The Child Welfare Day 2017

Thursday, November 30th

The Crown Princess attended, as patron, a tennis event in KB-Hallen in Copenhagen. The event took place on occasion of the Child Welfare Day 2017. Famous tennis player Caroline Wozniacki also participated the event. Caroline Wozniacki also welcomed the Crown Princess with a great smile and huge, at the time she arrived. 25 children in the age between 10-18, who are in foster care, participated the tennis event with great pleasure I think. This is really what the Child Welfare Day is all about -to help children, who are in foster care in Denmark. The event is meant to encourage the children to enjoy physical activities. While Caroline Wazniacki played a few matches with some of the kids; the Crown Princess watched and had a chat with the Child Welfare Day's CEO Ina Thorndahl. Couple of years ago she also attended a similar event and at that time she even participated a game, here. I don't think she did this time.

Attending the tennis event Mary was dressed in a good old suit! Well, it isn't that old really. She wore it the first time on September 19th earlier this year on a visit in New York with the United Nations General Assembly, here. At that time her navy blue suit featuring white stripes, were identified as Hugo Boss. Only a couple of weeks ago I found a picture of the trousers as well, which I of course have shared with you below. Another old goodie is her scarf. It goes way back. For years I tried to find it with no luck. Then a couple of years ago a reader shared a rumor and it turned out to be right. The scarf was then found at By Malene Birger. Think she's wearing diamond earrings too. Now, we have only the shoes left to talk about. No bag this time. Mary had chosen reused wedges boots. These were first worn at a football game in Parken on November 11, here. I suggested Clarks as a possible designer. That came out to be wrong. When writing this post I tried, once again, to identify them. Then I came across a similar model from the Danish shoe designer Angulus and it has now been confirmed to be correct. Angulus is the designer and the model is still available if any of you are interested.

Blazer // Hugo Boss Agnesy Regualar Fit Jakcet 
Trousers // Hugo Boss Navy Blue Slim Trousers
Scarf // By Malene Birger Dellisha Square Scarf
Boots // Angulus 7466-101

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