Visiting Kræftværket

Tuesday, December 5th

On Tuesday the Crown Princess visited Kræftværket, hereat Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Kræftværket offer room for young people between 15-29, who is in treatment for cancer at Rigshospitalet, here & here. Here they can meet with peers in the same situation as themselves, join activities which is adapted to their age and enjoy the company of others. During the visit, which was not part of her official calendar, she took plenty of time talking to each and everyone. With great sympathy she listened to everything she was told. The Crown Princess also got a chance to talk to young ambassadors and other volunteers from Kræftværket.

Though it was an unofficial visit, we have quite many pictures. These show that Mary was wearing a reused black Hugo Boss coat at the arrival, matching slim trousers and a brand new bright red blouse. Heaven quickly identified the new blouse as Iris & Ink. This designer also crossed my mind but Heaven got it way before I did. Actually the blouse is a cashmere sweater featuring the most lovely sleeves. Unfortunately, non of the pictures show which pair of shoes she had chosen to wear. But I got a glimpse of her old leather bag from Bottega Veneta. Big enough to carry anything and everything. I always loved its shaped and braided textures. A few years ago I received my very own Veneta wallet as a gift from a dear friend. I have used it every day since.

Coat // Hugo Boss
Blouse // Iris & Ink Anna Fluted Cashmere Sweater
Bag // Bottega Veneta Brown Large Campana Hobo Bag

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