The supreme court seated at Christiansborg for 100 years

30 September

Another great day at work. Crown Princess Mary attended as guest of honor the day where the Supreme Court celebrated its 100th anniversary being seated at Christiansborg Castle. Celebrating the anniversary took place at Thorvaldsens Museum - an art museum located in Copenhagen.

The Royal House writes on this occasions that Christianborg Castle has burned to the grown on two different occasions. It was rebuild for the second time in 1928. Nine years prior, the Danish Supreme Court inaugurated their headquarters in premises that were already completed. This is why the Supreme Court now celebrates its 100th anniversary seated at Christiansborg Castle.

All 18 judges of the Supreme Court and representatives from the legal, political and cultural part of the Danish public life where gathered at Thorvaldsens Museum to celebrate the big day along with the Crown Princess. Seems like she was in a really splendid mood. Especially at the arrival. A few pictures have also been published from inside the reception and Crown Princess Mary is in a great mood - all smiles.

Embed from Getty Images

Celebrating the Supreme Court, Mary were beautifully dressed in one of my favorite colors: burgundy. If you have to wear just one color to celebrate Fall is coming, then it has to be this specific color. Maybe you feel it - I just love this particular color. And then Mary chose to wear a complete outfit that all match from head to toe. Unfortunately I have no idea where the blouse or skirt is from. It is no the first time she wears these two, also as an outfit. But I still do not know who designed these two pieces of clothes. Any ideas?

Actually this is a pretty easy outfit to replicate. Find your very best shirt and an a-line skirt. Add a few accessories like a clutch, earrings and a pair of heels. That's it. Taking about accessories. I am sure you also noticed her stunning two-tone earrings. She has worn them before, but I never managed to find them. I am still trying to figure out where they can be found. Let me know if you have any ideas. What I know for sure, is that her burgundy suede clutch is a Hugo Boss creation. If I am correct this is the tenth time she's wearing it. Mary first showed of this clutch at The World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care in 2015, here.

Mary also embraced her outfit by wearing a bracelet and a diamond ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry. The outstanding shoes of hers are a reuse from Prada. She looked all comfortable and super classy at the celebration, don't you think?


Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Clutch ● Hugo Boss, here
Shoes ● Prada, here


  1. An all monochrome ensemble can appear regal which is the effect here. I used to think it was unimaginative, but now I appreciate how considered it looks when all of the pieces blend beautifully in tone. The berry shade looks wonderful on the Crown Princess and the green/burgundy drop earrings add a touch of freshness to the outfit. I noticed that the sequence of colour alternates between left and right earrings. What impresses me most is Mary's ability to choose such timeless pieces that are forever in style. This outfit has been worn on and off for several years and I am sure we will continue to see it in this arrangement or the pieces re-styled. The clean, solid structure of the skirt is the perfect contrast to the silk blouse with it's majestic stand collar and pleats at the shoulders and cuffs. The cutaway in the Prada pumps adds interest and creates an effective break in the block colour.   

    1. Love your eye for details. It is rare I hear someone paying so much attention to details I thought I was the only one to notice ;) It is always interesting to read what caught your eye.

    2. The Crown Princess is such an inspiration for me style wise, I try hard to look over the whole outfit. Plus, your wonderful blog and insightful thoughts make it easy to gather the details. Not just about the outfit, but Mary's commitment to her causes. Many thanks for all your hard work, it is much appreciated!!

    3. Thank you very much for all your kind words about my work and the blog. It means the world to me to know that my readers enjoy what I do. Keep on reading and making lots of comments. It is a pleasure to hear your thoughts.

  2. This is a beautiful outfit. The Princess looks well groomed and all class. Love the shade of berry it suits her perfectly. Her shoes and handbag were the perfect finishing touches.

  3. Princess Mary looks just wonderful in these images. Berry is a colour that really suits her - from head to toe!