Prince couple and their four children were about to spend Christmas in Australia, along with the Crown Princess's family. At the same time it was announced that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie should also spend Christmas abroad while the Queen and her husband stay in Denmark during Christmas. Usually, the whole family spend the evening together but a couple of years ago the Crown Prince family, apparently, started a new tradition -which is called 'Australian Christmas'.

I am still in the opinion that the family should be allow to keep their vacation in private. Which is why I'm not going to report each and every step they are taking. If you do not agree with my decision, there are plenty of blogs etc. that will show you what you want. Don't worry; I am still going to keep you updated. Just not as closely as usually.

Let's enjoy the next couple of weeks before Christmas with each other. Don't forget to follow my new page on Pinterest, here. New boards will soon be added.

Update: December 13th
According Danish media the family has now arrived to Sydney. The Crown Prince couple were spotted along with some friends shortly after the arrival at a boat race.

Update: December 18th
Several media tell that the Crown Prince and Crown Princess enjoy their Australian holiday close by the sea with swimming and running.

Update: December 22nd
After almost fourteen days in Sydney, the Crown Prince family seems to be off to Tasmania where the Crown Princess was born and grew up. So, a few days before Christmas the whole family is gathered again.

Update: December 26th
A few days before Christmas, the Crown Princess enjoyed a day in Hobart, along with all four children, friend Amber Petty, older sister Patricia and nice Molly.

Finland's 100 years of independence

Wednesday, December 6th
KongehusetRoyals & FashionBilled-BladetFrederik et Mary

It was on occasion of Finland's 100 years of independence that the Crown Princess attended a gala at Molthes Palace in Copenhagen on Wednesday. On December 6th 2017 it is exactly 100 years ago Finland became an independent nation and that was about to be celebrated with the Crown Princess as guest of honor. This very special occasion has been celebrated more than once during the year under the theme 'yhdessä' that means 'together' in Finnish. A simple, clear and strong theme in my opinion. At the arrival she was kindly welcomed by Consul General Fritz Schur, whom she also enjoyed a conversation with during the evening. The Crown Princess really seemed to feel comfortable in everyone's company and vice versa.

Congratulations to Finland on behalf of their anniversary.

I have already heard much about her outfit -good and bad. Personally, I have only good things to say. Think it is a long time since we have seen her dazzle as much as she did at the gala. A shiny star on a clear sky. She surpassed everyone else in her new black embellished dress. I have still not been able to figure out where it is from or who created it. Any ideas? Had several designers in mind but non of them seems to be the one I'm looking for. Could it be custom made and then the reason why I can't find it? Nevertheless, Mary embraced the magnificent look by wearing matching diamond earrings, two large brooches and a rings. A few pictures show that she carried a small black box clutch and possibly black satin pumps from Prada. Not only the dress reminds me of a passioned flamingo dancer; the hairstyles do too. A beautiful bun decorated by a braid. This is in no doubt one of my absolutely favourite outfits the past year.

Shoes // Prada Black Satin Pumps

Visiting Kræftværket

Tuesday, December 5th

On Tuesday the Crown Princess visited Kræftværket, hereat Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Kræftværket offer room for young people between 15-29, who is in treatment for cancer at Rigshospitalet, here & here. Here they can meet with peers in the same situation as themselves, join activities which is adapted to their age and enjoy the company of others. During the visit, which was not part of her official calendar, she took plenty of time talking to each and everyone. With great sympathy she listened to everything she was told. The Crown Princess also got a chance to talk to young ambassadors and other volunteers from Kræftværket.

Though it was an unofficial visit, we have quite many pictures. These show that Mary was wearing a reused black Hugo Boss coat at the arrival, matching slim trousers and a brand new bright red blouse. Heaven quickly identified the new blouse as Iris & Ink. This designer also crossed my mind but Heaven got it way before I did. Actually the blouse is a cashmere sweater featuring the most lovely sleeves. Unfortunately, non of the pictures show which pair of shoes she had chosen to wear. But I got a glimpse of her old leather bag from Bottega Veneta. Big enough to carry anything and everything. I always loved its shaped and braided textures. A few years ago I received my very own Veneta wallet as a gift from a dear friend. I have used it every day since.

Coat // Hugo Boss
Blouse // Iris & Ink Anna Fluted Cashmere Sweater
Bag // Bottega Veneta Brown Large Campana Hobo Bag

Church service in Vor Frue church

Sunday, December 3rd

It was on occasion of the celebration of the 500 anniversary of the reformation that the Crown Prince couple attended a church service in Vor Frue church. The exact same church were the couple got married in 2004. I bet it is always a very special feeling for both of them to visit the church. 

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were in a splendid mood, when they arrived. The service took place around noon. 

