Day 2: Coronation of a New King in the Netherlands

April, 30

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the coronation of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

Finally, what we all have waited for the day is finally here when the Netherlands are going to have a new King and Queen - King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima! As I wrote in yesterdays post then I'm sure they'll manage this new 'job' perfectly, they know their role and what to do. They have each other and make a great couple not only as royals but also as husband and wife. I think they are a great match, the way they support each other is worth noticing and I look forward to see how they do it as head of the Netherlands. Long live the King and Queen!

I'm so thrilled of all this, I love to follow such a big day. Usually I'm cleaned to the screen to see every little detail and when I saw the first pictures of Mary... wauw what a look! I have to say that I was also a bit surprised to see her in the white Charlotte Lynggaard dress. First of all I hadn't imagined that she would wear such a dress (well she often surprises me and all of you with her choice of clothes) and the fact that Charlotte Lynggaard designed it. As you might know she's the chef designer of Ole Lynggaard jewellery. I'm amazed by the work she did with the flowers. Original it was created for Elle Style Award's 50th anniversary show. See it here. It was a great show. You'll also see that the dress has changed a bit around the sleeves. Mary borrowed the wonderful dress. Don't you love it?!

She added beautiful pastel colour accessories to the coronation; powder Prada pumps as she wore at yesterdays VIP gala dinner with the stunning Birtgit Hallstein gown such as the knot clutch from Bottega Veneta. The baby blue hairpiece gave her a ultra feminine touch in the combinational with a well done hairdo and three pieces from the Ruby parure. My guess is that milliner Susanne Juul is the creator of the hairpiece. An accessory that made me even more excited is the Ole Lynggaard Flower  Earrings. This is really a masterpiece with the well-placed diamonds in the shape of flowers and leaves. Mary you won my heart with this look!

Hairpiece: Susanne Juul?
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Flower Earrings DKK 139,500 
Clutch: Bottega Veneta Satin Knot Clutch
Shoes: Prada Powder Satin Pumps

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attended dinner in Amsterdam

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner in Amsterdam to celebrate the coronation of Netherlands new King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.

Well, well. I always have the feeling with Mary that it simply can't get better (I might mentioned this before...) and every time it DOES get better. My passion for Mary always brings me to a stage where I never get tired of her and are always excited to see what combination she'll wear next.

Most men loves the colour red. Red is also a really powerful colour which it also symbolize, at that point I might be a man. I adore that colour! It takes a woman to wear it and either your like it or not. If you're one of these who do not like it I really hope that Mary's dress tonight changed your mind because this wonder you just love. Mary is a small woman who can wear almost everything in the world; from colours to prints to skirts, trousers and evening gowns. With her relatively long legs and thin upper body this is the perfect dress featuring a tight top and the several layer skirt. The stunning evening dress is created by Danish designer Jesper Høvring from his Spring/Summer 2013. In this Mary looked like a true movie star with her large Ruby earrings and ring.

What's better then add some stardust to the powerful red dress, with a silver metallic clutch - not identified - and matching silver Prada pumps featuring powder pink sole and the golden Prada logo!! I'm amazed... 
 Dress: Jesper Høvring Red Layer Dress
Earrings: Ruby Parure
Ring: Ruby Parure
Shoes: Prada

Day 1: Coronation of a New King in the Netherlands

April, 29

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands hosted the last dinner as Queen at Rijksmiseum in Amsterdam. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the dinner as VIP guests.

This is a big day waiting for the Crown Prince Couple of the Netherlands tomorrow and for all of us! We can't imagine what thoughts are going through their mind the last few hours as Crown Prince and Crown Princess, of course they know all about how to behave and act but in the future it will be as King and Queen of the Netherlands. Now they have to represent the Netherlands and its people on their own. A duty I'm sure they'll handle very well, with what they have shown so far I know King Willem-Alexander and his wonderful wife Queen Máxima have all it takes to become good representatives for their country. They have also had several years of practice. I came as a surprise to me when I heard the news that Queen Beatrix was abdicate and giving the next generation the throne. But I understand her, she has several years left and why not be there to see once son become King, something you have prepared him for his entire life and she'll also be a great support for them when they have a situation they don't know how to handle, then she'll be able to guide them. I think it's a good decision.

