Easter Service in Aarhus

April, 1

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended easter service in the church of Aarhus, with them were Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik did also attended the service.


Even in private Mary is wearing there perfect outfits! Sure, it's a bit more casual but she never goes down on style and with all the incredible things in her wardrobe everything should be possible. All her remarkable dresses, bunch of skirts and blouses not to forget all the shoes, bags and jewellery she's in possession of. A week with her wardrobe and I think you automatically would dress like a princess! At the easter service she had chosen an reused Prada coat featuring crochet details around the neckline and pockets. Not sure it's my favourite coats of hers but why not, she wear it pretty well with the brown ankle boots, Prada too and no outfit without a little bling; here a pair a plated gold earrings from Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen, the chef designer of Figaros Bryllup. Mary's earrings features diamonds.

Coat: Prada Crochet Coat
Earrings: Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen Bille DKK 899
Shoes: Prada Suede Pointed-Toe Booties $95 (pre owned)

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