Representatives from both the Protestant and the Catholic church attended the church service on this very special day. Not everyday we get the chance to celebrate a 500 anniversary. As part of the service, the representatives created an entry parade.

The weather is cold, rainy and windy these days so I completely understand why she has chosen a long wool coat for this occasions. Nothing else would suit as perfectly. Mary has worn the grey coat on several other occasions but I have never managed to identify it. Underneath it looks like she was wearing a navy blue or black fitted dress, matching the rest of the accessories because of the colour. Because she embraced the style by wearing her blue Quidam clutch and a reused hat. You thought it was new? -well, it is not. The hat goes back to 2011 when she attended the naming of a new ship taking place in Kalundborg, here. Personally, I loved her outfit back then a bit more then this time. Other than a hat and clutch, she also wore a fine little brooch and sky high pumps from Prada. Think I see a pair of diamond earrings as well. Wish I was able to get a close look at her outfit, especially the dress. Can't think of any old dress she could be wearing. But I doubt she'd be wearing a brand new dress for the event. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Clutch // Quidam
Shoes // Prada

First advent with the Crown Prince family

I am sure many of you have plenty of traditions you can't live without during December and around Christmas eve. So does the Crown Prince family. One of them is the first sunday of advent. Here the  Crown Prince family decorate their several meters height Christmas three. This year we were allowed to closely follow the tradition because of video posted on the royal family's Facebook. Later, a picture taken by the Crown Princess was posted on Instagram. I have really come to love these posts very much. A few years ago, it wasn't even possible for us to dream that one day we would see something this private. Quite often we get to see from inside the walls of Amalienborg because, especially, the Crown Princess share her pictures with us.

In my family it is a tradition to decorate the tree on December 23rd; the day before we celebrate Christmas in Denmark. Do you have any traditions when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree? Anything that simply just has to be there? For me it is the candles. 

Theater premire in Copenhagen

Wednesday, November 22nd

First of all, note that this event was taking place about two weeks ago. I first learned about her participating of the event yesterday, here. On November 22nd the Crown Princess attended the premiere of a play called Liva at Folketeateret in Copenhagen. At the arrival she was welcomed by chairman of the board Uffe Ellemann-Jensen and his wife, here.

I know a bit more about what she was wearing. Or at least most of it. Mary embraced a chic winter style by wearing a black turtleneck, matching trousers and her beloved white Prada coat. Think she's wearing the same, unidentified, black pointed boots as when she and Frederik visited Museum Jorn on November 25th, here. She added leather gloves, her old Bottega Veneta handbag, diamond earrings and a reused necklace from Piaget to her evening outfit.

Coat // Prada
Necklace // Piaget Possession Long Necklace
Bag // Bottega Veneta Brown Large Campana Hobo Bag

EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Thursday, November 30th

The Crown Princess attended the presentation of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, here, which took place at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. EY Entrepreneur of the Year is an insider competition for people who build and successfully run and expand companies. It is the biggest in the world. The Crown Princess was kindly welcomed by Jury Chairman of EOY Lars Fløe Nielsen. She was also given a beautiful bouquet of flowers. With a glass of water in her hands she entered the stage and gave a remarkable speech to all the participants, as part of her attendance. Her motivative and inspiring speech was met with great applause.

Aller Aqua A/S was announced this year's winner of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 as Denmark's best growth company. Aller Aqua will then represent Denmark at the World Entrepreneur Of The Year, which will take place in Monaco next year. Congratulations to Aller Aqua and the other seven Danish companies who received a prize.

Attending the grand presentation Mary was dressed in a brand new purple blouse featuring 3/4 sleeves and black wide leg trousers. I think the trousers are new as well. She dazzled wearing her black Prada coat at the arrival, worn over only her shoulders. The new purple blouse has been identified by Kate as Prada. Do you like the colour on her? From what I have heard, purple is Mary's favourite colour. She accessorized the look with some incredible jewellery - long diamond earrings featuring a purple drop shaped amethyst, a golden Cartier bracelet and rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Mary also impressed with a couple of other bracelets, which I haven't been able to find about more about. I think the diamond one could be from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen but I'm not quite sure. At the arrival I got a glimpse of the black Carlend Copenhagen clutch -an old goodie. The same goes with the pumps. They are reused from Gianvito Rossi and feature a pointed silver cap toe.

