20th anniversary of the American Chamber of Commerce

24 October

After having spend a couple of days in Tokyo, Japan the Crown Prince Couple just arrived home to attend a 20th anniversary gala for the American Chamber of Commerce - also known as AmCham Denmark. The celebration took place at Moltkes Palace in Copenhagen. The cultural and commercial relationship between Denmark and the United States were also celebrated at the anniversary gala event. It was last celebrated five years ago also with the Crown Prince Couple participating, here.

The Executive Director of AmCham Denmark, Stephen Brugger and Senior Vice President, Angela Naef welcomed Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary when they arrived to Moltkes Palace. All four of them were in a splendid mood. Imagine three or four in a country abroad; arrive home after a long flight and then you have to bee well-dressed and good-looking? Well, I do not look this vivid after hours of travel. But the Crown Prince Couple does.

At the anniversary Crown Prince Frederik also presented the Foreign Company of the Year Award. He handed over the award to the American biotech company, Amgen. They work to combine science results, technologi and innovation and convert it to medicine to treat patients with serious diseases. Amgen wins because they are a foreign company that manages to invest in Denmark and for that has made itself noticeable in Danish business. Congratulations to Amgen with the award.

Mary looked absolutely stunning when attending events on occasion of the enthronement in Japan prior to the anniversary back in Copenhagen on October 24th. Both the new gowns and reused dresses she wore amazed all of us. I love getting to see her in new clothes, but what she wore at the AmCham Denmark gala at Moltkes Palace was also incredibly beautiful. We first saw her in this floral dress at a 80th birthday in Norway in 2017, here. Since then I have hoped to see her wear it again. Now it happened. This Erdem creation makes Mary look really evening chic. Like the first time she added a black belt.

Actually she did not wear that much jewellery or anything. Her beauty and the dress speaks for itself. But of course Mary had chosen to wear a few magnificent pieces of jewellery. The stunning diamond earrings have been found sold on a Bruun Rasmussen Auction in 2010. Her huge aquamarine blue ring has never been identified, but I think it goes as a gift from her husband.

She also styled her outfit with (supposably) a black clutch from Sergio Rossi and silver glitter pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Makes me wanna wear my glitter pumps. With her curly hair and simply evening makeup I would give this outfit 9 out of 10.

Dress ● Erdem, here
Earrings ● Sold at Bruun Rasmussen Auction
Clutch ● Sergio Rossi
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


  1. This is a striking silk gown by Erdem. The design flows beautifully with it's icy tones and bursts of red. Smaller florals swirl into negative spaces and subtly contrast the uniform symmetry of the cuffs. Looking at stock photographs online, the print matches sensitively across seam lines where possible, it's not perfect, but care has been taken. Also, the dainty blue flowers at the shoulder and sleeves traverse across the dress, there is a sense of fluidity. The Crown Princess's embellished belt is a huge improvement on the black ribbon that accompanies the piece, it's larger width brings structure at the waist. Overall Mary looks wonderful, but the diamond Bruun Rasmussen Auction earrings were worn in Norway and her hair was styled similarly in soft waves. I wonder if a chignon and her aquamarine/diamond drop earrings (dating back many years) would have differentiated this ensemble more from it's last appearance, while appearing equally elegant. 

    1. I am also a huge fan of the wider black embellished belt. On such floral and printed dressed, it give the eye a rest by adding solid colors like a black belt. I really like the ideas about a chignon and perhaps the aquamarine blue chandelier earrings. For sure the look would be completely different. Still, I very much like how this look turned out!

  2. Wow, @Jennifer F, I just have to say that your comments are so eloquent! Your descriptions of CPM's outfits are so detailed and you analyse what she wears very well. What you have to say compliments Henriette's wonderful blog. I'm curious, are you in the fashion/clothing/style industry?

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to read my comment, your words are very kind. My background is in fashion/art. I admit that I often struggle thinking up new ways of describing how much I love the Crown Princess's outfit, where she wears so many perfectly styled classic looks!

    2. I see that I am not the only one who reads your comments, Jennifer ;) You manage to capture even the smallest detail and how it works with the rest of her outfit. Personally, I enjoy getting a view on what you and my other readers see and think.

    3. I try so hard to look the whole outfit over, some of the most special details can be the smallest. It's always a pleasure, over a cup of coffee reading yours and other poster's thoughts on an ensemble :o)

      What you said above, about the black belt creating a pause in the print, I completely agree!