Of course it's even better that Frederik and Mary are attending the ceremony also tonight at the VIP gala dinner for most members of the royal families in Europe. At this exclusive gala dinner plenty of royal members arrived with their husband and wife dressed perfectly for this occasion. Walking on the bright red carpet with each other close Frederik and Mary arrived to the dinner and I have to say Mary showed herself in the best way tonight wearing an all new custom-designed Birgit Hallstein gown featuring the most outstanding details in handmade beadwork on the upper body of the powder pink floor-length dress. It's so beautiful with the long sleeves and lace-like fabric on the top. A belt in the waist made of the same as the skirt gave her a womanly shape. Birgit Hallstein is a great designer who knows who to get the best of women's figure. It was the same designer who made Mary's fantastic wedding dress in 2004. I don't wonder why she chose her to make this special dress!

Mary topped off the outfit wearing her diamond wedding tiara and earrings. The clutch is the iconic Bottega Veneta knot clutch and her powder satin pumps is from Prada. In the combination with the princess-looking gown for me a Queen was born! Next to Frederik in his traditional and classic suit with the black bow tie the won the price as the most magnificent couple of the evening. 

Gown: Birgit Hallstein Pink Embroidred Gown
Clutch: Bottega Veneta Satin Knot Clutch
Tiara: Wedding Tiara
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Prada Powder Satin Pumps

Inauguration in New York

April, 25

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the UN (United Nation) building in New York.

Can you believe it, Mary is in New York to inaugurate the Trusteeship Council Chamber in the United Nation's building. I think it's pretty cool we have a Crown Princess that are invited to New York to take part in a inauguration of such an important building like this. Maybe I'm just a bit crazy. The reason for her presence is that the chamber was originally in 1952 by renowned Finn Juhl and he's a famous Danish architect. To have such a great architect as him is a thing to be proud of which Mary might also be. 

Elegant as usal Mary was in some reused pieces yesterday in the most wonderful dark bordeaux colour. Very sophisticated with the wool-blend A-line Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti skirt and a V-neck jacket/top. The skirt was identified years ago but non have been lucky to find any pictures of it until now, Royal Regal on Facebook found it! Back in 2012 when her and Frederik attended the wedding in Luxembourg she wore the jacket with a pencil skirt. Mary added simple (but expensive) jewellery from Marianne Dulong to her bordeaux look and a Rika clutch. Mary is a woman who like things to match therefor it's obvious that she would wear her bordeaux leather Prada pumps. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200
Skirt: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Wool-Blend Skirt in Bordeaux
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Catena Bracelet
Clutch: Rika Camelia
Shoes: Prada

European Immunization Week 2013

From the April 22 to 27 2013, all 53 members of the World Health Organizations European Region together (WHO) to take part in the European Immunization Week 2013.

Crown Princess Mary is patron for the World Health Organization and has given her statement at this years European Immunization Week and World Immunization Week in this video.

A little more about this European Immunization Week

Both local and national initiatives are organized throughout Region to raise awareness and vaccination uptakes. WHO and Europe are launching several resources to assist in the health work and stakeholders in their work to protect, precent and immunize.  Read more about it here

Congratulations Queen Margrethe!

April, 16

On behalf of Styleofmary I would like to with Queen Margrethe of Denmark a happy birthday!

She celebrated her 73th birthday at Amalienborg Palace with her husband, Prince Henrik, and her tow sons and their families. She met the Danes waving from the balcony of Amalienborg with the family on each their own balcony. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with their four children to the left and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie with their children to the right.