Coat // Prada Black Coat
Blouse // Prada Bishop Sleeve Blouse
Bracelet // Catier Love Bracelet
Rings // Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch // Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Original Clutch
Shoes // Gianvito Rossi Metal Mesh Cap Toe Pump

Christmas reception with the Mary Foundation

Thursday, November 30th

For several years the Crown Princess has kept a very special tradition going. Each year all the Mary Foundation's partners and collaborators are invited to Amalienborg to attend a Christmas reception. The reception is, of course, hosted by the Crown Princess herself. This year is even a bit more special because, as you remember, the Mary Foundation celebrate its 10th anniversary, which has already been celebrate with a big dinner, here. The reception is a great place for the Crown Princess to thanks all for the previous year and to welcome a new one. A few pictures have been shared from the gathering and everything seems to be in a great mood, hereAlso the foundation's CEO Helle Østergaard attended the reception. Both women took plenty of time talking with all the attendances. A really lovely tradition. Christmas is without doubt my favourite time a year and this is why -we are gathered with friends and family; business partners and collaborators.

Red is without doubt connected with Christmas. And leadership and power. Spot on for the occasion. Do you recognize the dress? It is from Dolce & Gabbana worn only a couple of months ago on September 28th when the Crown Prince couple attended the grand opening of LEGO House, here. At the time we got more than just a glimpse of her complete outfit. This was not the case on Thursday. But the significant stitching identified what dress she was actually wearing. Mary embraced the style with a golden Orit Elhanati necklace and diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Not to forget; a Mary Foundation-brooch shaped as a butterfly like their logo. On a few other occasions she has been wearing the brooch before. She matched it all with a red nail polish, a blow out and elegant makeup. I would love to have seen what pair of shoes she had chosen to wear for the occasion.

Dress // Dolce & Gabbana Contrast-Stitch Cady Dress
Necklace // Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Rings // Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring

The Child Welfare Day 2017

Thursday, November 30th

The Crown Princess attended, as patron, a tennis event in KB-Hallen in Copenhagen. The event took place on occasion of the Child Welfare Day 2017. Famous tennis player Caroline Wozniacki also participated the event. Caroline Wozniacki also welcomed the Crown Princess with a great smile and huge, at the time she arrived. 25 children in the age between 10-18, who are in foster care, participated the tennis event with great pleasure I think. This is really what the Child Welfare Day is all about -to help children, who are in foster care in Denmark. The event is meant to encourage the children to enjoy physical activities. While Caroline Wazniacki played a few matches with some of the kids; the Crown Princess watched and had a chat with the Child Welfare Day's CEO Ina Thorndahl. Couple of years ago she also attended a similar event and at that time she even participated a game, here. I don't think she did this time.

Attending the tennis event Mary was dressed in a good old suit! Well, it isn't that old really. She wore it the first time on September 19th earlier this year on a visit in New York with the United Nations General Assembly, here. At that time her navy blue suit featuring white stripes, were identified as Hugo Boss. Only a couple of weeks ago I found a picture of the trousers as well, which I of course have shared with you below. Another old goodie is her scarf. It goes way back. For years I tried to find it with no luck. Then a couple of years ago a reader shared a rumor and it turned out to be right. The scarf was then found at By Malene Birger. Think she's wearing diamond earrings too. Now, we have only the shoes left to talk about. No bag this time. Mary had chosen reused wedges boots. These were first worn at a football game in Parken on November 11, here. I suggested Clarks as a possible designer. That came out to be wrong. When writing this post I tried, once again, to identify them. Then I came across a similar model from the Danish shoe designer Angulus and it has now been confirmed to be correct. Angulus is the designer and the model is still available if any of you are interested.

Blazer // Hugo Boss Agnesy Regualar Fit Jakcet 
Trousers // Hugo Boss Navy Blue Slim Trousers
Scarf // By Malene Birger Dellisha Square Scarf
Boots // Angulus 7466-101

Neighborhood Mothers

Tuesday, November 28th

On Tuesday, the Crown Princess visited the organization Neighborhood Mothers, here. It was an unofficial visit. I learned about it on the royal family's Facebook page. Neighborhood Mothers is an organization consists primarily of women with an ethnic minority background, who volunteer local efforts to support other women. All this for women to be better at helping themselves and their family. The organization has 40 groups across Denmark. I have only been able to find very little information about the visit, but I know the Crown Princess was told about the organization's work and experiences on supporting other women. From what I see the atmosphere was very relaxed and all of them seemed to have a great time.

During her visit at Neighborhood Mothers Mary was beautifully dressed in a brand new blouse featuring white dots. When I first was it; Julie Fagerholt Heartmade was the first designer that crossed my mind. Well, that was not the case. I shared my thoughts with a good friend of mine and Kate managed to find out where it is actually from. Britt Sisseck is the one. End of November Mary also dazzled in her design. Do you remember her Sisseck dress from when she handed over the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize 2017, here? This time she matched her Sisseck creation with a pair of black trousers. My guess is that she wore black ankle boots to match the rest of the outfit. Any other ideas? Unfortunately, only a few pictures have been published so I can't tell for sure. Think she was wearing her diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as well.

Blouse // Britt Sisseck Alma