Neighborhood Mothers

Tuesday, November 28th

On Tuesday, the Crown Princess visited the organization Neighborhood Mothers, here. It was an unofficial visit. I learned about it on the royal family's Facebook page. Neighborhood Mothers is an organization consists primarily of women with an ethnic minority background, who volunteer local efforts to support other women. All this for women to be better at helping themselves and their family. The organization has 40 groups across Denmark. I have only been able to find very little information about the visit, but I know the Crown Princess was told about the organization's work and experiences on supporting other women. From what I see the atmosphere was very relaxed and all of them seemed to have a great time.

During her visit at Neighborhood Mothers Mary was beautifully dressed in a brand new blouse featuring white dots. When I first was it; Julie Fagerholt Heartmade was the first designer that crossed my mind. Well, that was not the case. I shared my thoughts with a good friend of mine and Kate managed to find out where it is actually from. Britt Sisseck is the one. End of November Mary also dazzled in her design. Do you remember her Sisseck dress from when she handed over the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize 2017, here? This time she matched her Sisseck creation with a pair of black trousers. My guess is that she wore black ankle boots to match the rest of the outfit. Any other ideas? Unfortunately, only a few pictures have been published so I can't tell for sure. Think she was wearing her diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as well.

Blouse // Britt Sisseck Alma

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