While the three men were all in suits, the two young ladies were in similar collar blouses and checkered dresses. Sweet to see them similar clothes as long as it's possible because within a few years I'm sure Princess Isabella will find her own style might be in the same tend as her mother. Think about it, she has one of the world's best dress women as her mother, that's pretty cool! Mary  was in a white peplum from BOSS by Hugo Boss. It was worn with a pair of black dress pants. The colourful brooch pooped in my sight with no idea if it's new or inherited. Margrethe has one that looks a lot like this so in theory it could be inherited. 

Blouse: Hugo Boss Ipeplana Peplum Top DKK 1,185

Day 2: Official State Visit from Finland

April, 5
Photo by Agnès Colbert

  • 12:30 pm. Lunch at the Danish Parliament
  • 5:50 pm. Dinner in Moltkes Palace hold by the Presidential couple 
The President of Finland
  • 10:00 am. Visiting Velux Denmark
  • 10:45 am. Visiting the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister
  • 2:10 pm. Sightseeing by boat with Crown Prince Frederik
Mrs. Jenni Haukio
  • 10:50 am. Visit at Galerie Mikael Andersen 
  • 2:15 pm. Visiting Royal Copenhagen Flagship store

Mary's only arrangement for yesterday was the dinner at Moltkes Palace. Surprisingly she showed up next to Frederik in a creamy white design from Hennes & Mauritz's latests collection Conscious Exclusive 2013, their sustainable collection - which means the clothes are made of organic cotton, recyclable polyester and nylon. The dress features a wonderful and stylish embroidery of among others birds on the back. It's in two lengths which is the highest fashion right now. In her own brilliant way she manage to to grab the latest trend and make is more 'Mary'. A reason why she's a idol to me; she does make no compromises with what she likes. Her hair was in a low chignon, made the custom-made Cenius & Bach earrings visible. The chignon is a personal favourite and I want to give all of you the opportunity to try it by yourself. There's a million way to make it; messy, curly, clean, simple, romantic, modern etc. I found this which reminds me a lot of Mary's, good luck with the hairstyling everybody and remember sometimes it takes more then one try to get it work! Clutch and pumps matched in a beige patent colour. 

Dress: Hennes & Mauritz White Embroidered Dress
Earrings: Cenius & Bach Royal Earrings
Shoes: Prada

Day 1: Official State Visit from Finland

April, 4

From April 4th to 5th, the President HE Sauli Niinistö Väinämö and his wife Mrs. Jenni Elina Haukio  from Finland are on a official state visit in Denmark.

  • 10:10 am. Arrival to the airport of Copenhagen
  • 11:10 am. Official welcome at Fredensborg Castle
  • 8:00 pm. Gala dinner 
 President HE Sauli Niinistö Väinämö
  • 1:10 pm. Business lunch at Confederation of Danish Industries with Crown Prince Frederik
  • 3:15 pm. Visit to Haldor Topsøe Fuel Cell
  • 4:00 pm. Visit at the Danish Hydraulic Institute
Mrs. Jenni Elina Haukio
  • 1:00 am. Visit at Ordrupgaard's exhibition Breathing the Same Air
  • 2:45 pm. Visiting the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation with Crown Princess Mary
  • 4:15 pm. Visiting the exhibition Treasures in the Royal Library, the Black Diamond
Welcome at the airport of Copenhagen

Believe it or not, another state visit is here! A few weeks ago Frederik and Mary were on a great last-minute-trip to Chile because the Queen and Prince Henrik had to stay home because of the Queen's bad health. That only made me happy that Frederik and Mary went to Chile then. Now the important people are coming to Denmark on an state visit. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik are the hosts of a fine visit from Finland - the President and his wife. 

