DANSK Design Talent -The Magasin Prize 2016

Thursday, October 27th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of DANSK Design Talent -The Magasin Prize 2016 at the State Museum of Art in Copenhagen. 

I have completely lost all track of Mary and her whereabouts and I am in no way prior to knowing what follows in her calendar. But so far I do not think I've missed something (thought I'm a little behind). So when I found out she had just presented this years DANSK Design Talent prize 2016 it made my day even better! After a long day I enjoyed watching pictures from the award show where Mary was the guest of honor. And what an entrance when she arrived to the State Museum of Art in Copenhagen where she was welcomed by one of her good friends Nina Wedel-Wedelsborg all dressed in a golden suit (!). Everything was set from decorations, here, to promient invited guests. Pefectly for this to become a wonderful evening. And when Denmark's biggest design talent was about to be presented, entered the Crown Princess the stage along with a couple of others to be one of the first to congratulate Cecilie Bahnsen when she won. I really want to send her a major congratulations and well done! Because this is not just some prize, it's one of the most prestigious to win. So CONGRATULATIONS Cecilie with the title as the biggest design talent 2016.

Oh... and just another thing; I want to remind you about the Crown Prince couple's wedding anniversary. It's very soon and we don't have that much time left, so let me know if you have the worlds best idea how to celebrate this lovely couple here on the blog. Don't hasitate to share what you have in mind. I really look forward to hear all your great ideas!

Fashion events always means magnificent outfits and award show on Thursday was no exception. Lost of prominent guests were invited dressed in their finest outfits, including the guest of honor who arrived as the last one. Like a godess was Mary wearing a brand new, almost organic evening gown in the most wonderful dark purple colour. It features long sheer puffy sleeves, a square neckline, a drop back, florlength skirt and a metallic belt embracing her beautiful silhouette. Thought it would be one of those dresses we would never find out who created, but only a few days after the mystery was solved by... the designer herself on Instagram. It is the talented Stine Goya who created this piece of magic. She did an amazing job with Mary's dress. Wonder how it is to design a dress Mary will one day wear? Surprisingly she had chosen a very colourful and ethnic printed clutch. No idea who made it but it differnetly caught my attention right away. Perfectly matching the golden belt she'd style the rest of her outfit with traditional portugess golden earrings sold by Alma e Coraco, a Cartier bracelet such as another chain bracelet from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen featuring a few drops pendants. I also see a rather large ring on her right hand and I think it could be this one, here. Last thing left is what pair of shoes she might have chosen to wear with just an elegant dress? Think I have the answer -burgundy suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi. I'm completely overwhelmed by hair and makeup. Simply stunning!

Dress: Stine Goya Evening Gown
Earrings: Alma e Coraco Queen Earrings
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bracelet
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Red Burgundy Suede Court Pumps

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