Dazzling wearing a navy blue coat, Mary was ready to welcome the President and wife from Finland at the airport in Copenhagen when they arrived by plain. Unfortunately I haven't been able to identify the wonderful new coat, any ideas? My guess would probably be Prada but it's only a guess. It features some beautiful details. The asymmetric bordeaux hat on her head has been seen multiple times worn since she married Frederik in 2004, with both dresses, suits and now with the navy blue coat and matching Lanvin pumps! The perfect shoes to the perfect outfit. Beautifully done featuring a bow and the nice colour-name midnight-blue grosgrain. The eternity gold earrings with 6 diamonds each comes from jewellery designer Marianne Dulong. Left we have the checkered black and white clutch which clearly made the different! There's no visible logo to see but I found a larger model from Prada featuring the exact same size and colour cubes.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Anello DKK 13,600
Shoes: Lanvin Grosgrain-Trimmed 
Clutch: Prada Black & White Checkered?

Visit at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools

I was overwhelmed who kind and sweet the Presidents wife, Mrs. Jenni Elina Haukio, seems I really think Mary and her had  a great day visiting the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Art Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. They were both very attentive and talked to everybody. In addition to the two women exudes a wonderful personality, they also share the same good taste in clothes. Mrs. Jenni Haukio was in a bright pink colour, really nice to her dark brown hair. Over she wore a sophisticated light brown coat. Mary, on the other hand was dressed in a black an white outfit with a pretty eye-catching new Hugo Boss pencil skirt featuring a significant print. In the match with a white peplum from BOSS by Hugo Boss worn the second day in Chile. In black she added new patent pumps from Danish SAND and a leather clutch from Carlend Copenhagen. The earrings I haven't been able to identified yet. As Mrs. Jenni, Mary wore a wonderful snow white Prada coat.

Coat: Prada 
Blouse: Hugo Boss Ipeplana Peplum Top
Skirt: Hugo Boss Vilinia Blended Viscose Pencil Skirt £270
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Shoes: SAND

Gala dinner at Fredensborg Castle 
No state visit without a large gala dinner with important people dressed in gala uniforms and floor-length gowns. Of course they have a dress-code but that doesn't mean that you manage dress beautifully. I have been following the arrival in the TV and even though I know Frederik and Mary will arrival as the penultimate - they are the second to the throne, I like to see all the guest. It has almost become a tradition to me, when a gala or birthday is broadcasted I'm ready to follow all the events. This was not any different last night. And finally my favourite couple arrived to the gala dinner, my heart almost stopped when I saw Mary in her embroidered baby blue gown featuring so many wonderful details. What a handwork. The dress has been seen on her before, some years ago on a visit to Vietnam and even longer ago where it has changed a bit since. Love that she does not throw her dresses out but get them redesigned and uses them again. Her hair was in a half updo so the aquamarine blue earrings were visible, wearing the wedding tiara on her head and dusty pink Prada pumps on her feet. 

You might wonder why she's not wearing the blue Order of the Elephant, well the thing is first of all Finland is visiting Denmark and second when a royal have been on a state visit in the country in question they wear their Order, at this gala dinner it's the Order of the White Rose from Finland. This Order is worn from right to left as many other orders, the Order of the Elephant is worn opposite. Read more about the Order here.

Shoes: Prada Satin Pink Pumps

Easter Service in Aarhus

April, 1

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended easter service in the church of Aarhus, with them were Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik did also attended the service.

Even in private Mary is wearing there perfect outfits! Sure, it's a bit more casual but she never goes down on style and with all the incredible things in her wardrobe everything should be possible. All her remarkable dresses, bunch of skirts and blouses not to forget all the shoes, bags and jewellery she's in possession of. A week with her wardrobe and I think you automatically would dress like a princess! At the easter service she had chosen an reused Prada coat featuring crochet details around the neckline and pockets. Not sure it's my favourite coats of hers but why not, she wear it pretty well with the brown ankle boots, Prada too and no outfit without a little bling; here a pair a plated gold earrings from Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen, the chef designer of Figaros Bryllup. Mary's earrings features diamonds.

Coat: Prada Crochet Coat
Earrings: Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen Bille DKK 899
Shoes: Prada Suede Pointed-Toe Booties $95 (pre owned)